ATWT Update Tuesday 3/11/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/11/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Fairwinds) Will blasts Paul because he feels betrayed by him because he is helping Sofie take Hallie away from him. Paul reminds Will that Gwen gave Hallie back to Sofie so nobody is taking his daughter away from him. Will explains that Gwen is very confused and feels guilty about causing Sofie any pain. Will wants to take his daughter home but Paul doesn’t allow him to do it because he thinks that the lawyers should work things out. Will thinks that Paul is hurt because he lost his own child with Meg and now he is taking revenge against him. Paul thinks Will has gone too far with his comments and throws Will out of the house.

(Will and Gwen’s house) a sobbing Gwen tells Barbara through tears that she loves Hallie and didn’t want to give her up but she didn’t want Hallie to grow up and think that she and Will took her away from her mother.

(Hospital) Bob suspends Chris for working under the influence and says he can’t come near the hospital until after the investigation. Chris tries to explain to Bob that he didn’t drink anything stronger then coffee at lunch but Bob refuses to hear any explanation. Chris remembers seeing Emily at lunch and that she accidentally bumped into his and Sofie’s table. Chris decides to go confront Emily and see if he can get her to admit the truth about her actions.

(Intruder Office) Alison thanks Emily for helping her find information about Gray Gerrard. Emily tells Alison that she is happy to help her do some high profile snooping about Gray Gerrard. Emily’s assistant arrives and tells Emily Gerrard is a very interesting character and once Emily and Alison read the information they tend to agree with the assistant. Emily tells Alison Gray isn’t who he appears to be and that his real name is Jerry Pulaski and he made a lot of money running rackets in the Southside of Chicago then he went to Europe and changed his name to Gray Gerrard. Emily tells Alison that the guy appears clean but she suspects he has just never been caught for any of his crimes.

(TV Station) Katie is upset with Brad because he is six hours late for a taping of the show. Brad apologizes for his tardiness and says that she won’t hold it against him once he tells her the good deed that he did. Brad and Katie tape the last segment, which deals with winning back your lost love, and once they are done Brad tells Katie he helped Henry and Vienna get back together. Brad tells Katie he advised Henry to beg Vienna to take him back and obviously it worked because Vienna agreed to meet Henry at the Lakeview for drinks. Katie can’t resist and she and Brad decide to go to the Lakeview to watch their friends reconcile with each other.

(Lakeview) Vienna gets a little nervous when Henry is late for their date but reminds her that Henry is always late.

(Chicago) Matt ties Henry up puts him in the trunk of his cat and unloads him at the Chicago Loop Scenic shop and ties him to a pole where a replica of Cowboy Jack sits directly across from Henry.

(Lakeview) Vienna has been waiting a long time and is very worried about Henry when she gets a note from Henry saying that she is better off with Gray and hiss going out of town to visit his family and lick his wounds. The note also wishes Vienna a good life. Vienna is heartbroken when gray arrives and she tells him Henry dumped her again and Gray tells her that Henry is a coward who isn’t worth her tears. Vienna shows the note to Brad and Katie and when Katie reads it she knows it’s not from Henry because he sends handwritten notes he doesn’t type them. Katie also tells Brad that Henry hates his family and wouldn’t go visit them to lick his wounds. Brad suggests they go check Katie’s room for Henry’s things before they panic so Katie tells Vienna not to give up on Henry before she and Brad head upstairs to check her room.

(Chicago Loop scenic Shop) Henry is surprised to see he is tied to a pole across from Cowboy Jack. Henry figures out that Gray did this to him because he considers him a threat because Vienna must still have feelings for him. Henry struggles to get out of the handcuffs but they are very tight.

(Gwen and Will’s place) Will fears that with Paul’s help Sofie could really take Hallie away from them. Gwen is happy that Sofie has some help to take care of Hallie and thinks they should accept the fact they have lost the baby. Barbara thinks that Will is right and heads off to talk to the only person who can reason with Paul, Meg.

(Farm) Barbara tells Meg that Paul has moved Sofie and Hallie into his house because a confused Gwen gave Hallie back to Sofie. Barbara tells Meg that Sofie isn’t fit to raise Hallie and asks Meg to talk some sense into Paul so he can stop helping Sofie. Barbara tells Meg that if she won’t do it for Paul she should do it for the sake of the baby who deserves to be raised by good parents.

(Fairwinds) Sofie doesn’t want to cause trouble for Paul with his family SO SHE DECIDES TO LEAVE THE HOUSE. Sofie explains to Paul that she has to prove to herself and everyone else she can be a good mother to Hallie. Meg arrives as Sofie is leaving and tells Paul that Barbara asked her to talk to him about Hallie. Paul tells Meg that Sofie isn’t a problem anymore because Sofie turned down his offer of help to her. Paul is happy that Meg still cares for him and Meg admits she will always care for him but they are not good for each other because they love each other too much. Paul asks Meg to consider being his friend before she leaves the house.

(Intruder Office) Chris arrives to confront Emily who denies her prank until Chris tells her he got suspended from the hospital. Emily tells Chris she is sorry but she didn’t think he would be going back to work or she never would have put sleeping pills in his coffee. Chris thinks Emily is doing Paul’s dirty work for him even though Emily tells him Paul had nothing to do with it.

(Fairwinds) Chris confronts Paul about Emily’s actions and he also denies having anything to do with Emily’s prank. Chris also tells Paul he will protect Sofie from him whatever it takes so he should watch his back.

(Will and Gwen’s place) Barbara arrives to tell Will and Gwen she talked to Meg but she isn’t sure if Meg will help them. Barbara almost faints and then Will get her some water. Barbara assures Will and Gwen she is fine and leaves them alone to talk. Barbara advises Will and Gwen that life is too short for them to give up on love. Gwen explains that she didn’t want him to have to make the decision to give Hallie back so she did it alone. Gwen tells Will this was hard for her to do and she doesn’t know how she is going to live without Hallie but she feels she did the right thing. Will holds Gwen and tells her he may never agree with what she did but he will always love her above everything else.

(Lakeview) Gray heads for the elevator to go up to his room Alison sees him and says good evening Mr. Pulaski to see if she can get a reaction out of him but he doesn’t react at all. Gray puts a necklace on a sleeping Vienna’s pillow hoping that the gift will make her feel better. Brad reads a note from Henry that says he is leaving town to heal but the word heal is spelled heel. Brad Knows that Henry is in trouble. Katie thinks this is part of Brad’s plan to help Henry but he insists that Henry is really in trouble. Brad and Katie set out to find Henry by trying to get information from Gray.

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