ATWT Update Thursday 3/13/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 3/13/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Chicago loop scenic shop) Kit shoots Jack and Katie passes out Carly decides to chase Kit and warns her that she will shoot if she doesn’t stop right now. Kit dares Carly that shooting her won’t save her trigger-happy son Parker. Kit fires a shot at Carly and misses Carly fires two shots at Kit and doesn’t miss. Carly stands over Kit and asks her if she shot Sam all Kit says is Damn you before she dies. Carly races to Jack’s side and begs him not to die and stay with him because she needs him. Brad awakens Katie who seems to be okay but she is worried when she sees Jack but Brad begs her to stay where she is until the ambulance arrives to help her. The EMTs arrive and they put Jack in an ambulance and he will be transferred to Oakdale Memorial when he is stable.

(Will & Gwen’s place) Will tries to cheer Gwen up by letting her beat him at a game and then offering to watch a chick flick with her. Gwen tells Will she needs to lie down for a while so she goes to lie down for a short nap. Gwen awakens and tells Will she had no idea the house would be this empty without Hallie. Gwen wonders if Will is mad at him for giving Hallie back to Sofie without asking him or even giving him a chance to say good-bye to Hallie. Will tells Gwen that it is over now and he is going to learn to live with her decision. Will tells Gwen that he has always stood by her and he isn’t going to stop now because he loves her. Gwen gets a call from Carly telling her what happened to Jack and asking her to take care of the kids for her. Gwen tells Carly she will take care of the kids and meet her at the hospital.

(Chicago loop scenic shop) Brad and Katie free Henry before they leave and Henry tells them that he is sure that Gray had something to do with his kidnapping.

(Hughes house) Alison arrives to talk to Casey because she fears Matt may be in serious trouble because he is doing Gray’s dirty work for him. Casey refuses to believe any of this even when Alison tells him that Gray’s name is actually Jerry Pulaski and he may have connections to the mob. Alison asks Casey to investigate Gray Gerard and Casey agrees to do so to protect Matt.

(Lakeview) Vienna is about to check with Brad and Katie to see if they have news about Henry because she knows he would never leave the woman he loves waiting for so long that just isn’t like Henry. Gray stops Vienna from leaving the room when he promises to look for Henry. Gray calls Matt to tell him to pay someone else to take the blame for the kidnapping.

(Memorial hospital) Carly tells Gwen that the bullet missed jack’s heart but shattered and he could have complications. Gwen tells Carly to be positive because Jack is going to be fine. Brad, Katie, and Henry arrive at the hospital and Henry finally persuades Katie to get checked out by a doctor. Vienna arrives at the hospital and rushes to Henry’s arms relived that he is okay. Henry tells Vienna that he didn’t show up for their date because her boyfriend Gray kidnapped him. Gray denies Henry’s accusations to Vienna and tells Henry he will be sorry he ever accused him of kidnapping. Margo arrives in a rush and ignores Henry when he accuses Gray of kidnapping him. Henry tells Gray that as soon as Margo has time for his statement he will make sure he goes to jail. Jack’s doctor arrives and tells Carly that the bullet didn’t hit any vital organs and they were able to get most of the bullet fragments out of Jack’s body. The doctor tells Carly Jack is in serious condition but he should be fine.

(Will and Gwen’s place) Casey arrives and Will tells him that Gwen gave Hallie back to Sofie. Casey asks Will to help him get a look at the police computer because he fears Matt may be in trouble. Will agrees to help Casey as much as he can and they head to the police station.

(Police Station) Will tells one of Hal’s old friends that he is taking a criminal justice class and needs to use the police computer for a class project. The cop allows Will to use his laptop, which is in the interrogation room. Will and Casey discover that Gray’s real name isn’t even Jerry Pulaski but before they can find out his real name Margo arrives and wonders what the guys are doing. Will tells Margo he is working on a project for school and leaves when he gets a text message from Gwen.

(Memorial Hospital) Carly tells Margo that she killed Kit in self-defense because Kit shot at her first and she had just shot Jack. Margo wonders if Kit confessed to killing Sam before she died and Carly tells Margo Kit didn’t confess to Sam’s shooting. Margo tells Carly and Jack that this causes a problem for Parker since Carly killed the only other suspect in the shooting. Carly pleads with Margo to talk to the D.A. and try to get her to drop the charges against Parker. Henry and Brad tell Margo that Gray kidnapped Henry. Margo asks Henry to go to the police station and give his statement. Katie blames herself for Jack’s injuries but Brad tells her it wasn’t her fault. Parker arrives to see Jack and he is told that Kit is dead so he fears he will go to jail because there are no other suspects. Carly a Jack assures him that things will be okay. Once parker leaves with Gwen Jack and Carly look at each other with warred looks on their faces. Brad tells Katie he is glad she is okay and starts to say he doesn’t know what he would do if he had to live without her but stops mid sentence and instead says he doesn’t know how he would do the show without her. Brad drives Katie home so she can get some sleep.

(Police Station) An old gambling buddy of Henry’s named Irv Weiner arrives to confess to kidnapping Henry because he wanted Henry to pay him some money he owes him. Margo releases Gray and books Irv for the kidnapping. Henry asks Vienna if they can reschedule their date but she tells him not tonight and leaves the station with Gray.

(Lakeview) Gray sends Vienna upstairs to rest while he congratulates Matt on getting someone else to take the blame for the kidnapping. Casey sees Gray and Matt talking and heads to the hospital to talk to Alison. Brad tells Katie a cute bedtime story and kisses her on the forehead before she goes to sleep. Brad stays with Katie until he makes sure she has fallen asleep. Henry drowns his sorrows with a triple Martini.

(Hospital) Carly watches Jack sleep turns off the lights in his room and gets in bed beside him and holds him so that she can sleep. Casey tells Alison that she was right and tells her all the information he discovered on the police computer. Alison and Casey decide to team up to discover the truth about Gray so they can protect Matt.

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