ATWT Update Friday 2/22/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/22/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Lakeview) Henry is in the shower when Vienna gets a note from Gray asking her to meet him down stairs at the bar but when Henry comes out of the bathroom Vienna tells him the made was at the door. Henry gets dressed and goes to the diner to make sure things are in order to transfer the diner to Gray. Vienna tells Henry she couldn’t bear to go to the diner today and she intends to take a nap. Once Henry leaves Vienna goes downstairs to meet Gray. Gray tells her she looks beautiful and she makes it clear that she isn’t interested in any other man. Gray is impressed and wonders why she loves Henry so much and Vienna explains that she loves everything about Henry his hands and how he uses them, the fact that he is a great lover, the fact that he loves her and only her and last but not least that he is kind and loving. Gray says she doesn’t need to say anymore he can see that Henry is a great guy but so is he and he has tons of money which he wants to spend on her. Vienna tells gray that she isn’t a materialistic person but she does decide to have some champagne with him but just as a friend.

(Old Town) Katie sees Brad coming out of a ladies dress shop and jokingly asks if he has become a cross dresser Brad tells Katie the dress is for Bonnie and starts to explain what happened at Al’s diner but she says she doesn’t want to know and stomps away headed to the TV Station because she has work to do. (TV Station) Brad follows her and tries to get her she are jealous of Bonnie but she says she isn’t jealous of Bonnie at all. Brad tells Katie he likes Bonnie but would stop perusing her in a second if Katie would just say he had a chance with her. Katie screams that she just can’t date Jack’s brother. Brad then calls Bonnie and a few minutes later they meet at the Lakeview.

(Lakeview) Brad gives Bonnie a beautiful dress to replace the one Vienna ruined and Katie is so happy she gives Brad a kiss. Brad asks Bonnie if she wants to go on a date with him sometime and she says yes and they agree to stay for drinks. Brad sees Vienna with gray and wants to call Henry to tell him but Bonnie talks him out of it at first until Brad decides that Henry must know so that Gray doesn’t ruin he and Vienna’s happiness.

(Al’s Diner) Katie stops by to check on Henry who says he is miserable because he lost the diner, which meant so much to Vienna. Katie tells Henry that he will land on his feet like he always does and he and Vienna have each other. Katie tells Henry she is unhappy because she can’t decide what to do about her love life. Brad calls Henry to tell him to come to the Lakeview right away because the big bad wolf is hitting on Vienna. Henry rushes to the Lakeview but Brad can’t bear to watch Vienna with Gray anymore so he asks Bonnie to help her break up their good time. Bonnie goes over and basically calls Vienna a prostitute and they throw drinks at each other and start to fight. Brad and Gray try to stop the fight but they both get caught in the middle Henry arrives and punches Gray who says he and Vienna were just having a drink as friends. Henry goes up to his room and Vienna follows to tell him that she turned gray down and told him that he (Henry) was the only man she could ever love.

(Lakeview) Henry and Vienna make love and then go to sleep a cell phone rings awakening Vienna. Gray wants to know why she loves the diner so much and she explains that the diner was she and Henry’s dream although it may seem strange to a lot of people. Gray tells Vienna that he doesn’t want the diner and if she wants it he will give it back to her. Vienna tells him that is a very generous offer but its not going to work out for us. Henry overhears Vienna’s last comments and thinks Vienna sounds sad to give up a luxurious life for him.

(Java) Noah sits and studies while a young lady watches him but doesn’t say a word Luke arrives and tells him that one of his teachers canceled a quiz he was supposed to give tomorrow so Noah smiles and says they have more time for themselves. Luke discovers he has left his history book and goes back to get it. The girl continues to watch Noah but slips outside. Noah leaves and the girl follows he and Luke to the farm.

(Farm) Holden and Lily are enjoying the quiet and then start to kiss and go upstairs to make love. Luke and Noah arrive home and a few minutes later the young lady knocks on the door. The young lady introduces herself as Ameera Ali Aziz and explains that Colonel Mayer Noah’s father fell in love with her mother when he was in Iraq and she felt like he was a second father to her. Ameera goes on to explain that Winston was very kind and continued to send her mother money so they could have what they needed. Ameera also says that her mother was looked upon as an outcast because she fell in love with an American and that when her mother died she became afraid that she would be killed because in Iraq people believe that children are responsible for their parents mistakes. Ameera asks Noah to help her because she has no place else to go. Noah doesn’t believe the story until Ameera shows him a picture of herself as a little girl with his father Holden and Lily are in the middle of romance when Lily stops and admits to Holden she was thinking of Dusty. Lily tells Holden they should give each other time to trust each other again and things will just happen naturally. Luke tells Noah that he will ask his grandma Emma if Ameera can stay tonight until she figures out what to do. Luke goes upstairs to tell his parents about the problem. Ameera asks Noah if Luke is his cousin or brother but when Luke comes back he takes Luke’s hand and tells Ameera that Luke is his special friend.

(Carly’s house) Carly checks the video camera and cuts off the circuit breaker and once everything is ready they begin their plan when a groggy Kit comes downstairs. Jack does the Cowboy Jack voice and calls Kit’s name and asks her why he took Sam away from him because things have not been the same for him since Sam left. Kit thinks she must be dreaming but Cowboy Jack says that she isn’t dreaming. Kit says she loved Sam and would never hurt him Cowboy Jack says but you did hurt him why did you do it Kit? Kit begins to cry and says I loved Sam and he was going to leave me for Carly. Cowboy jack says that’s right he was going to leave you in the dirt and you were mad weren’t you? Kit screams yes and then Jack’s cell phone rings and snaps Kit back to reality. Katie leaves a message for Jack saying that she is worried about Parker and wants to know how things are going. Cowboy Jack tells Kit that the ringing phone is probably Sam calling because he wants to talk to her. Carly then arrives and wonders why Kit is talking to herself in the dark. Kit says that Cowboy Jack was talking to her but Carly thinks Kit was just sleep walking. Carly takes Kit downstairs to make her some tea to calm her nerves and so that Jack can leave the house. Jack runs outside to check his message and goes to meet Katie at Al’s Diner. Jack thinks its an emergency and asks Katie what she wanted and she says she just wanted to see how Parker’s case was going. Jack is a little annoyed that Katie’s call wasn’t more important as he explained to her that he was about to get a confession out of a possible suspect in Sam’s murder when she called and interrupted everything. Katie apologizes to Jack and he tells her that maybe after all this is over maybe they can think about trying to have a relationship again. Katie tells him that wouldn’t be a good idea and he should go back to Carly because Parker is going to need him now.

(Carly’s house) Kit tells Carly she has to leave town tomorrow because Oakdale has too many bad memories of Sam’s death. Jack arrives a few minutes after Kit has gone back upstairs to bed. Jack and Carly both agree that Kit is hiding something and they have to come up with a plan to find out what she is hiding from them. Carly is worried that they will never find out who killed Sam Jack tells Carly they have to figure out who killed Sam because Parker’s life is at stake.

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