ATWT Update Thursday 3/27/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 3/27/08


Written By Eva
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(Hospital Carly tells Jack that the Chicago police can’t find anyone matching the description she gave of the homeless woman. Carly tells Jack to go to court and be with Parker while she goes to Chicago for one last time to look for the homeless woman. Jack insists on going with her he and Carly argue back and forth for a few minutes and then Jack gets dressed and signs himself out of the hospital against medical advice.

(Farm) Meg gives Parker a drawing Sage made for him that says I know my brother is innocent and today everyone else will know it too. Holden also gives Parker J.J.'s lucky rabbit’s foot that J.J left for him but Parker is positive he will be found guilty no matter how much his family tells him to not give up hope. Parker doesn’t want to eat breakfast even though Emma made all his favorite food. Parker gets upset and tries to run away when Holden tells him Carly and Jack won’t be with him in court today because they are working on a lead that could help him. Paul stops Parker when he gets to the porch and encourages him not to give up hope because his parents love him and they won’t stop looking for clues until they find something to prove he didn’t kill Sam. Paul tells Parker he has an entire room full of family inside who love him and are there to support him today. Parker and Paul go back inside and Paul persuades Parker to eat his breakfast. Meg smiles as she looks at Paul and mouths the words thank you.

(Java) Luke catches up with Noah and asks him to let him borrow his notes from class after he gets home because his dad called and asks for all the members of the Snyder family to be in court today to support Parker. Noah wants to go with Luke because he says they are family and he is still his boyfriend despite the circumstances. Ameera arrives and once she finds out where Noah and Luke are going she wants to go too as a way to thank the Snyder family for being so good to her.

(TV Station) Brad brings Katie her favorite coffee and some of Emma’s famous chocolate chip muffins but she says she isn’t hungry. Katie is frazzled because she can’t find her car keys and she promised Parker she would be at his trial today. Brad gives Katie her car keys, which he explains he found in her car, which still had the engine running. Brad asks Katie what has her so upset and distracted as to leave her car with the engine still running. Katie explains that when jack was in septic shock he was delirious and thought they were still married so she went along with it but when he came to his senses he asked for Carly. Brad tells Katie he is sorry Jack hurt her again and he tells her that he wants more then anything for her to be happy.

Carly and Jack walk the streets of Chicago and Carly spot the homeless woman and chases after her.

(Courthouse) Emma and Parker arrive and say a prayer before they go inside the courtroom. Luke Noah and Ameera arrive and Noah sits with Ameera while Luke goes to sit with Lilly. Lily wonders how Luke is handling Noah’s marriage. Luke tells Lily his life is fine compared to Parker’s problems right now. Lily tells Luke to hang in there because this is only temporary. Meg thanks Paul once again for talking to Parker because his support has really helped Parker. Meg wonders if he shouldn’t be with his mother right now but Paul says that he feels helpless about Barbara right now so he can at least be here to support Parker. Paul tells Meg that his new mantra is to always have hope because he doesn’t want people to hurt the people for which he cares. Holden talks to Tom and wonders if he is okay to handle the case today given what happened with Nevis last night. Tom tells Holden that what happened with Nevis last night has only strengthened his resolve to defend Parker who was only protecting his mother from a rapist. Tom calls Parker to testify and Parker walks to the witness stand with the rabbit’s foot in his hand.

(Chicago) Jack and Carly ask the homeless woman if she remembers anything else that Kit may have told her about shooting her boyfriend Sam. The woman tells Carly and Jack she already told her everything she remembers about Kit. The woman named Ruby tells Carly and jack that Kit was her friend and she doesn’t want to speak ill of the dead. Jack explains that their son Parker may go to jail today for a crime he didn’t commit. Ruby tells Carly and Jack that her 6-year-old son died because he got sick and she didn’t have the money to pay for his medical care. Carly offers her sympathy and says that she more then anyone must understand why they are trying to save their son from going to jail. Ruby cries a little and tells them she will tell them what Kit said but Jack makes a mistake and asks her what she remembers using the words what do you remember Kit told you about the night in question. Ruby knows that is cop talk and she doesn’t talk to cops. Ruby starts to leave but Carly tells Ruby that Jack is a cop but he is a father first who loves his son very much and doesn’t want him to go to prison. Ruby tells Jack she is scared because she has a police record but Jack promises to help her. Ruby doesn’t trust him but does tell Carly and Jack that Kit told her she killed Sam after she saw Jack and Carly run out of Metro. Ruby doesn’t want to go to court but Carly begs her to save Parker. Jack and Carly rush to Oakdale with Ruby they almost get a speeding ticket but Jack explains he is taking a witness to testify at a trial today and the trial is in progress. The policeman doesn’t give them a ticket but he does provide them with a police escort.

(Courthouse) Tom questions Parker who tells the court he was at a hockey game with Jack when he asked Jack to call Carly who told them everything was fine. Parker tells the court he Carly didn’t sound right when he talked to her so he asked Jack to take him homeland since he couldn’t sleep because he had a feeling Carly was in danger so he took the shotgun out of the gun cabinet and went to Metro. Tom asks him what happened when he got to Metro and Parker tells him Sam and Carly were struggling and he was on top of her and he was going to rape her. Parker tells the court he was only trying to stop Sam from hurting Carly. Tom asks Parker how many shots he fired and Parker remembers Paul’s words to concentrate and go step by step he remembers he only fired one shot which hit Sam in the shoulder. The judge points out that his answer is different from the deposition he signed but Parker says that he only said it was possible he could have killed Sam. The DA. Cross examines Parker and gets him he hated Sam and wanted him dead. Ameera is deeply affected when Parker talks about what happened to Carly and walks out of the courtroom. And Noah follows and she admits that what happened to Carly reminded her of the women in Iraq who get raped and the men never pay for their crime. Tom tells the court in his closing argument that Parker went to Metro because he wanted to protect his mother from being raped. The DA tells the court that Parker wanted Sam dead and he has a history of being an angry teenager who runs away from home. The judge tells the court he understands the circumstances, which led Parker to get a gun and go to Metro, but since they have no evidence there was another suspect he finds Parker guilty. Jack and Carly burst in with Ruby and given the defendant’s age and the serious nature of the crime he agrees to here Ruby’s testimony. Ruby testifies that Kit told her that she saw Sam trying to Rape Carly and was about to burst in until she saw Parker go in with the shotgun and shot Sam in the shoulder. Once she saw Parker run out with Carly she picked up the shotgun and fired the shot that killed Sam. The DA point out this is hearsay unless they have evidence to prove Kit was in Oakdale that day. Ruby pulls out a fake ID that has Kit’s picture but a different name the ID was made the day it died and shows her in disguise and was made in Oakdale. Once the judge sees the ID he reverses the guilty verdict and throws out the charges against Parker. The judge, however, does tell Parker that he will decide at a later date what punishment if any Parker should get for shooting Sam in the shoulder.

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