ATWT Update Thursday 2/28/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/28/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Noah’s car) Luke is watching the sunrise, as he is the first to awaken in the morning. Luke notices Noah snuggling with Ameera and decides not to awaken him. Noah then wakes up and wonders why Luke didn’t wake him up so they could watch the sunrise together. Luke tells Noah that he looked so comfortable snuggling with Ameera and says that old habits are tough to break. Noah assures Luke that he didn’t try anything with Ameera and Luke tells him to relax that he was just kidding besides they all needed to keep warm. Noah and Luke snuggle as they look out the window and wait for a car to pass by and rescue them. Ameera awakens and Luke and Noah pull apart quickly because they know she isn’t used to being around gay people. Ameera wonders if they have gotten help and Noah says no but he will get out of the car and get some help. Noah gets out and sees a car coming and waves his hands in the air and the car tosses some empty beer cans out the window as it passes by so Noah calls the two guys jerks for throwing the beer cans on the highway and not stopping to help them. The car stops turns around and two very drunk guys named Grant and Chad get out of the car. Grand and Chad shove Noah a few times then he shoves them back. Luke and Ameera get out of the truck and once Grant and Chad see Ameera and find out she is from Iraq they start to taunt her saying that a lot of good American men and women are dying in her country for no good reason. One of the guys tries to touch Ameera’s cheek and Noah gets in front of her and tells them to stop touching her. The guy punches Noah and he falls to the ground and once they see how Luke is worried about him they guess that they are gay and call them faggots.

Noah gets up and helps Ameera get back inside the car one of the guys hits Noah in the back with a crowbar and pulls Ameera out of the truck and takes her and puts her inside their truck. Luke rushes to help Ameera and is punching one of the guys and trying to pull her out of the truck at the same time. Holden and Lily arrive and Holden helps Luke subdue Grant and Chad while Lily helps Noah and Ameera. (Hospital) Luke, Lily, Holden and Ameera are relived when Susan informs them Noah only has a concussion and that no damage was done to his spine. Luke goes in to Noah’s room to see him and they hold hands as Luke tells Noah he doesn’t know what he would have done if anything had happened to him. Ameera then goes to see Noah and thanks him for saving her life. The nurse asks Ameera if Noah is her boyfriend and she says no he is her brother but once the nurse is gone she apologizes to Noah for saying that he just feels like her family. Noah says he also feels like she is a sister even though they are not related they don’t have to be related to be a family. Holden returns from the police station and informs Lily that Grant and Chad had a blood alcohol level way above the legal limit so they should be off the streets for a while. Lily cries and tells Holden that every time Luke and Noah go out of the house she worries that something like this will happen to them. Holden assures Lily that Luke knows how to take care of himself and they must allow them to live their lives. Lily thinks that Ameera must also have been terrified about this horrible incident and she tells Holden they must find some way to help her.

(Carly’s house) Jack and Carly persuade Parker to go to school and assure him that they will find a way to prove Kit killed Sam so that he won’t have to go to jail. Once Parker is gone they tell each other they must find a way to get $250,000 so that they can at least have a chance at getting Kit to confess she killed Sam.

(Lakeview) Brad and Katie try to listen through the wall to determine if Henry and Vienna are fighting with each other but are relived that everything is quiet. Brad jokes they must be doing a lot more then making up after their fight and Katie hits Brad in the chest for the remarks and then Brad says that he could also use some sexual healing and Katie throws Brad out of the room. Vienna tells Henry that he is a wonderful lover and he says the same of her and they get ready to make love again but the phone rings and Henry answers it and it is Kit demanding her money so she can leave town. Henry tells Kit she will have her money very soon and then hangs up the phone. Vienna demands that Henry tell her the truth about the call and she asks him if he is gambling again. Henry assures Vienna he isn’t gambling but he is going to do a good deed by delivering $250,000 to Metro and soon she will be very proud of him.

(Lakeview) Once Henry is gone, Vienna gets a delivery of all the latest styles in extremely expensive shoes with a note from Gray saying that a beautiful woman like her deserves to be beautiful from head to toe. Vienna decides to return all the boxes of shoes but one and then calls Gray to let him know she is returning his very extravagant gift. Vienna puts on a sexy black dress before she goes downstairs to Fashions to return the shoes. Gray meets her there and she thanks him for the gift but returns the four bags to the saleslady. Vienna gives Gray a kiss on the cheek to thank him for being so kind to her. Gray tells her that he is leaving town today and wants to give her a gift to remember him by so Vienna asks him for $250, 000 and he smiles and nods his head as a sign that he will give her the money. (Metro) Henry arrives and Carly tells him Jack is trying to get the money. Henry gets nervous because he thinks Kit will kill him if she doesn’t get the money he promised her. (TV Station) Jack asks Brad to give him the money and he says he would gladly give it but he doesn’t have that huge amount available. Katie offers Jack the money as a way to make up for ruining their first plan and because she loves Parker very much and doesn’t want him to go to jail. Carly and Henry arrive and when Carly finds out that Katie is giving them the money she doesn’t want to take it at first but relents when she sees it is the only solution. Jack and Carly thank Katie and then Jack borrows microphones and recording equipment from the station and head to Metro. Brad thanks Katie for helping Parker but tells her he knows she did it because she still loves Jack.

(Metro) Henry tells Kit he is attracted to her and he can’t let her leave town without telling her how he feels about her. (Old Town) Gray gives Vienna the cash she asked for and she heads to Metro to pay what she thinks is Henry’s gambling debt. Henry tells Kit that he understands she is lonely and has suffered very much since Sam Died. Henry asks her to tell him her secrets and Kit asks him to kiss her first and Vienna walks in and sees Henry kissing Kit. Vienna is devastated and she tells Henry their relationship is over for good even though Henry assures her he can explain things to her later. Vienna gives Gray back his cash and decides to have sex with him before they leave town for good. Vienna remembers the first time she and Henry made love in his limo and briefly stops as she sheds a few tears. Vienna then begins to make love to Gray again and once its over Gray is very satisfied and tells Vienna he hopes that she is as happy as she made him. Vienna turns her face away from Gray so he won’t see her crying but he sees her crying anyway but he thinks its because she was so moved but what just happened between them. (TV Station) Henry arrives in a panic explains everything to Brad and Katie and begs them to help him find Vienna before its to late. Katie goes to search for Vienna to explain things to her but she can’t find her anywhere. (Lakeview) Henry comes back home to explain things to Vienna but discovers she is gone and sees the shoes and the note from Gray (TV Station) Jack and Carly arrive to apologize to Katie for losing her money and Katie hugs Jack and says the money doesn’t matter she is just sorry the plan didn’t work.

(TV Station) Brad finds Katie crying and apologizes for his earlier remarks about her being in love with Jack. Brad says he didn’t mean to hurt her so much that she would cry and he won’t mention it again although he has finally realized that she will always love Jack and they have no chance together. Katie explains that she is crying because she loves Parker very much and is worried about what will happen to him now. Brad tells Katie he is also very worried about his nephew and since Katie can’t stop crying Brad holds her and within a few minutes they start kissing each other. (Carly’s house) Parker comes home and tells his parents that he is going to try out for the baseball team today so they encourage him and assure him that he won’t go to jail. Once Parker is gone Jack admits he is out of ideas to save Parker. Carly tells Jack that the only way to catch Kit is to get her to kill again. Carly tells Jack she intends to tell Kit she has proof that she killed Sam so that this information will push Kit to try and kill her. Jack thinks the plan is too risky and tells Carly that he won’t allow her to risk her life.

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