ATWT Update Wednesday 3/26/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/26/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Will wants to know from Barbara what is wrong? She wanted to tell before, but the timing wasn’t right and she didn’t want to burden them. She can always come to them – please tell them what is upsetting her, Gwen asks? She has cancer. Will and Gwen look shocked.

At the farm in the kitchen, Parker and Meg can’t sleep. She offers him muffins – Emma baked them because he is going to jail tomorrow so she feels bad, Parker says dryly. Meg promises Jack and Carly are searching for evidence to get him off. He shot Sam and there is no way to prove he didn’t kill him. He is going to jail; he should have just pleaded guilty to start with. Can she call Carly for him? No, her pep talk just makes it worse. After Parker goes upstairs, Meg picks up her phone.

At home, Paul smiles when he sees a picture of Meg and him. The phone rings and he is happy to see her name on his caller ID. She needs his help.

At home, Margo and the kids are racing to get untied. The knots are tied too tight. The bomb timer is counting down, as they panic to get free when they see they only have 30 seconds to go.

In their suite, Vienna and Henry are happily making love in bed. Henry wants to stop, but Vienna doesn’t. They need to have a serious talk.

Everyone struggles to get free in vain, as the bomb continues to count down to zero. Margo cries out as she looks at Casey when the counter reaches 5 seconds. They all try to shield themselves when the counter reaches zero. There is silence, as the bomb does not detonate. Nobody seems to breath for the first few seconds afterwards. Margo and Casey stare at each other.

Henry wants to talk about what happened. She was with another man. She isn’t now though, Vienna counters. He wants to know why she walked away so easily? She thought he was cheating. Her thinking he was cheating is the operative word. He was conning Kit. She didn’t even think – she just reacted. They made a vow in that church – how can he trust her that she won’t do it again?

Everyone is thrilled that the bomb didn’t go off. Did it really stop? Are they still alive? They wonder if it malfunctioned or if it may still go off? Margo hopes that Gray is long gone. Matt thinks that Gray still has something planned. He will come back and finish the job. They need to find a way to get untied and out of there. Margo thinks they should wait until Tom gets home. Matt apologizes for not letting her know sooner; he knew Gray had a plan for her. Yes, he should have, but he risked his life to help them and they won’t forget that. Margo hopes desperately that Tom comes home now.

Henry reminds Vienna that he was trying to help Parker stay out of jail while she was sleeping with the enemy. She made a horrible mistake. Henry thinks she got clouded with money; Gray offered her all that he can’t give her. How will he know she won’t leave him at the sight of the next billionaire who comes around?

Tom comes home and races to untie them all. Everyone is talking at once. Casey is apologizing and Matt is as well. Margo tries to explain what happened with Gray. Tom gets everyone untied, as Matt then apologizes to Alison for putting her in harms way. Tom wants everyone out of the house until the bomb squad gets there. Tom is upset that he was the one that shot Gray’s brother. Margo is upset that she couldn’t even protect her own family. Tom comforts her.

Vienna tells Henry it is over and she chose him. He has to forgive her. Henry is worried that she won’t stay faithful. There are no guarantees, but she wants to be. She thinks they need to love and trust each other as best they can. She is so ashamed though. What can she do? He just wants her to love him – only him. She does love him and only him. He wants her always too, as they kiss.

Will is upset; how can Barbara have oral cancer? She doesn’t smoke or drink. She realizes that she doesn’t have the traditional risk factors. They ran a test and she had HPV. Certain strains cause cervical cancer, but it can also cause oral cancer. Where does she stand? She has been going to receive radiation. Gwen realizes why she hadn’t been feeling well now. After they shrink the tumor hopefully, they will remove it. They hope that her cancer didn’t spread to the lymph nodes. She has been dealing with this alone? She had to. How long has she known? She has known for a few months – before Dusty died. She should have told them. She realizes that, but the longer she waited, the harder it was. He should have known something was wrong. She was trying to protect him. He has lost so much – his dad, sister. Now he has a family he needs to care for and she didn’t want him to worry. Her children and grandchild give her hope though to be beat this. Gwen asks how she feels from the treatment? It is not terrible right now. The radiation is cumulative however. She feels tired and burning and the mornings are the worse when she is in a lot of pain, but she will be fine and she can still talk, as Gwen jokes about being bossed around when they take her to her treatments. She doesn’t want to hear that because she wants them to start over in another town for a fresh start... like they talked about. Will tells her that they are not going anywhere.

Paul shows up at the Farm; it sounded important. Meg explains that Parker is in bad shape because he thinks he is going to jail. Can he talk to him? She was hoping he could get to him in a way no other person could. He is glad to hear her say something nice about him. It is about Parker not them. He knows. Meg goes to get Parker.

