ATWT Update Monday 3/24/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/24/08


Written By Elayna

At the courthouse, Carly tells Jack that she found the homeless woman who can prove Kit was in town. Carly shows Jack the receipt from the woman’s coat, but Jack is worried there is nothing to link this to Kit; she paid in cash. They will go to the store and convince the man to testify. This is their only chance to clear Parker.

At the diner, Bob tells Chris that the Hospital Review Board found that he was drugged without his knowledge. Bob congratulates him. Chris thanks him, but is upset that it took a Board to have his father believe in him.

At the hospital, Will and Gwen come to see Hallie. The nurse won’t let them see her unless Sofie agrees – since she is listed as the biological mother. Gwen tries to explain how they are involved with Hallie when Sofie walks up. She tells the nurse it is ok, but she needs to talk with Will and Gwen first.

Bob tries to explain his job is to protect the hospital and Chris as well. Chris understands that; he would have probably done the same thing; he just wants his dad to be proud of him. Bob assures Chris that he is. He wants to get his trust back one day.

Sofie, Will and Gwen walk into a room to talk. Sofie explains that if Gwen hadn’t given her blood then she would have lost Hallie. She would have done anything for her. Sofie explains that she can’t give Hallie what she needs. She knows she didn’t cause her Anemia or for Cole to try to kidnap her. She just wants her in a stable home and she can’t give her that now. She doesn’t want her to reverse the adoption; she wants them to keep Hallie.

At Worldwide office, Paul is dictating a memo to an assistant. He wants it distributed to the Stockholders, Board members and put on the website. The assistant wonders what Paul wants him to do with Craig’s last correspondence? He can throw it in the garbage for all he cares. Actually, on second thought – he has a better idea, as he takes the envelope.

At the farm, Meg gets off the phone with her lawyer; no one can find Craig and it may take years for her to get a divorce. Emma thinks that isn’t necessarily a bad thing; that means he is staying far away from her. Meg explains that she is tired of living in limbo. She wants to get on with her life.

Jack wants to leave to go with Carly, but Katie thinks he shouldn’t be running around when he is supposed to be back in the hospital. Carly agrees; she will ask around on her own; it isn’t dangerous. Carly promises to go talk with the clerk and ask around. If the person can come downtown to talk with the police, that would be best. Carly races off, and Katie is about to take Jack back to the hospital when he collapses. A distraught Katie calls 911. The EMTs show up and explain that Jack seems to be suffering from Septic Shock. They need to get him to the ER.

Gwen wonders if Sofie is absolutely sure? Sofie explains that she loves and wants the best for Hallie. That doesn’t mean she is equipped to take care of her the best. She didn’t even know Hallie was sick; Lisa had to tell her. She wants the best for Hallie, and if that means she has to give her up to make the happen, then if they are still interested in keeping her…. Gwen and Will smile – that would be a yes.

At the farm, Paul knocks and Emma answers; she doesn’t want Paul to talk with Meg, but Meg agrees to see him. Emma promises if she needs her then she will come with a shotgun. Paul smiles and thanks Meg for saving him. He has Craig’s last correspondence before he disappeared. Meg takes it; he didn’t need to being it over because Worldwide has a great messenger service. He will tell her the truth; he was looking for an excuse to come see her.

The nurse hands Hallie to Gwen now after what Sofie has explained the situation. Gwen asks Sofie if she wants to hold her? She does. She talks with her; she is a lucky girl, who is going to grow up in a good home with loving parents who will give her all she needs; that is her gift to her. She will never stop loving her as long as she lives. She hands her back. Gwen tells Sofie that she can come and see her, but Sofie rushes out. Gwen wonders if she will be ok? Will thinks she will be and now so will Hallie. They are going to take her home – this time for good.

An emotional Sofie bumps into Chris outside the diner. Why is she crying? She gave Hallie back to Will and Gwen. She thought she could handle it, but she couldn’t. She had to give her up.

Carly comes into the liquor store with Kit’s receipt. She asks who was working that night? The employee explains that he was. Does he have a security camera? The man tells her that he doesn’t. Can he identify someone who was in a night a few weeks ago? Was she there that night? Carly holds up the photo. The man stares at it without a word.

Jack is mumbling about needing to see his wife. Katie thinks he is talking about Carly. Jack tells her that he is talking about her. He asks her not to leave him. Katie tells the nurse she isn’t his wife. Septic Shock makes patients delusional; can she go along with him for now? The nurse suggests that it will pass, but she should try not to upset him and go along with what he says. Katie looks uncomfortable.

The man tells Carly he can’t say that he remembers her. Is he sure? He sees hundreds of people in a week. Is he sure that they don’t have a security camera? Yes, but they have this in lieu of that, as he whips out a bat. Carly tries to force a smile. She turns and mumbles to herself about having to go back to Jack empty handed.

