ATWT Update Tuesday 2/26/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/26/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

( Will and Gwen’s place) Gwen plays with Hallie and tells Will that when she smiles she looks like him even though it is silly to think that since she is adopted. Will doesn’t think its silly to think that at all because Hallie is their daughter in every sense of the word. Bonnie arrives and tells them the judge has made his decision and they are to be at the courthouse in one hour to here the judge’s decision. Gwen calls a baby-sitter to stay with Hallie and then she worries that they won’t get to keep Hallie but Will trusts that the judge is going to do what is best for Hallie and she will stay with them.

(Wagon Wheel Motel) Sofie gets a call from her lawyer who tells her that the judge has made his decision and she must go to the courthouse and she begins to cry because she fears she will lose Hallie. Chris arrives to check on Sofie and she tells him the news and says she is shaking so Chris offers to drive her to the courthouse.

(Will and Gwen’s house) Gwen calls Barbara to tell her the judge has made his decision Barbara tells her she is getting her nails done and will meet her at the courthouse.

(Hospital ) Barbara tells the nurse that she will reschedule her radiation appointment because she has something important she must do.

(Hospital) Paul is angry with Margo because it seems she is doing nothing to arrest her brother Craig for causing the car bombing that put him in the hospital. Margo tells Paul that right now she doesn’t have time to concentrate much on his case because she is more concerned about a teenaged boy who is gong to be tried as an adult in a murder case. Paul tells her he knows about Parker and is very sorry because he is a good kid but she should give both cases equal attention. Margo assures Paul she is looking for Craig and when she finds him she will arrest him but he should concentrate on his recovery and stop obsessing about Craig.

(Farm) Parker tells Meg that he read in the newspaper about Paul’s accident and wants to go see him in the hospital. Parker asks Meg to drive him to the hospital because Paul is his friend and he wants to see him. Meg tries to persuade Parker to ask his parents if it is okay and maybe one of them can take him to the hospital later but Parker says he already called and neither of his parents is answering their phone. Meg sees that seeing Paul is important to Parker so she takes him to the hospital to visit Paul.

(Hospital) Paul is happy to see parker and is even happier to see the Meg came with him to visit him. Meg wants to leave them alone to talk but Paul asks her to stay so she does and Parker talks to Paul about how scared he is about going to jail. Paul tells Parker that whatever happens he will be okay because he has two parents that will always love and protect him. Parker also wonders how Paul’s accident happened and he says it was his fault. Parker knows better and says that someone did this to him but Paul says it was his fault because he should have let things go and never provoked the person.

(Hospital) Meg asks Parker to wait in the car and then once he is gone she thanks Paul for calming Parker’s fears about his circumstances. Paul tells Meg she was right about Craig and he is going to try his best to change so he can become a man that is worthy of her. Meg tells Paul that it is great that he is trying to change but he must understand that it is too late for them to have a relationship.

(Lakeview) Matt advises Gray that it could damage their plans if he gets involved with Vienna. Gray makes it clear to Matt that he is his boss and what he does with Vienna is none of his business. Vienna comes down the elevator and Gray invites her to have some champagne with him and she accepts his invitation.

(Carly’s house) Jack and Carly ask Henry to help them get Kit to admit that she fired the shot that killed Sam by wearing a wire when he talks to Kit. Henry is scared to do this and says no at first but changes his mind when Carly ask him to help for Parker’s sake.

(Courthouse) Gwen tells Sofie that whatever happens all they have ever wanted to do is what is best for Hallie. Matt sees Alison who tells him she is there to support he friends who are in a custody hearing today. Matt tells Alison he is there dropping off some papers for Margo but he has gotten lost three times already. Matt decides to stay with Alison and drop off the papers later.

(Metro) Henry tells Kit that he doesn’t want Carly to be his partner in the club because he can’t stand her because she ruined his marriage. Kit gets Henry a beer and he explains that Carly flirted with him until he couldn’t take it anymore and they had sex then his wife caught them and they got a divorce. Kit tells Henry she understands because Carly did the same thing with her boyfriend Sam and forced her to do something she didn’t want to do. Kit assures Henry that Carly won’t be a problem but if he doesn’t want to buy the bar she will just have to leave town broke. Henry tells Kit that he will go outside and call Carly and try to make peace with her. Jack tells Henry to tell Kit that Carly has decided to give her her shares of the bar so she can sell them to him. Henry goes inside and relays the message to Kit but is unable to get any more information from her.

(Courthouse) The judge tell everyone that generally the law tends to side with thee biological mother but in this case Sofie put the baby n danger and she filed the petition the day after the limit was up for her to change her mind about the adoption. The judge tells everyone that he believes Hallie belongs with Will and Gwen. Sofie asks to speak to the court and tells the judge she accepts the decision but she hopes that Hallie will somehow know that she was once a part of her. Will and Gwen aren’t as happy as they thought they would be because they understand her pain. Will and Gwen decide to have a party to celebrate that Hallie is home. Barbara decides to go back to the hospital to reschedule her radiation treatment.

(Hospital) Chris tells Sofie to wait on him because he knows she feels badly and needs to talk to someone. Barbara sees Sofie and apologizes to her for what she did to force her to give up her baby. The nurse tells Barbara that they were able to reschedule her radiation treatment and Sofie overhears so Barbara begs her not to tell Will and Gwen anything about her cancer. Sofie goes into Paul’s room and tells him that she lost the custody battle for Hallie and sobs for the first time. Paul calms her down and holds her as she cries. Chris arrives looking for Sofie and can’t find her anywhere so he assumes she went home because she got tired of waiting on him.

(Lakeview) Gray wants to take Vienna on a European vacation and tells her she can even bring Henry Vienna says that would be fun but no Henry wouldn’t like that at all. Gray wants to give Vienna the necklace back but she refuses to accept it. Gray shows her some earrings to mach the necklace and asks them to just wear them for a little while and then she can give them back to him. Vienna accepts and continues to get drunk with the champagne.

(Will and Gwen’s place) Matt and Casey arrive for the party and Will is very happy to see Casey. Matt thinks Hallie is very cute so Gwen says he can hold her and he says he has never held a baby before so Gwen shows him how and then he holds Hallie. Casey gets very upset when he sees this and tells Matt they must leave now because they must go back to work.

(Lakeview) Matt and Casey arrive and Matt sees Gray taking a very drunk Vienna up to her room. Casey is angry with Matt because he fits in so easily with his friends and parents and he feels like Matt is trying to steal his life away from him. Matt offers to leave town again but Casey says no he can stay until he gets back on his feet. Gray takes a very drunk Vienna to her room and once they get inside he begins to kiss her and since she is very drunk she doesn’t stop him.

(Police Station) Jack takes the recording of Kit to Margo but she says she can’t use it because she didn’t authorize it therefore it is illegal and can’t be used in court. Margo also points out that Kit never told Henry what she did to Sam. Margo tells Jack to step away from the case because he is too emotionally involved and compromised the case already by breaking the rules. Jack gives Margo his badge and quits his job.

(Carly's house) Carly feels badly that Jack quit his job because it means so much to him. Jack tells Carly that nothing means more to him then Parker and assures Carly they will find a way to save their son from jail.

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