ATWT Update Monday 3/17/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/17/08


Written By Elayna

At the hospital, Cole stuns everyone when he shows up. Sofie is in disbelief, but Will and Gwen think he should leave because Hallie has been taken care of already. He explains that he has grown up a lot since he left and he is not going anywhere. He wants Sofie to understand that he is there because he wants to be and wants to help.

At the mall office, Carly sits watching the security video intently but can’t find Kit on camera at all. She is saddened by what seems to be another dead end.

At the hospital, Jack explains to Katie that he and Carly are working together for Parker. This crisis is not going to last forever. Everything will change when Parker is cleared. What is he saying, Katie wonders? Is he ready to walk away from Carly for good?

The mall officer is sorry that Carly didn’t find what she was looking for. She is about to leave when she overhears the same officer talking to another man about the tapes being in the wrong order. Carly tells him that she was looking at the wrong day so the man gives her the March 7th one now.

At Java, Matt wants to talk with Alison, as Alison tells him that she wants to talk with him as well. He wants her to go first. She knows she has been asking him a lot of questions. It has to do more with her then him. She thinks she is ready to stop putting up walls. She wants to take a chance with them. Matt is stunned.

At the diner, Vienna walks back in and finds Gray smiling at her. Did she not say goodbye forever? She has to give him his jewelry back as well. The only way Henry will take her back is if she severs all ties.

At the Lakeview bar, Henry and Brad are drinking and commiserating over women. They are likening women to wine. They don’t need any women ever again. A hotel employee walks up and hands Henry a note. It is from Vienna; she wants to meet at the church in Luther’s Corners. Henry wants to go, but Brad tells him to ignore it.

Jack isn’t making any guarantees or promises but he thinks they may have another shot. Katie looks hopeful after hearing those words.

Carly sees something on camera and tells the man to rewind the tape; she stares at the woman dressed as a homeless person. It appears to be Kit. She asks for a still shot of the woman on camera. He prints one out; this is exactly what she needs.

Katie never expected him to say they have another chance. Parker needs to get vindicated first. She tried not to think of him, but she always does, she admits. It is nice to hear that she is not writing him off. She tried, but it didn’t work, she says with a smile. Katie and Jack hug, as Carly barges in while they are embracing. She is a bit taken aback, but Jack asks her what is going on? She snaps out of it. She has a lead – a good one.

Gwen wants Cole to drop the act – he is not a caring father. When he got the message about Hallie, it shook him up, Cole claims. He wants to stay until Hallie is better. The doctor interrupts to tell Hallie’s mom that the transfusion took and everything is ok. Cole is confused when he sees the doctor addressing Sofie; he thought the baby was with Gwen – who is the mother?

Alison hopes that she didn’t read Matt wrong and that he still wants to spend time with her. He does like her, Matt admits. He just wants to know what changed her mind? They have chemistry and she would like to see where it goes. Alison gives him time to let this sink in by going to get a muffin. When she leaves the table, Matt takes a packet out of his pocket with a powdery white substance in it. He looks as if he is about to pour it in Alison’s coffee, but he stops.

Gray wonders if Vienna is sure she wants to give the jewelry back? She thanks him for everything. She needs to be with Henry though. He is sure that she and Henry will be together; he will make sure of it.

Brad tries to stop Henry. It will only lead to heartache. He has to go see what she wants. Brad keeps telling him to have some pride because women say they want to be with you and then they come up with reasons they can’t be with you. Henry takes off leaving an unsteady Brad behind.

Will wants Cole to leave, but Cole tells him that he wants an explanation because he is the biological father. Sofie explains that they gave Hallie back to her. She made a terrible mistake, but Gwen was good enough to understand. Cole is surprised to hear this.

Jack is happy to see the picture that Carly has. He really thinks this is promising and the break they need even though he is not 100% sure that it is Kit. He looks at Katie and tells her that he knows he told her that he didn’t want her involved in this dangerous situation, but he needs to ask her for one more favor.

Katie calls Brad; she wonders how long has he been at the bar when he slurs? He is off work. She needs him to meet her at the studio. Brad doesn’t want to, but Katie insists that he be there.

Vienna jokes with Gray about how he could have any influence over Henry? She would be surprised. He tells her to go get freshen up so she can look her best for Henry. She thanks him again; she was hoping this would happen; he makes as good a friend as he did a lover. After she leaves, Gray takes out his phone and calls Matt.

Matt quickly stuffs the packet back in his pocket. Gray tells him that he knows what to do and he doesn’t want any mistakes. An upset Matt hangs up quickly.