The FBI agent says that it was a big bomb that could have destroyed their house, everyone in it and even some surrounding houses. They should be happy that it malfunctioned. Margo wonders if that wasn’t the plan? Margo would like agents sent to the Scenic Loop Shop to see if there is anything there. Margo wants to know if Matt knows where Gray is? He doesn’t know. Tom wonders if he is hiding something? He would never do that again. Margo tells the agents to take Matt now, but it will go better on him if he tells them what he knows. Matt doesn’t want her to do anything more for him. She just wants him to use this second chance the best way he can. Susan shows up happy to see Alison is ok. She heard about this at the hospital. Was this because of that boy? Alison doesn’t want to talk about it. Susan worries that Alison is still in danger? Margo tells her that she will get police protection while Gray is at large. How long will that be? She wishes she knew.

Parker wonders what Paul is doing there? Meg thought he needed a friend. How is he? He keeps thinking about jail. Does he have any vibes on him recently? No. Parker thinks it wouldn’t be good anyway. Paul thinks it is ok to hope for a miracle. Having faith that things will work out is a real act of courage. Not for him, Parker answers. His parents and they all believe he will be exonerated – he does too. They keep coming up empty though, Parker counters. They will find evidence because it is out there. He is glad that he believes in him. If he really wants to help him, then he needs a favor.

Barbara assures Will and Gwen that they don’t need to stay. Once the tumor shrinks, she will be fine; they have a baby to take care of. They will take turns going to appointments, Gwen says. Barbara doesn’t want them to do that. They will be only a couple hours away. They need to go through this as a family. Who else knows? She told Lisa and Kim; Sofie found out by accident. Paul doesn’t know? She needs to tell him.

Meg listens, as Parker wonders if Paul can help him remember what happened the night he shot Sam? They said he planned the whole thing because he knew Sam was going to hurt Carly. If he could use those feelings to figure things out then maybe he wouldn’t be in this mess. Paul doesn’t want him to underestimate his feelings. They are the reason he was able to save his mom. There were two shots and the second one killed Sam. He doesn’t remember how many shots he made. His mind goes fuzzy though when he tries to think. That is because his mind is protecting him. It will come out because it is in there. Paul wants him to keep hope. Parker thanks him and then snidely tells him that they probably won’t talk for a long while. Meg thanks Paul; she knows it helped.

The FBI agent tells Margo that Gray must know by now that the bomb didn’t go off; he is still a threat to him. Margo will not be held captive in her home or life. Tom explains that he has to be in going court the next day for Parker. Everyone leaves and Margo offers to make everyone something to eat. When she is in the kitchen, she almost breaks down. Tom holds her. After all these years, when will it be over, she wonders?

At the diner, Alison and Susan are trying to eat, as they talk when Vienna and Henry come in. They are there late, Henry and Vienna notice. They needed comfort food. Boy trouble? No. Alison changes the subject; she hopes they are back together. It took some time, but they are on the right track. At least they are out of danger. From whom? Gray. Alison explains that he is a psycho, who almost killed her and three other people that night. Vienna and Henry look distraught.

Margo sets the table with sandwiches and canned soup that she jokes about. Tom wants to count their blessings. He couldn’t be happier that everyone is safe, as they join hands.

Alison tells Henry and Vienna how Gray planted a bomb in Margo’s house but thankfully, it didn’t go off. Henry comments about the poisoned champagne too and how Brad almost died and now Gray held them hostage. Vienna is happy she escaped with her life. Susan thankfully says the same about Alison. Vienna is happy Alison is ok. Alison is happy they are back together. Vienna and Henry walk away and she is upset; she will be making up for her mistake the rest of her life. If anything had happened to him…. Henry assures him that it is over now.

As Susan and Alison are about to leave, Alison remembers that she forgot her coat at Casey’s. Susan worries about her going back there, but Alison assures she will be fine with all the police around. She wills see her soon.

Casey, Tom and Margo are watching the end of a show while Margo starts to doze off. They decide to head upstairs for the night. After they shut off the lights, we see the door open and through the dark, someone walks into the living room; it is Gray.

Paul wonders if he helped Parker? Meg doesn’t want him to underestimate his words. Paul thinks sometimes having faith is all they have to hold on to. She hasn’t seen this side of him in a while. Paul thinks he should go. Meg tries to stall him from leaving; Emma made some muffins. He jokes that if she gives him muffins then he would want milk and then he would never leave, as they laugh. Talking with Parker and seeing her, has given him hope. She is glad. Paul heads out and walks into Barbara, who is walking up to the door.

Will tells Gwen that they can’t leave while Barbara is sick. Gwen agrees totally. Will remembers how Barbara and Paul have hurt him, but when the chips are down they always come through for him. That is what they need to teach Hallie. Will agrees. He can’t believe his mom has cancer. She knows; she is so sorry. They will hope for the best because Barbara is strong. Will thinks she is more fragile then she looks. Gwen is sure that she won’t give up. After his dad and sister, he can’t lose his mom.

