ATWT Update Wednesday 2/20/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 2/20/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Carly is asleep when she has a nightmare of Sam trying to rape her. She is screaming for help when she sees Parker take aim and shoot Sam once. She awakens with a start, and she heads quickly out the door.

Paul walks into Worldwide to find Craig sitting there with his feet up on his desk; didn’t he get the memo? He doesn’t own this Company anymore, Paul says with a smirk. What kind of idiot does he think he is? Lucinda sent him on a wild goose chase. It took him 24 hours to figure it out. So, is he planning his revenge now? He is working on it. He better not come after Worldwide. He and Lucinda can have it; there are things that he wants more then Worldwide.

Meg is at the Farm reading the note with the rose; he knew she would think it is from Paul. She now realizes it was from Craig. Holden comes in and asks what Craig did? She shows him the card. How long has this been going on? This is the second note. She doesn’t know what he thinks he is accomplishing; they are a loss cause. Holden wants to do something, but Meg doesn’t want him to worry.

Paul threatens Craig if he hurts Meg again. He would never hurt her; he loves her, but he is another story; he wants him to watch his back. When he least expects it… there he will be. Paul tells him to give it his best shot. He will, Craig says with a coy look

Meg told Craig to leave her alone already. What if it doesn’t sink in? Holden wonders how many more people may get hurt? Holden wants to go to the police.

Carly races into the Police station. She sees Jack and tells him adamantly that Parker shot Sam once. Jack reminds her that Parker said he couldn’t remember. She did; he shot Sam once in the shoulder. She needs Jack to go with her to Metro. What good will that do? She needs him to help her prove Parker’s innocence.

Holden walks out and Meg tells him that he can’t go to the police because of some lame notes. He is just trying to get a rise out of her. Hasn’t she lost enough because of him – she lost her baby because of him? Actually, it was Paul’s fault she corrects him. He can’t stand by; he would rather be safe then sorry, as Holden leaves.

Paul can play games with the Company, but he crosses the line when he messes with his family, Craig snarls. He has no idea what it is like to be a father or how far a man will go to protect his family. Paul smirks; he thinks that is funny coming from a man whose family all abandoned him; he lost everyone and everything. He can do whatever he wants with the company, but he better stay away from his son. Paul doesn’t seem bothered. They will have to wait and see how the future unfolds, Craig promises.

Outside Metro now, Carly tells Jack that Parker fired once in the shoulder. Jack reminds her that they have to prove it. They walk in and Carly stops. Jack comforts her. She can do this. They see Cowboy Jack on the couch. Carly admits now that his ‘dummy’ is creepy. They can’t let Parker go to prison; they have to prove he only shot once. They have to act out everything that happened that night – step by step.

Paul meet with Lucinda at the Lakeview to tell her that Craig was back. He failed to take the bait, her contacts said. They will trip him up still. Paul doesn’t want her to underestimate him. She has been dealing with Craig for more years then she can recall. Paul thinks something different; it feels like he is more volatile and making serious threats, and he knows the first targets on his list – are the two of them.

Craig comes to the police station and straight over to Margo; he wants to report a crime. What is he turning him in for? He knows she would love if he had done something wrong, but that is not the case. He wants an arrest warrant issued for Lucinda.

Lucinda says that Craig can’t touch them; they have the Company back. He is very dangerous right now. Lucinda explains that Craig exacted his revenge on her when he duped Lily out of the Company. What will be his revenge on Meg, Paul worries? Craig is upset with Meg as well; he should warn her too, as he takes off.

Margo doesn’t understand? What is the charge? He tells her – conspiracy with Evan Walsh. She doesn’t know why; Evan held her hostage. There was conspiracy with the lab, and he knows Evan and Lucinda were involved. Holden comes in interrupting them and yells that he wants Craig arrested right now.

Bob and Kim come in and see Lucinda at the Lakeview. She is thrilled to see Bob up and about. He needed to get out, he admits. She is so happy for him; he looks marvelous. Kim is worried that he is pushing himself. He wants to prove to the Board that he can assume his responsibilities again soon. Isn’t that true? Lucinda tells him that she is speechless, as Bob looks worried.

Is she sure, she wants to do this, Jack asks? She is positive. Jack worries that she will get traumatized again. Carly begins her story; She tells him that she got a call about the band not really canceling when Sam said they did; she confronted him, and he didn’t deny it; he said he was in love with her. She told him to get out. He told her that he wanted to finish his beer. Jack remembers that they called her; Parker knew she was in danger; why didn’t she say anything? She didn’t want to worry Parker. After the call, it got physical. He grabbed her. She pleaded with him to stop. She tried to get away. He pinned her down. He was on top of her trying to kiss her, as Jack pretends to be Sam, but he tells her that he can’t do this, as he pulls away. They can’t stop now, Carly pleads. When he thinks of Sam and what he tried to do… he would have done the same thing Parker did. He would have had to kill him. If he had done that instead of Parker then he wouldn’t have jail hanging over his head. He should have listened to Parker. He tried to warn them. They did fail him, Carly admits, but they won’t again. They have to do this for their son.