Jack doesn’t want Katie to leave. She isn’t going anywhere. Jack then talks about Parker’s hockey game. Katie tells him not to worry, as she brushes her hand lovingly against his face.

At home, Will and Gwen put Hallie down to sleep. It must be hard for her; she was with them then Sofie, then she is kidnapped, then sick and now she is back with them again. Will is still worried that Sofie may change her mind again. Gwen thinks it won’t happen; she thinks this was her wake up call for her. She may see them in a few weeks happy with Hallie and change her mind. He can’t stand living like that. What are they going to do about it?

Chris doesn’t understand; he thought the judge gave Will and Gwen custody? Gwen felt badly because she knew how much she wanted to be with Hallie so she gave her back. She tried really hard to be a good mom, but she wasn’t. She finally gets what she wants and she is giving up, Chris asks confused? She had to do the right thing for her baby; she belongs with Will and Gwen. She starts to get up and leave. Chris stops her; he doesn’t want her upset and wanting to leave; he just wished that she had come to him for help. She should have been able to do it on he own, but she couldn’t.

Meg wonders when Paul is going to run out of excuses to see her. He won’t accept it. There is a bond between them that will never be broken. He relents finally and starts to leave, but then he wonders if she has heard from Craig? She hasn’t and until then, she is stuck in this marriage. He can hire a PI. She doesn’t want his help; he can’t fix this nightmare because he is part of it.

Chris just wants Sofie happy. She is not. She didn’t want to give up Hallie. She didn’t decide to until she almost lost her. She could have died. Gwen gave her blood to make Hallie better; Gwen was a match and not she. She is Hallie's biological mother and she wasn’t even a match. It was like the God’s telling her something. He wishes he had seen her. She thought she would see him around the hospital. He wasn’t there because he was suspended. This person made him look like he was drunk during rounds. Sofie is stunned; who would do something like that? She should ask her new pal, Paul.

Paul understands; he is just trying to make up for all the hurt he caused. He doesn’t know why she won’t give him a chance. The best thing he can do is leave her alone, Meg states. He can’t do that. Can he please stop? All right, he will, but if there is anything she needs, he wants her to tell him; she can always count on him. He leaves as a saddened Meg stares blankly straight ahead. Paul watches her through the window for a moment before he leaves.

Will wonders how they can raise Hallie without looking over their shoulders all the time. He has been thinking about it; he thinks they need to take Hallie and leave Oakdale for good.

Jack awakens with a start and is confused. He needs to get to Parker’s game. Katie gently tries to calm him; Parker understands why he couldn’t make it. Katie pretends Parker scored three goals. He wishes he had been there to see the Hat Trick. He hopes Parker can make the Black Hawks one day. Has he ever told Parker that? No, he doesn’t want to pressure him. There is so much on his plate right now. He is glad that she is there for him. She is glad too; he is an amazing kid. The best part is Parker loves her as much as he does.

Katie starts to tear up.

Carly goes to talk with the officer stationed outside the Scenic Loop Shop. He already told her that she shouldn’t be there; it is a crime scene. She just needs some small help; she needs to find a homeless woman. The officer asks if it about the Oakdale officer that was shot? Yes and it is about his son too. He suggests that she try the homeless shelter a couple blocks away. Carly thanks him and takes off.

Gwen doesn’t think they can leave town; they just started back in school. They can go to any state school. Their friends and his family are there; she wants Hallie to have that. They can all come visit – maybe not Paul since he is on Sofie’s side. Gwen thinks it is going to be hard on Barbara especially. He is not saying Barbara can’t visit, but she and Hallie are his family now. They need a fresh start.

Sofie pushes her way into Paul’s office past the assistant. Paul jokes with the assistant about Sofie not being a threat. Once inside the office, Sofie tells him that she needs to know if he drugged Chris to make it look like he was drunk at work? No. If she can find a stack of bibles, he will swear on that too. Does she believe him? Yes, he hasn’t lied to her yet. She just doesn’t know whom to trust anymore. She can trust him. He may not want or need his help, but he is offering it. She needs a lawyer to protect her interests. She doesn’t need a lawyer because she is not reversing the adoption; she gave Hallie back to Will and Gwen.

Will wonders if Gwen thinks he is crazy? She was just thinking of all they have been through this year and they are still together. If he wants to leave town then she will go because she will follow him anywhere. As long as she is by his side, she can find her way. They don’t have to go far, and they will register in school soon. Gwen wants them to do one thing; they need to get Hallie's papers in order. She doesn’t want anything to go wrong. Will agrees, as they hug.

Sofie thinks she knows what Paul is thinking; she is being childish and making the biggest mistake of her life. Paul smiles; he was thinking she is the bravest person he knows.

