ATWT Update Wednesday 3/19/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/19/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the local Homeland Security office, Holden brings in Ameera and Noah to see the official with Luke lagging behind. They have an appointment for a Visa extension. The official greets them; does she have grounds for this? She is there because she married an American citizen. Noah pipes in that she is now Mrs. Noah Meyer, as he takes her hand. Luke looks at this and tries to hide the fact that it bothers him.

At the hospital, Carly sits at Jack’s side. When he awakens, he is happy that she is there because he was worried she would have taken off again. How is Parker? He is scared and so is she. Lily is taking care of Sage and JJ so they can keep them as far away from this as possible. She thought they would have found a way from keeping this day from coming. She knows that homeless woman who approached her knows something. She would be out finding her if she didn’t have to be in court. They seem to hit one brick wall after another and now Parker is out of time.

At home, Tom is worried about going to court when Margo is at home unprotected. Margo assures him that she is fine. Tom also thinks that his whole family might be at risk, so everyone needs to be careful, as he nods in Casey’s direction. Casey is upset and thinks he deserves it because he feels guilty he brought Matt into their lives. Anything Gray tries will be his fault.

At the hospital, Brad wakes up to find Katie at his side. She smiles relieved that he is awake. Did they party hard the night before, Brad teases? Does he not remember why he is there? He remembered Bonnie and he drinking champagne. Katie explains that it was poisoned. He was goofing around. No, his fake death scene was almost real. Was it because of Gray? Katie tells Brad about Gerald Nevins being Gray Gerard. He was after Henry though. Why was she at his bedside all night? Katie says nothing. Brad realizes she does care.

Margo tells Casey not to worry; she missed it too and she is a police officer. What is going to happen to Matt? He agreed to testify against Gray so he will probably get a deal. Maybe Matt will have information that will help them. Margo has to go to the hospital to question Brad. Tom has to go to court. Casey sees that he has a police officer guarding him now. What is going on? He is his new best friend – wherever he goes now, so does he – Chief’s orders.

The Homeland official agrees to giving Ameera an extension, but he notifies them that an Immigration and Enforcement Agency official will be stopping in periodically to check up and make sure that everything is on the up and up. Why is that, Noah asks? It is to make sure this isn’t a paper marriage simply to get a green card. Where are they living? Holden explains that they are staying at his family’s farm. The official thinks that living arrangement is strange for newlyweds. They are staying with the husband’s best friend’s family – what is up with that, he wonders? Holden, Noah and Ameera look at one another not knowing what to say.

Brad wonders if Katie staying all night means he is in serious condition? No, he got help in time and will be fine. He is glad because he is hungry now. Bonnie walks in – she is glad to hear that because he bought her a sandwich and French fries. Brad is thrilled to see her. Katie feels like a third wheel so she starts to leave. Bonnie assures her that Brad is in good hands. Brad tells her to stay because he has to tell her something.

Jack wants to get out of bed and go with Carly to court, but she tells him that he needs to stay put. He needs to get better for Parker. He almost died; when she saw him bleeding on the ground, the one thought that went through her head – was she was losing him and she realized this is how he felt when he thought she was dying. Parker knows why he can’t be there. Jack takes her hand and intertwines his fingers in hers, as he tells her that it has to be ok; it has to be. Carly stares back at him hoping his words are going to make it true.

Katie tries to get out of Brad’s room quickly not wanting to hear what he has to say. Brad sees her uncomfortable and decides to blow it off. He just wanted to thank her for breathing life back into him. She jokes it is because she needs a co-host, as she leaves she looks back through the window at Bonnie and Brad.

Holden explains that Noah and Luke are good friends and Noah has been living with them since his father went to prison. The man asks Luke how he and Noah met? They met when they were interning at WOAK. The man wonders if he asks everyone he works with to live with him? Noah needed a place and they had the room. Is that offer extended to his wife? Holden assures him that she is always welcome. The man wants to know Noah’s secret – how did he luck into a family like that?

