ATWT Update Monday 2/18/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/18/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

Will and Gwen come home; Alison is babysitting. How did it go? It isn’t over yet. Are they worried? Bonnie seems to be. They can’t imagine losing Hallie, but they need another person to testify for them to strengthen their case. Alison offers her help. They thank her, but they need someone who can testify to Sofie’s state of mind. Could she talk to Aaron so he can testify against Sofie?

Sofie’s lawyer comes to see her at the Lakeview; he is confident she will have her baby back by tonight. Is he that sure? He feels confident unless the other side comes up with something big.

Alison worries; Aaron is loyal and he has a soft spot for Sofie. This is the only way; they need someone to help their side after Barbara’s testimony fell through. They would go to him themselves, but they don’t want him to feel guilted into it. Alison doesn’t think it will work after they suggest Aaron will most likely listen to her.

Holden comes into the kitchen at the farm, as Lily is cooking dinner. She talks about him offering her a place to stay while she recuperates. She is better now, so it probably should be time for her move back to the house. Is she ready for that, Holden wonders?

Luke and Noah are downtown talking about class, when Luke sees a letter addressed to Noah that he isn’t interested in talking about. Finally, Noah relents; it is a letter from his dad.

At home, Carly is trying to get Parker to eat, but he is depressed. He needs to keep his strength up and believe in himself. Jack comes in and Carly wants help cheering Parker up, but Jack has to tell them something. Carly thinks Parker should go upstairs, but Jack wants him to hear what he has to say; he just got word – they are trying Parker as an adult. They can’t do that – he is just a boy, she screeches. He shot Sam to protect her! They can explain that at trial. Parker realizes he could go to jail for a lot longer time. It just means that the stakes are higher now, Jack explains. They won’t let him go to jail, Carly promises. She keeps saying that, but they can’t do anything. Parker runs upstairs. Jack goes after him, as Carly tells herself that she won’t let them put Parker in jail.

Lily tells Holden that she knows he only offered her to stay at the Farm because he felt sorry; he was helping her because of Dusty’s murder investigation. He thought they were starting over? She doesn’t want to take advantage; he is too good of a man. He drew up divorce papers. They haven’t talked about what starting over means really. He was so furious with her. What does that mean that is all forgotten because they are starting over? Are they doing it for the children? What about him? How does he feel? Does he want her to move back to the house? Carly interrupts when she calls; she needs help; can Lily come right over? Lily hangs up and tells Holden she has to go see Carly; she won’t be long, but she wants him to think what she said. She wants honesty about where they go from here.

Noah tells Luke that he didn’t open it because he couldn’t. He is curious even though he doesn’t understand why he cares. Luke offers to open it; Noah agrees. Luke reads Col. Meyer’s words: If he is reading this, then he hasn’t given up on him. He would do so much differently if he had the chance; he did all he did for love. He hopes one day they can be close again. Noah smirks; he never apologized. Luke thinks he sounded like he waned to say something additional. Noah doesn’t care; he doesn’t want anything from his dad ever again.

Aaron sees Alison at the Lakeview; is it bad news since she is already there? The hearing is still going on. Will and Gwen asked her to come to talk with him. If they think he is going to get Sofie to drop the case, they are wrong because she sees him as a traitor when he blew the whistle on her in NY? Alison is amazed because he helped her all along. Well regardless, he doesn’t have any hold over Sofie because she blames him; she wants nothing to do with him. The hearing is going to continue this afternoon; they have to talk with one more witness - him.

Gwen is worried about Hallie because she isn’t sleeping well. Will read in a book that babies know when people are stressed. Gwen starts to cry; she can’t lose Hallie. He doesn’t want her to worry because he knows Aaron will come through for them.

Will and Gwen need him to testify, Alison explains. Aaron can’t testify. He is the only one that knows what was in Sofie’s head. He can’t do that to her. He was there when she wanted nothing to do with her Hallie. If he takes Will and Gwen’s side, she will never forgive him. What is with his loyalty to her, Alison snaps? She ripped Hallie from her own crib. Sofie is Hallie's biological mother, Aaron answers. He is Hallie’s Godfather; he owes it to her to make sure that she is taken care of her. He did what he had to do to make sure nothing bad happened to Hallie; he was Sofie’s friend and he would still like to be again one day. He is not going to stab her in the back.

