ATWT Update Friday 2/29/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/29/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures By Suzanne

At Tom and Margo’s home, Matt is looking at photos and through the mail, as Margo comes in and interrupts him. What is he doing? He is not going to lie; he was snooping around...checking things out.

At his suite, Henry sadly puts down the note and designer shoes from Gray and when Vienna walks in, he pretends to be casually reading a magazine. Where has she been? She asks him if he is taking a break from the woman he was kissing. He can explain. She doesn’t want to hear it; he can get on with his philandering because two can play that game. Henry realizes what she is saying. What does she mean, he asks knowingly? Was she with Gray? Yes, she was. Did she sleep with him; he wants the truth? She did; she actually made love to Gray and why shouldn’t she after he cheated on her.

Margo wonders what he was looking for? He does that sometimes when he is alone; her family and she are amazing; his family is not like hers. He admits that he shouldn’t have been looking; he is sorry. Margo tells him that it is just stuff and it is ok. He didn’t expect her home; is she usually home during the day? Margo actually opens up generally about Parker’s case. It has been hard on the whole force. Can he help? He is nice, but she has to handle this. She would love if he put in his two cents worth about convincing Casey to consider going back to college. Casey comes in and interrupts; he tells Matt it is time to get back to work.

At home, Jack tells Carly that her plan is too risky. They have run out of options. They can’t let Kit run off, so Parker can go to prison. He would do anything to stop that from happening. They can’t take the chance. Jack thinks since Kit has killed Sam, what makes her think she won’t kill her? He would stop it; she trusts him and wishes he would have as much faith in her as she has in him.

What did he expect; she saw him with another woman. He can’t believe this, Henry snaps. Why can he be with another woman and she can’t be with another man. Does he think there are different rules for men and women? Henry is angry. He wants her out. She wants to know if that is so he can be with the other woman? Yes. He is furious; he wants her out. He wants to be with his floozy? Yes, he wants to be with Kit. What does she want him to do with her stuff? She screams back that she wants him to send it to the Penthouse. Henry screeches about if she is moving in with Gray? She is. He snarls that Gray moves fast. So does he, Vienna snaps back before she stomps out. They both stand on the opposite side of the door distraught.

At WOAK, Katie wonders what she and Brad are doing, as they kiss? They are kissing, Brad answers simply. They can’t, Katie answers back. Brad won’t let her go; he misses her so much and he knows she missed him, as they kiss passionately and fall to the floor of her office.

Carly tells Jack that this is the only way; does he have a better idea? Unfortunately, he doesn’t otherwise he would never entertain this. Carly wants to get started. She goes for the phone; she calls Kit. Kit answers at the Lakeview – she is heading out of town, but they have unfinished business. She wants the deed to Metro to give to the new owner. They agree to meet at Luther’s Corner Church. They hang up. Carly tells Jack that it is set. Jack reminds her that she still need to get her to confess. Parker comes in and sees their serious looks; what are they up to? Jack tries to change the subject and asks about baseball practice. He made the team, as they are thrilled. He is not holding his breath because he will probably go to jail. He wants to know why they aren’t answering his question. They think he should go to the farm; they are working on a plan and they would like him safe at the farm. He wants to be in on it. They promise that he will be the first to know when there is good news. Parker leaves without a word. Carly comments about Parker not believing them. Why should he? That is going to change today.

At the Lakeview, Casey wants to know what his mom and Matt were talking about? They were talking about him – his mom’s favorite subject. She wants him to go back to college. Casey doesn’t want to talk about it. Casey starts to work around the bar when Matt backs into Casey when he sees Gray walk in. This causes Casey to get cut accidentally so they have to take off to the hospital.

Brad and Katie are starting to dress now. Katie stands; it was a mistake; they shouldn’t have done that. Brad tells her that she was having fun. It was like living on the edge. It was the right thing to do, Brad says. Why does she feel so sad then, as Brad tries to hug her?

