ATWT Update Monday 3/10/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/10/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Gwen seems very sad as she holds Hallie. Will wonders why she is crying? She can’t do it anymore; she can’t sleep or eat. She keeps thinking about how they took Hallie away from her mom; they have to give her back. Will pleads that they can’t.

At lunch, Chris meets up with Sofie. He had so much fun at dinner he wanted to do lunch. Paul calls and asks how her dinner was? She had so much fun, she is having lunch with Chris right now. Can she come by later, Sofie asks? Paul tells her not to bother and quickly hangs up. Sofie closes her phone and stares at it confused.

At Fairwinds, Emily walks in, as Paul is hanging up on Sofie. He asks her how much she hates Chris?

Chris can tell it was Paul who is upsetting Sofie; he told her that he was trouble. Paul is going through a really hard time and he is sad so she is going to cut him some slack, and if he has a problem with that then they should skip lunch.

At their suite, Vienna sadly lays in Gray’s arms in bed. He wants to stay there all day, but Vienna sits up; she has a diner to run. That is why they have hired people to do that. Vienna lies facing away from him looking depressed. Gray is agitated when he realizes and calls her on the fact that she is still thinking of Henry.

At Katie’s, Henry cuddles up to Brad in bed thinking it is Vienna. They both open their eyes and realize they are in bed together and they jump out and race to the opposite sides of the room.

Vienna pretends that she is not thinking of Henry; she is there with him, as she gets up to dress. Gray gets on the phone to make a call; he calls Matt. He wants to know what his problem is – didn’t his contact help him out with Casey? Yes, but it also put the spotlight on him with Tom and Margo Hughes, and because of that they may have to do something about that.

Both Henry and Brad freak out not knowing what they were doing. How did they wind up like that? How much did they have to drink last night? Brad assures Henry it isn’t a big deal; they were asleep, so he shouldn’t question his manhood. Henry nervously agrees with him too. They realize that they were both down on love. Brad thinks love is bad on the liver. Brad wants to get out of bed, but Henry gets back in bed; Vienna is still with Gray and he has nothing to live for, as he pulls the covers up over his head.

Gray wants to know if Vienna loves him? Vienna is surprised; is he falling in love with her? He is thinking about it.

Emily tells Paul that she does hate Chris – a lot. What is it to him, Emily wonders? Paul thinks Chris has too big of an ego; he needs to be put in his place. He is laid up so she needs to execute a plan. Emily smirks; she is done with his plans. What did he do to him? He is annoying and needs to be humbled. She is going to stay out of this plan this time; she is off to go have lunch with her mom.

Chris tells Sofie that he wasn’t trying to tell her what to do. She appreciates him looking out for her and for giving her space. She hopes she doesn’t scare him off because of Paul. That would never happen – no matter who her friends are.

Will reminds Gwen how hard they fought for Hallie. All of their friends and family fought hard to get her back too; they won and earned the right to raise Hallie. They deserve the right to raise her. What has Sofie done for Hallie? She gave birth to her, Gwen answers. She knows what Sofie is feeling; she knows what it feels like to have a baby growing inside of her. There is an unexplainable connection there from the moment she is born whether he likes it or not. There is more to loving a baby then giving birth to her, Will states emotionally. What about worrying about her… providing for her… taking care of her everyday – Sofie never did that? They love Hallie, and she is their daughter. She could try to be a good mom to Hallie and take care of her the rest of her life, but she will never have the connection that Sofie has with Hallie. Does she seriously think Sofie could ever be half the mother that she is now with Hallie, Will asks? She deserves the chance to raise Hallie. She had the chance and she blew it. She is ready now. How are they going to explain to Hallie when she grows up that she kept her from her birth mother? She will understand. Would he? She feels like they stole her. She can’t be serious? She won’t be able to live with herself if she doesn’t give her back. He can’t talk her out of this? No. He is going with her then.

Chris and Sofie are having fun at lunch joking about how many oyster she can eat… or not. Susan and Emily walk into the same restaurant and see them enjoying each other’s company. Emily remarks frustrated about how she still has trouble sleeping at night and how easily Chris moved on with a young new girlfriend. Susan is worried that she is losing sleep; that is unhealthy. She thought she looked run down. Susan gives Emily a mild sedative to help her sleep. Emily doesn’t want to take it, but Susan assures her that it will be fine. Susan gets paged and has to leave while Emily glares over at Chris and Sofie laughing and enjoying their date.

Will and Gwen have on their coats. She can do this alone. He has a right to go with her. She thinks she is just going to try to stop her. No, he is not, but even if she wants to do this legally, they have to fill out forms; they can’t just hand Hallie over. Gwen realizes that is true. Will is going to find Bonnie and talk with her. He urges Gwen to stay put until he gets back. She agrees, but soon after he leaves, Gwen leaves with Hallie as well.

Brad pulls the covers down off of Henry. He is not going to leave him like that; he needs to go get Vienna back. Henry tells him it is a lost cause. Brad tells him that he has to think. Finally, Brad tells him that he has to beg. Henry can’t believe he said that. He can’t believe it either, but that is all that is left.