Gwen opens their door to Alison. She can tell from Alison’s face that the answer is no. She did her best. Will wonders if he should talk with Aaron? Alison doesn’t think it is going to help. He is really loyal to Sofie even though she isn’t even talking to him. Bonnie shows up; they need to go over testimony. Gwen explains that they need more time. They are out of ideas. Aaron won’t come through. Bonnie thinks it is for the best if Aaron doesn’t take the stand if he is Sofie’s friend. They need to get going so the judge isn’t annoyed if they are late. Alison offers to wait for the babysitter. Will and Gwen thank her and leave with Bonnie.

Carly comes outside her house to meet Lily. She can’t let Jack and Parker know what she is doing. She needs a favor. Lily doesn’t like the sound of this. She needs to borrow her mother’s plane. She knows she shouldn’t ask. Carly pauses for a moment and then explains that she needs to get Parker out of there tonight.

Luke wonders if Noah should give his father another chance? He thought he would be the last person to say that. He wonders if he is trying to make up for what he did? He killed his mother and tried to kill him. Luke thinks it is hurting Noah to hold onto this. This is never going to help him to hold onto this hate! He is a murderer and a bigot, and it is killing him that Luke would side with his dad, as Noah stomps out.

Aaron comes to the Farm and sees Holden getting ready for a candle light dinner; he apologizes because he needs his help. Will and Gwen need him to testify. Does he not want to? He does, but he doesn’t. They need him to tell the court something about Sofie that she told him in confidence. She was willing to do anything for Cole, Hallie’s father – including giving up her baby. He tried to talk her out of it, but it was like she was under Cole’s spell. That doesn’t seem like the best quality a mother could have, Holden answers. After Cole walked out on her, she told him things she didn’t tell anyone else. How can he turn around and use that against her? If she loses her baby because of him, she will never forgive him. He doesn’t envy the position he is in. It is a no win situation. Holden reminds him that there is one person who can’t be hurt – Hallie.

The hearing starts up again. The judge tells them that he has been through the testimony; it is not an easy case; he has sympathy for both sides. The strong-arm tactics of the adoptive parent’s mothers seems to suggest an element of coercion though. Will doesn’t want them to be penalized for their mothers. Bonnie advises him not to interrupt the judge. They requested a delay to provide another witness for their case; are they ready to proceed? Bonnie stands and Aaron walks in surprising everyone, and tells them that he is ready. The judge asks who he is? He is a friend of Will and Gwen’s and Sofie’s. He is here to shed some light on why Sofie chose to give up Hallie.

Lily tells Carly that she can’t help her run away. Does she want Parker to be a fugitive forever? She doesn’t want that; she wants him to grow up healthy and happy, but he is going to be tried as an adult. This is because of her; he shot Sam because of her. She gets her, but doesn’t she think she is just making this worse? She begs Lily to understand; can she think of all the stuff she did to help Luke; can she do any less for Parker? Lily thinks for a minute and then calls to ask the jet to be ready for a flight out tonight.

Lily comes home to a candle light dinner set up by Holden. She is distracted. Holden wonders if it is about Parker? She tells him about Parker being tried as an adult. He should call Jack. She doesn’t think he should because not too many people know. Carly told her though? She doesn’t want to say. She made her swear not to say.

They promised not to keep things from one another. It is Carly, which means odds are she could get in trouble. Lily is unsure. Don’t let another secret come between them, Holden pleads.

Jack asks Carly where she went? She needed air. She is furious with Margo. It isn’t her fault. They need to be strong and confident. She doesn’t have the same faith in the court system as he. She will do whatever it takes to keep Parker safe. He agrees; he has to go into the station now. He will be back later, as Carly races around and grabs their passports. They are leaving. Where are they going? When he asked her to take him away and she said no; she has now changed her mind. He has too. She told him that she wouldn’t let them put him in prison; this is the only way she can make this not happen. Dad won’t like it Parker restates the obvious. He just gave him a speech about facing what he did and fighting for justice. She wants that too, but she is not going to bet the Farm on justice- or his life on it. Where will they go? He can decide. What is the point? They can get away before they put him away. He will go pack his clothes, Parker says quietly.

