ATWT Update Monday 2/25/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/25/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the farm, Luke asks how Noah and Ameera how they slept? They slept well after they put up a sheet; in her country, men and women don’t sleep in the same room unless they are married, Ameera explains. What are her plans? Her visa is almost up and Col. Meyer’s money has almost run out. Noah thinks it is early for Luke’s third degree. It is not as early as he thinks, as Luke thinks Noah should be off to class. Noah answers in a matter of fact way that he is skipping class.

At Al’s, Alison is hanging out with Matt. They are enjoying each other’s company when Aaron comes up. Is she going to introduce him to her new friend? Alison introduces Matt nervously as one of Casey’s friends; Aaron is her ex boyfriend.

Luke doesn’t think Noah should be skipping class. Mid terms is coming up and he has that TV production workshop – it is half his grade. Noah doesn’t feel comfortable leaving Ameera alone. Luke thinks she will be fine until he gets back; the class is important. Noah reminds him that Ameera is as well. Luke shrugs it off; he will see him later.

Aaron recognizes Matt from being a bartender at the Lakeview. Has he grown up in this town? No. Why did he move to Oakdale then? Alison thinks he is interrogating him, as Matt acts like it is ok. Casey hooked him up with a job so he could make some extra money to get back to school. Matt then excuses himself saying he needs to use the bathroom. Alison wonders why Aaron is concerning himself with her life?

Henry wakes Vienna up with breakfast in bed. She teases him about an extravagant breakfast. It is bagels – no more room service because it is not in the budget. There is one more thing he wants to talk to her about – the necklace – she has to give it back. Vienna sighs.

At home, Carly freaks out to Jack when he walks in; Kit is gone. Jack wants her to relax; Kit is at the station being questioned as they speak.

At the station, Dallas is telling Kit and her lawyer that she has to stay in town because the proper paperwork wasn’t filled out properly to transport Sam’s body. The lawyer tells Dallas that his client has rights. Dallas is trying to keep Kit in town with all sorts of red tape. The lawyer threatens a lawsuit. Kit just wants to get out of town.

Jack tells Carly they trumped a reason to keep Kit in town by claiming the papers weren’t filed right about Sam. How long will that last? Dallas is dragging his feet, but Kit’s lawyer will figure it out soon. Carly is mad that Katie called and ruined their chance. Jack doesn’t want Carly to blame her because he should have turned off his phone. Carly is convinced one way or another Katie always ruins things.

At WOAK, Brad is nursing a hangover. Brad is talking with the makeup woman about knocking back ‘shooters’ with Bonnie. Katie is nearby listening to him. He doesn’t know what happened after, but a hangover is a small price to pay, as he smirks at the woman. Katie, who is still nearby, starts to cry, as Brad and the makeup woman look at her. She walks away. Brad wonders if it is something that he said? No. She must be upset because he is dating Bonnie. What is he talking about? He thinks she should give him a kiss to make her feel better. She is not upset about Bonnie; she is upset about Jack.

Jack knows Carly is upset, but Katie didn’t know what they were doing. What are they going to do now? Hopefully, Dallas will hold Kit in town. Dallas calls; Kit’s lawyer is threatening to sue the Oakdale PD. Jack pleads with him to keep her in town on some technicality. There isn’t anything left for him to do. She is going to be released in a little while. Jack races out telling Carly what is going on. He has to come up with a plan to keep Kit in town.

Noah offers to show Ameera around. In her country, men and women aren’t allowed to travel alone together in a car. Noah smiles; he won’t take advantage of her – he is gay. She is sorry; she needs to get used to the difference in lifestyle. He will be her tour guide; once she gets used to Oakdale, she will never want to leave.

Alison wants to know what Aaron is up to; he is judging her. He is just trying to get to know the guy she is seeing. He thinks she should be careful. Why because someone with her past always attracts the wrong type or is it because she can’t possibly be a good judge of character? That is not what he was saying. Matt comes back and sees Alison taking Aaron’s comments the wrong way; is everything ok?

