ATWT Update Monday 3/31/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/31/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Old Town) Ameera, Luke and Noah walk and Luke tells Ameera and Noah that he has to finish a philosophy paper which he got an extension on because of Parker’s trial. The three agree to meet at Java after they have finished their classes. Luke goes to kiss Noah good-bye but Noah stops him because ICE could be watching Luke thinks ICE won’t be watching them that closely they just said that to scare them. Noah takes Luke aside and says that if they agreed to do this they can’t mess it up now. Luke tells Noah that he doesn’t want to go back in the closet or hide their relationship again. Ameera feels badly for causing trouble between Luke and Noah but Luke agrees he will be more careful so they won’t get caught.

(Hospital) Barbara asks the nurse to wait a few minutes before she takes her to her radiation treatment because she is waiting for her daughter in law to arrive and go in with her for moral support. Sofie arrives looking for Chris and is told he could be a while in surgery so she decides to wait on him. Barbara thanks Sofie for persuading her to tell Will and Gwen about her cancer. Barbara also tells Sofie she did the right thing giving Will and Gwen baby Hallie because they will be wonderful parents for the baby. The nurse tells Barbara they can’t wait any longer or they will have to reschedule her treatment. Barbara gets up and starts to walk in alone but Sofie decides to go in with her.

(Will and Gwen’s house) Gwen allows the plumber inside takes the baby and her diaper bag and rushes to the hospital since she is running very late to meet Barbara.

(Farm) Emma talks to a roofer on the phone and gives him directions how to get to the farm and asks him to come today because its supposed to rain and she can’t afford for her hay to get wet. Emma hangs up the phone and then someone knocks on the door turns out to be agent Helms from immigration who wants to inspect Ameera and Noah’s room. Emma tells him they are both in class but he wants to see their room anyway. The agent discovers Noah and Ameera sleep in separate rooms and wonders why Emma says that Ameera comes from a different country and he customs are different but the agent reminds Emma Ameera isn’t in Iraq anymore and her visa is in danger of being terminated because her marriage seems suspicious.

(Hospital) Alison asks Casey how his mom is doing and he tells her she seems okay. A trauma patient is brought in to the ER because of a bad car crash and since they have no where else to put him Alison is asked to stabilize him until a doctor can come look at him.

(Carly’s house) Carly asks Jack if he wants anything from the store since she is going to go shopping and fill the cupboards with all his favorite things. Jack asks Carly to wait because they need to have a talk before she leaves for the store. Jack tells Carly that he intends to move back to the farm as soon as he feels better. Carly assures Jack she knows that and isn’t getting her hopes up about anything. Carly tells Jack to rest and relax while she goes shopping.

(TV Station) Katie gets confused about the topic of the show they will be taping next and apologizes to Brad because she didn’t get much sleep last night. Brad is sure she was thinking about Jack and encourages Katie to go talk to him before Carly can get her claws into him. Katie doesn’t think it is such a god idea at first but then she decides to take Brad’s advice. Katie gives Brad a kiss on the cheek and thanks him for being such a good friend to her.

(Hospital) A nervous Alison tries to stop the patient’s bleeding and feels for a pulse when Chris arrives to help and Alison is very happy to see him. Alison is about to leave but Chris tells her he needs her to help him since the hospital is short staffed right now. Chris tells Alison what she should do and once they have finished Alison gets a little light headed. Chris thanks her for doing such a good job and tells her its normal she got a little light headed but she did a better job then most interns. Chris asks Alison to lunch.  At first she says no because of Emily but Chris persuades her they both need a reward. Barbara thanks Sofie for going with her to the radiation treatment and then Gwen arrives with the baby and apologizes for being late. Barbara tells Gwen Sofie filled in for her and Sofie looks at Hallie and tells Gwen and Barbara she better go. Barbara asks Gwen to take her home because the radiation treatments make her tired.