Paul asks why Barbara is here? The housekeeper at Fairwinds said he was there. She hopes she is not intruding, as Meg assures her gently that she is not. She needs to talk with him in private. The walk onto the porch, as Meg stays inside. What is wrong? She is sick – very sick. Paul looks stunned.

In the dark, Gray turns on the TV loudly and then hides when Margo comes out to check out what is going on. She could have sworn that she turned it off, she mumbles to herself. There is a knock. Margo is nervous but she answers it. Gray watches nearby. It is Alison. She is sorry, but she left her coat and cell phone. Margo wants to know if she is ok? They have excellent resources for people who handle Post Traumatic stress. She can recommend a great therapist at the Oakdale PD. Margo walks into the kitchen while Alison listens. Alison happens to look up, as she sees the gun. She pushes Margo out of the way, as the gun goes off.

Vienna is upset; she let herself be fooled by Gray; she feels dirty. He took advantage of her. Vienna thinks Henry is such a good person – how can she make it up to him? He can think of many ways, as he kisses Vienna on the neck. She looks rattled.

Margo asks if Alison is ok, as they get up off the floor? Gray tells her to shut up, as he holds them at gunpoint. Tom races out and struggles with him. Margo grabs her gun and trains it on them, as they roll around. She can’t get a clear shot of Gray. Alison watches a distraught Margo try to get a shot off.

What can he do, Paul wonders? Isn’t he going to read her the riot act about not telling him sooner? He understands the need for privacy after finding out she has cancer. He had so much on his plate with Rosanna, Meg and his accident. He wants to help however he can. She is handling it. She is glad to get this off her chest now though. Does she have good doctors? She has great care and will do everything she can to beat this. He doesn’t want her to give up. She promises that she will believe in miracles. Is he out there to work things out with Meg? No nothing, like that.

Will wonders how he didn’t know that something was wrong with his mother? Why does there always seem like there is a black cloud hanging over his family? Maybe it is a test, Gwen answers. They will just have to keep their heads up. She learned in Chinese that Crisis is composed of two characters. Danger and opportunity – every crisis is an opportunity to make a situation better. This will be their chance to make their family stronger while helping their mom heal. Will hugs her appreciatively.

Paul explains that he is there to see Parker because he is having a hard time. They remember when Will was accused of hurting Rose; she feels bad for Parker. He will pull through this like Will. They are all fighters and survivors. They are all made of tough stuff… especially her, as he hugs Barbara and Meg listens nearby.

Henry doesn’t want her to blame herself – it is over and he can’t hurt them anymore. That is not true and he knows it, Vienna counters.

Tom and Gray continue to struggle. He pushes Tom to the sofa. He orders Margo to put down her gun or Tom is dead. Margo doesn’t flinch. A shaken Casey has come into the room and watches what is happening.

Will and Gwen talk about taking care of Barbara will make them stronger as a family. They will stay until further notice. Will doesn’t think he could have gotten through this without her; he loves her.

Barbara thanks Paul for making it easier then she thought it would be. They will get through this together. They hug and Barbara leaves. Meg comes out; she heard and she is so sorry. Paul assures her that Barbara will be fine. If Barbara needs help, she is there for her, Meg offers. Paul is glad he came there tonight – she is too, as they stare at one another longingly. Paul looks like he is going to kiss Meg, who seems more then happy about that, but then Paul walks by her and leaves. Meg looks disappointed.

Henry wonders why Gray can still hurt them? She thinks he is still angry with her. He can say that he told her so now. He would never say that. He wants her to forget about Gray. He is such a wonderful and generous man. They kiss and Henry wonders if they are ok now? Can they go back to their lives now – their stronger life now? Yes. He promises no one will come between them again.

Casey grabs and protects Alison. Gray orders Margo to put the gun down. Margo starts to do that. Gray thinks he has won; his brother always said she was soft. Suddenly, Margo pulls her gun back up and shoots Gray in the chest, as he drops to the ground. Alison screams out.

Vienna tells Henry how happy she is. They will always love and support each other. They seal it with a kiss.

Susan and the police are there to take Gray away to the morgue. Margo will answer questions in the morning. Susan is happy no one got hurt again. Margo thanks Alison for saving her life. She just reacted when she saw the gun. Susan thinks that two close calls in one night are two too many. She is glad that Gray is dead now though. Casey is worried about Alison; can he check on her in the morning? Yes. Casey is worried about his parents too – Gray could have killed them. They are fine and will talk about it in the morning. The police comment about how good Margo was with this situation; she promises to email her report in the morning. Tom and Margo hug. She comments about not being soft. It is ok because she got the bad guy. The hug even tighter now, as they both tell each other how much they love one another.

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