Lily admits to Holden that she doesn’t want any more secrets. Carly asked her for the jet to take Parker out of the country. He hopes she said no. She did at first, but then she changed her mind. She could be charged with aiding and abetting. She realizes that, but wouldn’t he do anything for their children? Carly should not be making this decision alone. Jack would never approve this though. That is because it is with good reason, Holden answers. She wants him to be honest. What would he do – if it were Luke or Ethan? There is only one choice, and she knows what it is.

The judge wants to hear what Aaron has to say. What can he tell him about Sofie’s state of mind? He first wants to say that he feels badly. Sofie is a great person and will be a great mom… one day… just not right now. Sofie’s lawyer tries to object. The judge asks him to go on. Before Will and Gwen knew who the birth mother was, Sofie wasn’t even sure she wanted the baby. Cole, the father, wanted her to have an abortion, but she couldn’t go through with it. Sofie’s lawyer thinks that proves that she wanted the baby after all. She was hoping Cole would change his mind, but he didn't. He told her that she had to decide between him and the baby. Did she seem coerced? At the time, he did think that, but then he and Alison found out that Cole was trying to steal his baby. They told Will and Gwen and they refused the baby under those circumstances and even tried to help Sofie keep Hallie. Then, Cole broke up with Sofie and she told him that she didn’t want the baby. It was completely her decision to give up the baby. The lawyer says that now Sofie is ready to be a mom. Is he sure, this is how Sofie felt at the time, the judge asks Aaron? They worked together and were friends. He is close with both sides; he wants the best for Hallie. What does he think is the best for Hallie, the judge asks? That is for him to decide, but Will and Gwen are ready and able to be parents right now. Will and Gwen look at him appreciatively.

Luke catches up with Noah at the farm; he didn’t mean to upset him. He thought he could count on him, Noah answers. He only said those things because he thinks he deserves to let go of the anger; he didn’t meant to upset him. Noah is sorry too; his dad always gets to him. Luke promises that he will be on his side no matter what he decides. Noah is thrilled and hugs him. Luke thinks they should do their chores and put some of his anger to good use. Noah agrees and tosses his knapsack down on the couch on the porch, as they walk off.

Aaron explains that Sofie is a good person, but the fact is, it wasn’t her instinct to put Hallie’s needs first. He thinks Will and Gwen deserve to be Hallie’s parents. The judge thanks him. He has to go over the evidence in detail. He will tell them when he has a decision. Aaron won’t look at Sofie.

Carly and Parker are on the plane. Parker tells her that he didn’t even get to say goodbye to Sage and JJ. They will call them. Parker knows they will hate her and him for leaving. This is the only way to protect him. Once they get settled, she will figure out a way to reunite them; she will never abandon her family again. They have to tell the pilot where they are going to go? It is up to him. Jack walks in; he thinks this is the worse idea she has ever had. Carly and Parker stare at each other and then look over at an angry Jack. How did they find them? That is not important. He wants Parker to leave with him. Carly tells Parker to stay. He could end up in prison, is that what he wants? Skipping town is not the answer either; at least with a trial there is a chance for a good outcome. She thinks it could have a bad outcome too and she won’t let that happen. Running will not solve anything. He will be burdened for the rest of his life; he will be ripped away from everyone he loves. He will have her, Carly snaps. He will be free and safe. Living in hiding is being free, Jack snaps back? He will be ripped away from family and friends forever; did she even think of that. No, he answers for her, she never thinks things through; she does the first thing that comes into her head - no matter how crazy. Did he think about if Parker goes to prison – he is the son of a cop… how would he protect him then? Did he think about what that means?

What kind of friend is she, Lily wonders? She agreed to help and then ratted Carly out. Holden thinks she did what she had to. Carly won’t see it that way. She is such a good friend, she answers sarcastically. Didn’t they teach their children not to rat out people? She thinks honesty is overrated. Holden tells her that Aaron came by to talk to him about testifying at Will and Gwen's custody hearing. What did he tell him? He told him not to take the easy way out. She just did that and he is very proud of her.