Vienna comes back; how does she look? Perfect. Gray tells Vienna that was Henry on the phone. Vienna is surprised, as Gray explains that he is trying to be friendly since he explained to Henry that she is leaving him for good and going back to him. Vienna is appreciative and in disbelief that he would admit to that. Gray explains that Henry wants to meet her at the church in Luther’s Corners. She thinks that sounds like a good sign. She leaves and Gray scowls as he looks after her.

Alison comes back with Matt’s coffee; he appreciates the faith she has in him. It is misplaced however. If they are starting out with a clean slate; he needs to come clean. She was right; he is no good and neither is Gray Gerard.

At the Lakeview, Kim meets with Barbara. Kim is having a bad day; they just lost their biggest advertiser, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. What is going on with her? She has been thinking about Bob; she is glad he is doing better. Kim wonders how come she hasn’t stopped in since she lives so close by. She hasn’t felt well. Kim doesn’t like the sound of it. What is wrong, a nervous Kim asks? She has oral cancer, Barbara finally admits.

Will doesn’t think Hallie isn’t a concern to him. He has a right. Gwen wonders what the turn around is? He proves that he came when she called; that means he is willing to help. Doesn’t she believe in second chances? Gwen doesn’t want Sofie to listen to Cole; she doesn’t want Sofie to forget what he put her through. Cole wants her to be quiet. Gwen knows that he isn’t there out of the goodness of his heart because he wants to change diapers. He has no interest in Hallie; he is only interested in what works best for him. He is the father, and he doesn’t want them interrupting because they aren’t even Hallie’s parents. Sofie tells them to stop fighting. She thanks Gwen and Will, but she needs to handle this on her own. Will and Gwen ask if she is sure? She is. They are going to see Bob, but they will check in with her later. After they leave, Cole touches Sofie’s arm, but she recoils telling him not to dare touch her.

At WOAK, Katie is worried about Brad not being able to do his job since he is inebriated. Isn’t it a little early to be drinking? Why does she care what he does? He is fine, as they start the show. Katie talks about Parker’s case and the lead they have, as she directs Brad to hold up the picture. Brad doesn’t say much or react, so Carly steps in. They show the picture and plead that someone helps her son. Jack watches the segment from the hospital. The segment ends and Katie is angry that Brad was useless. The phone rings almost immediately, as Carly rushes to answer it.

Sofie is irritated; plenty of women raise their babies as single parents and she can do it too. Cole reminds her that Hallie has a father. He gave up that right to be her father. She gave up her right too, but she got a second chance. Sofie is disgusted that he would be comparing the. She tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to him or see him; she wants him to leave. Cole tells her that he will accept this so they can think about starting over is about letting go. A softened Sofie tells him to leave still. He will at least for now since Hallie is better. Later, Cole is in the stairway talking on the phone – he tells the person that he is already there. He thinks it may be a bit harder then they thought, but he thinks he can pull it off, as he races back up the stairs.

Sofie asks the nurse if she can see Hallie yet after her transfusion? The nurse makes a call and seems to be listening to an explanation of what is going on with Hallie. After she hangs up, Sofie worries that something is wrong? Everything is ok, but they told her that her husband – Sofie interrupts her – she doesn’t have a husband. The nurse corrects herself – the father of her baby – has her baby and will be bringing Hallie over to her. Sofie has a realization and reacts in horror. She is saying Oh my God repeatedly. The nurse is sure that the baby is fine. She is not fine because he is kidnapping her.

Matt explains that Gray is dangerous; she was right; she should have nothing to do with him. She needs to focus on protecting Casey. Alison doesn’t understand. It is Gray and he has to go, but he wants her to warn Casey and his family about being careful because they have been so good to him. He heads out.

Vienna and Henry meet up and say nothing but kiss. Gray is inside watching them secretly.

Carly is hanging up the phone and telling Katie and Brad about the call; he was a bus driver, who picked up a woman near Metro the night Sam was shot, who was edgy and acting funny. She has to go to Jack. She thanks Katie and heads off in a rush. Brad snips that he is surprised that Katie didn’t run off with her to see Jack too. They agreed it wouldn’t be appropriate; she needs to stay away for now. What does that mean? She and Jack had a good talk about how they still have feelings for each other. Brad tells her that he is glad that she made it crystal clear for him; he has to go back to the Lakeview because a bottle is waiting for her. Katie asks him to wait.