Paul knocks on the door of at the Farm, but Meg doesn’t want to answer. Paul pleads with her to open the door. Meg opens the door; she doesn’t want to see him again. He came to warn her about Craig. Meg sighs.

Holden tells Margo that Craig is stalking Meg. He sends her flowers and notes. She asked him to stop; he is harassing her. She can’t arrest Craig for sending her flowers. He was the reason she lost the baby. Will it take a restraining order? He could never hurt Meg, Craig says. Margo orders Craig to stop sending Meg flowers. Holden promises to go to a judge. Holden leaves. Does he ever stop, an exasperated Margo asks? He does not intend to hurt Meg – Paul is another story however.

Meg tells Paul that he doesn’t need to warn her; she knows what Craig is capable of. Paul answers that Craig said flat out that he is coming after him. He is worried that he might hurt her too. He won’t hurt her. Paul sees the rose and note and takes it from the counter. He reads the note; it reads that ‘he knew she would think it was from Paul.’ She thinks it is harmless. He won’t let her get caught in the crossfire, Paul yells. She did already; that is how they lost their baby. This time he will protect her. She doesn’t need his protection. She doesn’t realize the danger she is in this time. She wants to know what he did this time to incite Craig?

She can’t pull a case out of thin air, Margo explains. She can subpoena the phone records, Craig counters. Craig thinks she will find a lot of communication between Lucinda and Evan, but Margo tells him that is not incriminating since she is on the hospital board. Craig is frustrated; he never should have brought this to the Oakdale PD – they are a bunch of Keystone cops. Margo is upset; what is his problem? He brought her a case on a silver platter and she does nothing. He brought her unsubstantiated accusations. He will seek his justice elsewhere, as he heads for the door. What is he going to do? The only thing left to say is that she will see soon enough. That sounds final, Margo answers worried. He loves her; she should do what she needs and he will do what he needs to do; he wants her to have a good life, as he walks out of the station and a concerned Margo watches him go.

Bob asks Lucinda what is wrong? She is remembering how supportive he was when she was battling cancer. She knows what it feels like to get a second chance and he deserves a second chance more then most. He is going to ruffle feathers when he gets back. Is he going to crack the whip because of Memo 21? How is Chris going to react to the demotion? He will find out when he gets back. Kim hopes Chris will stay on. Lucinda smiles; she needs to leave, but she gives him a kiss before she goes. Kim and Bob sit to get something to eat, as Bob playfully flirts with her. She is so thrilled to have him back and at home with her. She is going to dread when he goes back to work. They are both going to fall back into their busy lives. She doesn’t want things to be like before.

Jack doesn’t see how recreating that night will help? If it helps her, then it might help Parker. He finally agrees; Carly continues; Sam was on top of her, as Jack assumes the position. He tries to force himself on her. She saw Parker over his shoulder. He shot once; he said he couldn’t let Sam hurt her. He believes her, but they need evidence that will stand up in court. Jack has a realization. Carly wants to know what he is thinking? If Parker didn’t fire the second shot – who did? They need to figure out who shot him. They didn’t think about that because they were too worried about Parker. Parker ran and Carly ran after him. Kit interrupts them; Carly thought she took Sam’s body back home to be buried. She did; burying Sam tapped her out. The club is all she has left; she needs money. What does she expect her to do? She wants her share of Metro now; she better pay up.

Kim is worried about pressure Bob’s job caused. The stroke was because of Evan and not because he was overstressed. She knows he is going to throw himself back into his job; he promises he will take care of himself. She knows how he can go back and take it easy. He can take advantage of Chris as an administrator. Can he think about it? He doesn’t know if Chris would stick around. It is his decision to leave if he goes. She hates to see the distance between them. He loves his son, but as part of the staff, he can’t get preferential treatment. She wants Bob to give himself preferential treatment. He promises he will. When things get back to normal, they should take that cruise they talked about. Kim is glad to hear that. They toast to a quick recovery.

Margo meets with Lucinda at the hospital. She wants to ask about her association with Evan. Didn’t they go over this before, Lucinda asks? Margo wonders if she and Evan talked before Evan came to town? Lucinda smirks; does she remember Connor Walsh – Evan Walsh’s brother and the take over of Worldwide? She would never have had any contact with that family. The only time they were together was when she and Lily were held hostage. She never would have contacted him and she always made sure she steered clear of him. Is she sure that is the extent of this? Is someone pressuring her? Her brother. She needs to just follow the trail and check out all avenues. Lucinda tells her that she can check her out all she wants; there is nothing to find. She hopes not, as she leaves.

Paul tells Meg that he and Lucinda thought it would be good to get Craig out of town, but it didn’t work. When will he learn? Craig is bent on revenge and he won’t let him come after her to get to him. He is taunting a rabid dog, Meg snaps. Meg is furious. He wanted Craig out of town to protect her, Paul yells. He is not doing anything; he is sending her letters and flowers. He wanted Craig out of town to get to her. When will he get it through his head – they are through. Craig walks in; that is music to his ears.

