ATWT Update Tuesday 2/19/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/19/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Hospital) Sofie arrives at the hospital to thank Chris for testifying for her at the custody hearing. Sofie tells Chris that it is good to have one friend she can count on since Aaron betrayed her. Chris asks Sofie to take a walk in the park with him and they leave the hospital arm in arm and Emily looks upset as she watches them leave the hospital. (Park) Chris gets Sofie to open up about her past as they walk and she tells him she was raised by her grandmother and when she died she went to a convent school. Sofie tells Chris that Cole was the only family she had from the moment she met and when he left her she felt she didn’t feel like she didn’t deserve to be loved by anyone. Sofie tells Chris that when Hallie was born Hallie made her feel like she deserved to be loved. Chris takes her hand and says everyone deserves to be loved by someone. Sofie gets cold and Chris offers to buy her a hat sold by a vendor at the park. Sofie tries on some hats and later decides on gloves. Sofie cries when she sees a baby’s Knit cap and Chris holds her as she cries. Sofie talks to the vendor in Spanish as she pays for the gloves. The vendor tells her in Spanish that her boyfriend seems nice and is very handsome. Sofie tells the vendor that Chris isn’t her boyfriend but he has been very good to her. Chris asks Sofie what they were talking about and she says it was nothing important. (Hospital) Chris and Sofie return and Sofie thanks her for the walk and tells him she had a god time. Chris tells her in Spanish good-bye friend I hope to see you soon Sofie's surprised that Chris speaks Spanish and he says he understands Spanish and speaks enough to get by. Chris laughs and says that he is happy she thinks he is handsome. Emily watches this and is more upset than when she saw them leave the hospital.

(Lakeview) Casey is upset when he finds out that Matt got a job there on the recommendation of Margo. Casey asks Matt to stop taking advantage of his parents. Matt explains that he doesn’t have anywhere else to go and he is helping him get back on his feet. Casey makes Matt promise not to tell Tom and Margo that they shared a cell in prison. Alison sees Matt and Casey together and is impressed that Casey is helping his friend. Alison invites Casey to breakfast and he turns down the invitation. Matt calls someone on the phone but hangs up quickly when Alison comes his way. Matt asks Alison to go out with him sometime and she says yes and to get her number from Casey. Casey tells Matt that he doesn’t want him to date Alison. (Hughes house) Casey and Matt arrive home and Margo is happy that Matt got the job. Margo gets the take out lunch ready and Matt goes to finish his phone call outside. Matt tells the person on the phone that he thinks this will work out just fine.

(Al’s Diner) Henry is distracted and spills coffee on a customer and Vienna knows something is bothering him but he can’t figure out how to tell her he lost the diner in a poker game. Gray stops by to find out what Henry has decided to do and then Henry has to tell Vienna that he lost the diner in a poker game and he can either give Gray the deed to the diner or she can spend one night with Gray. Henry is stunned when Vienna tells him that she could do it because she loves him and she must save the diner. Henry tells Vienna he won’t allow her to do it but she explains it would just be meaningless sex.

(TV Station) Katie gets jealous when she sees Brad and Bonnie hug and flirt after finishing a taping of Oakdale Now. Brad invites Bonnie to Breakfast and she accepts his invitation. Margo tells Katie that she is jealous of Brad and Bonnie. Katie admits she is jealous but she doesn’t understand why because she loves Jack not Brad. Margo encourages Katie to go after Brad if she wants him. Katie is undecided about what to do but she has to do something because she can’t stand seeing Brad and Bonnie together. (Al’s Diner) Brad and Bonnie stop by to have Breakfast and Henry tells Brad about their problem. Brad tells Vienna there is no such thing as meaningless sex and advises her not to sleep with Gray. Bonnie tells Brad Vienna used to do that all the time in Europe so one more time won’t make a difference. Vienna throws coffee on Bonnie and ruins her dress the two women start to fight and then after Brad and Henry stop them Vienna decides to go talk to Katie. (TV Station) Vienna asks Katie's advise about the problem and Katie advises her not to do it because there is no such thing as meaningless sex. Vienna receives a diamond Necklace with a note that says all this and much more could be yours for just one night with me. Katie wonders if Vienna is going to keep the necklace and she tells Katie she is going to keep the necklace. Henry admits to Brad that he is scared that Vienna will leave him if she spends one night with Gray and remembers the luxurious life she gave up to be with him. Brad assures him that Vienna loves him and would never leave him for anyone.

(Java) Paul waits outside so that he can bump into Meg who tells him to stop following her because their relationship is over. Paul offers Meg a job at Worldwide but she says no because she doesn’t like working for a cooperation. Meg tells Paul to accept that they don’t have a relationship anymore and move on with his life. Paul is being followed by someone but he is unaware of it so he goes inside to wait for Emily. Emily arrives and Paul wants the intruder to become part of Worldwide and she would have complete creative control. Emily tells him she doesn’t want to do that again because she is happy working alone. (Farm) Meg arrives and finds a note with a rose and angrily stomps out and goes to Java to confront Paul who tells her he didn’t send her a rose but she doesn’t believe him. (Farm) Meg arrives home still angry and finds a note saying I knew you would think the rose was from Paul the note is signed by Craig.

(Worldwide) Paul is stunned to find Craig sitting behind his desk at the office.

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