Gray walks Vienna to work and then meets up with Gray. Why is he aggravating him right now – he is supposed to be an asset? Matt realizes that knows he did a favor with Casey and it will pay off. What is the problem? It is Alison; she is on her back ever since she found out about his connection to Casey. Gray taunts him about not being able to handle a girl. Matt assures him that he will handle her. Gray smiles and walks away as Alison watches them from nearby. After Gray leaves, Alison walks up and tells him that she was just thinking of him; he was thinking of her too. She owes him an apology.

Emily tells the server that she won’t be staying for lunch. She is heading out when Chris spots her and introduces her to Sofie. They make small talk, as Chris tells her that life is good, as he grins widely at Sofie. Emily’s face drops subtly and then makes a split second decision. She pretends to drop her purse and then drops her sleeping pill into his coffee. Chris picks it up and hands it back to her. Emily smirks and heads out the door.

At Java, Will meets with Barbara. He sounded so upset; what is wrong? He needs her help; he tells her that Gwen is feeling guilty about keeping Hallie. She feels badly about taking Hallie away from Sofie. She feels badly because they are keeping Hallie from her birth mother. Barbara is stunned. She can’t give Hallie back. What does he want her to do? He needs her to call Bonnie and stall this plan; he needs her to make giving Hallie back as hard as possible so he has time to talk Gwen out of this crazy idea.

Chris and Sofie finish their lunch, as Chris has to head back to work. She thanks him for lunch and tells him that next time is on her. Chris happily agrees. He heads out the door, but he has to stop and hold himself up against the wall because he suddenly gets dizzy.

Barbara is sure that Gwen will come around; he hopes so. It means a lot to her that he would come to her. She is not the only one that he is relying on for help – he will take it anywhere he can get it. She understands that. He knows she means well, but she usually blows it. Barbara looks down. He really needs her to come through for him this time because his family depends on it.

Sofie comes back to her room where Gwen is waiting for her. Sofie asks Gwen what she is doing at here? She is there to give Hallie back. They walk inside. She doesn’t understand; why would she want to give up Hallie? She thinks this is where she belongs. Sofie thought that they could give her everything she needs. They could; the only thing they couldn’t give her was her mom. What changed her mind? She sees how much she misses her; it is in her eyes – it is in the way she looks at her like she never wants to let her go. She is a part of Hallie in a way that she isn’t. She couldn’t live with herself if she kept them apart. The judge determined that she belongs with her, Sofie reminds her. Gwen explains that he doesn’t know what they know. If she still believes that Hallie would be better off with her, then she won’t fight that. She doesn’t know what to say. She and Will never stopped loving her, but she has to want them to have Hallie; she has to be the one to decide. Gwen hands Hallie to Sofie; they have to get to know each other and that takes time. She leaves her bag and quickly walks out the door.

Will comes home and finds Gwen and Hallie gone. He is devastated when he sees that the crib is empty and he rushes out. He heads to the Lakeview and tries to find out Sofie’s room number. He isn’t given it, but he sees a distraught Gwen getting off the elevator. He sees she is alone and upset. She rushes into his arms and hugs him.

Sofie is trying to comfort a crying Hallie. She tries a few things and nothing seems to work. She heads for the door and leaves. In the lobby, she sees Barbara, who is on the phone with Bonnie trying to get her to slow down the process. She hangs up when she sees Sofie with Hallie; what is she doing with Hallie? Gwen gave Hallie to her. Gwen can’t do that because the judge decided that Hallie should be with Will and Gwen. She can’t give her back on a whim; it is not legal. Gwen wanted Hallie to be with her mother and she is not going to let anyone take her away again.

Alison and Matt are talking at Java; she is sorry that she didn’t trust him. He is glad to hear that. She wants to start over. He is all for that, and he asks her out on a date. She saw him talking to the ‘big tipper guy’ again; is he stalking him? No, but he sees him all over the place. What is his name again, Alison fishes? Matt tells her that his name is Gray Gerard. The conversation seemed intense. He was actually offering him a job, but it was probably just talk. Alison tells him that he doesn’t know that. He has to go to work, but he will see her later. Alison mumbles to herself about wondering who Gray Gerard is?

Henry and Brad are outside the diner; he sees Vienna with Gray, who is kissing a less then ecstatic Vienna’s neck, and doesn’t want to do it. Brad assures him that this is the only way to get her back. Humphrey Bogart didn’t beg. Brad doesn’t care; it is the only way now. A way to a woman’s heart is to beg and plead. Henry agrees, but tells Brad not to watch because it is going to be horrible to see. Inside, Gray stops Henry in his tracks. He told him to stay away from Vienna. He tells him that he must not value brushing his teeth or tying his shoes or any other things that would involve using his thumbs. Vienna tells Gray that she wants to hear what he has to say. He pulls her away. From the bottom of his heart, he is pleading with her to take him back. Gray tries to make him leave, but Vienna wants to hear what he says. Henry explains that he may not look it, but he is miserable. Why should she take him back? He works hard and they are great together –especially the sex part. They belong together. It might not be Paris, but they will always have Oakdale. If she turns him down, he will curl up and die.

