ATWT Update Tuesday 3/4/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 3/4/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures By Suzanne

Alison visits Will and Gwen at their home. She was hoping to ask them for a favor because she was wondering if Matt was ever enrolled at Oakdale University.

Downtown, Casey is still annoyed with Matt for saying that he was enrolling back at Oakdale University. Matt doesn’t know why it is such a big deal. Casey thinks he should just take a page from his book and lie. Matt thinks he is acting spoiled since he is complaining about having parents care about him going back to school.

Will and Gwen wonder why Alison is suspicious? She tells him about how strange Matt was acting and then the wet paint on his pants and then Brad getting hit on the head. Will wonders if he just was applying for a job there? Why wouldn’t he just say that, Alison wonders? Why is she so worried, they ask? How many times has she fallen for the wrong guy? Can they help her find out?

At the hospital, Sofie comes to see Paul wondering if he wants her to read more from Treasure Island? He is going to leave for home; he has hired a private nurse and is checking himself out today. She understands the need to get out of the hospital. She did that after she made the mistake of giving up Hallie. He will heal from home. Chris walks in; he is not leaving on his watch.

At the farm, Meg is on the phone when Emma overhears her. What is going on? She has gotten a job with a private nurse service. Emma thinks it is great. She may not think that after she hears what her job is. Emma doesn’t understand. Meg explains that she will be taking care of a burn victim – Paul.

At her room, Katie awakens when she hears knocking. Her head hurts noticeably, but Brad won’t go away even though she pleads with him to. It is about Henry and it is an emergency. Katie gets out of bed and opens the door. Brad can’t take his eyes off of Katie in her lacy pink negligee, which Katie can’t help notice when his mouth drops open. She grabs a robe. He is distracted until Katie gets him back on point. Brad explains that Henry is a mess and they need to find a way to fix it. They don’t have to work together to help Henry, Katie answers. Henry is her best friend. It is none of their business. Brad tells her that Henry and Vienna are destined to be together; Henry should not lose Vienna because of them. They are each other’s love of their lives. Katie thinks if that is the case then they will be fine, and if not, Henry, like everyone else in love, is on his own. She closes the door on Brad’s face practically, and immediately feels badly.

Matt tells Casey that it is ridiculous to complain about parents that care about him. He wishes he had parents that care. Is it that big of a deal to sign up for some classes? There are worse things in life then trying to please the people that love you. Casey smiles. Matt tells him that he can go with him to the Registrar’s office.

Gwen and Will come to see the Registrar at Oakdale University. They wanted to bring the baby by. The woman coos over Hallie and they all joke about enrolling her in class soon. They introduce Alison and then Gwen conveniently knocks over the woman’s water all over her desk.

Chris tells Paul that he needs a lot of attention and care. Paul is determined to go. Chris advises against it. He has hired a private nurse. Chris begrudgingly lets him after he agrees to get antibiotics and to sign a waiver. Sofie offers to go to the pharmacy to fill them. The nurse can bring him home, Chris suggests. The nurse is meeting him at home, Paul explains. Chris tells him that is not acceptable because it is hospital policy to have someone take patients home. Sofie steps in and offers to do it.

Emma wants to know if Meg is out of her mind? She has to turn it down. She tried, but the Agency is short-staffed. She doesn’t care; she has to come up with another plan. She can’t turn her back on a patient. She is a woman, and she has been hurt badly by Paul; how can she spend all that time caring for him? She still cares about Paul; she can’t help it. She wants to know how he is dealing with how badly Craig hurt him. She needs to see that he is ok. Emma apologizes, but she can’t feel badly for someone who has hurt her so badly. She told the Agency that she would do it today until someone can replace her fulltime. Emma comments on her stubbornness. She will be fine, Meg promises. Emma hopes so for her sake.

Henry is ordering a big breakfast at the Lakeview. Brad walks over and tells Henry that he is going to tell Vienna the real story of how he was trying to help Carly and Jack with Parker. He is not going to tell her anything because she wants to be with Gray, Henry snarls. Brad doesn’t believe that. Henry wants to know why he cares? Someone has to believe in true love around these parts. Henry thinks he is wasting his time. Brad tells him that he will see about that.

Gwen tells the woman she is sorry. The woman will go get towels to clean up. After she leaves, Alison will keep a look out while Will and Gwen check the computer to check to see if Matt was ever enrolled. Alison heads outside and bumps into Matt and Casey. She is surprised to see them there. They came for Casey to sign up for classes. He has to talk to the Registrar. Alison steps in their way; they can’t go in there.

Chris thinks that Sofie is in over her head in taking care of Paul; he needs special care. He has hired a nurse. It is not her responsibility. He has been good to her; he needs help. Why should it be her? Suddenly, Sofie is mad; he has no right to order her around. She is frustrated; she got enough of it from Cole, and she won’t let anyone do that again. Chris apologizes, but he is worried; Paul is dangerous to be around; someone tried to blow up his car. Does he want to hang around a guy like that? She is not afraid to be around him. She can keep him company while he heals. He just doesn’t want her to put herself in such a vulnerable position. Paul comes out and suggests that they let Sofie make her own decisions whether she wants to help or not.

