ATWT Update Tuesday 3/25/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/25/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Yo’s) Brad and Bonnie drink tequila shots and talk about where tequila comes from and Bonnie says tequila comes from the agave plant not a cactus. Brad tells Bonnie that he loves that she is such a smart woman. Katie arrives to drink some wine because she is sad about Jack and she wants to forget her troubles for a little while at least. Bonnie notices Katie is sitting alone so she tells Brad they should invite her to sit with them but Brad doesn’t think Katie will accept the invitation and Bonnie bets Brad $10 that Katie will accept the invitation to sit with them. Bonnie asks Katie to sit with her and Brad and she says no at first but then she remembers Margo’s advice and decides to have fun, loosen up and live in the present so she sits down and starts drinking tequila shots with Bonnie and Brad until all three are very drunk. Brad and Katie start talking about a health food guest they had on their show that made Brad drink a awful tasting green drink and how he did a spit take while they were still on the air. Brad and Katie then start telling Bonnie the different types of spit takes and how they are done. Bonnie notices the connection between Brad and Katie and feels very left out so she just keeps drinking and Brad and Katie then decide to dance. Katie keeps drinking as she dances and she drinks so much that Brad knows she has a problem but Katie refuses to talk to him about it. The bartender cuts Katie off because she is very drunk and then Katie starts to cry. Brad tells Katie that if she needs to talk she can talk to him because that is what friends do for each other. Brad and Katie decide to take a cab home and they pick up Bonnie and guide her out side because she has passed out with her head on the table.

(Farm) Holden arrives home and is happy to know that Aaron has returned home because Julie is just fine and the lesions the doctor saw turned out to be shadows on an x-ray after they did the exploratory surgery and found no lesions. Aaron tells Holden he had a long talk with his mother and she told him that he should go where he is happy and he decided that he needed to come back home because he wanted to make things right with Sofie. Holden tells Aaron that he should follow his heart and he hopes that his heart will lead him in the right direction.

(Gwen and Will’s house) Sofie tells the Munsons that Hallie is their child now and they have a right to take her wherever they want to live. Gwen promises Sofie they won’t move unless she approves of their decision. Will asks Sofie what she thinks but then the doorbell rings and Barbara arrives so Will takes the opportunity to tell Barbara he and Gwen plan to move and continue their studies at another school still in Illinois. Will explains to Barbara that he and Gwen Both feel that their young family needs a fresh start. Barbara is very sad and cries a little and tells them she will miss them very much but she understands they feel its something they need to do and gives them her full support. Sofie also feels that it is a good idea because she needs to find her own way without the distraction of wanting something she isn’t ready to have yet so she also gives them her approval to leave town. Sofie leaves and Hallie cries and Barbara goes in to get her and she takes the chance to let her precious Hallie know that her nanna will miss her very much but will always love her no matter where she lives. Will and Gwen thank Barbara for her support and help with Sofie because they think her words helped Sofie decide to allow them to leave town.

(Police Station) Margo wonders why Matt hasn’t been brought to the station since he was released from the hospital. One of her men tells her the FBI is picking him up and taking him with them so Margo doesn’t worry about it anymore but does wish the FBI had respected her enough to let her know the information sooner.

((Hospital) Gray arrives dressed in an FBI uniform to pick Matt up at the hospital and he sticks a gun in Matt’s back as they walk out of the hospital. Alison sees Matt leaving and decides to follow him to say good-bye to her friend.

(Inside Gray’s car) Gray tells Matt to call Casey and ask to talk to him at the Hughes house so Matt calls Casey and tells him he is scared to give evidence against Gray and he needs to talk to him at his house. Casey agrees to meet him and Alison wonders why the FBI car that Matt is in is taking him to the Hughes house.

(Lakeview) Aaron gets his job back and sees Sofie and asks her to understand that he was only trying to do what was best for her. Sofie tells him everything that happened with the baby since he left to visit his mother and that she finally realized that he was right about Hallie. Sofie tells Aaron that she is going to do her best to start fresh and stand on her own two feet. Sofie and Aaron agree to be friends as she starts her new life. Sofie sees Barbara and advises her to tell Will and Gwen about her cancer before they leave town because if something should happen to her they would feel guilty for not having known she was ill.

(Will and Gwen’s house) Barbara arrives and tells Will and Gwen there is something they must know before they leave town.

(Hughes House) Casey and Alison arrive and fall into Gray’s trap to get Margo to come home. Gray ties up Casey and Alison and forces Casey to get his mother to come home alone because if he doesn’t do as he is told he will kill Alison.

(Police Station) The real FBI guy comes to pick up Matt and wonders if she has him there because he wasn’t at the hospital. Margo figures out that Gray has Matt and alerts everyone Gray is armed and dangerous and he has Matt. Casey calls Margo and tells her his parole officer arrived and he needs her to go home and talk to him. Margo says she can’t leave the station and asks to talk to the parole officer on the phone. Gray pretends to be the parole officer and tells Margo that Casey will go back to jail because of his recent brawl if she doesn’t come home to speak to him now.

(Hughes house) Margo arrives home and falls into Gray’s trap Gray tells Margo he is angry at her and Tom because his brother got a bad wrap and didn’t deserve to die like a dog. Margo tells Gray that his brother raped her and he deserved exactly what he got this makes Gray angry and he hits Margo in the face with his gun and knocks her to the floor. Gray ties up Margo and wants to force her to call Tom because he is the only person missing from the party. Margo says no since she knows he intends to kill her anyway. Gray says he can kill Tom later besides he thinks it will be great revenge making Tom suffer the death of his family and two innocent teenagers. Margo wonders why Gray waited so long for his revenge and he says he wanted to take her by surprise when she wasn’t expecting him. Gray opens a briefcase, which has a bomb inside it once the bomb is in place he gags Margo again and tells her that today she will know true justice.

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