Carly tells Kit that she is broke. She wants the money she is owed. They can sell the place. She wants out of this town. Selling Metro is not going to be easy. It was on the market for a long time. There is no selling point to this place. There is potential, Kit thinks. It is a crime scene with a bad reputation, Carly counters. She doesn’t want to stick around; she wants her money ASAP. Jack wonders why she is in a rush to get out of town?

How many times does she have to tell him that she wants him out of her life for good? Craig didn’t know she would be there or there with Paul; he heard about the restraining order. It won’t be necessary. He is here for an innocent reason. He hands her a rose with a card. She reads the note; life is full of surprises. Paul wonders what that means? Craig ignores Paul and tells Meg to take care of herself. That sounds like goodbye. It is. They have no future and he knows when he is not wanted. He wants her to have an amazing life – without Paul.

Kit tells them that she wants to get on with her life; she should understand that. She has been through hell; she lost her man and the club; she wants to start over away from all of them. She wants nothing to do with the club, Carly or her kid. She will send them her address. She can send the cash when she gets it. Carly promises to do what she can. Jack asks about Sam’s funeral? How was it? It was hard saying goodbye to him. Sam was the love of her life; she misses him really badly. Kit leaves and Carly wonders what she is going to do? Noone is going to want Metro and selling this place is the last thing on her mind. Jack is in thought; something doesn’t add up. Doesn’t she think it is odd that Kit is so broke up over losing Sam. She loved him, and she forgave him for a lot. Why didn’t she take Cowboy Jack? Why wouldn’t she want to take Sam’s prized possession – something to hold on to of his. She walked out without even a backwards glance. It is strange because she would want something if she lost the man she loved, Carly answers. Jack wonders if Kit was ever jealous of her and Sam? Carly remembers a conversation with Kit right before she left for Chicago where she was tossing veiled threats around about trusting her with Sam. She was jealous; she wanted to make sure that she didn’t go near Sam. After Parker ran out, she ran after him and the gun was alone at the club. Maybe Kit came in and fired the second shot that killed Sam? Carly is stunned but sees the possibilities.

Craig and Lucinda bump each other at the Lakeview lobby. She sees he is packed. He is leaving town for a while; he needs a break. She is thrilled. She has one question, which she will deny with her dying breath, but she wants to know how he knew she had prior contact with Evan, as Craig smirks.

Paul hopes Meg is not taking Craig for his word. She wishes he would take a page from his book; they don’t have a future. She wants him to leave and no antagonize Craig. He is not worried, but he is glad she still cares. Paul leaves.

Jack tells Carly that the medical report shows Sam was shot in the shoulder and then the second one was to the heart. They have to prove that Parker’s shot was the first one. Does he think it is possible that Kit came back? Maybe she was suspicious and came home to check on Sam. Does he really think that they will be able to prove what Kit did? The hard part is going to be proving it. The police officer brings in paperwork and Jack tells her that this is going to tell them where Kit was on the night Sam died. He reads it over; Kit checked into Chicago Motor Lodge at 6:30PM. Does that give her an alibi? It takes an hour and a half to get from Chicago to Oakdale that is with heavy traffic too. Sam’s death was 8:15PM. That means Kit had enough time to get to Oakdale and shoot Sam. They have to get evidence to prove that; that is the only way they will get Parker off.

Holden tells Meg that he got the restraining order against Craig. Craig is not allowed within 200 feet from her. Craig will not be harassing her anymore.

Craig tells Lucinda that he will tell her that he wasn’t sure until this moment. It was a good bet that she was involved in getting Evan to town. He would invest millions of dollars so she could watch him lose it all. It is too bad her plan backfired and it almost caused she and Lily their lives. Does Lily know? She does and it has caused some strain. Now she knows what it is like to be estranged from a child. She knows how vindictive he is and what he would like to do because of that. She was very careful so he will find no proof; two can play that game. He got away with murder; yes, he has and he hopes he will again, he says coldly.

Back at Metro, Carly and Jack are thinking about how they can prove Kit came back and killed Sam? Carly saw no signs of Kit being around. Jack tells Carly that they are checking Kit’s cell phone, if she got any calls, paid any tolls, or bought gas. What if they can’t find proof? He won’t stop until he gets the proof. How is going to do that? He wonders if Cowboy Jack knows. Carly looks at him strangely.

Meg is glad that Holden got the restraining order; Paul was just there to warn her about Craig because he sent him on a wild goose chase, and Craig is out for blood. Holden wonders when the two of them will stop? He will get a restraining order out against Paul as well, if he has to. She just wants both of them out of her life for good, as she hugs him.

Lucinda wonders what Craig means by committing murder again. Who is the intended? She will see. His plane awaits; he doesn’t want her to miss him too much. She won’t; she hopes he stays away for years. That is the plan; he is sure his life is going to be a blast though.

Paul is in a darkened garage; he looks around before he gets in his car. He gets inside and pauses for a moment. He puts the keys in the engine and we see a shot of the outside of Paul’s car a second before it is blown sky high.

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