ATWT Update Tuesday 3/18/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/18/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Outside Chicago loop scenic shop) Carly calls Jack she is going inside the shop to find evidence that Kit fired the shot that killed Sam. Jack is upset that Carly is once again ignored his advice not to go there and keep out of danger. Carly reminds Jack that Parker's trial is tomorrow and she has to do this to find the evidence to set their son free. Carly tells Jack to concentrate on getting better and to trust her this time because she will be fine and also find the evidence to clear Parker.

(Lakeview) Bonnie arrives for her date with Brad but before she sits down she makes it clear to Brad that she won’t be his shoulder to cry on about Katie. Brad tells Bonnie this has nothing to do with Katie all he wants to do is have a good time with her.

(TV Station) Katie calls Margo to invite her to lunch because she could use some sisterly advice about men. Margo tells Katie to come pick her up at the police station in twenty minutes.

(Police Station) Margo gets a call from someone who calls her mom and then whispers that it is Adam and he is sorry for all the pain he caused the family. Adam who is actually Matt pretending to be Adam asks Margo to get Tom and meet him at the Luther’s corners church where he will explain everything to them. Margo calls Tom and asks him to pick her up at the station because she just got a strange call from Adam. Katie arrives a few minutes before Tom and Margo tells Katie she has to cancel their plans because she and Tom have an emergency. Katie goes to Jack’s desk and picks up the picture of Jack, Carly and the kids and cries a little as she looks at the picture.

(Java) Alison tells Casey what Matt told her about Gray being after his family and how she should warn the Hughes so they will be safe. Alison suggests that they tell Margo what they know so that she won’t be taken by surprise when Gray comes after them. Casey wants to get more information on this Gray guy before he worries his parents. Alison has an idea of who could help them so she and Casey head to the Lakeview to ask Bonnie if Dallas could help them get into the police computer.

(Luther’s corners Church) Vienna stops making love to Henry because she feels strange making love in a church with God watching them and Henry assures Vienna that God is smiling down on them right now. Henry assures Vienna that God is happy they reconciled and he is smiling down on them. Henry and Vienna start to make love again but stop when Henry hears a door creaking. Matt tries several of the keys on a key ring before he finds one to unlock the door. Henry and Vienna get dressed Vienna thanks God for bringing Henry back to her before they leave the church. Gray is outside the church and is upset that Matt hasn’t followed orders and blown up the church by now. Matt explains that he won’t allow innocent people to die for the sake of his plan so Gray figures out he let Henry and Vienna out of the church. Gray is mad that Matt betrayed him and shoots Matt before he leaves because he hears police sirens. Margo and Tom go inside the church but nobody is there and she begins a frantic search for Adam. Margo finds Matt bleeding on the ground outside and calls an ambulance. Matt manages to gasp that Gray Gerard shot him because he didn’t follow orders to blow up the church. The ambulance arrives and Matt apologizes to Margo and warns her that Gray is after her family. Matt tells Margo to take a card out of his pocket and once she reads the business card that says Chicago loop scenic shop she figures out that is where Henry was held when he was kidnapped and where Jack was shot. Margo heads to Chicago in pursuit of Gray and Tom goes with Matt to the hospital.

(Chicago loop Scenic shop) Carly remembers what happened when she shot Kit as she walks through the shop looking for clues to save Parker.

(Hospital) Jack calls Margo but is told she is gone so then he calls the Chicago police but is put on Hold so he gets impatient rips off his tubes and tries to get out of bed. The nurse arrives and tells him to stay where he is because if his blood pressure doesn’t come down he could die.

(Lakeview) Alison and Casey who ask her to help persuade Dallas to look on the police computer for information on Gray Gerard because Casey’s family and a friend are in big trouble interrupt Bonnie and Brad’s date. Brad tells Bonnie that gray is very dangerous and that he tried to break up Henry and Vienna. Bonnie thinks that if Vienna is involved with Gray he must be bad news because Vienna is no angel. Bonnie decides to help Alison and Casey because if they catch Gray Vienna could get in trouble too. Bonnie, Brad, Alison, and Casey all head to the police station. Henry and Vienna arrive and share the good news that they have reconciled with Bonnie and Brad just as Bonnie and Brad are headed out the door.

(Police Station) Alison, Casey, Brad and Bonnie arrive and Bonnie, Casey and Alison go talk to Dallas while Brad stays behind to talk to Katie. Brad wonders why Katie looks so sad and she changes the subject by saying that she didn’t think Brad would start dating so soon after she told him she was waiting for Jack to get his life in order. Brad tells Katie he got tired of waiting on her and Bonnie is a nice girl and they have fun together. Bonnie explains to Dallas that Casey and Alison are trying to protect a friend and they need access to the police computer. Dallas doesn’t want to help at first until Casey and Bonnie explain the Hughes family is in danger. Dallas finds out that Gray Gerard’s real name is Gerald Nivens and he is the brother of the man that shot Margo. Casey calls Margo right away to warn her and Margo is grateful for the warning and hangs up the phone.

(Lakeview) Henry doesn’t want to drink the champagne Gray sent because he fears IT MAY BE POISONED SO Brad drinks it starts to choke and falls to the floor. Henry is about to call 911 when Brad smiles and gets up saying he was just kidding. Henry and Vienna decide to continue their celebration upstairs leaving Brad and Bonnie alone to continue their date. Bonnie continues to drink Tequila shots while Brad continues to drink Champagne. Henry and Vienna are kissing and walk backwards into Katie’s room and don’t notice she is there. Katie leaves them alone to enjoy the room and goes downstairs to the bar to drink ginger ale. Katie gets even more jealous as she watches Brad and Bonnie on their date.

(Chicago loop scenic shop) Carly is searches the shop files when she is caught by Gray. Carly explains about Parker but Gray wants her off his property or he will have her arrested for trespassing. Carly shows Gray a picture of Kit who he says he has never seen before. Carly starts to leave Gray hears the police sirens gets scared and leaves the building. Carly bumps into Margo and explains she is trying to find evidence to help Parker. Margo says she is chasing another suspect who Carly tells her left when he heard the sirens. Margo puts out an APB on Nivens and Carly calls Jck from outside the shop and says she was unable to find any evidence. Carly hangs up the phone and notices a homeless woman staring at her the woman tells her she saw her on TV showing a picture of a woman who had been hanging around here Carly asks her to tell her what she knows but the woman leaves after she sees Margo’s police car. Carly quickly follows the woman so she can talk to her.

(Hospital) Casey and Alison tells Jack and Tom about Gerald Nivens and check on Jack and Matt’s condition. Matt will recover and makes it through the operation fine but wonders why Casey and Alison are being so nice to him. Casey thanks Matt for saving his family today and tells him that he hopes he will make a quick recovery.

(Lakeview) Brad finishes drinking the champagne starts choking and falls to the floor. Bonnie thinks he is joking and laughs and tells Brad to get up. Katie comes over and Bonnie explains about Brad’s earlier joke.  However, Katie checks Brad and sees he isn’t breathing and she starts CPR while Bonnie rushes to call 911.

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