(Java) Casey sees Ameera sitting at a table and sits down to talk to her Ameera asks if they caught the man who was threatening his mother and he says yes and tells her everything that happened. Casey tells Ameera that he appreciates his freedom because it’s so much better then being in prison. Ameera is startled that Casey was in prison and he tells her about his gambling debts and how he stole money from his best friend Will to pay them. Casey tells Ameera he can’t believe his friends forgave him and Ameera says that it is because he is a good person. Casey tells Ameera that the guys in prison would beat him up because they thought he was a spoiled rich kid and then the beatings got worse when they found out he was the son of a cop. Ameera tells Casey she feels badly he had to suffer like that and while they arte talking the immigration agent arrives to talk to Ameera. The agent wonder why she isn’t with her husband and Casey tells the agent Noah is in class. Ameera explains that she and Casey are just friends and were talking about a class they have together. The agent thinks that Ameera’s marriage isn’t valid and her visa could be revoked.

(Al’s Diner) Carly arrives to get some of Jack’s favorite jelly doughnuts and runs into Brad who tells her he sent Katie to talk to Jack so that she can finally make up her mind between him and Jack because he doesn’t want to be second best. Carly remains calm and tells Brad that she doesn’t intend to manipulate Jack but she has faith that things will turn out the way they should and if Jack chooses Katie she will be happy for them. Brad doesn’t believe a word Carly says so she stays to have coffee with him to give Jack and Katie time to talk.

(Carly’s house) Jack thanks Katie for helping Parker and Katie says she was happy to do it because she loves parker. Katie tells Jack she couldn’t sleep at all last night thinking about their relationship. Jack tells Katie his family needs time to heal emotionally and he can’t think of anything else but his family right now. Katie wonders if she should wait for Jack but he tells her it wouldn’t be fair for her to wait for him since he doesn’t know how long it will take for his family to heal.

(Lakeview) Barbara tells Gwen she doesn’t think she will need her and Will’s help and they should go ahead with their plans to leave town. Barbara explains to Gwen that she saw the way Sofie was looking at Hallie and if they stay they are taking the risk that Sofie could change her mind again. Barbara thinks that Will, Gwen, and Hallie deserve a chance to become a real family. Gwen talks to Sofie and tells her that she hopes it doesn’t hurt too much fir her to see the baby because they must stay in town to help Barbara. Sofie offers to help Barbara with her recovery if Gwen and Will want to move she can keep them updated on Barbara’s condition. Sofie just wants Gwen to let her know how Hallie is doing occasionally Gwen feels Awkward accepting Sofie’s offer but agrees to talk to Will about it.

(Java) Noah arrives and explains to the agent that he and Ameera will be getting their own apartment soon and didn’t feel it was right to share a room in somebody else’s house. Noah also explains that Ameera has very strict customs, which he respects very much. The agent wonders about Casey and Luke puts his arm around Casey and calls him his boyfriend. The agent tells Noah and Ameera he will be watching them closely. Once the agent is gone Casey takes Luke’s arm off of him and is very bothered by the fact that Luke told the agent he was gay. Noah thinks that this could work to get the agent off their backs and asks Casey to pretend to be gay to help Ameera. Casey is still very bothered by everything but promises to think about it.

(Carly’s house) Jack tells Katie he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore so she should find the happiness she deserves. Katie gives Jack a kiss on the cheek and leaves just as Carly arrives home.

(Farm) Luke, Noah, and Ameera arrive home and Luke and Noah go to do chores in the barn. Luke says if Casey agrees to the plan maybe Ameera will get to know Casey better and decide she likes him so that they can spend some time alone. Noah tells Luke that if Casey agrees to the plan he should remember no matter how attracted he is to Casey he still belongs to him.

(Lakeview) Sofie tells Chris that she talked to Paul and he agreed not to bother him anymore. Chris tells Sofie she doesn’t need to fight his battles for him. Sofie tells him she will be back to take their order and Chris and Alison continue to talk and have a good time together.

(TV Station) Katie goes back to work and no matter how hard Brad tries he can’t get her to talk about what happened when she spoke to Jack.

(Carly’s house) Jack reminds Carly he is only staying with her until he gets better and she tells him she wants to move forward with their relationship and not concentrate on the past. Jack tells Carly he doesn’t know how he feels about their relationship and is very confused right now.

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