Emma wonders if Paul upset her? He didn’t do anything; he just won’t leave her alone. Emma will protect her and get the law involved with a restraining order. No. Every time she sees Paul, her feelings resurface. She wishes she had a switch, but she doesn’t. The only thing she can do is try to bury those feelings for good.

Carly is walking near the homeless shelter when she runs into a man who asks if he can help her? She is looking for a woman, as she shows him a picture of Kit. He knows her but hasn’t seen her is days. Carly frowns.

Jack tells Katie he is thirsty. She gives him water, as Jack thinks he is drinking beer. It is a celebration; he wants to toast to them. She was wrong; she never thought he would leave Carly and look at them now happy and together. Katie pretends she is happy too, as she looks away grimacing.

Is he kidding – she is anything but brave Sofie disagrees. Is she sure, she wants to give Hallie up? She is sure as she can be, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t painful. Paul agrees there is nothing more painful then losing a child. He wants to help her. No, she needs to do it on her own. No one gets through life on their own.

Emma wonders if closing off her feelings is the only way to get by? She doesn’t want her closing herself off to the good things in life. No one will be able to get close to her. She doesn’t want her to shut herself off from life for Paul – he isn’t worth it.

Paul thinks it is ironic; he has all these resources and money and no one wants to take him up on his offers. If she wants to go it alone, then he doesn’t want to stop her, as he walks back behind his desk. He doesn’t want her to blame him if at the end of the day, she doesn’t like how alone she feels.

Will is thrilled. She is not going to regret this; it is going to be like an adventure. They need to get moving because they have a lot of work to do with transferring schools and moving. Gwen thinks they have to tell Sofie first. Will doesn’t understand why. They can’t just sneak off; she deserves to know where her daughter is being raised. Why is she letting Sofie run their future? She isn’t exactly stable. Gwen explains that she needs Sofie’s approval. Will finally agrees that they can go find her.

Jack opens his eyes and is confused; he is wondering what is going on? Katie tells Jack he is fine and they are together and happy. What is she talking about? She was talking about how they worked things out; they will be fine. What is she talking about? Katie realizes Jack doesn’t know what she is talking about so she blows it off. It was just stuff he was saying. What did he say? He didn’t make much sense. What is he doing in the hospital? He has Septic Shock and has been in and out since the courthouse. He is on antibiotics. He will be fine. He remembers Parker’s trial and wants to get up. Katie stops him. Jack looks very worried - has Carly called? No. He wonders if she found anything?

Carly is getting back in her car outside the homeless shelter when she sees the woman (or so she thinks) that she has been looking for. She calls out to her, but the woman keeps going. Carly calls out pleading for her not to run away.

Jack wants to get out of bed to go help Carly. Katie pleads with him to stay there and relax. Can she do anything? She can call Carly, but then he changes his mind; he doesn’t want Katie to call Carly and have her phone ring at the wrong time and endanger her. Katie looks bothered by that comment.

Carly runs up to the woman and realizes she is not whom she thought it was. The woman is annoyed that Carly is touching her. She will call the police if she doesn’t let her go. Carly apologizes saying that she thought she was someone else.

Sofie explains that she doesn’t mean to sound ungrateful to Paul, and she doesn’t want to be alone. She just got pregnant by a jerk and then she had a beautiful girl whom she couldn’t raise properly. She is a loser and has failed at everything she has tried. She can’t stand it. She needs to take responsibility for herself and change how she looks at herself or she will never feel as if she amounts to anything. Paul wonders how she is going to accomplish this? Chances don’t come along too often, so he doesn’t want her to blow it. All she has to say is let him help her. Sofie’s phone beeps. She tells him that she has to go; she promises to think about what he said. He hopes she does.

Meg explains that she needs to find a way to defend herself and if building a wall is what she has to do, then she has to do it. If Paul breaks her heart again, it will kill her.

Sofie arrives at Will and Gwen’s and explains that she got their text message; is Hallie ok? They didn’t mean to worry her. They made a big decision on their future; they need a fresh start. She understands their need to do that, but what does that have to do with her? They are leaving Oakdale. For good? Maybe not forever but for a while. Gwen stresses that they won’t do it unless she agrees.

Jack sees Katie sitting on the edge of the bed looking exhausted. She is fine. She is quiet – is she really ok? She saw him collapse and thought he was going to die and then she listened to him babble incoherently for the next few hours. Did he say anything to upset her? It was no big deal; it was funny, she tries to blow it off. He just thought they were married. He talked like they were an old married couple. Just then, Carly rushes in and Jack immediately wants to know if she found anything? Carly starts to get emotional. It was useless; she found nothing. What are they going to do, as she starts to cry and rushes into his arms, as Jack hugs her tightly? Katie watches them looking like a third wheel.

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