ATWT Update Thursday 2/21/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/21/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Hospital) Paul is brought down after his operation and Chris tells Barbara that Paul is lucky to be alive he suffered second degree burns over twenty percent of his body but it could have been much worse. Barbara wonders if Paul is going to be okay and Chris tells her that it depends on how his body deals with the trauma. Paul awakens and tells Barbara to call Meg. Meg is watching from the hallway and when Barbara walks outside and Meg explains to her the night nurse called her and that is how she knew Paul had been in an accident. Barbara makes it clear that she doesn’t want Meg anywhere near Paul but Paul has been asking for her so she should go in and see him. Meg goes inside Paul’s room and calls his name and he awakens so she tells him she just stopped by quickly to see how he was doing. Paul asks Meg to stay but Chris interrupts and says he has to take Paul’s vital signs. Meg tells Paul she has to leave the room but she will be right outside and Paul keeps repeating stay and then the monitors in the room beep and Chris tells Meg to leave because Paul is going into cardiac arrest. Meg walks out into the hallway and Barbara demands to know what Meg did to Paul. Meg tells her she did nothing to him and she was the one who asked her to go visit him. Barbara admits that was a mistake and tells Meg to leave Paul alone.

((Hospital) Margo tells Barbara that she has her best investigators on the case and she will find out who did this to Paul. Barbara tells Margo there is no need to investigate she should just arrest her brother Craig. Margo wonders why Barbara thinks Craig had anything to do with the car bombing. Barbara reminds Margo that Craig also used a car bomb to get rid of Steve Andropolous twenty years ago. Barbara also points out that everyone knows that Craig hates Paul so he should be her number one suspect. Margo remembers a conversation that she had at the police station with Craig in whom he told her that he would never hurt Meg but Paul was another story. Margo puts out an all points bulletin on Craig. Emily arrives check on Paul’s condition and tells Barbara that the intruder will be very sensitive when they cover the story of the accident because Worldwide is about to buy a significant she of the paper. Sofie arrives for her final postnatal exam and again thanks Chris for helping her in court. Chris says he had fun with her at the park and invites her to have coffee with him. Sofie says she doesn’t want to be his charity case. Chris explains that he doesn’t take pity on her and takes her hand. Emily watches them and doesn’t look happy. Sofie says she is sorry she is just tense about waiting for the court ruling and will only feel better once she has her baby back. Barbara tells Sofie that Hallie isn’t her baby she is Will and Gwen’s baby and she should just accept the circumstances and move on with her life. Chris tells Barbara that he knows she is upset about her son but she has no right to take it out on Sofie. Barbara tells Chris to stop defending the kidnapper and take care of her son.

(Hospital) Sofie thanks Chris for defending her and wonders if Will is okay and Chris tells her Will is fine but his brother Paul was the victim of a car bombing last night. Sofie says that is terrible and then Chris gets beeped about Paul. Emily takes the opportunity to talk to Sofie and tells her that she used to date Chris and doesn’t want to see him hurt or used by anyone. Sofie tells Emily that her relationship with Chris is none of her business. Sofie then leaves for her appointment. Susan stops Emily from talking to Chris and they go to lunch.

(Java) Emily tells Susan she has decided to let the intruder become a subsidiary of Worldwide. Susan thinks that would be a huge step backwards for Emily and advises her to stay away from Paul. Emily doesn’t listen to her mother and remains determined to work with Paul.

(Hospital) Meg goes back into Paul’s room and brings him flowers that she picked near the cabin where he recovered from his previous accident. Meg cries as she tells a sleeping Paul that he must fight to recover this time as well even if it is without her because she can’t help him this time.

(Farm) Meg slices some onions and cries because she wants to help Paul. Emma tells her daughter she has a big heart but Paul is bad for her and now she should let Paul’s family take care of him and she should let her family take care of her. Meg calls the hospital and she is informed her that it looks like Paul is going to make it although he has a long recovery ahead of him.

(Police Station) Margo gets a call from Craig wanting to know if Paul died Margo says no and Craig tells her that he put the car bomb in Paul’s car and he wanted him to die because Paul and meg tortured him and Paul had to pay. Craig tells Margo not to try and find him because she never will find him. Craig tells Margo he loves her and he hopes she has a happy life.

(Hospital) Sofie goes into Paul’s room, and when he awakens and asks who she is, she explains she is Hallie’s birth mother who is trying to get her back. Paul commends her for being honest and asks her to stay with him because he doesn’t want to be alone. Emily watches Sofie sitting by Paul’s bed and isn’t happy about the situation.

(Carly’s house) Jack tells Carly that he has no proof that Kit came back to town the night Sam was killed and fired the second shot that killed him. Jack tells Carly its time to go to plan B, which involves using Cowboy Jack to get a confession out of Kit. Carly tells Jack the plan is crazy and isn’t sure the plan is going to work but Jack says they must try it to save Parker. Jack tells Carly to hide Cowboy Jack and try to get Parker to go to school. Jack goes to the station to ask Margo for her help. Parker tells Carly he doesn’t want to go to school because he looked on the internet last night and the kids at school know what he did and are calling him a crazed killer. Carly tells Parker that he has to face his problems and go back to school. J.J and Sage tell him that they will help him and he has never been afraid of anything and he shouldn’t be scared of kids at school. Parker wants to know what Carly and Jack are up to but she won’t tell him about the plan.

(Outside the Lakeview) Kit is in a rush to get out of town so she waits outside for a cab that doesn’t come. (Police Station) Jack asks Margo for her help to keep Kit from leaving town. Margo demands Jack explains to her what his plan is she agrees to help against her better judgment.

(Outside the Lakeview) Dallas wants to arrest Kit because she didn’t have the proper paperwork to transport Sam’s body outside the state. Jack arrives and asks Dallas for a special favor to allow Kit to go fill out the paperwork tomorrow.

(Outside the Lakeview) Jack calls Carly to tell her part one of the plan worked now she must do her part of the plan. Carly arrives and tells Kit she can stay with her until she has to leave tomorrow. Kit hesitates for a long time but Carly says Parker is staying at the farm with his brother and sister tonight so he won’t be at the house.

(Java) Jack takes Parker, J.J and Sage to lunch and tells Parker that he and Carly are working on a plan to prove he didn’t shoot Sam. Jack tells Parker that he must stay at the farm tonight no matter what happens he must not go to Carly’s house. Parker worries that the plan won’t work because Carly is involved in it.

(Carly’s house) Carly offers Kit a hamburger and she is hungry so she accepts the offer. Carly goes in the kitchen to prepare the meet with special ingredient two sleeping pills. Kit eats the hamburger and gets very sleepy and goes upstairs to lie down for a while to rest. Jack arrives and Carly says that so far the plan is working perfectly. Carly gives Jack Cowboy Jack he puts his hand inside him and imitates Cowboy Jack and wonders what will happen tonight when Cowboy Jack comes back to life.

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