ATWT Update Monday 3/3/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 3/3/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures By Suzanne

At the hospital, Susan tells Lily and Holden that Luke and Noah are being released; they will be sore for a few days, but their attack will mostly leave emotional scars and not physical ones. Lily wonders if this was coincidental; they got attacked going to see Col. Meyer. Holden can’t imagine they are related. Noah wasn’t even going to go. Lily reminds him that the Colonel was the one who sent the message for him to come. Holden reminds her that it was actually Ameera who wanted to go. Lily realizes Noah was in fact convinced to make the trip. What do they know about Ameera? Holden wonders what she is thinking? What if Col. Meyer sent Ameera there to get Luke and Noah hurt?

At the Lakeview, Alison talks with Casey; isn’t it too soon for him to be back at work? Matt was supposed to be back, but he hasn’t come back yet. Alison thinks it is strange because when she left him, he said he had to get back to work. Casey suggests that something must have come up. Alison wonders if she is right and he is hiding something?

At WOAK, Bonnie comes to see Brad; she finds him unconscious on the floor and thinks it is a joke before she can’t wake him up. She panics trying to wake him, but he won’t budge. Matt is hiding nearby.

At Carly’s home, Kit is upset to see she knocked out Katie instead of Carly. She tries to leave, but then hears Carly come home. Carly comes home with groceries and brings them to the kitchen. She finds Katie unconscious and rushes to her side.

Holden and Lily come into Noah’s room and ask to talk to Ameera; once outside in the hall, she is upset because it was her fault they were all on that road. Lily and Holden worry what she means. She couldn’t believe that Col. Meyer would be in jail for such a hideous crime; he was like a father to her. What does she mean about being a father to her? She wonders what all the questions are about? They can’t help but wonder if Col Meyer set this up and used her take out his plan on Noah and Luke?

Brad awakens realizing his head hurts and that he is on the floor; he jokes with Bonnie about doing shots with her again. Bonnie rushes to call 911. Matt is hiding behind a freshly painted wall, when Brad tells her that someone hit him.

Jack walks into Carly’s, and she races to tell him that she can’t wake Katie up. They head into the kitchen and Kit sneaks out the front door. Jack is able to get Katie to awaken and Carly wonders if Kit did this? Jack isn’t sure because they called off the officers tailing Kit, but they need to get Katie to the hospital, as he picks her up into his arms.

Ameera knows they hate Col. Meyer, but she had to see him to understand. The men attacking them had nothing to do with the Colonel; she could have gotten hurt too. They don’t think that she meant for Luke and Noah to get hurt, but could Col. Meyer have convinced her to help him? She hasn’t seen him since he left Iraq. The men meant her harm; they tried to take her in their car, and Luke and Noah saved her. Holden is convinced that the Col. didn’t trick her. Lily apologizes; she is just upset. Noah is the closet person to her – he is like a brother, Ameera explains. Luke and Noah have both been wonderful to her. Lily is relieved, as Susan tells them that she has release papers ready.

Alison tells Casey about the man Matt said he didn’t know, but then she later sees him talking with that guy. He gets weird around him, but Matt claimed he was just a big tipper from the Lakeview. Casey doesn’t think that is weird, but Alison asks how many people hound their bartender? Matt shows up; Alison wonders where he has been?

Bonnie brings Brad into the hospital and Susan agrees to check him out; he is already joking around when the nurse comes to bring him into a room. Holden walks over. She sees Holden and asks why he is there? Noah and Luke got beat up. She is sorry. Lily and he got there just in time, but it was horrible. They talk for a bit and then he tells her that they have to take Luke and Noah home. Bonnie realizes he said ‘they’. He explains that he and Lily are getting back together. She always knew that was where his heart was. She wants him to take care of himself, as she hugs him. Lily comes out of Noah’s room and stares at him when he turns back around to face her.

Matt apologizes ,saying that he had to go to the bank. He is going to wash up and then get right to work. As he is walking away though, Casey and Alison notice the WOAK logo painted to the back of his pants. They wonder how that could possibly get on his pants? He claims to have no idea, but he covers saying that they were putting them up around town and that must have been how he got it on him. Casey laughs it off, but Alison thinks it is suspicious.

