ATWT Update Wednesday 4/2/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 4/2/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

In her suite, Katie wakes up in bed with Brad. She tries to get up, but Brad has his arm draped around her. She finally slides to the floor and out of the bed. She mouths to herself about what she is doing and what is wrong with her? She starts to crawl away, as Brad wakes up.

At home, Carly is trying to wait on Jack, but he wants to leave for his appointment; he has to go to the hospital. Aren’t they going to talk about what happened last night – the kiss?

At home, Margo is on the phone with the station telling them she will be in soon. After she hangs up, she looks down, sees the blood stain on the carpet and remembers shooting Gray again.

At the farm, Paul tells Meg that he is there with a surveyor. He also has papers for Emma to sign. That was fast. He will never let a good thing pass through his fingers again. They are talking about the land? Paul smiles – yes. He tells Meg it was nice to see her last night. She agrees. Emma is surprised to see him. He wants her to look over the papers and sign it because the deal is very fair. She is sorry he went through all the trouble – she can’t make the deal now. Meg and Paul are stunned.

At the hospital, Chris is complimenting Alison on how well she did in the emergency room. He brought her breakfast. Is he buttering her up for something? No, he just wanted to thank her for all of her help. He doesn’t want her to make it a habit of her showing him up in the ER though, as they both laugh. He hopes she will go back to school to consider becoming a nurse. Dusty did leave her money, as she realizes it is still a tough subject for him when she sees his face. Emily walks up and sees them talking closely.

Brad wants to know what Katie is doing. She doesn’t want to talk about what happened last night. Brad doesn’t understand why because she seemed to be enjoying herself last night – what changed? It was terrific last night. How is mind-blowing sex a problem? It confuses the issue as to how she really feels. Brad kisses her, as she starts to get into it, but she is confused as to where this will lead. She can’t do this, as she runs into the bathroom.

He can’t pretend it didn’t happen, Carly explains. It felt different this time. She is a great kisser. Carly doesn’t want him joking. They have kissed before; what does she want him to say? That it meant as much to him as it did to her. Jack says nothing so Carly surmises that it would be a lie for him to say that, as she walks away and Jack frowns. Jack doesn’t want her upset; they should talk. She read too much into the kiss – it is no big deal, Carly says. Kissing and sex was never a problem for them, Jack reminds her. She knows he is talking about trust – he apparently will never trust her again.

Brad tells Katie that he will never hurt her like Jack did. He probably said that to many other woman. She knows he knows how to sweet talk women into bed. How is she different? She is the whole package, as Katie taunts him about her calling her that. He met her and the Little Black Book didn’t matter anymore. He wants a house, kids, holidays and wants to only have sex with her forever. It is her fault. How is it her fault? She makes him feel like he wants to be his partner, soul mate. He doesn’t want to her father… like Jack. How is Jack like her dad, Katie angrily asks? He was like the dad she never had and missed. This enrages Katie. If he thinks he is going to go Dr. Phil on her, then he is out of his mind. She is going for a run.

Paul is surprised Emma changed her mind. Meg wonders if she is having second thoughts? No, but she called Jessica a few weeks ago and she put feelers out for then. A company has shown interest - Resources For Nature – and they outbid him for her Farm.

Chris thinks she should go to college with Dusty’s money. The look on his face said otherwise. He doesn’t have a problem with Dusty it is with Emily. Alison wonders what is wrong with his coffee, as he eyes it? Emily barges in wondering where Susan is and Chris immediately wants to leave and go do his rounds. His father is watching his every move, Chris says with a snarl. After Chris leaves, Emily wants to know why she is having breakfast with him? They were engaged once and she tries to stay friends with her exes. What gives her the right to tell her whom she can be friends with? They looked more then chummy. Alison doesn’t think she should be giving her advice with her track record with men.

Paul is upset; she can’t use his deal to get a better deal. Emma is mad – she is not doing that. Is this blackmail, Paul demands? She can’t back out now. Meg interrupts wanting to speak with Emma. She wants Emma to be honest; this isn’t about money… it is about Paul.

