ATWT Update Thursday 3/6/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 3/6/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Jack races into the house calling out for Carly, and gets no answer. He worries when he calls her cell phone and it rings right next to him on the desk in the house. He sees the answering machine blinking and plays the message from Kit telling Carly to meet her alone. Jack races out the door.

At the Loop Scenic Shop, Carly calls out for Kit; she wants her to come out and not play games because she came alone. Suddenly, Carly has to jump out of the way a large rolling object, and she falls to the ground.

Jack is in his car and on his phone requesting back up; he knows it is out of his jurisdiction, but it is an emergency.

At home, Matt and Casey talk about his date with Alison. Casey is glad that he came clean with her, but he doesn’t know why he can’t tell his parents. They would kill him, and besides, they think he is a good influence on him when he got him back in school. Casey agrees that maybe it won’t be that big of a deal to be back in school. He will come clean soon, Matt promises. In the meantime, Casey teases him; he owes him. There is a knock and Alison shows up to surprise him. Matt was just coming to get her. She has found a flier for a mixer for Oakdale University students and she was wondering if Casey wanted to come too?

At the Farm, Ameera is helping clear the table. Lily tells her to relax, but she wants to thank her for helping her get into school. Noah boasts about how smart and well liked she already is. He also wants to take her to the Oakdale University mixer that is going on that night. Luke looks surprised to hear this. She has never been to a dance. Noah thinks she will have fun if he and Luke take her, as Luke looks a bit unsure.

Casey looks at the flier and then at Matt, who is standing behind Alison shaking his head. Casey pretends that he is not interested. Alison tries to convince him. He doesn’t want to be a third wheel. She doesn’t mind him tagging along; it isn’t a date-date. Matt pretends that he doesn’t mind. Casey agrees to go get changed.

Luke cuddles up next to Noah putting his arm around him. Ameera isn’t sure, but Noah is sure enough for the two of them. Luke thinks she might be overwhelmed, but Lily thinks she should go too. Ameera decides to go finally. She wonders if she should change, but Lily thinks she looks fine. They all head out, as Holden is coming home. Holden wants them to act responsibly and be safe. After he leaves, he goes to kiss Lily, but Parker comes down upset that Jack hasn’t called yet. Lily and Holden assure him that Jack has it covered.

Jack is on the phone getting back-up to the shop where Carly is meeting Kit. He needs them to hurry because a woman’s life could be in danger. He pulls into the shop and sees Carly’s car, as he races inside.

Carly is calling out that Kit won’t get away with it. She needs to get out of here, she mumbles to herself. Suddenly, she hears Cowboy Jack talking to Sam telling him that he knows what he has to do. Carly turns the corner to find Cowboy Jack sitting there in a chair. He is laughing like a maniac until Carly turns off the recording device in his lap She knows what she is trying to do, but it won’t work. Why won’t she show her face so they can have it out? No wonder Sam ditched her; she is a coward with no guts. Suddenly, something rolls off a loft from above and Carly has to jump out of the way again, but Jack hears her screams and runs to her. He grabs and hugs her; what is she doing here alone? Is she ok? She is now, as they hug tightly.

Holden has put on a movie for Parker. They feel badly for him since he was just trying to protect his mother. They can’t help but remember when Luke took the blame when he thought Lily killed Julia. They are sure Jack, Carly and Parker will get through it. Holden wonders if Julia still bothers her? It was a long time ago; she tries not to think about it. It probably bothers him the same as Dusty. He tries not to think about it too. He is going to take a shower. As he is leaving, he tells her casually, that she should join him.

At Yo’s where the Oakdale University mixer is going on, people are talking, dancing and having fun. Luke, Noah and Ameera grab a table. Ameera comments about how loud it is; in Iraq, it is much different. Noah promises that she will have fun. A student named Rob approaches Ameera and tells her that he is in her class. He knows she transferred in and he can give her the notes he has. She thanks him. He wonders if Noah is her boyfriend? Luke walks up and tells him that he is actually his boyfriend. Rob is happy and wonders if she wants to dance? Ameera turns him down and Noah steps in to tell him that they will catch up later. Noah thinks he seemed nice; Luke thinks it would be fun. They try to get her to dance. Ameera will only dance with Noah though, as Luke looks uncomfortable.

Alison, Casey and Matt arrive at Yo’s. Casey seems unsure, but Matt suggests that he scope out some girls. After Casey leaves, Matt wonders why she asked Casey along on their date? She thought they were best friends and did everything together. She didn’t want to come in between them.

Noah explains that he promised Luke the first dance. Ameera is sorry; she didn’t meant to come between them. Noah thinks she should dance with Rob and they will dance next to her. They all dance, as Ameera looks very uncomfortable. Rob puts his hand on her waist and Ameera takes off out the door, as Noah and Luke watch her go.

