ATWT Update Wednesday 2/27/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 2/27/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Farm) Luke and Noah decide that they should help Ameera after her visa expires because they can’t let her go back to Iraq. Noah is surprised that Luke wants to help Ameera because he doesn’t seem to care that much about what happens to her. Luke wonders why Noah wants to help Ameera so much. Noah explains to Luke that he wants to help Ameera because he feels he must complete the last good thing his father did in his life before he became evil. Luke points out that helping Ameera won’t help his father accept that he is gay and he doesn’t owe a stranger anything. Ameera overhears the conversation and agrees with Luke. Ameera wants to leave the farm because she feels she is imposing on Luke’s generosity. Luke stops her and says that it is Snyder family tradition never to turn away somebody who is in need of help. Luke tells Ameera he wants her to stay because she is important to Noah and Noah is important to him. Noah gets a call from the Statesville prison warden telling him that his father insists on seeing him and that it is very important that he comes to visit him today. Noah doesn’t want to go but Ameera persuades him to go by telling him that she wants to talk to Colonel Mayer and possibly persuade him to accept Noah’s relationship with Luke. Luke and Noah don’t think that will ever happen but they all go to Statesville prison together.

(Noah’s car) Ameera asks Luke and Noah when they first knew they were gay because she has never met a gay person before.

(Noah’s car) Luke tells Ameera that he first knew he was gay in High school when he noticed he liked sports but not girls because he did everything he could to avoid school dances and girls. Luke also tells Ameera that he drank a lot because he didn’t want to admit to himself or other people that he was gay. Luke tells Ameera his cousin Jade helped him face the truth about himself and once he got the support of his parents he felt free to be himself. Noah tells Ameera that Luke was the first guy he ever had feelings for and he also tells her about how he hurt an old girlfriend Maddie. Noah talks the whole way to Ameera about he always wanted to have a younger sister or brother and Luke has a look of annoyance on his face because Noah is so open with Ameera about his life and he has never shared anything about his past with him. Noah is enjoying talking with Ameera so much that he almost runs over something and breaks the axle of one of the wheels of his car. Luke Noah and Ameera don’t have a signal on their cell phones and they must decide to sleep inside the truck and wait for someone to drive by and help them.

(Will and Gwen’s place) Gwen feels like she stole Sofie’s baby from her and Will tells her the judge thought that Hallie was better off with them. Will and Gwen decide to go visit Paul with the baby so they can cheer him up and in the process get over their feelings of sadnessover what happened with Sofie.

(Hospital) Sofie goes to visit Paul and brings him the book Treasure Island to thank him for being so kind to her. Paul thanks her for the gift tells her it is his favorite book and asks her to read it to him. Will and Gwen arrive and are shocked to see Sofie visiting Paul. Will wants to leave but Gwen and Paul talk him into staying because Paul wants to spend time with Hallie. The baby is fussy and against Will’s objections Gwen allows Sofie to hold the baby. Will allows it for a few minutes and then tells Sofie to give the baby back to Gwen. Sofie does so and goes outside to wait for Gwen and Will to finish their visit with Paul. Will is upset at Paul’s new friendship with Sofie but Paul assures his brother that he isn’t taking sides that he and Sofie are just friends and he doesn’t have any friends right now. Paul tells Will and Gwen that Meg came to visit and told him that their relationship has no future so she won’t be coming back. Paul holds Hallie for a few minutes and promises to get better so that he can spoil her. Will and Gwen are leaving the hospital when Sofiie stops them to give them a gift so the baby can remember her. Gwen opens the present and it is a stuffed animal in the shape of a whale because Sofie loves the sea and she hopes Hallie will also love the gift. Will thanks Sofie for the gift but no thanks to Sofie’s present.

(Lakeview) Sofie goes to dinner with Chris but she doesn’t touch her food because she is distracted by thoughts of the baby. Chris tells her to be patient because it will take time for her to accept that Hallie belongs to Will and Gwen now.

(Outside the Lakeview) Chris and Sofie finish dinner and are walking back to the hospital and they see Will and Gwen who say a quick hello and then keep walking on their way to Al’s diner.

(Al’s Diner) Gwen tells Will there was no harm in accepting Sofie’s present but Will says that he doesn’t trust Sofie and they must set boundaries with her this time.

(Hospital) Chris arrives with Sofie who goes to visit Paul and reads to him. Barbara arrives and Sofie waits outside while Barbara tells Paul that she and Sofie don’t get along and wonders if Sofie has talked to him about her. Paul tells her that Sofie hasn’t mentioned a word about her she has just been a friend who is reading Treasure Island to him and he wants to know the ending of the book. Barbara leaves and Sofie goes back inside Paul’s room to read to him.

(Will and Gwen’s place) Barbara tells Will and Gwen she is worried about Paul’s relationship with Sofie. Will tells Barbara he is also worried about the relationship and told Paul so but Paul is so stubborn he can’t see reason. Gwen notices Barbara is tired because she has had her radiation treatment but Barbara still doesn’t say a word to Will and Gwen about her cancer.

(Lakeview) Henry arrives and sasses Vienna kissing Gray and refuses to let her explain things to him about what he has just seen. Henry leaves the room and goes directly to the TV station to tell Katie and Brad that he has lost Vienna for good. Henry tells Brad and Katie what he has seen and Katie reminds Henry that Vienna loves him not this Gray guy. Brad and Katie do some research on the Internet about Gray and agree that he is tough competition. Henry is very sad so Brad and Katie decide to help him make up with Vienna because they know how much he loves her.

(Lakeview) Brad talks to Gray at the bar and Gray is very happy because he thinks he will have the woman of his dreams soon. Brad wants Gray to go on the show and talk about real estate but Gray says he doesn’t want publicity. Katie talks to Vienna who is sobbing and admits she doesn’t know what do because she loves Henry but misses the life of luxury that gray can give her. Katie encourages Vienna to stay with Henry because she loves him and he loves her and that is all that should matter in a relationship. Vienna wonders why Katie isn’t with Brad because she loves him and yet she denies her feelings for him. Katie tells Vienna not to change the subject and tells her that Henry has matured so much since he met her and he has changed because of his love for her. Vienna tells Katie that she has given up so much for Henry her old life the Diner that she loved, marriage and children but she isn’t sure that Henry will ever be ready to offer those things to her. Vienna wonders if a serious relationship with Henry is meant to be.

(TV Station) Henry comforts himself with food and eats all the snacks in brad’s snack drawer while he waits for Katie and Brad to return with news. (Lakeview) Vienna asks Brad and Katie to persuade Henry to give her another chance.

(TV Station) Katie tells Henry that Gray means nothing to Vienna and persuades her friend to go make up with the woman he loves. Brad tells Henry to watch out for Gray and keep his guard up because he is one slippery guy.

(Lakeview) Vienna tries to seduce Henry but he doesn’t respond at first because he is still mad at her. Henry eventually does respond to Vienna’s charms because he loves her and the two make passionate love. The camera shows the audience that Vienna has the diamond earrings Gray gave her hidden under the bed. Gray calls Vienna and leaves a message on her voice mail saying that she will be in his dreams tonight.

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