Emily finds Susan; she ran into Alison and Chris together – having coffee. Were they on a date? No. She tried to explain that Chris is nothing but trouble. She wants Susan to keep an eye on Alison and make sure she doesn’t fall for him. Susan will, if Emily promises to not make her whole life about getting back at Chris.

Katie pulls up to the park and Brad is right behind her; she is mad and wants to be left alone. She gets out of her car and starts to jog, as Brad jogs after her.

Jack doesn’t want to talk about this now, but Carly doesn’t understand why he doesn’t see how well they work together? They worked as a team to get back Parker. Doesn’t that count for something? They were great as parents, but that doesn’t mean they will work well as a couple. What can she do to prove she deserves a chance? He has given her a chance and it always ends up the same. The hurt keeps coming and it gets worse and worse. She knows where he stands.

At the station, the officers have brought Margo a plate full of her favorite honey dipped donuts. She thanks them for their support. However, not soon after, a gang member tries to flee and Dallas stops him, but not before Margo whips out her gun and points it close to him. Dallas tells her that they are ok, and she can put her gun away. She mumbles about adding assault of a police officer to his sheet. Dallas wonders if a shaken Margo is ok?

Brad is jogging beside Katie; he didn’t mean to insult her before, but she is so frustrating. What does he want? He wants her to admit that she loves him as much as he loves her. She stops running, glares at him and then pounds his chest; she can’t take him. Katie grabs a bike lying nearby, as Brad grabs the other one right by it and chases after her. A man and child who are playing close by yell after them. They keep going lost in their drama. The man takes out his cell phone and calls the police to report a robbery.

Emily sees Chris flirting with Alison again later. After Alison walks away, Emily demands to know what he is doing? Working – no thanks to her. He is flirting, Emily counters. She wants him to stay away from her sister. Or what – she will drug his coffee, Chris snarls? Desperation doesn’t look good on her, as he walks away.

At the hospital, Susan shows up for Jack’s appointment. Jack asks Carly if he can do this alone. Carly seems hurt, but she agrees to stay outside.

Meg knows Emma; she doesn’t care about the money. She just doesn’t want Paul near her. Emma agrees; she is right.

Outside the kitchen, Paul gets on the phone with Emily and wants her to find out about Resources For Nature. He wants to know how and why they are outbidding Worldwide for the Snyder farm. Emily tells him that they aren’t his personal detective agency. He says pretty please. Was that so hard? No, but he will not be outbid. Is he really dying to get into the Real Estate gig or is this another way to get close to Meg?

Emma doesn’t trust Paul. Did she see how he looked when she told him about Resources For Nature outbidding him? He gets that look in his eye that looks like he could kill. She has seen that before, Meg agrees. If he would get that way over a real estate deal then how will he react when it is something personal? Meg reminds her that he has changed. She doesn’t know if she believes that. Emma thinks he shoots first and then asks questions later. Meg looks upset.

Susan tells Jack that he looks good. She is happy to see him looking this good. She expected him back with an infection after he checked himself out against doctor’s orders. He said he could take care of himself. He hasn’t been dressing his own wound. For the care he has been receiving, he is a lucky man, as Jack looks at Carly through the window.

Meg comes out to see Paul and tells him that he didn’t score any points by reacting that way when Emma told him about the other Company. He overreacted because surprised him. Meg wants to know about this other company because she wants the best for her mother. Emily is investigating the Company now. He will not lose this deal. He is getting that look in his eyes again that her mother warned her about. If this deal falls through, it is not the end of the world. For him, it feels it might be. He promised that he could keep their personal and business life separate. If he is trying so hard because he thinks this deal will bring them back together, then she will tell her mother that it is no deal.

Susan tells Jack if he gets plenty of rest and TLC then he will make a full recovery. Carly wants to get him home, but Jack wants to stop off at the station. He needs to rest and relax, Carly counters. He wants to say hi and check in on Margo. He could do that with a phone call. He wants to go because he is getting stir crazy around the house. She can just drop him off and do whatever else she needs to do. Carly looks upset again, as Jack seems to be pulling away.