Margo walks up and sees Katie staring at Brad and Bonnie through his door; how is Brad? He is fine; he is eating lunch that Bonnie brought to him. Margo smirks at her. Is that tough for her to swallow?

Noah explains that he is lucky. The official grants the extension. They will be in touch about the follow up visits. As they are leaving, the man says congratulations – he hopes they will be happy – his voice dripping with sarcasm. After they leave, Noah is upset about the sarcastic congratulations. Holden reminds them that it wasn’t going to be easy. They need to keep the plan up or they will all be in trouble. Holden has to go because it is Parker’s trial, as he takes off.

At the farm, Carly asks Parker where everyone is? He is so tired of people hugging him and telling him that everything will be ok. He just wants to get this over with. Carly sees how distraught Parker is. She won’t let him give up hope; she will get him out of this, she promises. Parker wonders how?

Katie and Margo go to lunch at the diner where Katie assures Margo that she is fine with Bonnie and Brad. She thought she was there to question Brad and not her. She can do that later because she probably won’t get a lot of out Brad since he was unconscious most of the night and wasn’t even Gray’s target – Henry and Vienna were. Katie wonders how she can be so calm since she was Gray’s target?. He was just warming up his ‘killer tendencies.’ Margo teases her – that makes her feel better. She is very interested in Brad’s recovery she sees. She didn’t spend the night because she was concerned about a colleague. Katie admits that it bothered her to see Brad like that, but it isn’t like she is interested in him; he is Jack’s brother. Margo laughs – that is a no-no in dating in Oakdale society - getting involved with an ex’s relative. They should talk with Bob, Susan, Barbara, Emily and Chris. Katie teases her - she is so funny, but she is not over Jack. When she pictures her future, she sees herself with a man like Jack not Brad. Margo has some advice; she wants her to stop consulting a crystal ball and start thinking about the present. She is attractive, fun, young and available. She wants her to start having fun. Can she just lighten up and worry about happily ever after – after.

Brad and Bonnie are playfully flirting as he eats his lunch. The nurse comes in and tells Brad that he is getting released now. Brad is happy because he wants to make it to Parker’s trial. Bonnie offers to go with him so she can see Tom in action.

Katie and Margo are finishing up lunch; Katie thanks her for advice, which Margo knows that Katie won’t take. She is going to Parker’s trial and worry about her love life another day. Margo tells her that she is going home to do paperwork. Katie wants her to be safe. Margo hugs her and reminds her to lighten up. She will – just not today – because it is all about Parker today.

Jack is taking off his blood pressure cuff when Holden comes in to check on him before he heads over to Parker’s trial. He stops when he sees what Jack is doing. Jack tells him that he is just in time to help him break out of the hospital.

At the courtroom, the trial begins. They are foregoing a jury trial. The judge asks if the DA is ready to present their case? The DA opens about Parker having an ongoing dislike of Carly’s boyfriends and acting out in dangerous and impulsive ways. He had a deep-seated hatred for Sam, which led to his murder. They will prove premeditation and they are going to try Parker as an adult. They will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is guilty. Carly looks over at a nervous looking Parker.

At home, there is a knock at the door. Margo answers it; she gets a package that seems mysterious with no return address or markings. She opens it and sees a note on top saying: “I’ll be there when you least expect it.” There is a tiny toy gun glued to the side of the note. Margo gasps.

Tom questions Carly who relays the events about the night Sam died. She tells the court about Sam’s previous advances and how aggressive he was that night. She was struggling with Sam right before he was shot. How many shots did she hear? She is positive she heard one. Tom talks about how there was a second shot, which was the one that actually was the one that killed Sam. Tom is done asking Carly questions – for now. The DA approaches Carly and talks about maternal wishful thinking; a mother who is eager to think the best in her child and believes what she wants. She thinks Carly may have heard more then one shot but chooses to think she heard one. Carly is adamant however that she heard one. Brad and Bonnie walk in at this point and Katie watches them.