Downtown, Ameera is walking behind Noah; is he walking too fast? In her country, women walk behind men. She talks about the differences in her country; she points out books and how they aren’t able to access them or that they are always censored. Noah talks about how he and Luke would not be allowed to live in Iraq based on their relationship. Sometimes their relationship is not even tolerated in the US either. Ameera asks about Luke’s family accepting them. Does he love Luke? Yes. His family knows and they have no problem? They have all been so nice and understanding. Does his father accept them? His father is narrow minded and prejudiced. He wants nothing to do with him. She thinks Col. Meyer is a fine man and she can’t see him rejecting his son.

Vienna pouts; does she really have to give the necklace back? Does she really have to ask that? It was a friendly gift; it would be rude. He doesn’t want her wearing expensive gives when he can’t afford to buy them for himself. She thinks they can hawk the necklace; they could use the money. He doesn’t want that either. Vienna tells him that her heart will always be with him no matter how many diamonds she is given. Vienna tells him that Gray called her while he was sleeping with another offer. Henry sighs. She wants him to hear her out. He offered to give them back the diner with no strings attached because he knows how much it means to her. She pleads with Henry to accept that offer so they can get back their life. Henry tells her no though, as Vienna frowns. Why is he being so stubborn? She is not going to sleep with Gray. He is giving the diner back for nothing so he should love her enough to go for this. Gray is never going to give her something for nothing. He is the one who lost Al’s in a poker game, so they should be appreciative, Vienna counters. He doesn’t want to owe Gray anything; she shouldn’t want to owe him either. His answer is no. Why is he being this way? He doesn’t want to lose her, but this is his line in the sand. Either she gives back the diamonds and she promises not to accept any more favors from Gray or they are though, as Henry stomps out.

If his father were so prejudiced, he would never have helped an Iraqi family, Ameera tells Noah. Noah explains that after what he did to Luke and he will never forgive him. The Col. Meyer she knew was kind and generous. He was the best thing to happen to her. They could have died without his protection. He just wanted to help them. If he hadn’t seen a picture of her and his dad then he would have thought it was mistaken identity. Noah drops to the bench exasperated. Why is he angry to hear good things about his dad? He should be proud. She doesn’t understand. She thinks he does.

Aaron is sorry to upset Alison. He just stopped by to tell her that his mom had a relapse. Alison is immediately sorry. Is she going to be ok? He hopes so, but he is leaving town for a bit. Alison wants Aaron to send her best. She didn’t mean to be that way. He accepts her apology and heads out quickly. Matt comments about exes causing grief sometimes. Alison answers that it is not so easy to escape your past. Matt agrees, as he sees Gray walk in.

Ameera thinks it is difficult for Noah to hear about his dad with another woman. She loved him like her own dad, but that must not make him love him any less. That is not the reason at all. He showed his love by trying to control him. His father tried to kill Luke; he said their relationship makes him sick. He is in jail where he belongs. He also killed his mother so he wouldn’t find out she is a prostitute. He apologizes for telling her all of this. They knew two different Col. Meyer’s. Noah wants to drop the subject. Ameera comments about how they experienced his father in two ways. She is shocked that his dad was so much a bigot. As horrible as his dad treated him, he is jealous that he saw that gentle side to him; it is a side he never saw - this gentle respectful side. It hurts that he was able to show others so much kindness that he couldn’t show his own son. Luke walks up from behind and watches them.

Matt looks over at Gray. Alison wonders if he knows him? He reminds him of someone. Matt asks Alison if she wants to go for a walk or did her ex scare her off? He did not and she would love to go for a walk.

Vienna walks into the diner and over to Gray at the counter; Henry won’t go for his offer to give them back the diner even though she tried to convince him otherwise. He is sorry to hear that. She also has to give him his necklace back too, as she takes it off and hands it to him. Diamonds become her; is she sure, she wants to give it back? It is at Henry’s insistence. Before he leaves, he wants to ask her one more thing; will she have dinner with him that night?

Katie tells Brad that her phone call blew his chance to get Parker’s off for Sam’s murder. She feels so badly. She didn’t know that they were pulling off this scam, Brad counters; Jack should have turned his phone off. Jack will come up with another plan. She just wanted to help Parker and not make things worse. Does Jack think if they have more time with Kit then she will confess? He does. Henry walks in and tells Katie that he needs his best friend. What is wrong? Vienna has an admirer. Brad suddenly has an idea. He knows how to get Katie back in Jack’s good graces. He doesn’t want her to think he is doing this for her; he is doing this for Parker.