Carly pulls away from the hug to ask why he is not on a plane to Arizona? The officer called him when she lost him and Parker had a feeling. He is safe and sound at the Farm. How did he find her? He heard Kit’s message. She brought her there to kill her. She is there somewhere. The Chicago police will be there soon. They walk towards Cowboy Jack, but he doesn’t want her to touch anything. She already turned off the recorder. They need all the evidence they can get to start building a case. It is not going to do them any good if they can’t find her, as Kit hides listening close by. Soon the police are there. They are going to seal off the perimeter and do a search. Jack explains who Kit is. The officer promises that they will find her if she is still there.

Holden is in the shower when Lily shows up. She can’t remember the last time they did this. It has been too long. Holden washes Lily’s hair and she his back. They kiss passionately.

Outside Yo’s, Noah catches up with Ameera; is she ok? She just wasn’t ready for that. She urges them to go back inside and heads back inside herself. Noah worries about her fitting in. Luke assures her that she will be ok. Inside, Casey sees Ameera and watches her. They both sit alone looking out of place.

Matt has a theory; Alison doesn’t want to be alone with him. She invites Casey and then they all go to a loud bar on College night. He thinks his whole past freaks her out. She is not afraid to be alone with him; she just thought this would be an easy way to get to know him. She doesn’t want to move too fast. She is curious why he ended up in jail? Matt turns his attention to Casey; he looks like he needs help, but Alison think he is fine. Matt walks over to Casey; he notices him looking at Ameera; she is cute. Casey is sure that she doesn’t want company, but Matt thinks there is only one way to find out, as he walks over to her. He points out Casey; he is shy, but he wants to dance. Close by, Noah wonders who Matt is? Does he think he is hitting on her? Luke assures him that Ameera will be fine; he hopes they can concentrate a little bit more on each other, as they move in close to one another.

Carly is sitting around while the cops check out the shop. Jack wonders if she is really ok? He can take her to the hospital. She is not going there. She wants Kit behind bars. She killed Sam; there is no doubt in her mind anymore. The cops tell her that they dusted for prints and found nothing and could not find anyone in the building. They give Jack and Carly their card and promise to be in touch. Jack explains that there isn’t more they can do that night, so they all head out.

Holden and Lily are getting more and more passionate in the shower.

Matt tells her that Casey wants to dance. She already danced tonight. Matt sits down. It has been a while for Casey, and he is rusty at this; she doesn’t understand so he tries to make her laugh, which he does. Meanwhile, Alison comes over to Casey amazed by the fact that the ‘Great Casey Hughes’ is too shy to approach a girl. Matt brings Ameera over and introduces her to Alison and Casey. When they find out that she is from Iraq, they are surprised how far from home she is. She is a student. He convinced Ameera to take pity on Casey and dance with him, Matt teases. Casey is happy as they walk off. Luke and Noah watch her, as Noah worries about Casey now. Isn’t that Maddie’s ex that just got out of jail, Noah worries? Luke promises that he would never hurt her. Luke asks him to go outside with him to get some fresh air, which Noah reluctantly decides to do after watching Ameera for another moment.

Jack wants to drive Carly home, but she promises that she will be fine. He will be right behind her. Jack puts her in her car and they both pull out while Kit is nearby hiding behind a box and watching them go.

Jack and Carly come home. She jokes about leaving her cell phone behind. She is home safe and that is all that matters. If she hadn’t gone alone then Kit would have been behind bars by now. Jack wants her to cut herself a break. Carly worries if they can’t find her. Parker comes in; Jack called him and he wants to make sure that she is fine. She is. Everything is ok, they promise. Parker knows better. They couldn’t find Kit, right?

Lily and Holden are in the kitchen making something to eat. Parker left a note while they were – otherwise predisposed, they smile at one another. Holden is worried. Lily called Jack to make sure he gets there fine. The shower was fun. She agrees, and she knows he is hungry so she made him something to eat, as she slips into his lap for another kiss. The phone rings and they get the phone thinking it might be Parker. Holden answers it and it is a man looking for Ameera.

The song ends; Ameera and Casey stop dancing. Casey is hoping she will stick around with him. She is looking around and Casey wonders if she is looking for someone? Is it her boyfriend? No. Casey smiles relieved.

Alison and Matt are happy that their matchmaking worked out. He is glad because he wants to talk about their third date. Alison smiles; there is going to be a third date? Yes. He is also making sure there is no Casey on that one. They go to dance.

In the alley, Luke assures Noah that Ameera is in good hands. Noah feels responsible for her. She just needs their help to get adjusted. He knows that, but Luke doesn’t want to talk about her anymore. Luke’s cell phone rings and he sees that it is Holden. He is sure that his dad is just checking on them; he will call him back.

At the Farm, Holden tells Lily that he didn’t want to leave a message for Luke about Ameera over the phone. Lily worries about what is going to happen?

Noah and Luke are enjoying each other’s company when two Federal Agents approach them and identify themselves. They are looking for Ameera. Do they know her? Both look stunned.