Henry is on the phone arranging to have the Porter bring Vienna’s clothes to the Penthouse, but then he changes his mind; he will take care of it himself. Henry opens the door and throws Vienna’s clothes in the hall, topping it off with Gray’s fancy shoes. He stares at the pile sadly and then closes the door behind him.

Katie continues to slowly get dressed with her back to Brad; she looks back at him, as he has his back to her as well. She turns around and then Brad looks over at her.

At the church, Jack is worried about Carly knowing what to say. They practiced it enough in the car. If she suspects that Kit could hurt her then he wants her to back off. She wants him out of sight. He doesn’t want her to be a hero. Jack hides as Kit comes in. She doesn’t have time to talk; she needs the title. Carly pretends that she didn’t see their partnership ending like this. She wants the deed, but Carly won’t hand it over. She is not giving her anything. Is this a game? She came to tell her that she knows what she did, and she isn’t going to let her get away with it. Kit walks up close to her, as Carly stands her ground and a nervous Jack listens from behind a nearby door. What is she talking about? She knows what happened the night Sam died. Then she knows more then she does because she was in Chicago. She saw what Sam did to her. Parker shot him. She agrees, but Parker dropped the gun and then she picked up the gun and shot Sam thought the heart. That is ridiculous. She has proof. If she had proof, then she would have gone to the Police; she is bluffing.

Alison sees Matt and Casey at the hospital. What happened? Casey claims he is fine, but limejuice stings in cuts. Matt tells Alison that Casey’s cut is deep and there was a lot of blood. The nurse tells him that he will need stitches, so Casey goes with her. Matt stays with Alison. She is on break, as he asks him to join him back at the Lakeview.

Katie apologizes; she isn’t in control of her emotions and she shouldn’t be dragging him into this. They are not doing a one time drunken hookup, Brad counters. They have amazing chemistry. Just because it feels good, doesn’t mean they should be doing it. It is the wrong place, time and the wrong person. Brad walks over to her, tells her strongly that she is wrong, but they are interrupted when a distraught looking Henry walks in, and tells them that it finally happened; he and Vienna are over.

Vienna and Gray are sitting at a table at the Lakeview. She is crying about Henry. She made the right decision. They had been so close. Sometimes relationships run their course, Gray answers. He wants to cheer her up. He wants to take her shopping in Paris or Milan or to a beach someplace tropical. She has changed her mind. She doesn’t want to leave. She needs to move out of Henry’s. He wants to help, but she needs to do this in her own way. Now that he owns the diner, he wants her to know that she doesn’t want to work. She wants to; before, she liked to be taken care of. Now, she likes to find her own way. Henry changed her. He will change her back. He is going to take care of her and spoil her every moment.

Henry explains that Vienna caught him kissing Kit. She thought he was cheating. She went off the deep end, went to Gray and slept with him. Katie is stunned. Brad tells him that they can fix it. They will back him up and tell he that it was their fault; he needs to tell her the truth. He can’t forgive her; she actually slept with Gray. She is moving into his Penthouse now. He has some pride left; he is not going to admit that there was nothing going on with Kit so he doesn’t look like a loser. What is he saying - he is a loser. He is going to be sick. He lost a great woman. Brad wants Katie to help him do something. Katie thinks they should stay out. Henry is their friend; he is hurting. She knows that; that is what happens when you fall in love; people get hurt and there is nothing anyone can do, as she rushes off. Henry is confused why Katie rushes off. Brad doesn’t want Henry to blame himself; he is the one to blame; it was his idea. It was, Henry agrees. He is sorry for this plan. Why is Katie upset, Henry asks? Then he thinks it is because of the money. He can understand. Brad tells him it isn’t about the money; it is more about life and not getting you what you want out of it. Henry tells him that he can relate to that.

Vienna is walking back to her now old room with Henry talking to herself because she thinks all she needs to do is apologize. Then she sees her clothes on the hallway floor and she screams out.