Holden explains that Bonnie was just giving them her well wishes. Before Lily can say anything though, Luke, Noah and Ameera come out of the room. Susan also comes out of Brad’s room. Holden asks how Brad is? Susan tells him that an Aspirin will solve his issues. Holden promises to explain to Lily on their way out. Jack comes in with Katie asking Susan to tend to her. They are backed up so she may have to share a room. Jack wheels her into a room where Bonnie is sitting on the bed with Brad. Katie stares at him; she can’t believe this! Susan tries to check Katie out, as Brad asks her questions. Brad wonders what happened to her? She was hit from behind at Carly’s. Who hit her? She didn’t see anyone. What happened to him? He is fine. Why was she at Carly’s? Their concerned questions rally back and forth. She was at Carly’s picking up a book. Brad makes a snide comment about Jack being heroic and racing her to the hospital. Jack wants him to give her the third degree later. He was hit on the head at WOAK. Katie asks how Bonnie just happened by? Bonnie explains a bit awkwardly that she was there for a date. Katie smiles it off pretending to be fine with that. Jack thinks it is strange that both of them were hit on the head around the same time. Susan wants them to stop playing investigator so she can finish her exam.

Casey tells Matt that Alison left, but she was asking questions about him talking to a strange guy, who supposedly is a special customer. Matt blows it off, but Casey wants him to be straight with him. Has he forgotten that he is his old cellmate? Matt wants him to drop it, but Casey answers that he is just getting tired of lying to everyone about how they met. Why can’t they just tell everyone that they met in Statesville? Matt tells him coldly that he isn’t going to tell anyone that!

Margo races up to Jack at the hospital asking him what happened to Katie? She is fine… just a bit shaken up. What happened? She was in Carly’s house getting a book for Parker, and they think Kit hit Katie on the head. Why is Kit his go-to for every crime? Carly incited Kit saying that they know she killed Sam. Margo is annoyed; she was clear in telling them to stay away from Kit and let her do her job. They think that Kit intended to attack Carly and may have now taken off because of the mistake. Margo is upset because innocent people are getting hurt. Margo is upset that Katie got in the way. Jack doesn’t know where Kit is now. She couldn’t waste manpower on a haunch. If his theory is right, then she is going to put Carly under 24 hours surveillance. Jack doesn’t want her to. Margo is confused.

Faith asks what happened to Noah and Luke when they walk into the kitchen at the farm obviously hurt? Noah and Luke try to blow it off, joking about house she should see the other guys. Holden thinks that they should tell her the truth; it is a big deal. Lily and Holden tell Faith that some prejudiced men attacked them; they were giving Ameera a hard time. Faith wonders if it is because she is not from around there? Yes, but Ameera assures her that Noah and Luke were very brave. Holden explains that is not the whole story though, but Luke isn’t sure the rest is important, but Holden and Lily think it is. Luke and Noah were beaten up because they were gay. Faith is upset that they got hurt just because they love each other. Holden assures her that they are going to make sure that they pay for what they did.

Margo doesn’t understand why Jack wouldn’t want Carly under protection? He wants Carly safe, but he doesn’t want to scare Kit off. He will protect Carly. Just like, he did with Katie, Margo asks sarcastically? She won’t have another murder on her watch. Susan comes out and tells Margo that she can see Katie now. Katie just needs to take it easy and watch for signs of a concussion. She goes inside and sees Brad, who explains that he was also hit on the head. Margo wonders what was going on?

Lily wonders if they did the right thing? Holden thinks they needed to tell Faith the truth. He is glad all of his kids are home and safe. Lily needs to change the subject for a moment; she wonders about Bonnie? She thinks that she still has feelings for him. There was nothing real going on. Is that because of her? Of course, it was because of her. Does he regret letting her go? Holden wonders if she wants him to find someone new because she doesn’t think their marriage is going to work because if that is the case, then she should tell him.

Margo thinks it is a coincidence because she can’t see how Brad and Katie being hit on the head could be connected. She wonders if anything is missing at WOAK? He will have to check, but it didn’t look like the place was robbed. He will have to get back with her later. Susan tells both Brad and Katie that they can leave, but they have to stay awake for 8 hours. Margo wants her to come home with her, but Katie tells her that she wants to go to the Lakeview and the front desk will wake her every hour. Margo heads out and Brad tells her that he was sorry that he was a jerk earlier. He was glad Jack was there to help, and she is ok. She is glad that he is so hard headed. He thinks it is weird that they are at the hospital at the same time. Is the universe trying to tell them something? She jokes that it is trying to knock some sense into them for what they were doing before. Katie thinks they should get going, but he wants Katie to not pretend that nothing was going on. Katie plays dumb at first, but he tells her that he can’t forget what was really making their heads spin earlier, as Brad moves closer to her. They give in and start to kiss, but Brad gets dizzy and has to sit. Jack and Bonnie come back in, as Katie and Brad act awkward, claiming Brad was just getting dizzy. Jack thinks that Brad shouldn’t be exerting himself if he almost passed out again. Jack takes Katie to leave and Bonnie stays with Brad, but as Katie is leaving, she gives Brad a sad backward glance.