Noah and Luke walk back into the porch of the farm. They are teasing each other about their chores. Luke suggests that he read the letter again to see if it feels sincere. Noah sees his knapsack open. Did he open it? Luke smiles; did he forget that he was the one beside him mucking out the stall? He thinks he must have forgotten that he left it open. Noah looks inside; the letter is gone.

Alison tells Aaron that he did a good thing. Will and Gwen thank him too. They have a better chance of keeping Hallie now. Aaron wishes he felt better about it. He saved Hallie from a hard life, Alison tells him. He thinks he just destroyed Sofie’s in the process though.

Aaron catches up with Sofie downtown. He is sorry, but he had to tell the truth, as he saw it. He knows she feels like he betrayed her. She damn right does, Sofie snarls! She never asked for his help, but he kept showing up to save the day and now he probably ruined her chances for making up for the mistakes she made. He is her friend and he still wants to be. Is he kidding? She never wants to see him, as long as she lives, as she stomps off.

Carly wants Jack to turn around and she will call him when they land. If he thought it was the answer, then he would be packed and ready to go. This is the only way to protect Parker. She knows how hard it is to be a fugitive. Does she want that for Parker? She doesn’t know what else to do. He wants them to stop this. If he is old enough to be tried as an adult then he is old enough to decide what he wants, Parker interrupts. He wants to go home, as Carly stares at Jack frustrated.

Lily tells Holden the pilot called and Jack got there in time. If he hadn’t pushed her, then she wouldn’t have told him about Carly’s plan. Does that make him rethink dinner? Holden smiles. She said that she wanted to talk with him about if she should go back to the house, but she isn’t sure she wants anymore bad news. He tells her that he has been telling people not to take the easy way out, and he doesn’t want to either. She did a hard thing with Jack and Carly and he wants to do the hard but right thing too. What does that mean? He wants to try again; it won’t be easy, but he wants her to stay with him and the kids at the Farm. Lily is thrilled – nothing would make her happier, as she hugs him tightly.

Luke thinks the letter fell out, but Noah thinks someone took it. Who would want it? Luke then has a thought; he thinks his sister’s might have been playing a practical joke. Luke and Noah interrupt when they come in the kitchen, as Holden and Lily hugging. Have Faith and Natalie been around? No, they aren’t here. What is going on? Something is missing from Noah’s backpack. Noah interrupts to tell them that he thinks he dropped it somewhere else, as he looks outside through the kitchen window nervously.

Will and Gwen are back home. She wants to wake Hallie up to play with her. Their phone rings, as Gwen wonders if it is the judge? It is Barbara calling to find out if they have heard anything. They haven’t and he can’t talk, but he will call her when they find out. Gwen whispers that she prays they can keep Hallie, as they hug.

Sofie is at the Lakeview; she mumbles to herself about how she can’t believe she decided to give her baby up. Aaron calls, but she ignores his call. She begs God to give her one more chance to be Hallie’s mother.

At Java, Aaron is leaving a message for Sofie; he knows she hates him and she won’t call him back, but he is thinking of her and he hopes she calls him back. Alison waits until he is done and then comes over and offers him a coffee. He hopes she is happy because he just made an enemy for life. She didn’t make him do anything. He realizes that and apologizes. Can she buy him that coffee? He tells her that he will take her up on that another time. She promises him that he did the right thing. Aaron has nothing to say about that, as he walks out.

Jack, Carly and Parker come home. She will go make tea. Jack tells Parker that he is proud of him because what he did was the right thing. Parker asks Jack not to be hard on Carly. He is going to unpack. Jack looks towards the kitchen and goes to find Carly. Jack comes into the kitchen, as she is burning her hand. She is sorry that she didn’t think; she just gets upset and reacts. He understands why she did it. If he weren’t a cop, he would have done the same thing. No, he wouldn’t have; he always does the right things and it has nothing to do with his job. He always does the right thing. He is trying to put a positive spin on things, but there is no good way to look at this situation. They need to stick together; Parker needs them both. Carly thinks she needs Parker more then he needs her. Jack doesn’t agree; he is a lot less tough then he acts. If he didn’t love and need her so much, he wouldn’t have done what he did. They will do everything possible and use all the strength they have to get through this – they have to, as they hug tightly.

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