ATWT Update Wednesday 3/12/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/12/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the farm, Noah watches the Snyder family through the window, as they talk about preparations for his wedding to Ameera. They talk about how strange it is that they are really doing this. Emma has found some Muslim traditions to include. Emma wonders if Lily is ok? Lily admits that it is difficult situation for Luke. Holden walks in and Lily watches him with a smile. Luke sees Noah on the porch. Luke teases him that he has nothing written down on his paper. Noah can’t come up with wedding vows that would not hurt him. Luke is so proud to be with someone that would do something so selfless; he is a hero. If this isn’t ok with him, then he will call this off, Noah states.

At home, Carly jokes with Jack about putting Cowboy Jack under a bright light to get him to talk. Jack tells her that he found out where they made the dummy - the Loop Scenic shop in Chicago. Carly is stunned - that is where Kit tried to kill her. She is going back there. Jack is adamant that she is not going anywhere. A defiant Carly tells him that he doesn’t get a vote.

At the Lakeview, Katie and Brad come up empty handed for clues as to Henry’s whereabouts. Brad threatens to go slap Gray around to get answers. Katie is adamant that he not upset him; she doesn’t want him disappearing too.

At the Loop Scenic shop, Brad is singing “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.” He jokes about how he never made it to the end of the song before. He thinks Cowboy Jack is a lousy audience. He has to get out of here, as he tries to loosen the cuffs.

Luke explains that he is fine with Noah marrying in name only. They joke about it being ‘hot’ hiding their romance. Aaron interrupts their moment, as they tell him that he is just in time for Noah’s wedding. Aaron looks stunned, as his mouth drops open. Luke and Noah smile; they get that reaction a lot.

Lily goes upstairs to get ready. Emma and Holden talk about he and Lily getting better slowly. She is happy there is hope. Aaron comes in and asks to talk with Holden. Lily rushes back and tells them Ameera is gone. Everyone stops in their tracks.

Carly reminds Jack that Parker's future is at stake. Jack tells Carly that he agrees and that is why he can’t afford if something goes wrong. Carly is annoyed; he is assuming if she goes along then something would go wrong? He will put it another way; he already knows what it is like to lose her. They both stare at each other for a moment. Fine, then he can go to Chicago and leave her there all alone as a sitting duck for Kit. He wouldn’t do that unless he knew she was protected. Kit got by the guard before. Hasn’t the last few weeks taught him anything? They are a team; he has to let her go. Ok, they will go together and smoke Kit out. They will wait until dark to lose the undercover cop. That is the plan? Yes, they will wait - together, Jack answers. Carly smiles.

Everyone is panicking when Ameera comes back in; she was out for a walk; she needed to think. She isn’t sure about getting married in a church. Can they have a non-denominational wedding at the farm instead? They agree. Faith asks if she is still maid of honor? Yes. Noah asks Luke to be his best man? Luke happily agrees. Natalie is the flower girl. Lily offers Ameera a dress to use as her ‘something borrowed.’ They go upstairs to get ready.

Katie can’t believe Brad is coming onto her right now. What else can he do when she won’t let him go downstairs? He needs to be preoccupied since they are having trouble coming up with a plan. Brad sits down and rubs his temples to come up with an idea.

Henry continues to talk to Cowboy Jack. Then, he wishes he could talk to Katie; she has a unique way of getting out of trouble. He suddenly has an idea.

Brad jokes that he can’t think with Katie staring daggers at him. She worries about if something happens to Henry she doesn’t know what she will do. Brad massages her neck to calm her.

Henry is able to get his phone out of his back pocket and attempts to make a call with his chin. Katie hears the phone and races to it leaving Brad sighing that he couldn’t continue the massage. Katie answers the phone; it is Henry. He tells that he was knocked over the head and is tied up with a dummy. Where is he? He has no idea, as he looks around.

Luke is finishing up the decorations when Noah comes outside talking about how he hasn’t even started his vows. Luke offers to do them for him.

Aaron tells Holden that he is heading back to Seattle; his mom’s cancer may be back. He is sorry; he wants Aaron to give her their best. Holden wants him to come back when he can because he always has a home there. Aaron is going to stay for the wedding and head later.

For the undercover cop’s purpose, Carly and Jack make it look like they are settling in for the night and then are going to use the neighbor’s car. They head out the back door to leave.

Henry sees a logo on some wood for the Chicago Loop Scenic shop. Katie and Brad promise they are on the way. Henry is talking to the dummy when Kit shows up and hits him on the head again knocking him out. She walks off with the dummy.

Aaron sees Luke struggling at the table and wonders if he is he ok? Luke tells Aaron that he probably made it worse to agree to write Noah’s vows. Luke is proud of what he is doing, but by doing this they now have to keep their relationship a secret, which is what he wanted to avoid by coming out. Aaron tells him that he has some advice to save him trouble down the road. When people are in love, things may seem solid, but they aren’t always. Many things can come along to tip someone over. You are suddenly sinking and you don’t know what happened. Is he talking about Alison? Aaron just wants him to protect himself – hope for the best but prepare for the worst. He hopes things work out for he and Noah, but if they don’t then he should pack a life preserver. Luke tells him that he is sorry about his mom. Aaron appreciates his words. Everyone walks into the room dressed for the wedding; Ameera walks in and everyone tells her how beautiful she looks, as she smiles at Noah.

Emma sees Luke standing alone inside. Sometimes love requires a lot of sacrifice, and how much your willing shows how strong their love is, Emma explains. Luke sees how much his mom and dad have sacrificed, as well as her too. He can do it too. Emma thinks what he is doing is generous; Noah is blessed to have him. The officiate arrives and Ameera asks Noah if he is sure; he is.