Casey wonders what the problem is? When did she become Campus Police, they laugh? The Registrar is not in her office, and they should probably make an appointment. They can still wait for her, but Alison stalls. They see the woman coming; they talk in the hall for a moment before the woman invites them into her office. Alison comes in expecting the worse, but Gwen and Will are seated again done with their snooping.

Henry is about to eat his breakfast when the manager takes his breakfast. There is a problem with his bill and he has been ignoring them. He is not allowed anymore service until he settles up. Henry tells him that he knows Lisa Grimaldi and she wouldn’t appreciate how he is treating him. The manager is sure that Lisa isn’t in the business to providing free room, board and food. He will have the money by weeks end, Henry counters. That is not good enough. Henry snarls that he will go because this place is growing ‘boring and tiresome’ anyway.

Brad comes to see Vienna at the diner. She doesn’t want to talk about Henry, but Brad wants to explain something. She is not interested. He wants her to give him a moment… for a friend’s sake. When she walked in and saw Henry kissing Kit, it was a set up. He was doing this to help Carly and Jack keep Parker out of jail. That is the kind of friend he is; Henry risked a lot to help them. Why didn’t he say anything, Vienna asks? By the time that he was going to explain, she had told him that she had already slept with Gray, as he comes out from the back and Brad growls at him. Henry has his pride. His heart is breaking and he won’t admit it. Vienna realizes her mistake. She is beside herself. How could she not trust her Henry? How could she believe he didn’t love her? She takes off Gray’s jewelry. They are beautiful, but she can’t keep them, as she stares at him. Brad sits down and smiles triumphantly at Gray.

At Fairwinds, Sofie helps Paul get out of his coat and shirt when the maid announces his nurse nervously. Meg walks in surprising him. She is the last person he would have expected her to come help him. She had her misgivings, but here she is anyway. She volunteered? No, she signed with a private nursing company. They are short staffed; his permanent nurse will be there tomorrow. He is glad that she is there. She wants to look at his burns, but Paul is slow to show her. Meg touches his back softly and Paul grimaces. She tells Sofie to bring the antibiotics and towels. Meg tenderly looks at him.

Gwen asks Casey what he is doing there? He is making his mother happy by enrolling in classes. Matt got him back there. Why are they there, Matt asks? Ms. Donner was a huge help to them in the past and they wanted to have her meet Hallie. Alison tagged along, Mark asks suspiciously? Gwen claims that a Godmother’s work is never done. Matt turns to Alison and tells her that this is a weird place for her to hang out. She was thinking of taking summer classes. Since he went there, maybe he could make some suggestions. He recommends medieval history; he has a thing for fair ladies and knights in shining armor. Alison, Will and Gwen leave and Matt watches her go looking concerned.

Gray doesn’t want Vienna to be rash; he wants her to think about what she will be giving up, as he lists the clothes, diamonds, shoes, houses in Paris, New York and London. He can give her anything her heart desires. The only thing she wants is Henry. He can give her everything she wants. She doesn’t want that, as she rushes out. Brad walks over; he can’t stand in the way of true love, he adds with a smile, which is met with a snarl.

Katie comes downstairs at the Lakeview and overhears Henry getting grilled by the Lakeview staff about owing them money. What is going on, she asks? Henry tells her that he is getting kicked out for not being able to pay his bill. He starts to ramble about how he no longer has anything in life; he has lost his money, diner, Vienna and prospects. Does she know of any bridge he can jump off of? She offers a panicked Henry her place to stay until he can get up and running again. Henry thanks her with a kiss on the cheek; she is his savior.

Paul takes Meg's hand. Meg holds his for a moment before she pulls back; she can’t do this. She can’t be professional with him. He doesn’t want her to be sorry. That must mean she still cares. She doesn’t want to because it hurts too much. She wants him to take care of himself. Sofie comes back in and Meg tells her to take over; she gives her some quick instructions, and then heads out quickly. Sofie tells Paul that she could tell something was going on with them right away. He told her about that woman. Why was she in such a rush to leave? She is scared by how much he loves her. She always dreamed of having someone love her like that. Meg does not realize how lucky she is to have someone love her like that. Paul answers sadly that he hopes one day she will realize that. He turns and Sofie tends to his burns on his back. Meg has returned and is standing in the hallway watching them, but she turns and leaves without a word.

Vienna and Brad are outside Henry’s room at the Lakeview. She wonders how she looks? Brad assures her that she looks great. When she explains that she knows what happened and that she wants to be with him, they will be back together in the snap of a finger. Vienna thanks Brad and lets herself into Henry’s room…only to find it empty and a maid cleaning up. She asks if she knows where Henry is? She thinks he is gone and from the look of it, it doesn’t look like he is ever coming back.

Chris comes in and sees Sofie putting on Paul’s antibiotic cream on his shirtless back. He stopped in to see how he was doing. Paul remarks about how house calls went out a long time ago. Where is the nurse? She had to leave, so she is helping out today, Sofie answers. He can get someone from the hospital. Sofie offers to help until they can find a replacement. Is she sure, Chris asks? She wants to do this. Chris reluctantly heads out the door. Paul wants her to tell him again how there is nothing going on between them.

