ATWT Update Wednesday 3/5/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/5/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Jack comes in with coffees. The officer is still outside, as Carly worries about Kit never coming back. Kit seems to have dropped off the planet. They are upset to think that Parker’s court trial is fast approaching. Parker walks into the house, as they are both upset that he came there when they said to steer clear. Parker thinks they should be honest because he knows that all their plans to get him off have fallen through.

Paul covers a sleeping Sofie, but she soon wakes up. She didn’t mean to fall asleep. Paul teases her about Treasure Island not being as riveting as he remembers. He tells her that he is glad she is there. If Meg hadn’t left and she hadn’t lost Hallie, then they wouldn’t be so hopeless. There is no such thing as hopeless. Gwen walks in with Hallie. Gwen wonders why he called her there when Sofie was there? Sofie stands up and tells him that he shouldn’t have done that.

At the hospital, Barbara walks into Paul’s room, and then realizes that he is not there, and immediately asks Chris where he went? He checked himself out. He shouldn’t be home alone. Chris explains that he wasn’t because Sofie was with him.

Sofie is getting emotional; she wishes that Paul hadn’t done that. He just wanted to see her smile. It only reminds her more that she no longer has her baby. He didn’t mean to upset her. That is exactly what she didn’t need, as she rushes out. Gwen tells him that it was wrong.

Carly and Jack promise Parker that they aren’t giving up. Carly promises to get the proof. They need him to keep the faith. They will find Kit and get the evidence. They need him to act like a kid and focus on baseball. Maybe he can go see the Cubs at a spring training game in Arizona. He isn’t supposed to leave town. Jack tells him that he will ask Margo if he can get a few days off. Carly thinks that sound great for him to go do. Parker remarks about it being equivalent to his last wish. Carly answers that he has to stay positive. Does she just forget reality, Parker asks? She has been through a lot and come through. Is she going to go with them? She would like to, but she thinks it would be nice for him to have some father-son time. They will be back in 24 hours. Jack wants Carly to stay in the house and stay safe. They will go to the farm and pack. Parker and Jack want her to promise to be careful. She will. After they leave, Carly looks like she is thinking.

Paul doesn’t want Gwen to go. He can’t chase her because it hurts too much. Gwen needs him to know that they tired to include Sofie in Hallie’s life, but she broke their trust when she kidnapped her. They can’t trust her anymore. The judge ruled in their favor. Paul understands all that and agrees that she won and that she is Hallie’s mother, but Sofie is a kid; she has lost everything. He thinks she should have some kind of contact with Hallie. He looks at her and he can’t help think of the babies he lost. She should understand why it is hard to lose a baby. Noone is trying to take away her happiness; she has a family around her. He just doesn’t know why her happiness has to come at Sofie’s expense? Gwen listens intently at his words, as she cuddles with Hallie, but then she turns and leaves without an answer to him.

Barbara reminds Chris that Sofie isn’t qualified to take care of Paul. He didn’t want him to leave either, but he is an adult and he can’t force him to do anything. Why didn’t he call her or Will? She wonders about Sofie’s angle of hanging out with Paul? Chris snaps that Sofie isn’t up to anything; she has had it rough recently and frankly, Paul is probably the last person she needs in her life right now.

At Java, Will and Gwen are talking. What is on her mind? She looks at Hallie. Paul called her and wanted she and Hallie to come by so she went. Sofie was there. Will is upset; Sofie isn’t supposed to be anywhere near Hallie, and Paul knows that. Did Sofie put him up to it? She doesn’t think so because she looked upset about it. He had no right to do that; he is going there to set him straight. Gwen stops him; that is the worst possible thing he can do.

Carly waves goodbye to Parker and Jack and then hears a noise. She picks up a fire poker and calls out to see if someone is there. Noone answers and soon she assumes it is branches on a window. The phone rings; it is Kit; she tells Carly that she knows she is there. Carly looks at the machine nervously. What she has to tell her is important; she wants her to meet her at the Chicago Cedar Shop, but she wants her to come alone. Carly leaps to pick up the phone. What is this about? She was right about the second shot; maybe Parker didn’t kill Sam afterall. Carly knows she did it. She would never hurt Sam, Kit counters. Who did it then? She has an idea, but she can’t talk about it on the phone. She wants her to come without any cops – including Jack – or she will never see her again.

Jack and Parker are driving in his car. Jack doesn’t want him to worry about Carly; she is protected. If there is trouble, she tends to find it, Parker reminds him. Jack laughs. What could go wrong in one day?

