ATWT Update Tuesday 4/1/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 4/1/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Farm) Emma tells Holden and Lily that she wants to sell a large part of the farm and just keep the house the pond and a few acres close to the house for privacy but she feels its time to do things she has always wanted like travel to china or morocco. Lily wants to buy the farm and keep it in the family but Emma refuses saying that it would be an obligation for them and she wants them to live their lives and be happy. Lucinda arrives and understands Emma’s point and wants to buy the farmland as an investment property for Worldwide and as a form of payback to Emma for all the years of happiness Holden has given to Lily. Emma is happy about the idea until Meg reminds everyone that Paul owns Worldwide and Emma will sell to him over her dead body. Meg and Lily suggest they call Paul and here what he has to say just to be fair so they all agree to talk to Paul.

(Will and Gwen’s house) Gwen tells Will about Sofie’s offer and that Barbara thinks it’s a good idea. Will can’t believe that both Barbara and Sofie are encouraging them to leave town. Will and Gwen start packing and Will also checks about their school and the house they had talked about renting.

(Fairwinds) Barbara asks Paul to help persuade Will and Gwen to leave town because it would be better for all of them. Paul can’t believe his mother is saying these words but agrees to go with her to talk to Will and Gwen.

Will and Gwen’s house) Barbara and Paul arrive and Will and Gwen tell them they have decided to leave Oakdale. Barbara is happy and Paul tells Will and Gwen he is sorry if it seemed like he was taking Sofie’s side against them with Hallie. Paul tells Will and Gwen that he truly was trying to do what was best for everyone. Will and Gwen forgive Paul and allow Barbara to give them a going away party when they leave in a couple of days. Meg calls Paul and tells him the Snyder family has a business deal for him and they need to talk to him so he heads over to the farm.

(Farm) The Snyder family tells Paul the deal and he is very interested but Holden makes it clear the deal doesn’t include Meg. Paul promises Emma he will be environmentally responsible with the land and he agrees to sell the land to him. Paul tells Meg on the porch that every decision he makes has to do with her but Promises that he will be a responsible businessman with the land nobody has to know that he secretly wishes and does everything possible so that she will be part of his life again.

(Will and Gwen’s place) Will and Gwen tell Lucinda they are leaving town and she wishes them good luck with their future and little Hallie. Will and Gwen tell Hallie a bedtime story and then they kiss and snuggle on the couch and think about their future as a happy family.

(TV Station) Katie and Brad finish a long day of taping and Katie says all she wants to do is get a hot shower order room service and go to sleep. Brad invites her to dinner no strings attached but Katie says no because with Brad there are always strings attached.

(Lakeview) Brad has dinner alone at the restaurant but then he can’t eat and pays for the food that he ordered and leaves without eating it. Katie gets the food that she ordered but doesn’t eat it and decides to go to a movie.

(Movie Theater) Kate arrives, and then Brad, who sits in the row of seats behind Katie. Brad throws popcorn at Katie until she turns and tells him she can’t handle being around him right now. Brad thinks her bad mood is because of Jack and she tells him that Jack doesn’t want to be a part of her life anymore. Brad tells Katie he is truly sorry that she is unhappy because he loves her and wants her to be happy. Brad and Katie watch the movie for a while and talk back to the screen because the romantic comedy resembles their relationship. Katie and Brad decide to leave the movie because it is boring and not funny so they go to the Lakeview for dinner.

(Lakeview) Katie tells Brad he is a great guy but she just isn’t ready for a relationship right now because he mind is too confused so Brad tells Katie he will wait as long as it takes for her confusion to clear so that she realizes that he is the right man for her. Kate Brad takes Katie to her door and she thanks him for a fun night. Brad tells Katie to get some sleep because things will look better in the morning. Katie gives Brad a quick kiss on the lips and he gives her a longer one and she doesn’t pull away from him.

(Carly’s house) Carly and Jack talk about how he feels for Katie and her after they have eaten a delicious dinner Carly cooked for Jack. Jack thinks Carly is trying to hard and reminds her that as soon as he gets better he is moving back to the farm. Carly apologizes and wonders what it would take to change Jack’s mind and get him to stay. Jack doesn’t respond so Carly assumes he wants to get back together with Katie. Jack explains to Carly that it isn’t about Katie he is just tired of trying over and over to make their relationship work and in the end having it end badly. Carly tells Jack she can change and even become just like Katie if he wants her to be that way. Jack rolls his eyes and once again reminds Carly that it isn’t about Kate he just doesn’t think she is capable of changing to make their relationship work. Carly thinks Jack is wrong and tells Jack he has been the only man she has truly loved and it will always be that way. Jack calls out some of the names of her past relationships, like Hal, Brad, and Craig Carly tells Jack they have all been about money except Craig that was temporary insanity. Carly points out that he has also had relationships with other women and points out both Julia Lindsay and Julia Larrabee and Jack jokes that he never claimed that she was the only woman he ever loved. Carly wonders why Jack didn’t recognize her when he returned to Oakdale with Julia Larrabee and Jack reminds Carly he was suffering from amnesia and Carly tells Jack if she had amnesia she still would have known they were meant to be together the first time she saw him. Carly tells Jack fate always brings them back together and he can’t fight fate. Carly gives Jack a kiss and Jack kisses Carly back as they both sit on the couch.

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