ATWT Update Friday 3/28/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 3/28/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Courthouse) Parker is shocked to be going home when he thought he was going to jail. Parker apologizes to his parents for giving up on them and thanks them for helping him stay out of jail. Katie hugs Parker and congratulates him on being free and he thanks her and Brad for coming to court today even though it must have been awkward for Kate. Jack thanks Katie for everything she did for Parker and gives her a hug while Bead and Carly watch and feel very left out of things. Jack thanks Tom and then Parker asks his parents to go home with him together so Jack agrees to go to Carly’s house with Parker and tells him they should have a celebration. Jack and Katie are invited and Katie doesn’t want to go at first but she changes her mind for Parker’s sake. Emma says she must go home and do chores so Meg accepts a ride from Paul to the farm. Parker is introduced to Ruby and he thanks her for testifying for him. Jack and Brad give her some cash to help but Carly wants to do more so Ruby tells her to love her kid because its all that Matters.

(Hughes House) Margo sees the blood stain on the carpet and remembers shooting Gerald Nevins and then she kneels down and begins to scrub the stain but she can’t get it out while she is scrubbing she has memories of the rape all those years ago and she begins to cry and scrub the carpet harder. Tom comes home and sees Margo sobbing and holds her she explains that she scrubbed really hard but couldn’t get the bloodstain out of the carpet. Tom wonders what happened to upset her and she tells him she remembered the rape after all this time and she thought she had moved passed it. Margo tells Tom she wants to quit the force because she can’t take it anymore. Tom tells her she is the best cop in Oakdale and she can’t quit because the city needs her. Margo tells Tom she doesn’t feel like the best cop when the family was almost killed because of her. Tom reminds Margo that she saved and protected her family be shooting Nevins. Tom tells Margo her job defines who she is and she has always been good at separating her job from her family and she should stay at the department. Margo wonders if Tom is ever scared for her and he says he is scared every time she walks out the door but he knows she will do the right thing because her job gives her the courage to protect others. Margo decides to stay on the force. Margo gets a call from the Chicago PD telling her they found Brad and Katie’s money and it will be returned to their bank accounts by wire in the morning.

(Carly’s house) Jack, Carly, and Parker arrive home and Sage and J.J are happy to see Parker is home. Parker, Sage and J.J go upstairs to play a video game while Brad, Katie, Jack and Carly decide to have some Sandwiches so Carly and Katie go in the kitchen to make the sandwiches. Brand encourages jack to stay at the house while he recuperates for the sake of his kids. Jack makes it clear that he doesn’t want to give Carly or the kids false hope about the future so it is best he stay at the farm. Carly thanks Katie for putting aside their differences to help Parker. Cary thinks Katie tells Carly she did it for Parker and Carly f finishes by saying and Jack. Katie tells Carly that she did it for Jack because she knows how important his children are to him and she only wants what is best for hi. Carly wonders Katie means that even if he chose to be with her (Carly) and not her (Katie). Katie says yes if that were the case she would be happy for Jack and Carly. The ladies come out of the kitchen with turkey sandwiches and Katie sits by Brad and Carly sits by Jack. Brad and Katie both put mayonnaise on their sandwich while Jack and Carly both use mustard. The foursome argues for a few a minutes about which is better on a sandwich mayonnaise or mustard. Jack tells Katie he likes Mayonnaise on his sandwich too but Carly points out she has never seen him put Mayonnaise on his sandwich. Jack starts to put Mayonnaise on his sandwich but both Brad and Katie point out that you can never put both Mayonnaise and mustard on a sandwich. Margo calls Jack and tells him that Brad and Katie’s money was recovered and it will be wired to them soon.

(Lakeview) Henry and Vienna are making love when he stops and wonders if she is thinking about Gray because she is still wearing a very expensive necklace that he gave her. Vienna tells Henry that the necklace is their ticket to easy street because it is worth a lot of Money then she whispers in his ear the amount and he tells her it’s a lot of Martinis and they start making love again. Henry and Vienna are interrupted by an FBI agent who takes Vienna to the police station for questioning because they need to find Gray’s assets and she is their best lead to the money.

(Police Station) Henry arrives with Bonnie and Dallas tells them that the FBI may charge Vienna with obstruction of justice. Henry and Bonnie go in the interrogation room and say that they have no basis to hold Vienna because she knew nothing about Gray’s business. Bonnie tells the FBI agent that Vienna doesn’t gave a head for figures and she can assure him that Vienna doesn’t know the location of the money. Henry tells the FBI agent that his fiancée is the most honest person he knows and if she knew where the money was she would tell them. Vienna tells the FBI agent that every time Gray got a business call he would go into the Al’s diner kitchen. The FBI agent heads to the diner with Vienna and Henry to search the kitchen.

 (Al’s Diner) The FBI agent finds the number of Gray’s Swiss bank account and in gratitude tears up the dead to the diner Henry signed. Brad and Bonnie arrive and tells Henry and Vienna that parker is free so they want to celebrate and kiss for a few minutes. Vienna and Henry also tell Brad and Bonnie they got the diner back.

(Farm) Meg and Paul have coffee and Meg once again thanks Paul for helping Parker. A messenger brings an envelope with divorce papers from Craig. Paul wants to call the police but Meg stops him saying she just wants to sign them and move on with her life. Meg encourages Paul to let go of his hatred for Craig and move on with his life as well. Paul wants to know if Meg wants to move on with him but Meg says that all she can offer him right now is friendship. Meg gives Paul a hug and he asks her for a friendly date and she says she will think about it.

(Hughes House) Katie arrives to check on Margo who refuses to talk about her ordeal with her sister. Margo asks Katie about her problems and Katie tells her she is confused about her feelings for Brad and Jack and she has no idea what to do. Margo tells Katie if she wants to move forward with the future she must let go of the past.

(Carly’s house) Carly asks Jack to move into the house while he recovers because the whole family needs time to heal. Jack thinks the family is fine until Parker goes downstairs and walks out onto the porch. Jack and Carly ask Parker what is wrong and he is stunned he almost went to jail and he admits he didn’t want to be away from his parents. Jack and Carly tell Parker they will always be there for him, Sage and J.J because they will always be a family.

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