Jack races into the station to find out that Dallas had to release Kit a few minutes ago. Jack is upset about her leaving. Brad walks in and tells Jack that he heard from Katie what they were trying to do with Kit. Jack is annoyed; he wants him to stay out of it. The last thing they need is he getting involved in this with one if his hair brained schemes. Brad tells him that it is too late anyway. Jack doesn’t want him playing a game to impress Katie. He is not doing that; Parker is his nephew. Jack wants him to stay out of it. He promises that his plan will work and he will thank him when Parker free.

Katie comes to see Carly at her house. She wants to apologize for calling and screwing things up. Is she there to score brownie points with Jack, Carly growls? Carly wants Katie to stay away as far as possible from her family. Katie wants to help Parker. Parker is she and Jack’s son and not hers, Carly spits back at her. They don’t need her help. Whether she wants it or not, she already has her help.

At the Lakeview, Kit is anxious to leave town. Henry, in disguise, walks up and approaches Kit. He knows her and he wants to buy a property from her. He is involved in nightclubs in major cities and he wanted to open one in Oakdale for high-end clientele. He is interested in Metro. He pretends to realize that she is leaving so he thinks it is not a good time. Kit quickly tells him that she is available, as she cancels the cab. Kit quickly goes into her sales pitch, as they start to walk away

Gray reminds Vienna that without the diner, Henry won’t be able to take her out and wine and dine her. He wants to do that for her – one last time. She is flattered, but she can’t accept. Can’t he tempt her? Henry would never understand; her relationship with Henry is way to important, and she can’t afford to risk that; she loves him very much. He is a lucky man. Gray flirts about needing her beautiful company over coffee at least.

Luke, Noah and Ameera walk into Al’s. Noah tells Luke that they were talking about his father. He hopes he didn’t interrupt them. She tells them that she didn’t mean to make this into trouble for them because they have been so nice to her.

Matt is glad Aaron didn’t scare her off. Matt wants to go to the movies. Alison wants to tell him something before this turns into a date. Did he saw how angry she got at Aaron for interrogating him? He did. He was doing it because she has a past that she isn’t proud of. Matt tells her that they all have pasts that they may not be proud of. Alison smiles appreciatively, but she needs to be honest so he can bail now if he wants too.

Gray continues to flirt; she is perfect. Vienna tells him that he has to stop the flattery. She thinks she should go get things prepared to hand over the diner. Gray pleads with her for more time. He is wasting his time, Vienna explains. Spending time with his dream girl is not a waste of time in his book. They are in a public place and Henry can’t object to that. He just needs to spend more time with the most beautiful woman. Vienna teases him about all the flattery. He promises her that she is perfectly safe in public with him. Not soon after he gets those words out of his mouth, there is a loud bang and he and Vienna drop down. Ameera, who is sitting nearby with Luke and Noah, races to hide under the table. Alison and Matt, who are outside, race in the direction of the diner. Gray, who is stooped down in his seat, pulls out a gun and holds it at his side. Vienna looks in the back and then races out to tell people that it was the old furnace back firing. Gray puts away his gun, as Matt watches him through the window looking nervous as Gray returns the look. Ameera comes up from under the table. Ameera admits that she thought it was a car bomb. Noah promises that she is ok.

Matt wants Alison to tell him what she was about to tell him before the commotion. She tells Matt that she used to be messed up and trusted the wrong guy. She got into Meth and did porn. Is that it, he asks? She is surprised by his cavalier attitude. They have all done stuff they aren’t proud of; he doesn’t want to judge anyone. She is glad of that. What has he done that he isn’t proud of? He used to shoplift comic books and candy when he was a kid. That makes her feel so much better, Alison answers with a smirk. Does she want to hear him say that he is a hardened criminal? No, but she likes him just how he is.

Noah and Luke ask if Ameera is ok? She is still a little scared. Luke suggests that they take Ameera home.