Ameera tells Faith, Luke and Noah that there are bad people everywhere, but she is going to have to go back to Iraq sooner rather then later. She thought the Col could help her, but he is in prison. She doesn’t have a choice. Noah and Luke look at one another.

Matt apologizes for being a jerk to Casey; he feels like he is making headway with Alison and he doesn’t want to blow it by her finding out about her past. Casey tells him that she already knows something is up. What she is thinking is probably worse then the truth. What could be worse then being an ex-con, Matt wonders? Casey reminds him that she told him about her past. What makes him think she would care? Alison knows he was in jail and she is still his friend, Casey counters. Things are different for him; people know he just made a mistake, but with him, all his whole life he was a screw up – even if he didn’t screw up; it is nice being treated as a regular guy and given the benefit of the doubt. Casey understands feeling like an outsider, but keeping his family and friends in the dark is making him feel cut off. Matt promises that he will tell everyone the truth soon, as Margo walks up and wonders what he is talking about?

Lily tells Holden that she is not hiding anything from him. She is the one with the problem. Holden reminds her that he said he could handle it. What kind of wife is she? Why should he be punished for her? What makes her think he feels punished? She knows it isn’t intentional. She would understand if he didn’t want to wait around.

Carly comes in and interrupts them; she is sorry, but she wanted to check on Parker. Holden offers to go get him. She notices that Lily looks as bad as she feels.

Jack takes Katie home. He wants to wait on her, but she is ok. He wants to stay with her. Katie assures him that she will be fine. He hates that his problems are affecting her. He won’t forget what she has tried to do for him with the help and the money. He will get it back. She wants him to focus on Parker; she can take care of herself. He bets she is sorry she ever got involved with him or his family. She is anything but sorry. Katie takes Jack’s hand and holds it.

Bonnie and Brad are at Yo’s. She shouldn’t be there and he shouldn’t be drinking; he is just upset because he saw Katie with Jack. He denies it; they are over. She can tell when someone is hung up on someone else and she doesn’t want to get involved in that. He saw how she was looking at Holden too. That was different; the relationship never got off the ground. Lily and Holden are meant to be together; noone is going to change that and certainly not her. Brad thought the same of Jack and Carly, but they found other people. Carly may have strayed, but she came back with vengeance. Jack hasn’t, Brad reminds her. If he thinks that Jack is his competition for Katie, then she has one word of advice for him – wait.

Katie loves his family; she is not sorry that she got involved or about the money. She is glad that he got hit instead of Parker. Why would she think that? Parker told her about him not being allowed at the house. Jack explains that Kit was trying to get to Carly. Why would that be? They are working hard to try to provoke her to catch her in the act to get a confession. Katie notices how much they are working together. Parker is their son; noone cares as much for him – not Margo, not Tom, not Brad or even her, Katie adds. He knows she loves Parker and he is sorry she is involved in his family problems. She understands and respects that. Katie tells him that her headache is coming back, as she walks for the door. She wants him to give Parker the book and tell him that she is ok. Jack tells her that he is being selfish wanting her in his life when all he seems to do is hurt her. She tells him that they will make a deal that she stay as far away as possible from him and his family as possible. Jack leaves quietly.

Holden tells Carly that Parker will be down in a moment, as he heads back in the house. Carly wants to know what is going on from Lily? She doesn’t need to hear about this, but Carly wants to think of other things. She tells Carly that they are trying to get back to one another, but they have stalled because of her. Why? She is having trouble not thinking about Dusty and what happened. She wants to be with Holden, but she can’t be with him yet… as a wife. Carly wants her to give herself a break; it takes time. Dusty was one of her oldest friends and it was awful what happened; she doesn’t want to lose Holden though. He will give her all the time she needs because he loves her so much. What if he can’t wait, Lily asks? Parker comes out and wonders what she is doing there? Whatever she and his dad were planning didn’t work, did it, Parker asks? Kit listens nearby behind a tree.