Kit tells Carly that she loved Sam. She knows that is why she got mad enough to kill him, Carly snaps back. She never would have put a bullet in his heart. She doesn’t think she could do that, does she? She doesn’t know. Who is the killer? She doesn’t know them; she is on to them. Why wouldn’t she just go to the police? If the people find out, then she would be killed. She can give her the evidence, then Carly can get the evidence to Jack in private and noone will get hurt. When? Tonight - if she wants to keep Parker out of prison, she better come alone or she will be long gone forever. Carly hangs up talking to herself. It is a trap, but what if she really has the evidence to clear Parker? She has to do this, but she has to ditch the officer first. She heads out, but we see that she forgets her cell phone.

Gwen explains that Paul is in no shape for a fight. Will has to tell him that what he did is wrong. She told him that already. He has to hear it from a family member so he will stop siding with Sofie. He is identifying with her because he just lost his baby too, Gwen explains. He thinks a visit would be healthy for Sofie. It isn’t his choice whether Sofie gets to see Hallie. If Paul doesn’t get that, then he will explain it so he will understand, as he stomps out! Sofie walks in, as Gwen is comforting Hallie telling her that her daddy will be right back, but her mommy is right there. Sofie overhears this, as Gwen looks up at her.

Barbara rushes into Fairwinds demanding to know from Paul what is going on with him and Sofie? Why would he have Sofie bring him back there instead of a professional? The Nursing Agency sent Meg over, but she couldn’t handle it. He will be fine. Barbara remarks sarcastically that she doesn’t think Sofie reading to him from Treasure Island is enough care. The doctors are concerned for him. Paul explains that Chris is concerned because he is spending time with Sofie. Isn’t she a little young for him? They are friends and right now, he needs all the friends he can get. Barbara sighs; she will help him put on his ointment. She gets very upset when she sees the bad burns on his back.

Sofie explains to Gwen that it wasn’t her idea to have Paul call her. Gwen knows this because Paul told her that and she saw how upset she got. Gwen asks her if she wants to hold her? No, because she won’t want to let go.

Barbara explains that she knows the pain he is in. He is sorry; he should have remembered that this would bring back bad memories. Barbara wants to help him though. She gently puts on the ointment. She promises that he will recover; she thought she wouldn’t, but she got through hers and he will too. Paul answers that she will be his inspiration because she was strong and recovered from her burns and he will too. They both smile at one another, but that is interrupted when Will stomps in telling Paul that he has gone too far this time!

At the diner, Carly tells a waitress that she dated the man she points out subtly (who is actually the undercover cop) once and now he is following her. She can’t lose him. Can she slip out the back, as she hands the woman some money?

Gwen explains that if they lost Hallie in the custody hearing, they would have felt the same. Sofie starts to tear up; she can’t even look at Hallie. It is hard to be in the same room or town with her baby. Then she corrects her; she is no longer her baby; she is her and Will’s. Gwen doesn’t want her to leave town because Hallie would miss her too much.

Will angrily wants to know why Paul would have Gwen come over with Hallie while Sofie is around? He was just trying to help Sofie. It is not his place and why does he care? Will wants to know if Barbara was in on it? No, she would never do anything to hurt him or the baby. Paul seconds that he wouldn’t either. Barbara tries to calm them down. Will is upset; Paul is only out for himself. If he wants Sofie there to feed his ego that is fine, but he wants him and Sofie to stay away from their baby.

Gwen wants Sofie to reconsider leaving Oakdale. Can she imagine never seeing Hallie again? She would be all alone if she left. She already is alone. What about Paul, Chris and Aaron? They care what happens to her. Chris walks in and Gwen leaves, but asks Chris to go to talk with Sofie since she needs a friend.

Paul understands that what Sofie did was wrong by leaving with Hallie, but Sofie sees herself as Hallie’s mom. She isn’t though, Will counters. She brought her back. She is all alone and has noone. Why wouldn’t he do the decent thing and allow the biological mother to see her baby? He has no right to involve himself in this. Barbara offers that Will is right. Paul thinks he is being paranoid. It is not paranoia if someone really is after him. Barbara tries to interject, but Will snaps that she always takes Paul’s side when she has a choice between the two of them. Barbara indignantly answers that is not true. He will never be anyone’s victim again. He won’t let anyone take their baby away again.

Chris tells Sofie that Paul shouldn’t have made that move without her consent. Sofie tries to explain that he was trying to make her happy. She doesn’t know the real Paul. He had a sister who had a baby; he kept that a secret from her because he didn’t like the baby’s father. She thought her baby was dead, and Paul let her think that. She doesn’t believe Paul would deliberately try to hurt anyone. Paul always hurts people that he claims to care about. He wishes she would take his advice and stay away from Paul.

The undercover officer comes into the diner and asks the waitress about Carly. She tells him that she knows his kind, and that he should stay away from her because she doesn’t want him around. The officer flashes his badge and the waitress realizes it is not as Carly said. Carly watches hidden through the window.