Chris is meeting with a patient; he is misplacing charts and slurring his words. He has to steady himself when he goes to check the patient out. The nurse leaves and tells Susan that she should consult on this case because Chris is in no shape. Susan walks in to hear Chris slur and not remembering the patient’s name. She wants to talk with him. Is he sick or drunk?

Sofie shows up to go see Paul; he is happy she is there. Is it ok? Yes, unless she kidnapped her. She didn’t. Gwen gave Hallie to her because she couldn’t separate a mother from her child. Paul recognizes that Gwen knows what that feels like. Did Gwen give her any paperwork? No, it all happened suddenly. This is not legal until there is a document stating that she is the legal guardian of the child. What should she do? She should let him help her.

At home, Gwen is lying on their bed with her back to Will, who is quietly pacing, talking about how quiet it is. Will hopes Sofie will do the right thing and bring Hallie back. Gwen tells him that it hurts so much how much she misses Hallie. She was so busy thinking how she has to do the right thing that she didn’t realize how it would feel. Will tells her that she gave their baby away and he didn’t have a chance to say goodbye. She is sorry; she had to do it right away. She knew if he were there then she wouldn’t be able to go through with it. Will wants her to rest, as he walks out into the other room pacing. He sees a stuffed animal of Hallie’s and heads out the door. Gwen hears him go but she doesn’t have the energy to do anything.

Paul is on the phone making an appointment with an adoption lawyer. She thanks him for giving her a place to relax. She is worried that it is going to cause him so much trouble with his family. He doesn’t want her to worry because he always is in trouble with them. She thinks this is going so fast. She lives in a hotel and works full time. She can’t take care of or provide for Hallie that right way. Paul has an idea; he thinks she should live with him. Sofie stares at him.

Vienna agrees; they have been happy; they have laughed, but he has also made her cry. He will make up for that; he wants her happy all the time. Gray interrupts; how would Henry do that when he is surviving on the charity of friends. Vienna thinks they should do this somewhere more private; she asks Gray to give them a moment to work this out. Henry agrees to talk with her over drinks at the Lakeview in an hour. He is thrilled about this; he promises that they will have a wonderful life together if she just gives him a chance. Henry happily rushes out and meets Brad outside. Vienna smiles as she watches him go. She tells Gray that she hopes he understands; they have unfinished business and she has to give Henry a chance. Gray pretends to understand. She thanks him and tells him that he is good to her. Vienna walks off and then Gray calls Matt. He has to meet up with him. He is at work and can’t. He doesn’t care; he will see him shortly at the church in Luther’s Corners.

Alison meets up with Emily at her office. She needs a favor. Can she use her connections to find out who Gray Gerard is? She can try. Why? She isn’t sure, but knowledge is power, and when it comes to this man, she needs all the power she can get. Emily can appreciate that because she got a little taste of that power today, as she smirks.

Susan drags Chris into an exam room and wants to know if Chris has been drinking? He has not. He looks like he has been on a bender. He doesn’t have time for this because he has patients waiting. She is not going to let him treat patients in his condition. How is she going to stop him? She is considering reporting him to the Chief of Staff. Why is he bringing his dad into this? She can guarantee that his dad is going to be very angry.

At Katie’s, Henry is trying to get Brad to help him decide what to wear. Brad tells him that it doesn’t matter what he wears; all he needs to do is show up and she will fall into his lap. How does he know? He and Vienna love each other – it is a sure thing.

Matt meets Gray at the Luther’s corner church; Gray tells Matt that he needs to get rid of Henry Coleman. Matt looks nervous – does he mean kill him? No, but he needs to make him disappear for a while – make him look like he left town. How is he supposed to do that? He can come up with a plan for once. He just wants him out of his hair for a while.

Paul explains that he has a nurse on staff and she would have everything she needs. Why would he do this? He has never been such a good guy; he has never been the greatest of friends and this is his way of changing this.

Barbara goes to Will and Gwen’s; she talks with Gwen. Why does Sofie have Hallie? She couldn’t do it anymore. She had to give her back; she hopes she is not mad? Barbara assures her that she is not mad; she understands. Gwen breaks down and starts sobbing. Barbara repeats her words, as she hugs a devastated Gwen tightly.

Will goes to see Paul at Fairwinds; he needs his help. He needs him on his side; he needs him to use his influence on Sofie. What makes him think he has any influence on her? She seems to be his new best friend. Paul tells him that there is nothing they can do if Gwen gave Hallie back to Sofie willingly. How did he know that? Sofie walks into the room cuddling Hallie and talking to her. Sofie stops in her tracks when she sees Will. What the hell is going on, Will snaps. He didn’t get a chance to tell him, but Sofie and Hallie are going to be staying there with him.

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