Matt tells Margo that he was waiting to tell her, but he figures now is the best time. He finally convinced Casey to go back to school. Casey is stunned, as Margo is thrilled. Why didn’t he say anything? Casey stutters because he hadn’t completely decides yet. Casey is annoyed, as Margo babbles on and on about how happy she is. She just stopped in and had no idea what good news she would get. She will see them at home. Casey tells him that was low. He had to come up with something; he can just claim that he changed his mind. His mother won’t go for that. Matt has to run out again; he forgot to tell Alison something. Can he cover for a little bit again?

Luke wonders what they can do? Noah wonders if they can get an immigration lawyer? Faith talks about getting a visa for school. Noah and Luke don’t think it would work because there are a lot of requirements. Ameera acknowledges that she probably couldn’t get her hands on the necessary paperwork either. There is also tuition that she couldn’t afford. Holden walks over and tells them that there might be something they can do because Lucinda is on the Board at Oakdale University and could probably put in a word; she can be very convincing.

Lily leaves to give Carly and Parker time. He wants to know what is going on? She tells him about Katie getting hit. He is upset and wants to see her. They both think that he is safer at the Farm because Jack is with Katie and she is fine. Parker looks past her and Carly wonders what is going on? Did he see something? He just had a feeling. Carly quickly ushers Parker inside and then walks out of the porch calling nervously to see if someone is there? Jack walks up scaring Carly. He is sorry, but he was just checking around the house. Parker comes back out and Jack tells her that Katie sends her best. Parker walks back in the house upset with how things are going and the fact that people are getting hurt. Carly tells Jack that she is sorry that Katie got hurt. He should go back to Katie because she has Parker safe. Jack answers that Katie is better off without him; if Kit is coming after her, then he is not letting her out of his sight.

Bonnie tells Brad that Katie won’t want to be alone forever; he should just wait. Brad tells Bonnie that she is tired of being a consolation prize. She is too. He has her number, so if he wants to call her for something besides bail or a ride to the hospital, then she is there. He owes her a real date. She wants that too, but not before, he is over Katie.

Lily tells Ameera that she will talk to her mother and she is sure that she will help. They can donate something to help the process. She apologizes to her for all the trouble that has happened to her. Luke, Noah and Faith offer to take Ameera on a hayride. Holden tells Lily they can’t protect them from everything, but they can be there for them all. He likes them pulling together for Ameera. She is glad too. What about them though? Is she enough? Does he want them closer – yes, but if she needs more time, then it is ok with that. She wouldn’t be able to get through all of this without him, as they hug.

Alison sees Susan at the hospital. Susan hopes that she isn’t rushing things with Matt. She is taking it slowly… probably to the point of paranoia. Susan smiles; she thinks today is a weird day. What are the odds of two of Oakdale’s talk show hosts getting knocked on the head from unrelated incidents? Susan goes on to explain Brad was knocked out at WOAK. This has Alison’s attention now. Do they know who did it? No, Brad didn’t see who hit him. She has to get back to work though. Matt comes to see Alison because he has a question. She smirks; she doesn’t know how to get paint out of pants. He smiles; that wasn’t the question. He was wondering if they could go on a date after dark? It depends; can she trust him? Yes. Then she will go out with him.

Brad knocks on Katie’s door. He wants to check on her. She is sitting on the couch, but she doesn’t get up. She is fine, but she is undressed and in bed, she lies. He jokes; it sounds dangerous. She doesn’t want him to start. He meant because she isn’t supposed to sleep. He could stay up with her all night and talk. She is ok. She isn’t going to let him in. She walks towards the door and leans against it, as Brad is doing the same thing. Doesn’t she think it is weird they both got knocked out – it could be a sign. She thinks it was just a coincidence, but she doesn’t seem to believe that herself. She will see him tomorrow. Brad finally agrees to see her the next day; they both seem upset and as if they want to be with each other, but Katie won’t open the door and Brad walks away.

Carly and Jack are home; she wonders if he thinks Kit is really coming back for her? They may only have one more chance to nail her. Carly promises she will be ready. He won’t let anything happen to her. They are interrupted when Margo knocks, which causes Carly to jump a bit. Margo tells them that she has a police car posted outside their house. Jack is upset, but Margo tells him that is how it is going to be. This is her final warning to do as she says. She leaves and Carly is upset; Kit is never going to show herself with a police presence outside. Jack realizes that is a problem. Carly is upset because Parker keeps promising things will be ok for him, but when they try, they fail; she feels so hopeless; what if they lose their son? All they can do is hug though.

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