ATWT Update Friday 3/7/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 3/7/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Police Station) Casey apologizes to Margo for punching the federal agent and she wonders what he was thinking doing something like that considering he is on probation. Casey admits that he shouldnít have punched the guy but he couldnít stand that the guy came into Yoís and started hassling a poor innocent girl. Margo worries what is going to happen to Casey now but Tom arrives and tells Margo and Casey that all the charges against him have been dropped and he is free to go home.

(Hughes house) Alison arrives and wonders if there is any news on Casey. Matt assures her she doesnít have to worry since Tom and Margo are very well connected in the Police Department and the court system so they will make sure Casey doesnít get into any trouble. Alison wonders how Matt can be so sure of that and immediately figures out that Matt took care of Caseyís problem with the phone call he made to the mysterious person to ask that person to help Casey Alison wonders how Matt knows someone so powerful that he can get federal charges dropped. Matt doesnít explain much just tells Alison that he did a favor for a very powerful guy before he went to jail and the guy is very grateful to him.

(Homeland Security Detention Center) Holden, Lily, Luke, and Noah arrive to help Ameera and try to figure out why she was arrested. Agent Frey explains that they thought she was a terrorist but on further investigation saw that she isnít a terrorist at all. Agent Frey does tell Ameera that her visa is expiring soon and then she will be sent back to Iraq. Holden tells agent Frey that they plan to sponsor Ameera for a student Visa and that she is already studying at Oakdale University. Agent Frey explains that Ameera will have to return to Iraq and from thee applies for a student Visa. Noah tells the agent that is unfair because Ameera will get killed in Iraq. Agent Frey also explains that a relative or a spouse can only sponsor Ameera. Holden and Lily are all9owed to take Ameera back to the farm so she can pack her things and then the next day she is to board a plane back to Iraq.

( Carlyís house) Carly and Jack wonder how Kit got in their house to plant Cowboy Jack on their couch and why she didnít try to harm her or Parker. Jack was unable to find any clues in the neighborhood and he and Carly are both puzzled about Kitís next move. Carly admits to Jack that she is scared about what Kitís plans to do next. Jack is upset that Kit manages to get past the 24 hour police protection but Carly points out that she was also able to keep the cop the slip rather easily. Carly wants to go back to the original plan and use herself as bait to catch Kit. Jack doesnít want Carly to put her life at risk since she almost got killed last time but Carly persuades Jack they must try again for Parkerís sake. Jack and Parker head out the door but Carly tells them to wait because she wants to go grocery shopping. Jack and Parker donít think that is a good idea but Carly tells them she must go shopping because they donít have any food in the house.

(Police Station) Tom explains that when he got to the courthouse he was told that all the charges against Casey had been dropped. Tom thinks that the government wanted this case to disappear and suggests they donít look a gift horse in the mouth and just be grateful to whomever it was that helped Casey.

(Outside the Supermarket) Carly puts several grocery bags inside her car and Jack calls her to tell her Parker is safe at school. Jack wonders if Carly is okay and she tells him yes she hasnít seen anything suspicious. Carly agrees to stay on the phone with Jack until she gets inside the car. Carly gets inside the car and then screams because Cowboy Jack is in the backseat. Jack arrives and Carly tells him that Cowboy Jack wasnít in the backseat when she went into the store. Jack yells at the plain-clothes cop for not watching Carly and wonders how he didnít see Kit put the dummy inside Carlyís car. Jack decides to call Margo and tell her to stop surveillance on Carly but Margo tells the cop not to stop guarding her just to pretend to stop guarding her.

(Hughes house) Alison is angry with Matt because despite what he has told her she feels like he is still lying to her. Alison tells Matt that if they canít be honest with each other they should end things right there. Tom, Margo, and Casey arrive home and Tom explains that the charges were dropped before he even had to plead the case. Alison tells Tom and Margo that they should thank Matt since he was the one who made the deal to set Casey free.

(Farm) Holden and Lily that they wonít give up and then Lily suggests Ameera go upstairs to get some sleep. Lily tells Noah and Luke she will talk to Tom and see if he can recommend a good immigration lawyer. The guys go outside on the porch to talk. Holden and Lily think itís wonderful that Noah and Luke are so willing to help Ameera. Holden and Lily decide to support the guys in whatever way they decide to help Ameera. Noah tells Luke the only way they can help Ameera is if he marries her so she can stay in the country. Noah makes it clear to Luke that it would be a marriage in name only and that he still loves him. Luke agrees to allow Noah to marry Ameera to help her stay in the country.

(Hughes house) Alison tells the Hughes that Matt made a phone call to some high-powered government guy that he knew before he went to jail and he got the charges dropped against Casey. Matt tells the Hughes he isnít allowed to tell the guyís name and he apologizes to them because he didnít tell them he had been in prison Matt admits to Tom and Margo that he took advantage of Caseyís gratitude toward him because he got him released from jail. Matt explains that he paid off the prison guard Casey hit to say that he provoked Casey into a fight. Margo is upset that Matt lied to her but she thanks him for helping Casey get out of jail.

(Carlyís house) Jack calls Margo and withdraws his resignation so that he can set a trap to catch Kit. Jack tells Margo Carly plans to use herself as bait to catch Kit. Jack discovers that the plainclothes officer is still following Carly. Carly wonders how they are supposed to catch Kit with an officer outside the door.

(Outside the Hughes house) Alison tells Matt she knows he is lying and asks him to give her a call when he is ready to tell the truth.

(Farm) Noah tells Ameera he is going to marry her so she can stay in the country. Holden and Lily agree to help make all the arrangements.

(Carlyís house) Carly tells Jack he can go now since she still has a policeman guarding her. Jack refuses to leave Carly alone with Kit still on the loose. Carly goes upstairs to take a shower while Jack goes in the kitchen to get a beer. Carly scrams and Jack runs upstairs to see what is wrong.

(Lakeview) Alison and Tom talk and both agree Matt was lying but Tom points out to Alison that Margo will most likely be in his corner given that Matt has helped Casey so much. Tom tells Alison to keep her guard up with Matt and she says she will keep her guard up. Matt asks Alison not to ruin this for him since he wants to start a new life. Alison tells Matt she understands how he feels and agrees to allow him to make a new life.

(Carlyís house) Once Jack gets upstairs Carly holds him because she got scared because somehow Kit put Cowboy Jack in her bathtub.

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