Katie wants Brad to stop following her. They are great together; they have fun times together. They laugh, enjoy each other and have great sex. They are friends above all. He is crazy. He is crazy for her. Besides, he is a great catch – he is a TV star. Many women would love to be chased by the ‘Bradmeister’ on a little kid’s bike. Katie laughs, as Brad thinks that is proof at a time like that, he can still make her laugh. Brad takes a wrong turn and rides his bike right into the lake. Katie freaks out and races to the side of the lake.

Carly drops Jack off at the station and wants to pick him up, but Jack doesn’t want her to. He can get home on his own. She will pick him up. She doesn’t have to do that; he will have a squad car pick him up and take him home. She will pick him up – say in an hour. Jack relents and goes inside, as a sad Carly watches him go.

Brad is screaming out for help. He can’t swim. Katie doesn’t believe him because he grew up by the lake and farm. He needs help, as he flails. He goes under. Katie tells him that he isn’t funny. He doesn’t show back up so Katie frantically takes off her shoes to go in. He comes out of the water with a smile on his face; he knew she cared. Katie is irate again. She starts to walk away, as Brad falls. What is wrong now? He has fallen for her. He needs better material. Brad is down on one knee when he asks Katie to marry him suddenly. Katie is stunned.

Jack is telling Dallas that he is feeling better and will be back soon. He sees Margo; he heard about the excitement this morning – is she ok? Margo doesn’t answer and turns it back on him; when will he be back? Soon, but Jack turns it back on her…. how is she after Gray? It brought up a lot she thought was gone. It makes her wonder if it is worth it? Is she having doubts about her job? They all have late night jitters, but you have to put it behind you, Margo answers. She realizes that she didn’t congratulate him about Parker. He must be thrilled that Parker is home; they pulled through for him. He and Carly make a good team. She sounds like Carly, Jack answers. What is going on with them? He is living with Carly. Margo makes a face. Jack wants her to know it is temporarily - for Parker. Does Carly know this? He wishes everyone would stop asking him about this. She smiles; she has one more question; what about Katie? They are finished.

What did he say, Katie asks? He asked her to marry him. Suddenly, a police officer, the man and his child interrupt them. What kind of man steals a children’s bike. The man reads them their rights and tells them that they have the right to remain silent, as Brad remarks that won’t be a problem.

Paul tells Meg that he loves the fact that she would do anything for her mother. She would. That is one thing he loves and respects about her. He will do what he can to put his feelings aside and handle this professionally. Emily interrupts; she has information that he wants since it was so urgent. Meg tells them that she will give them time. Paul remarks that her timing stinks.

Alison is explaining to Susan that she and Chris are colleagues. She can’t blame Emily for the fact that she is worried considering Chris hurt her before and all that Emily has been through with him as well. Alison is upset that as always Susan is taking Emily’s side. She is not taking sides. If she gets close to Chris again, she could get burned. She wants her to stop jumping to conclusions, but they can keep it up and she will ask out Chris to teach them a lesson.

Emily tells Paul that a conglomerate with deep pockets owns Resources By Nature. He is irritated that he doesn’t want to get into a bidding contest. If buying this land is so important to him, why doesn’t he put in a higher bid? He looks through the window at Emma and Meg; he thinks it is about more then just money.

Carly is pulling back up to the station when Brad and Katie are being taken out of the back of a squad car. Doesn’t he know that he is Jack’s brother and she is Margo’s sister, they ask the officer? No one gets special treatment. Carly follows them in. Margo is amazed that they are being hauled in on theft charges. She tells them to put Brad and Katie in the interrogation room, as Carly walks in and sees Jack watching Brad pull Katie into his lap wrapped in a blanket. Jack looks slightly bothered by that, as Katie sees Jack and comments about this is not how she wanted Jack to see her. Brad looks upset, as he tells her that he is sorry that it still matters to her. Katie looks at him apologetically. Jack asks Margo what happened? They were caught red handed with stolen bikes and the owner is pressing charges. She is going to let them squirm before she gets an explanation. How does it make him feel to see Katie with Brad like that? Maybe they are meant to be together then, as Carly hears this close by.