Carly wants to know how Kit knows that she didn’t call the police; Jack is a detective. Why are they at a church, Kit wonders? She is giving her a chance to stay a prayer. She isn’t going to admit anything. She is wasting her time. Is she going to give her the deed? She is not going to. Jack listens close by. Kit tells her that it doesn’t matter because she is out of there. Kit leaves and an exasperated Carly looks at Jack, who pops his head out, not sure what to do. He gives her a nod prompting Carly to go after her. Carly does; she calls out to Kit telling her that she can run away from her if she wants, but she knows that Kit just couldn’t stand the fact that Sam didn’t love her; he wanted her.

Brad and Henry take a seat at the diner. Brad thinks he should just apologize and move on; he thinks it is best to keep it simple. He suggests flowers. Henry doesn’t think he should listen to Brad’s advice because he has not been successful in getting back the woman he loves. He is not going to give Vienna flowers; he wouldn’t even give her a cactus because he is never going to talk to her again. Why are they at the diner then? He is hungry. He orders a cheeseburger, French fries and a salad. Brad and Henry see Vienna walk in, as Brad tells him that now is his chance. Brad leaves while Henry and Vienna lock eyes.

Brad sees Gray sitting downtown; he is so happy (not) to see “Gray the Destroyer”, as he refers to him, who goes after other men’s girlfriends. Is he pleased with himself now that he has broken up a happy couple? Gray casually asks him if there is anything else, he wants to add? He wants him to stay away from his friends. Is he threatening him? He heard him, as Brad walks away.

Matt and Alison are walking in Old Town when he sees Gray. He suddenly wants to take a detour into a bookstore to buy a book for her; Alison is confused but thinks it is ok. Once they go inside, Matt sneaks back out and asks Gray, whom he refers to as ‘boss’, if he needs anything?

Vienna tells the waitress that she will bring over Henry’s order. She puts it down and Henry tells her that is not what he ordered. If it isn’t what he wants, he can just replace it with something else – like a woman. Henry ignores her and tells her that he wanted the dressing on the side. Vienna snarls back that he wants a lot of things on the side. The customer is always right, he replies. She will make sure he gets what is coming to him. She brings back another order. Henry then comments about his hamburger still mooing. Some things should not be overdone – like cheating, Vienna snips. She brings his order back again; he complains about the pickle, then the onions and then the lettuce. Why is he being so mean to her when he knows how much she loves him?

At Java, Katie sees Parker. She wants to know how he is doing? He could be better. His parents are working hard on getting him out of this. They will never give up. They will never let anything bad to happen. They keep telling him that, but it is hard to believe.

Carly tells Kit that Sam never loved her. He tried, but he just ended up having to use her until something better came along. Kit snarls that she doesn’t believe her. Yes, she does. All those times that Sam wanted to stay behind when she left to go somewhere. She warned her to stay away from him because she knew deep down. That is why she warned her to stay away from him. She couldn’t stand that Sam loved her more; Kit tells her that her scheme isn’t going to work, as she stomps off. Jack comes out. She gave it her best shot, but Kit is clearly not going to give anything up now. Carly is distraught; she let Parker down again; what is she going to do now, as they hug?

Henry stands up defiantly; how can she say she loves him when she slept with Gray? She did it as payback. How could she let it slide when he was with another woman? She had to find a way to punish him. If she had not talked to him for a day or if she had slept on the couch… that would have been punishment, but moving in with the man she slept with is grounds for a divorce, Henry counters. They are not married; he never wanted to tie the knot, Vienna snaps back. He is glad in retrospect; it makes breaking up easier. He wants to gamble on the side; he wants to have an affair on the side; how can she live with that, as she walks off?