Kim wonders how long Barbara knew? Barbara tells her that it doesn’t matter because she knew Kim has a full plate. Kim wants to take care of her. She is there for her. She wants to know what treatments she is doing? She is doing radiation and it takes more out of her then she thought. Sometimes she can sleep the whole day through. How are Will and Paul taking this? Will has a lot on his mind because he and Gwen gave the baby back to the birth mother. Kim is shocked; they must be devastated. Barbara explains that they thought it was for the best. Kim thinks she needs to keep her focus on herself. She can’t worry about Will and Gwen. Barbara knows this, but they have been through so much and they wanted the baby so badly.

The nurse doesn’t understand why Sofie is so upset? The security officer wants to know why the father of the baby is there if he is a danger to the baby? She called him. Now her baby is in danger because of her and she wishes she could take it back now.

Will and Gwen are in the stairway talking about Hallie being with Sofie now that Cole is back. No sooner do they get those words out then they are face to face with Cole, who is holding the baby. He turns and tries to take off, but they are right behind him. Will tells Gwen to call security. Cole doesn’t want them to touch him. Cole tells Will that he will hurt Hallie if he doesn’t leave, and it will be his entire fault.

Henry realizes that he wants to be with Vienna forever; he wants to make a promise to each other that they never will leave one other. Vienna wants to do it where they are – in church and to exchange vows. Henry takes her hand and they walk to the altar. Vienna says the words, as Henry repeats them. Then, they recite wedding vows one at a time. Gray is outside with a gas can pouring gas around the church, as they tearfully recite the words and finish up their vows with the words – to death do them part.

The security guard shows up in the stairway, as Cole is trying to keep everyone at bay. Will yells at him that it isn’t too late; he wants the baby. Cole tosses the baby at Will and runs away. Will has Hallie and she is safe, as Gwen races to their side. The guards go after Cole.

Jack and Carly are talking about how the woman has to be Kit. If she were wearing a disguise, then that would be why noone recognized her. The only problem is that they have to connect the dots and figure out where the disguise came from. Carly realizes she got them at the Scenic shop; that is where all the duplicate Cowboy Jack’s came from and they make costumes there too. She has to go there. Jack tells her that she is not going there. This is their only lead. Jack is adamant that it is too dangerous and he will not let her get hurt.

Katie apologizes; she is to blame; she didn’t do any of this to hurt him; she has been sending him mixed signals. He nods; she has been doing that. She has been confused. She isn’t anymore, Brad surmises, as Katie nods in agreement. He is glad that she told him that she is waiting for Jack and now he is going to his bottle now.

Jack doesn’t want Carly going to Chicago. He can’t let her go alone. He will call Margo. No. He will call Holden. He wishes he could get up out of the bed. He can’t though. The nurse comes in and has to take his vital, as Carly promises to be outside. Jack gives her a knowing look about she is really going to do once she leaves the room, but Carly leaves. Once outside, she writes a note and asks a nurse to give it to Jack, as she takes off running.

Will and Gwen bring Hallie back to Sofie. She doesn’t know what would have happened if they hadn’t been there. The nurse comes in to take Hallie to check her out. The guard comes in and tells them that they lost Cole when he went to the roof and jumped to the next building. Did they call the police? They put out an APB, but he is gone. Sofie is worried, but Will and Gwen assure her that Hallie is safe now. Sofie looks down, as she answers that is no thanks to her.

Jack asks the nurse if she has seen Carly? She hands him a note, which reads that she is sorry, but she had to do it; pray that it works.

Katie is standing alone in the darkened studio worrying about Brad. She calls Henry and leaves a message for him; she needs a friend. Can he call her? She hopes where ever he is he is having fun.

At the Lakeview, Brad calls Bonnie; he was wondering if she would want to meet him for lunch? She agrees, and he tells her that he is finally free to take their relationship to the next level. He will see her soon. He hangs up but doesn’t look happy though.

Henry kisses Vienna and then decides they should go home. They realize the outside door is locked. They think someone must have locked it not realizing people were inside. They joke about making the best of it, as they kiss some more.

Matt walks up to Gray, who is standing outside; he needs to go to make sure people see that he was somewhere else; he knows what to do. Gray takes off and Matt calls Margo at the station; it is an emergency he tells the dispatcher.

Sofie tells Will and Gwen that today was a wake up call; she is not equipped to be Hallie’s mother. She loves being with her, but she is not safe with her. She wants to be with her one day, but she has to face the facts that she can’t be her mother right now, as she leaves. Will and Gwen stare at one another not saying a word.

Jack leaves Carly an angry message. He wants her to stop what she is doing and come back. He knows she means well, but she needs to rethink what she is doing!

Carly arrives at the Scenic Shop and sees she has a message from Jack. She listens to it and then halfway through hangs up when she realizes Jack is mad that she left to do this alone– she mumbles to herself that she is doing what has to be done, as she walks in the side entrance of the building.

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