Carly worries if Kit is gone already? Jack is sure that she will have left a trail. Jack is worried about a car following them. He is going to have to lose them because he doesn’t think it is the cop.

Katie and Brad are driving to find Henry. Katie tells him the directions off of her phone. She is worried that the person that took Henry may have hurt him or moved him before they get there. Brad promises that they will get there in time.

The officiate begins the ceremony. Noah read the vows that Luke wrote for him and is noticeably touched. Noah and Ameera take their vows and exchange rings. Luke and Noah lock eyes, as he holds out the ring. Lily and Holden hold each other’s hand, as they watch. The ceremony finishes and they are pronounced man and wife. Noah awkwardly gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Brad and Katie show up at the shop. Kit sees them while walking with Cowboy Jack; she races and hides. Katie thinks they should split up. She races off even though Brad is concerned about leaving her.

Jack and Carly show up and Jack tells her to stay close. Jack hears something and takes out his gun. He holds up his gun at Brad, who tiptoes around the corner. Brad makes a startled noise. Jack demands to know what he is doing? Katie races out from another direction and Jack points his gun at her too. He is stunned to see Katie there too. Are they looking for Henry, Katie asks? Carly answers succinctly that they are looking for Kit. No sooner does she get her name out of her mouth then suddenly the lights go out, as they all yell startled by this. Carly comments that Kit is there. Brad and Katie tell them that Henry called them and told them that he is there. Jack thinks they should go, but Brad tells him they aren’t leaving without Henry.

The officiate gives Noah and Ameera their marriage certificate and heads out. Noah remarks that it is her ticket to freedom. Holden suggests that they all go inside to celebrate.

Katie suggests that they should work together. Jack tells Brad to watch the door. They don’t want guard duty, he snarls. Jack promises that he will search high and low and find Henry too. Katie gives in; she trusts him. Carly and Brad subtly rolls their eyes before she and Jack take off together. Not long after, Katie explains that she is going to find Henry; Brad wants to go with her. She wants him to stay at the door. They can’t let Jack and Carly think they can’t follow directions, as Brad growls. Jack and Carly hear a creaking noise above them; they look up and are forced to jump out of the way, as Cowboy Jack falls to the ground. They hear the maniacal laugh of his.

The Snyder family is seated for the celebration when Luke gives a toast welcoming Ameera and Noah into the family. Emma next says Grace. They all seem happy, as they start to enjoy the dinner. Later, they have dessert that has traditional Muslim roots. Lily and Holden remark about how interesting the wedding was. Holden answers that all weddings are about love and there is a lot of love in this room, as they smile and clink glasses. Noah tells Luke that the wedding vows he wrote meant a lot to him, as Luke agrees that they meant the same to him too. Faith drags Noah away to cut the cake. Luke watches somewhat sadly.

Carly kicks Cowboy Jack. At least they know Kit is there. Carly and Jack soon find Henry unconscious. Carly thinks they have to get him to a hospital, as she tries to wake him. Jack tells her that he has to find a way to un-cuff him.

Katie is sneaking around in the dark. She thinks she heads a noise and whips around and sees nothing. Then she feels a gun in her back. Kit is annoyed to see her instead of Carly. They struggle for the gun.

Aaron congratulates Noah and Ameera; it is nice to have another honorary Snyder. He says goodbye to Holden, Lily and Emma. Holden tells them not to worry because he will be back. In the meantime, they have a whole crew to take care of, as he looks at Lily, who smiles back at him.

Katie loses the struggle with Kit and is knocked out. Kit leaves and comes across Brad, who tries to stop her. She holds a gun to him. He is on strict orders not to play hero…that is his job, as he looks in the direction of Jack, who is now standing there holding a gun with Carly, after having left Henry to see what all the commotion was about. Carly yells for her to give up; it is over. Kit is about to give up and put the gun down when a frazzled Katie suddenly comes out from behind Jack saying his name, which distracts Jack when he looks at her. Kit shoots her gun, as Jack is hit and falls to the ground. Carly grabs on to him and holds him in her arms, as she stares back at Kit. Brad tries to come at Kit, but she holds a gun on him again, and he is forced to stop in his tracks. Kit races for an exit. Brad races to Carly and Jack’s side. Carly races after Kit telling Brad to call 911. Brad rushes to aid Jack, as Katie faints nearby.

Lily thinks that Holden already misses Aaron. He is proud that both of his sons did what they had to do on this day. At least they got a party out of it. Holden smiles; he knows that she loves weddings. She does. Holden wonders about renewing their vows. Lily smiles; does he want to? Does she? She does, as they hug.

Inside, Emma thinks Natalie and Faith should go to bed. Ameera is heading up as well. Noah bids her goodnight. Luke and Noah look at his marriage license. There is no turning back now. Luke comments about one day having one with their name on it. Noah tells him that he wants the same. Luke teases; does he promise? He does.

At Java, Aaron is on the phone with the airline. Alison is surprised to see Aaron is back in town. Who is he waiting for? The airline. He jokes about who decides on the ridiculous music they play while you are on hold. Alison smiles. When does his plane leave? It leaves in a couple hours. Is there any more news on his mom? His mom is scheduled for more tests tomorrow. She is sure that his mother will improve with him being there. She comments about how great he was with her the last time she was sick. He reminds her how good she was to follow him out to Seattle to be there for him too. They hope they have grown up since then. He hopes it won’t be as bad this time for his mom. Alison tells him how much she loves that whenever anyone needs him that he is there for them. Aaron smiles and leaves a sad looking Alison looking after him.

Brad is on the phone with 911. Carly races after Kit. Carly holds a gun on her; she better stop or she will shoot her. Kit tells her that this isn’t going to keep her trigger-happy son out of jail. Carly tells her that she is not afraid to use the gun, as they get into a shoot out. A worried Brad hears the shots and yells out for Carly.

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