Matt wonders id it is a good idea to be seen in public? That is not for him to care about, Gray answers coldly. Gray asks about how it is working at the Hughes house? He is working on it; he knows their routines. He doesn’t need him to rush. When they put the plan in motion, they can’t afford screw-ups. Gray tells Matt he has one more request; does he see Brad? He wants him to send him a message, as he whispers the rest of his request in his ear. This coincides with Alison looking for Matt. She comes outside and sees the two of them huddled together.

Henry stares at Vienna, who is sitting nearby sadly, and then starts to walk over to her, but he is interrupted by Gray walking in wondering when he is going to learn how to treat a lady? He is using the term loosely. Vienna is his now, and he expects him to respect hat; does he understand that, Gray asks?

Alison asks Matt what is going on? She thought they were going to be looking for books to buy one another. He just ran into someone he knew. Alison comments on the man being the same person that Matt thought he knew the other day, but then told her that he was mistaken? It turns out he does know him from the Lakeview. He is a really big tipper so he thought he should say hello. Matt tells her that he has to get back to work, but he will call her later. Alison looks suspicious.

Katie tells Parker that Jack is a smart man; he knows what he is doing. His parents keep telling him that they are working on a plan to get him off, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Parker admits to Katie that he is thinking of doing something, but he knows his parents won’t like it. Katie wants to know what he is talking about? He is thinking of turning himself in. If he pleads guilty, he can get this whole thing over with. Katie tells him not to dare do that!

Carly is mad; she blew it with Kit. Jack thinks that she cracked her façade a bit. They need to find a way to exploit it. Carly doesn’t think she is going to admit to killing Sam. Jack tells Carly that to be on the safe side, he has people tailing Kit. Margo interrupts calling Jack. She needs him at the station right away. He tells Carly that he doesn’t want her giving up hope; he will be back as soon as he can, as he hugs her.

Jack arrives at the station. The officer tells Jack sorry because Margo found out he was tailing Kit. Jack tells him it is ok; he doesn’t want him in trouble. Margo reminds Jack that he resigned from the force when she ordered him to drop the investigation. He turned to a friend. She has to understand. She does, but from now on, he doesn’t go against her orders. Jack understands. After he walks away, Jack asks the officer where Kit went once she left the church? He doesn’t know; they lost her so she could be anywhere.

Katie is adamant that Parker not turn himself in. He has done everything right already; she wants him to trust the system and his parents. He knows that because everyone keeps telling him that. Everyone loves him and they are looking out for him. It may seem bad now, but they would be devastated if he went to prison. It may be hard playing the wait and see game now, but it is so much better then if he turned himself in. She wants him to promise not to do anything that crazy. He promises her. Is there anything she can do for him? His parents want him to stay at the Farm and to avoid his mom’s house, but he left a book for school at his mom’s house and he is going to be in trouble if he doesn’t get it. Katie takes his keys and promises to get it for him.

Gray hands Henry the lunch check; Henry sarcastically asks if he charges him for every wrong order? Gray advises that he leave Vienna a nice tip. Henry throws down some money and leaves. He watches a sad Vienna through the window, as Gray paws and kisses her.

Alison sees Casey at the hospital. Thanks to Matt, he got the stitches he needs. He seems like a good guy, but Alison admits that whenever she is with him, she feels like he isn’t being straight; it feels as if he is hiding something. Casey tries to blow it off; everyone has something that they want to hide. Alison can appreciate that, but she just feels like something is off. Casey tells her that all he knows is that when he needed something, Matt was there. He has nothing bad to say about him; he has to go back to work.

Brad comes back to WOAK looking for Katie and finds her not there. He picks up his phone and calls Bonnie. He was wondering if she was free to come by and hang out? He turns to leave, but he is hit on the head and knocked out. As he is lying unconscious on the floor, Matt leans down and makes sure he is out cold, as he talks to him; it looks like he is going to get Gray’s message.

Katie lets herself into Carly’s house and looks for Parker’s book. She walks into the kitchen but is promptly knocked out.

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