Meg walks back into the kitchen. Emma is surprised to see her home so soon. Meg rushes into her arms crying.

Sofie explains that she and Chris are just friends. That was not the vibe he got, Paul adds with a smile. He was the only one who stood up in court for her and he even went against his family to do that; she won’t forget that. Does she think his motives were entirely selfless? She can’t get involved with anyone right now. Chris is a friend – like he is. The only person she has an interest in his Hallie and she can’t be with her. Paul realizes they both want someone they can’t have.

Will and Gwen tell Alison that they couldn’t find Matt’s name in the system. Alison isn’t surprised because she thought Casey must have met Matt elsewhere. Will wonders if he was a friend from when he gambled at school in which case he wouldn’t have known him. Alison wonders why Casey would lie about where he met Matt? Gwen wonders if Casey met Matt in jail. That would be a valid reason they would want to hide that. Matt is staying at Margo’s house and she would not like that. Alison answers that she is sort of dating Matt so one way or another she has to get to the bottom of this.

Vienna comes back to the lobby; she is crying. Why is she not upstairs with Henry, Brad asks? She appreciated the help, but he waited too long to tell her the truth; Henry is gone. Has she tried calling his cell? She hasn’t. She tries calling Henry. Henry is upstairs unpacking when he hears his cell, but he can’t find it in time. Vienna thinks that he is not picking up because Henry knows it is she and he is deliberately avoiding her. Brad doesn’t think that is true. Vienna thinks that Henry means business; she might as well go to someone who actually wants her, as she walks off crying.

Back at work, Matt congratulates Casey on getting back into school. He signed up for some great classes. Matt tells him not to knock the classes because he might end up liking them. Casey tells him to go get ready for the lunch crowd. Matt goes to cut lemons. Alison walks up and tells Casey that she did a bad thing. She had to check on Matt because she felt something was off; she is glad she did because she found out that Matt never went to Oakdale University, which mean that he has been lying about where he met him. She wants the truth; did he meet Matt in jail? Matt, who has walked up behind her, answers that Casey did meet him in jail.

Henry’s phone rings again and he answers it. Brad wants to know where he is? He moved in with Katie. He will be right up. He soon is knocking on the door, but Katie doesn’t want to answer it. Brad tells her that it isn’t about her. Henry tells her that it is ok, and he will answer it. Katie reluctantly lets Henry by. Henry opens the door; Brad tells him that he really blew it this time. Henry looks confused.

Emma asks Meg if she wants to tell her what happened? It was so hard being there with Paul – seeing him hurt like that. She can’t imagine Emma empathizes. She can’t help it, but she still loves him and it was so hard seeing him burned. It took every ounce of willpower to not stay there and help him get better. What gave her the strength to leave? He has a young woman there to help him.

Sofie continues to read from Treasure Island for Paul. Paul falls asleep soon after. Sofie lies back across the couch from him and falls asleep too. Paul then opens his eyes and gets up. He goes to make a call. He calls Will and Gwen, who are just coming home. Gwen picks up. He is at Fairwinds; how long will it take her to get there?

Emma wonders who this woman was? Is she a nurse? She doesn’t think so, but she was willing to take care of Paul. Is she like her? She is much younger. Is that what has her so upset? The girl could be his daughter; she is not upset. Since when does that stop men, Emma asks? Meg looks bothered by this statement, but tries to hide it.

Matt explains that it was easier this way to not tell anyone. He was the one who asked Casey to lie; he was ashamed. He wanted to make a fresh start. Casey’s family treats him like a regular guy; they helped him get this job. It is easier to get through life without being seen as a criminal. Casey adds that his mom and dad thought Matt would be a good influence and they couldn’t tell them that he was from jail with his mom being a cop and his dad a lawyer. When he needed a friend, Matt was there for him. He wouldn’t have gotten an early release if it weren’t for him. Matt adds that is because that is what friends do and isn’t that all that matters at the end of the day? Alison thanks Matt for being honest with her. She starts to walk away, but Matt stops her. Are they still on for their date still or does she have a thing about dating ex cons? She smiles only if he has a problem dating an ex porn star. He does not. Then she guesses they are still on. She can’t wait to get to know him better.

Vienna comes back to Gray and the diner. He sees she has been crying. She is only there because Henry is gone. He was hoping she would come back, as he hugs her. She asks him amazed that he doesn’t mind being second choice? She is there with him; that is all that matters. Henry must not love her half as much as he because he is there for her while Henry is gone. Gray promises that he will always be there for her.

Henry tells Brad that Vienna was looking for him, but then she thought he left for good so she went back to Gray. He is irritated with that; that is becoming a habit. Brad tells Henry that Vienna wants him; he wants Henry to call her. Henry refuses. Brad asks Katie for help. Katie tells Henry to call Vienna too. She is the love of his life, but he is not going to see her again, Henry answer defiantly. He wants his single malt because he is a single man now. Brad finally gives in, and drops down beside Henry and they both start drinking from the bottle. Katie shakes her head upon seeing this; what has she gotten herself into, she mumbles to herself.

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