Parker wonders where Carly was? She was in Chicago looking for Kit. Kit tried to convince her that Sam had enemies and that was who killed him. She put herself in a bad situation. Parker is worried if something could have happened to her. She is fine. Parker wonders if it is Kit or someone else who killed Sam? Carly is sure it is Kit, but Jack asks Parker if he ever saw Sam with anyone else? No. Carly apologizes for him not seeing the Cubs. He is glad that he didn’t go. Jack wants to get Parker back to the Farm, but he asks to stay with Carly. Carly gives Jack a pleading look. Why does he want to stay? It is crowded at the Farm. No, it isn’t. What is the real reason? He hasn’t been sleeping well. Carly thinks he may sleep better in his own bed. Jack agrees knowing the cops are watching the house. They promise everyone will be fine and they will get to a Cubs game this year. Jack would like to stay on the couch. Carly agrees and tells him goodnight. She starts to walk away when she tells him that she doesn’t want him to get the wrong idea, but she doesn’t want to be alone. Jack agrees; they should all get sleep tonight, and they both head upstairs. Up in the bedroom, Carly walks in with a black robe and matching nightie. Jack seems to not be able to stop staring. She teases him about him being able to sleep in all his outdoor clothes; he will be fine. She gets under the covers and Jack stays on top. She starts to laugh telling him that he can at least take off his shoes, which he does with a smirk. They both lay on their backs staring at the ceiling. Finally, Carly asks what is going to happen to Parker? Jack pulls Carly in close, as she snuggles up to him without a word from either one of them.

Noah wonders what they want with Ameera? They just want to talk with her. Where is she? Luke finally tells them that Ameera is inside. They all head in, but Noah is bothered and asks Luke why he did that?

Inside, Ameera is warming up to Casey talking about staying out at the Farm. The Federal agents approach her and tell her that she is coming with them. They take her arm and lead her from the table, but Casey grabs the man’s arm and tells him that they aren’t going anywhere. The agent pushes Casey back and Casey punches him. Matt steps forward to help Casey, but the man whips out his badge and handcuffs and arrests Casey for assaulting an agent. Matt steps back quickly. Alison tells him that he needs to do something, but Matt explains that if he interferes, they will arrest him too. Casey is explaining that it is a mistake; he didn’t know. Meanwhile, Noah tells Luke that they can’t let them take Ameera. Luke doesn’t know what they can do, so Noah grabs Ameera and heads for the door. Luke is soon hot on his tail. The agents realize that Ameera is gone and one of them heads out to look for her while the other one says he will deal with Casey. Alison and Matt leave right behind them.

At the station, Dallas walks up to the agent who has Casey in handcuffs; he tells him that he wants him charged with assaulting a Federal officer. Matt and Alison walk in behind them, and Matt takes a deep breath when he hears the charge.

Lily and Holden are worried that they can’t reach Luke or Noah and wonder what they are going to do when they walk in with Ameera. Ameera is saying that she didn’t do anything wrong. Luke explains that Federal agents came looking for Ameera at Yo’s. Lily and Holden wonder if they talked with them? Luke starts to explain that they were trying to take her away, but then Casey got into a fight with one of the agents. Therefore, they ran away when the agents were preoccupied. Lily and Holden are upset. Noah didn’t know what to do? He couldn’t let them take her. Ameera pleads with them that she can’t go back to Iraq. They ran away from Federal Investigators and made this whole situation much worse. Noah and Luke look at each other upset.

Dallas wants to take Casey’s statement in the Interrogation room. Alison walks inside telling Matt that she is going to see if they can get Casey out on bail; his parents are going to kill him, as Matt looks nervous about stepping foot inside the actual police station. When she walks away, Matt slips into the hallway to make a call. He calls Gray; he needs a favor.

Dallas read Casey his rights. Casey seems to be zoning out as he does this.

Ameera is sitting at the table explaining that she can’t go back. Holden tells her that if she doesn’t cooperate, she may have to. Noah assures her that they can’t send her back without hearing her side of the story. There is a knock at the door and the other agent shows up telling them that he is there to take Ameera in.

Alison walks into the hallway and overhears Matt talking on the phone; he knows he is asking a lot, but can he make this whole thing go away?

The agent is leading Ameera away, as Noah pleads with him to not do this. Luke pulls him back. Holden wants to know what this is about? She is a foreign national and the government reserves the right to bring her in for questioning and hold her as long as they wish. Lily pleads with him that there must be something they can do. He tells her to call the local Homeland Security office in the morning. She has to go with him tonight or he will be forced to arrest her. Noah promises her that he will take care of it.

Jack and Carly are asleep with their arms around each other. Carly has a nightmare about being in the shop in Chicago. She sees Kit shoot Cowboy Jack and then tell her that she is next. Carly sits up abruptly in bed awake now. She looks over at a sleeping Jack. She thinks she hears a noise and goes to investigate. She goes downstairs and finds Parker standing frozen staring at something. She walks around him to get a better look at what has him so rattled. She sees Cowboy Jack sitting on the couch staring back at them. She instinctively holds protectively onto Parker’s arm.

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