ATWT Update Friday 2/15/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/15/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Will and Gwenís house) Gwen is nervous about what she should wear to court but Will says she looks great and gives her a Valentineís card from Hallie to help calm her nerves. Gwen loves the card which say I love you mom and is signed Hallie. Gwen admits she is scared of losing Hallie because she thinks the judge is going to choose Sofie because she is Hallieís biological mother. Will doesnít think Sofie is going to get custody of Hallie because she kidnapped her and took her to New York City. Will assures Gwen that Bonnie is a good lawyer and that they will remain Hallieís parents.

(Courthouse) Sofie asks Chris to testify that she suffers from post partum depression and that she didnít know what she was doing when she kidnapped Hallie. Sofie reminds Chris that he offered to help her by testifying for her in court. Chris tells Sofie that this isnít just another court case for him because Will is his cousin so he would be testifying against his family. Sofie pleads with Chris and tells him Hallie is the only family she has left and she canít lose her. Chris agrees to testify on Sofieís behalf so that she can keep her baby.

(Alís Diner) Brad and Katie are promoting how good the Hungarian goulash is but Brad tastes it and doesnít like it at all so he spits it out as soon as the camera is turned off. Katie tells Brad they are going to have to do the shot over because he canít look like he hates the food. Brad says he is fine he isnít sick and is hurt that Katie let him be taken to jail for indecent exposure and Katie reminds him that they are only co-workers nothing else. Brad wants he and Katie to be friends with benefits or at least friends who share a meal together but Katie again says that they are only co-workers.

(Alís Diner) Bonnie arrives with Bradís underwear and wallet and informs her that they were given to her at the police station and she thought she would return them to him this morning since he was very out of it yesterday. Brad asks Bonnie to have lunch with him to thank her for helping him yesterday. Bonnie says she would love to be she has a custody case in court. Brad tells Bonnie he can go watch her work and then they can go to lunch. Bonnie tells him it is a closed hearing so they wonít let him watch. Brad tells Bonnie he will wait outside for her and then they can go have lunch. Bonnie says yes since she figures out that Brad is trying to make Katie jealous and by the look on Katieís face she knows Bradís plan is working so she goes along with the charade. Brad and Bonnie walk outside talking and laughing and once Katie isnít around Bonnie tell Brad that Katie looked jealous but he can stop pretending to be interested in her court case now. Brad tells Bonnie he really wants to take her to lunch to thank her for helping him so they both head to the courthouse together.

(Carlyís house) Carly wishes Parker didnít have to go to the court appointed psychiatrist today and relive that whole awful night again. Jack explains that parker must do this because based on the psychiatrist recommendation the judge will decide if Parker is going to be tried as a juvenile or an adult. Parker arrives and Jack explains to both him and Carly that it is better that he be tried as a juvenile because in that case he would go to juvenile hall and be released when he is 18 and his record would be sealed. Carly tells Parker not to be nervous and to just tell the truth.

(Courthouse) Bonnie and Brad arrive and Brad decides to stay a do some research for the show. Sofie tells Will and Gwen that she intends to win and when she does since Hallie is so young she wonít remember them because she will be the only mother she remembers. Will and Gwen ask Bonnie what their chances are and Bonnie tells them they have a case because they are great parents but Sofie is the biological mother. Barbara arrives to lend moral support Will asks her to leave but Gwen tells him that she asked Barbara to come to court.

(Police station) jack and Carly arrive with Parker and a few minutes later Tom takes parker inside the interrogation room to meet with the psychiatrist. Carly and Jack are both very worried about what can happen to Parker although Jack wonít admit it because he wants to stay strong for his family.

(Courthouse) Chris testifies that in his medical opinion Sofie is suffering from post partum depression and that may have led her to kidnap Hallie. Chris also tells the court that he thinks Barbara, Iris, Cole, Will and Gwen took advantage of her vulnerable state. Will gets angry stands up and tells Chris that he knows that is a lie. The judge tells Bonnie to control her client because they are going to tell their side of the story soon.