Vienna tells Gray that he will have to fix the furnace. He will pass that information on to the person he sells this place to. She is upset to hear that, but she can’t take him up on his offer. She loves Henry too much. Gray is persistent; their coffee date was interrupted and she won’t have dinner with him, so he is wondering if she will have lunch at least with him? Vienna agrees and laughs at his persistence, but she tells him that she has to be upfront with Henry. Gray tells her that she can tell Henry whatever she wants.

Carly is upset; how can Katie do that? They are trying to help; they think this will work, Katie counters. She is not going to worm her way back into Jack’s life by using Parker. Katie tells her that she is not doing that; she would never use Parker. Does she have a better plan? Carly wants her to leave. Katie leaves in a huff.

Jack and Brad argue; is he pinning his hopes on Henry and a scam; they are more desperate then he thought. Brad thought they were pretty desperate. Brad thinks Henry will con Kit with no problem. Brad explains that he put up his own money; Jack tells him that he didn’t ask him to. He did it because they are family.

Kit shows Henry around Metro and tries to gloss over the police line; her boyfriend was shot there. Henry pretends to alarmed. Kit tells her that there was a mob hit in one of the restaurants in Chicago and people ate it up; she thinks the same will happen there. Henry pretends to agree. What is the price? $250,000. Henry goes for it. Kit then tells him that she meant that is only her cut. Henry tells her that changes the deal; he has to get his lawyers involved. Kit tells him that she was hoping to do this today because she already checked out of her hotel and booked on a flight. Henry tells her that if she has to do the deal today then it is off because the legalities need to be hammered out properly. Kit agrees; can she have a down payment just so she knows he is being real. He agrees and hands her a lump of cash. They will get together tomorrow. Kit happily agrees.

Back at the farm, Luke makes Ameera tea. She is sorry that she ruined their day, but in Iraq, you never know when a bomb will go off. She tells him about her cousin’s fiancée being killed the night before his wedding by a suicide bomber; she doesn’t get it. Luke and Noah suggest she get some sleep. Noah and Luke talk about how they can’t let her go back to Iraq, as Ameera watches them from the window.

Matt tells Alison he would love to go to the movies now. She has to work. Matt tells her that he had so much fun. He kisses her on the cheek and walks off, as he leaves Alison smiling. After Alison leaves, Matt watches her go smirking.

Henry comes to see Katie at the station. She can’t stand Carly. She accused her of trying to help Parker to get back in with Jack; is she kidding? She never should have listened to Brad and his dumb idea. Henry cuts her off; he did it; Kit took the bait. Katie is thrilled. She can’t wait to tell Jack. Henry thinks she should go tell him now. Katie agrees, but reminds Henry to go kiss and make up with Vienna.

Carly is at the station with Brad and Jack, and she is angry with Katie coming up with a ridiculous scheme and how it is going to make things worse. Brad corrects her; it was his idea. It is not ridiculous; they should be thanking him. Jack agrees with Carly; he thinks Henry will make it worse. Katie walks in; she has good news; Henry got Kit to stay in town.

Henry comes home to find Vienna looking at a dress to wear. She is glad he came back. Vienna apologizes, as does Henry. Did she give back the necklace? She did. Did she tell him that they wouldn’t take back the diner? Yes. Did Gray try anything? He was persistent, but she made it clear that he is the only man for her. He is thrilled to hear this. He hugs her and apologizes for making her world so much worse. She was ‘dipped in diamonds’ before him. He doesn’t know what he did because she chose him. She has to know how important she is to him, and how he can’t see his world without her in it. They tell each other how much they love each other, as they kiss and hug.

At WOAK, Katie is there with Brad. She is happy to know that they made is right when they fixed things for Parker; it broke her heart to think she might have screwed things up for him. He saved her butt as always. That is one of his many talents. They are standing close when he tells her that he hopes she knows this was all about Parker for him. She does, as they look into each other’s eyes.

Jack and Carly come home; they are both thrilled to know Henry came through. They can’t believe Kit fell for Henry trying to buy the club. They are glad to be wrong about the scheme not working out. Jack feels badly that he came down so hard on Brad. Carly admits that she feels badly because she thought they would only make it worse and took it out on Katie. She is glad they were wrong this time. Jack doesn’t want her to celebrate to prematurely because they still have to get Kit to admit to murder. They have to do this for Parker and their family, as Jack holds Carly tight.

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