ATWT Update Friday 3/14/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 3/14/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Lakeview) Katie awakens and is surprised to find Brad sleeping in a chair next to her bed. Katie throws Brad a blanket and he awakens saying that he is glad she is awake because he is starving and wants to order a deluxe breakfast from room. Katie tells Brad she isn’t hungry and thanks him for being so wonderful to her yesterday but she doesn’t want him to jump to conclusions because they are still just friends.

(Hospital) Carly watches Jack sleep and when he awakens he asks if Margo was able to persuade the D.A. to drop the charges against Parker. Carly tries very hard to avoid the subject but Jack asks her to tell him the truth. Carly tells Jack that the D.A. told Margo the only way she is going to drop the charges against parker is if they find substantial proof that points at another person shooting Sam.

(Gwen and Will’s place) Gwen makes pancakes for Will and Sage and then they plan on going to see a movie.

(Lakeview) Sofie brings Hallie to work because she was unable to find a baby – sitter but Lisa tells Sofie she can’t have a crying baby disturbing her customers. Sofie tells Lisa she doesn’t understand why Hallie has been so fussy and Lisa looks at the baby and feels her forehead and tells her Hallie has a fever and must be taken to the hospital right away.

(Al’s Diner) Gray kisses Vienna’s neck but she tells him she doesn’t have time for him because she must get back to work. Matt looks through the diner window waiting for the coast to be clear so he can talk to Gray.

(Java) Alison and Casey wonder how they will find out how much Matt is involved with Gray and then Alison decides that Casey should just ask his friend point blank about his friends involvement with Gray. Casey doesn’t want to talk to Matt about the subject but Alison persuades him to do so and he agrees to meet her at the hospital after he has spoken to Mat.

(Lakeview) Henry arrives an is sad because he knows he has lost Vienna forever and he hopes to get some sympathy and advice from Katie and Brad. Brad tells Henry to let Vienna go if he really loves her. Katie disagrees and tells Henry to fight for the love of his life. Brad and Katie argue about this for a few minutes and the argument gets so involved between them that they don’t even notice Henry has left the room. Once Katie notices Henry is gone she yells at Brad for scaring Henry away. Brad thinks Katie is angry with herself because she didn’t fight harder to keep Jack. Katie yells at Brad to shut up and the two head off to work at the TV station.

(Hospital) Jack tells Carly that they must find proof that Kit was in Oakdale the day Sam was shot. Jack thinks that since Kit has been following Carly all this time somebody in town must have seen her and if they can get a witness that saw Kit in town the day Sam was shot then they will have enough proof to clear Parker. Jack suggest that Carly asks Brad and Katie to show Kit’s picture on the TV so that maybe a witness will come forward and say they have seen Kit. Carly thinks that is a great idea and rushes off to talk to Katie and Brad.

(Outside of Al’s Diner) Matt tells Gray that Alison is asking a lot of questions and maybe it would be best that he move forward with his plan before Alison discovers the truth. Gray reminds Matt that he is the boss and he doesn’t take orders from an employee. Gray also tells Matt that he is getting paid to get rid of his problems so he better find a way to fix the problem.

(Java) Casey tells Matt they need to talk and he asks him why he is involved with Gray because he is dangerous. Matt tells Casey he knows nothing about Gray being dangerous he has just paid him to do a job and so far he has done nothing illegal. Casey wonders if the money Matt is getting paid is worth Matt going back to Jail. Matt tells Casey that he intends to start a new life and stay clean and hopes to never go back to jail again.

(Will and Gwen’s Place) Sage wonders why Hallie isn’t at the house and Will tells her that Hallie is with her other mother. Gwen begins to explain what happened with Hallie until she is interrupted by Carly’s arrives and Sage rushing to hug Carly. Will takes Sage upstairs to finish watching a movie so Gwen and Will can talk. Gwen tells Carly she gave Hallie back to Sofie and Carly says that Hallie was lucky to have her as a mother even if it was for only a short time. Carly asks Gwen to keep Sage for the rest of the day because she has some things she needs to do. Gwen, Sage and Will decide to go shopping and then go get some ice cream in order to get Sage’s mind off worrying about Jack.

(Hospital) Sofie is told that Hallie has a severe case of Anemia and must have a blood transfusion right away. Sofie is not a match for Hallie and the doctor suggests she call Cole and get him to come right away. Alison also tells Sofie to call Gwen since she is Cole’s sister she may be a match for Hallie.

Outside the Lakeview) Will, Gwen and Sage are about to walk into Fashions when Gwen gets a call from Sofie telling her Hallie needs a blood transfusion and she may be the only person who can help the baby. Gwen and Will take Sage to the farm and then rush to the hospital.

(Hospital) Sofie calls Cole and leaves a message on his voice mail telling him the baby is sick and needs a blood transfusion. Parker arrives to visit Jack and tells him he wants to plead guilty to spare his family any more pain. Jack tells Parker not to give up hope because it would cause everyone more pain if they knew he went to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Carly calls Jack and tells him to turn on the TV and Jack is happy to see Kit’s picture and hopes that somebody saw Kit the night Sam was killed.

(TV Station) Brad, Carly and Katie wonder why they have not gotten any tips from anyone on the phone lines someone finally calls saying they have information but it turns out the girl just wants a date with Brad. Carly is beyond frustrated and Brad wonders how Kit got passed the cops and everyone without anyone seeing her. Brad’s comments make Carly think that possibly Kit was wearing a disguise so nobody would see her. Carly heads to the hospital to tell Jack her idea. Brad notices that Katie is worried about Jack and encourages her to go tell Jack how she feels if she still loves him.

(Al’s Diner) Henry arrives to tell Vienna that he loves her and he wishes her nothing but happiness with Gray because he can give her the life she deserves. Vienna tells Henry not to leave because he is her best friend and she can’t stand not to have him in her life. Henry gives Vienna a kiss on the cheek and tells her good-bye. Once Henry is gone Vienna tells gray that she never meant to her hurt him but she loves Henry and her life means nothing without him. Mat arrives and Gray tells him Vienna is gone for good so its time to put his plan into motion and he intends to use Henry and Vienna as bait.

(Hospital) Gwen and Will arrive and after some tests Gwen is found to be a match for Hallie and she gives Hallie a blood transfusion. Sofie tells Will she is grateful to he and Gwen and she will tell Hallie all about them when she grows up. Sofie tells Will she called Cole but he never answered his phone. Wlll thinks that it was a stupid idea because Cole would never help the baby anyway. Carly sends Parker back to school and tells Jack she thinks Kit might have been wearing a disguise. Jack thinks that is a good idea and tells Carly that the mall and the supermarket might have surveillance tapes that might show Kit in a disguise. Carly tells Jack she will find a way to gets the tapes and rushes out the door before Jack can give any objections to what she is going to do. Katie arrives and tells Jack she still loves him and has been unable to forget about him. Katie tells Jack that she knows her words won’t mean anything to him because he has made a commitment to Carly. Jack tells Katie that he is committed to helping his family but he hasn’t made a commitment to Carly.

(Mall) Carly tells the security guard she lost her wallet in the parking lot and persuades him to let her look at the security tapes to see if she can find her wallet.

(Al’s diner) Sofie, Gwen and Will are relived that Hallie is going to be okay but they are not happy when Cole walks through the door.

(TV Station) Brad and Henry eat junk food and drink booze to try and get over losing the women they love.

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