Paul tells Emma that he wants to apologize for his behavior. He wants her to look into other offers because he gets that this land is her life’s work. He will match any other offer she gets though. It isn’t about the money; she loves the land and doesn’t want anything spoiled. He cares about her land too. That is not all he cares about, is it? They all know he hurt her daughter, but he is going to promise to keep his personal feelings out of this deal. She wishes she could believe him. He understands why she wouldn’t. If for some other reason, she decides that some other Company is better suited for her land then he, he will accept it. Emma wonders if there will be any hard feelings? Paul smiles; for some reasons, he has a hard time holding a grudge against Snyder women. Emma and Meg laugh.

Chris is looking down at a file, as Alison is doing the same and then walks into him. She didn’t do that on purpose, as opposed to what people would think. What does that mean? She explains that her mom and Emily have been warning her about him. He laughs; that coffee and donut really did everyone in. He is sorry that she is getting flak, and he would understand if she wanted to keep her distance. She doesn’t want that. She wants them to go out – then she prefaces it – not on a date. She just means spend time together. She would like him to go with her to Will and Gwen’s going away party; he doesn’t think that would be a good idea.

Paul tells Emma that he hopes she will consider his deal. She will think about it. He will see her later then, as Meg offers to walk him out. She thanks him for showing her a lot today. He can change; he hopes she gives him the chance, as Meg smiles at him.

Carly wants to know if Jack wants to stick around to see how Katie and Brad are? The charge is not big so they can leave; he has kept her waiting long enough. Carly smiles, as she follows him out. Jack looks back at Katie, Brad and Margo sadly, but then walks out.

Meanwhile, Margo tells Brad and Katie that they need to pay the fine and apologize to the man and son. Next time they want to go for a bike ride, they should go for a walk instead. Katie asks Margo quietly if Jack is still there? Margo tells her back that he left with Carly. Katie looks depressed.

Carly tells Jack that she overheard him talking to Margo about Katie and Brad having a future. Would it bother him? He wants Katie happy and if Brad is the man for her then he wont’ stand in her way.

Emma never thought she would say that, but she was impressed with how Paul carried himself today. She only wishes that he could act like that all the time then it would be easier for her to make the deal with him. Meg is glad that he saw this side of Paul that is charming and warm. This way, she can see and understand more of the reasons why she fell in love with him. Emma wonders if her feelings for Paul have changed back again? She doesn’t know; she will have to wait and see. There is a knock at the door and neither woman is expecting anyone. Meg answers it and smiles broadly when she sees who is at the door – Mike Kasnoff.

Emily brings in more information on the Company to Paul. He needs to know whom he is up against. He needs her to hurry up because he doesn’t want to lose the deal and he needs to know whom he is up against.

Meg and Emma hug Mike. What is he doing there? Why is he back? He represents Resources for Nature. They put a bid on her land, Emma realizes. Mike is supervising the project. He hopes she chooses them because he is the guy for the job. Meg looks confused, as Emma looks happy.

Alison doesn’t want her mom and sister to run her life. He is not going because Will and Gwen haven't forgiven him. That is the reason he should go to make things right. It is too late. How can he be a guy that fights like anything for his patients, but he won’t step up to make things right with his cousin? He isn’t afraid. He doesn’t see the point. She thought he was the type of person who steps up to make things right – at least she thought he was. She sees she was wrong, as she walks away.

Carly and Jack are in the car; he wants to stop at the Lakeview to talk with Lisa about the new security system she wants installed. She is bothered by the fact that he wants to make another stop instead of going home to rest. He is afraid to be alone with her. No, he is not. She thinks that he is. He has been avoiding her since the kiss – not because he doesn’t trust her, but because he doesn’t trust himself. She thinks he wants her as much as she wants him. Jack stares at her for a moment before he gets out of the car and walks away.

Katie and Brad walk to their cars without saying a word; they get in them quietly. They both pause and think before they both get back out. They want to say something to one another, as Brad suggests that she goes first. Katie takes a deep breath and tells him that she knows that he is waiting for an answer to his question. She tells him that she will think about it, as Brad smiles. They both walk back to their respective cars and get back in. Brad is thrilled and pumps his fist while Katie smiles to herself.

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