On campus, Ameera, Noah and Luke talk. They keep thinking about what the official said; Noah thinks they should walk her all the way to class arm and arm. Ameera tells them that she has time to kill before he class, but she agrees to walk with Noah while Luke ends up walking behind.

Tom wants to redirect and asks about the second shot. Carly tells about Kit and how jealous she was. She is sure that she came back to the club to finish the job. The DA jumps up talking about how there is no evidence to this speculation; it is convenient. Kit was in Chicago and she can’t testify because she is dead – shot to death by Carly. Tom makes sure they know it was self-defense. The DA wants this line of questioning stopped. The judge agrees. He asks Tom if he has more witnesses? They reserve the right to recall. Jack and Holden walk in at this point; Jack announces that he is there to testify for the defense. Carly and Jack lock eyes. The judge wants to know what this is about? Tom tells the judge who Jack is and how Kit shot him. They ask for a 5 min recess. Jack tells Carly that he will stay with Parker while she goes to look for the homeless woman. Is he sure? Yes. Tom thinks that they need evidence and this may be their only shot. Carly promises that she will be back.

Noah walks Ameera to Java to wait for her class and then admits to Luke that every stranger makes him wonder if it is someone trying to prove they are lying; it is driving him nuts. Luke reminds him that they can’t watch them every moment of every day; they will still find ways to be together.

Margo has officers checking out the box for fingerprints, but she is sure that hers will be the only prints on it. Another officer brings the delivery guy in. Is he in trouble because he didn’t do anything? Only if he doesn’t give her the answers she wants. Why did he deliver this box? He was paid $100 to do it. Margo shows him a picture for Gray – was it him who paid him? Yes.

At Java, Casey sees Ameera and walks over to her. She recognizes him from when he stood up to the Homeland Security Officer for her. She hopes he was not in jail long? No, he was able to get out of it. Did he bribe anyone? No, just some strings were pulled. He is glad to see her there because he knows she was having trouble with her Visa. It got extended today. He jokes that he hopes she didn’t bribe anyone because his mother is a police officer and there may be a conflict of interest. Ameera pauses before she tells him that she got married. Casey looks stunned.

Margo is skeptical of this guy who made the delivery to her never doing this kind of work before. He has not; he is on scholarship at O.U. and he needed the money. He didn’t ask any questions because of that. Margo has a thought; he was on campus when he was approached? Yes. Margo gets very upset and heads for the phone saying Casey’s name.

Casey is shocked as he stutters a response to what Ameera told him. She is Mrs. Noah Meyer now. Casey is confused because he thought, as he tries to get the words out, Ameera notices a police officer looking through the window at them. She asks him nervously to go because ‘they are watching her,’ as she looks towards the door where there is an officer.

Carly pulls up to the Scenic Shop, but an officer tells her that she can’t stay there. Carly pleads with him, but he tells her to drive on.

Tom asks Jack to talk about Parker and his relationship. It is normal father son stuff. They have their differences, but it is nothing out of the ordinary. The only thing he regrets is not listening to his son this time. Ever since he was a kid, he had feelings about things – instincts or intuition if you would. He understands people, and he was right on the money about Sam. He didn’t take him seriously about Sam, but Parker had a feeling as to what Sam was up to. If he had listened sooner then none of them would be sitting there in court today.

Carly is driving around the streets near the Scenic Shop. She sees the homeless woman with her cart. She jumps out and asks her to talk with her. She knows something about the woman in the picture, doesn’t she? The homeless woman looks at the picture of Kit. She needs to tell her what she knows. The woman explains that she saw Kit around town and she was nice to her. She doesn’t want her to get in trouble. She needs to help because although she may have been nice to her, she framed her son for murder and he could go to jail for a long time.

Ameera tells Casey about the Homeland Security man who is watching her to make sure that their marriage is real. Casey explains that his mother is an officer and she is being stalked over something that happened a long time ago; that is why there is a police officer watching them. Margo then calls and asks where Casey is and if the officer is still with him? He is at Java having coffee with a friend, as Ameera smiles. Margo is relieved. She wants him to be careful and not ditch the guard. Casey wonders if she is ok? She is. She will see him later. Ameera asks if he is scared for his mom? He is a little. Before she came there from Iraq, she was always afraid, but she thinks worrying about things that could happen tomorrow by being afraid steals you happiness away from that day.