(Police Station) jack admits to Carly that he is scared for parker but they must both be strong for him. Carly hugs Jack and tells him she is so happy that he is so supportive of Parker right now. Parker tells Dr. Brody that he was scared for his mother so he took the gun from the cabinet at the farm and went to Metro. Parker explains that when he arrived at Metro Sam was all over his mother and he had to make it stop so when San lifted himself off of Carly for a second he used the opportunity to shoot him. 

(Court house) the judge asks Barbara if she worked with Cole and Iris to get a baby for Will and Gwen she says that she just wanted Will and Gwen to be happy and Iris and Cole told her that Sofie wanted to give up her child because she couldnít take care of it. Barbara tells the judge she wasnít aware that Cole and iris pressured Sofie into giving up her child. Barbara also tells the judge she only paid for medical expenses she didnít buy the baby like Sofieís layer says but Sofie stands up and says that Barbara did buy her baby.

(Police Station) parker tells the psychiatrist he didnít intend to kill Sam when he brought the gun to Metro he just wanted to scare him so he would leave town and leave Carly alone. Katie arrives looking for Margo and Jack tells her that Parker killed Sam Hutchins because he was trying to rape Carly and he is in with the court psychiatrist now. Katie gives Jack a hug and offers her sympathy and asks if she can help in any way at all. Jack asks Katie to tell Brad what is going on so she says she will and tells Jack to let her know if there is anything else she can do. Parker admits that he was angry enough to kill Sam before he went to Metro that night.

(Courthouse) Sofie tells the judge that she had no idea what iris and Cole were doing and when she gave the baby up for adoption she felt alone and unloved because Cole had just abandoned her. The judge asks Chris if Sofie was in a position to make such a decision and Chris says Sofie was very vulnerable and in his medical opinion in no position to make any decisions. Will once again is upsets with Chris and shouts how can you do this to your own family. The judge asks for a recess so Will can pull him together.

(Police Station) Carly gets angry at Katie and screams that Parker and Jack donít need her support because Parker and Jack have all the support they need from her and their family Carly screams for Katie to leave her family alone. Parker comes out of the interrogation room and screams at his mother to stop so she does and Carly instantly regents that the psychiatrist saw her lose her temper. The psychiatrist wonders if Parker gets mad when his mother does something wrong and he says yes sometimes and the psychiatrist asks if parker gets angry when his mother doesnít do what he tells her to d and he says yes and then the psychiatrist wonders if Parker is ever angry enough to kill.

(Courthouse) Brad starts to flirt with Bonnie when he notices Katie watching them. Bonnie tells him she has to take a rain check because she has a lot of work to do. Brad accuses Katie of following them but Katie tells him what is going on with Parker and he decides to go see jack at the police station. Bonnie begins her case and tells the judge that Will and Gwen acted in good faith with Sofie and did everything they could to help her keep her baby. Sofie tells the judge that she went to see the baby but Barbara wouldnít let her see Hallie. Barbara explains that her son didnít tell her it was okay to see the baby.

(Police Station) Parker tells jack and Carly that the shrink thinks he is guilty and goes to wait in the car. Tom tells Jack and Carly that he will talk to the D.A. and see if he can get him to put in a good word for Parker but admits they will need some luck. Brad arrives and offers his support and a hug to Jack and Carly before they leave to go home.

(Courthouse) Bonnie tells the judge that Sofie broke a legally binding agreement because she took the baby one day after the time period she was given to change her mind. Sofie admits she forgot about the date but she made a mistake and wanted her baby. Bonnie then makes her closing agreement but reserves the right to call more witnesses. Bonnie tells Will and Gwen that Chris hurt their case and they need someone to testify to Sofieís state of mind. Will and Gwen think that the only person who could do that is Aaron but they donít know if he would testify against Sofie. Bonnie says she will contact Aaron because his testimony is the only thing that could help them now.

(Alís Diner) Brad and Katie are both worried about parkerís situation and Brad assures Katie that Parker will be okay because jack will make sure he doesnít go to jail.

(Carlyís house) Jack and Carly tell Parker he must eat even though they are all worried about what will happen to him. Jack tells Carly and parker that all they can do now is pray so all three of them sit around the table hold hands and pray before they eat.

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