Jack and Parker are at the airport waiting to get on a plane, but there is a delay due to the weather. Parker is quiet. He needs to apologize; he messed up and got angry with his mom. None of it was his fault. He shouldn’t have handled the gun. If he had gone to him then none of this would have happened.

Carly is in her car; she hopes she isn’t going to be late. She is worried about blowing this and what Jack is going to do to her.

Jack doesn’t want Parker to think like that; he saved his mom because Sam would have done something terrible to her. He just wishes he had done something different. Jack doesn’t want him to second- guess his choices. He did what he thought was right at the time. He wants him to just relax and have fun watching the Cubs hopefully beat the Diamondbacks to a pulp.

Carly is talking to herself still; she has to do this right this time. She reaches into her bag for her phone and realizes it isn’t there. She tries not to panic realizing she is on her own. She can’t turn back now because Parker is depending on her.

Jack and Parker hear that they are almost ready to board. Parker has a bad feeling – about his mom.

Carly pulls into the place where she is to meet Kit. She is nervous and walks around the building slowly in the dark until she gets to a door and goes inside.

Jack is wondering about the vibes Parker is getting; they aren’t good. Jack gets a call; the officer tells him that he lost Carly; she slipped out the back of the diner. He hangs up; he tells Parker that he is right and his mom took off, as they rush off.

Carly is looking for Kit inside; she calls out for her. Kit watches her from up a flight of stairs as she sneaks around.

Gwen puts Hallie in her crib, as she talks quietly to her. She loves her so much; she is her miracle child. Sometimes she wonders if she is supposed to be her miracle though?

Chris didn’t mean to upset her. Paul is her friend; it is hard to believe what he says. He really did that to his sister? He is trouble. It is hard to believe, but she also believed that Cole was a good guy. Does he trust her? Yes. That is why he is warning her about Paul. He gets beeped from the hospital and has to go, but asks her to dinner later. She agrees. He will call her later.

Gwen tells Hallie; she knows how Sofie feels. She lost a baby too. She can never see him again. Sofie can see her though, but she can’t raise or watch her grow. How can she live with that? How can she take Hallie away from her? If she loves her that much, how can she do that?

Sofie comes back to Fairwinds; Paul is happy she is back. He didn’t mean to upset her. She knows he wasn’t trying to hurt her. He was trying to help. She just can’t understand how people say such horrible things about him?

Gwen says goodnight to Hallie and starts to head out of the room. Will, who has been standing nearby, meets her at the doorway and hopes that she hasn’t changed her mind about keeping their baby?

Paul wants to know who was talking about him? She doesn’t want to say. He tells her that people apparently are lining up to tell him that he is a disgrace to his family, as Will did earlier. Sofie jokes that Will doesn’t think much of her either. Will is wrong about her, Paul answers. He has made a lot of mistakes in his life and has the scars to prove it. Some people don’t want to give him a break though. She will because he has been good to her. Will she come back for a visit?

Gwen explains that she has been thinking about this for a while. She saw how hard it was for Sofie to see Hallie. It was her choice to give up Hallie, Will counters. However, when Sofie changed her mind, did they do the right thing to keep her away from Hallie? Will thinks they are the best parents that Hallie could have. Noone could love her more. Sofie can’t take care of her. Who are they to judge? She asked Sofie if she wanted to hold her and she couldn’t. Whether they like it or not, there is an inexplicable bond between a mother and child that they will never have or understand. She has a connection with Hallie; she is her mother and he is her father. She loves her enough to do the right thing. Are these Paul’s words? No. He pleads with her not to listen to Paul.

Sofie tells Paul that he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Paul is thrilled that she will come back. He wants her to read again. Actually, she has a date. With Chris? He hopes she isn’t getting serious. No, they are just friends… like they are. Sofie heads out and Paul looks a bit upset.

Paul had her over to Fairwinds so she could see a vulnerable Sofie cry her eyes out and now she feels sorry for her. Gwen shakes her head; this is about her feelings for Hallie. Hallie is their baby now. She would give her life for her. She has to ask herself what the right thing is for Hallie – and if that is to give her up?

Carly continues to walk around looking for Kit. She calls out for her, but she gets no response. She sees a mummy-like mannequin and almost has a heart attack. She paces around some more calling out for Kit,

Jack is leaving a message for Carly; he wants her to call him ASAP. Parker thinks his feeling is getting worse. Jack is sure that she is probably shopping. Why wouldn’t she be answering then? Her battery probably died. Parker wants to go with Jack, but he tells him that he is dropping him at the Farm. Parker knows something is wrong. Jack will not let anything happen to his mom.

Carly demands that Kit stop playing games and come out. Some siding falls and Carly has to jump put of the way of it, but she looks very rattled.

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