Carly pleads with the woman to be good to her son. Kit gave her the clothes she is wearing. She wanted a whole new look. When Kit gave her the coat, she found something in the pocket. She hands it to Carly. She doesn’t know if it will help.

Jack explains that Carly and Parker have a special relationship. She counts on him and he knows that; he is protective of her. When he saw Sam attacking Carly, he knew what he had to do. Tom is done questioning him. The DA was wondering if Parker was doing what he had to do when Parker shot his cousin? Jack explains that Faith tripped over the gun that his other son left in the yard. The DA wonders sarcastically if nothing is ever Parker’s fault – that is a good thing to teach his son. The DA is done with Jack as well after that sarcasm. The judge adjourns for the day hoping to finish up these proceedings tomorrow. Jack walks over to Parker; Parker worries that they are in trouble.

Carly sees that it is a receipt proving that Kit bought some vodka in Oakdale the night Sam got killed near the Oakdale Bus Station. The woman wonders if it helped? Carly is thrilled; it proves that she really was in Oakdale rather then Chicago like she claimed. She had enough time to get to Metro to shoot Sam. She thanks the woman, hands her some money and jumps back in her car with renewed hope.

Katie approaches Jack; is he supposed to be out of the hospital? Holden answers that he shouldn’t be out, but he threatened him if he didn’t take him to court. Holden has to go meet Lily so Katie offers to take Jack back to the hospital. Holden leaves Jack with Parker and Katie while close by Brad watches them interacting.

Ameera tells Casey that she has to go to class, as he offers to walk with her. She is married now though. Men and women can be friends. Luke and Noah walk in, as Casey offers that it would be ok if they walk to class because they are friends. It is ok right? Noah tells Casey that he will walk her to class. After Casey leaves, Noah snaps at Ameera about if she is going to be married, she can’t go out on a date in public. Luke and Ameera are surprised by his attitude. They weren’t on a date; they are friends. Luke touches Noah’s arm and tells him to lighten up.

Margo is talking to the officer about the prints and how no one comes and goes through this door without proper ID. There is a knock at the door and two FBI agents announce her case is now federal. They are keeping her under surveillance 24 hours a day now. Casey comes home and wonders why it looks like he is on CSI? Margo explains it is because of Gray – he is after them all. It is ok; they will just have to be more careful now.

Ameera apologizes; she didn’t mean to listen to Casey. Noah apologizes; the Homeland Security officer made him nervous. When he came there and saw her with Casey, he just worried what people would think. Ameera tells him that he is right and she won’t see Casey again. Noah tells her that isn’t right – Casey is a good guy; she liked him right? He was nice and he made her smile. Ameera leaves to go to class. Noah is upset; this is getting more complicated then he thought and it is only been a week. Luke thinks he might be making it more complicated, but he guesses he wouldn’t be paranoid if he didn’t have reason to be. He should go catch up with Ameera. Noah nods and heads out quickly putting his arm around Ameera and walking with her while Luke sadly lags behind.

Bonnie talks with Tom about if he is putting Parker on the stand? He would like to avoid that so he is not subjected to cross examination, but it might be good for the judge to see that he is just a scared little boy trying to protect his mom. She would like to offer any help he may need because Parker was Jen’s brother and she still misses her. Tom understands because he feels that way about Hal.

Bonnie wants to leave, but Brad thinks he should stay. Katie tells Brad that they are fine, but Brad starts to insist. Katie tells him they have everything under control. Brad stares at her and then leaves slowly. Tom offers to take Parker to the farm. After they all leave, Katie tells Jack she should help him to the car. Jack leans on her and they start to walk to the door when Carly races in telling him that she has all the proof that they need to save Parker.

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