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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

Oakdale’s favorite couples celebrate Valentine's Day when each of them wonders what their lives would have been like if their love stories had changed just a little bit.  In the end, no matter how much their stories change, they still find their way back to each other because each couple is meant to be.

In the first story, Holden wonders what would have happened if Evan Walsh would have shot Lily and should would have died leaving him to be a single father to their four children. (Farm) Holden sits trying to calm Ethan who can’t stop crying. Holden wishes that Lily were there because she was so much better at calming Ethan when he cried. Faith refuses to eat the food that Holden cooked because it tastes awful so she goes outside to write in her diary. A ghost of Lily watches Faith write in her diary and tells her that she will have many boyfriends and one day she will meet a special young man who is looking for her now and this young man will love everything about her and they will be as happy as she and Holden were together. Faith decides to eat an apple and then goes inside the house. Natalie is upset at Holden because he won’t help her with her math homework. And Holden tells her to carry the second number and he will check it when he finishes feeding Ethan. Natalie yells that Holden never has time to help her anymore. Faith reminds Holden about Natalie’s school bake sale and that she has to bring Brownies tomorrow Holden promises the girls he will try and make brownies for the back sale. Ethan finally falls asleep and Holden and the girls bake the brownies. Holden senses the presence of Lily’s ghost and he turns and looks at her and tells her that he knows she has been helping him. Lily tells him she bent the rules a little bit but she couldn’t bear to watch him suffer. Lily tells Holden that their bodies may be parted by death but their souls will always be together. Holden tells Lily he doesn’t want her wherever she is and when their hands touch she comes back to him and before they kiss Holden tells Lily they will never be apart again.

Luke and Noah are next. Noah tells Luke that if he hadn’t met him, he probably would have gone into the Navy and led a very lonely life. Noah and Luke’s story begins when Noah is on leave from the Navy in New York City but he doesn’t want to go with his friends to bars to meet girls. Noah is walking back to the ship when he bumps into Luke and knocks his books and papers to the ground. Luke leaves without noticing that a very important school assignment is still on the ground. Noah runs after him and gives him the assignment back and in gratitude Luke takes Noah on a tour of New York City. Noah and Luke talk about their lives as well as all the important tourist attractions while they are touring the city. Noah admits to Luke that he too is gay and they hold hands. Noah tells Luke he wants to see him again when he returns to the city. Noah gives Luke a medal for Bravery and tells him that when he returns they will need the medal to help them be brave. Noah and Luke share a hug before Noah leaves to get back on the ship.

Tom and Margo imagine that Margo became a defense attorney instead of a cop an their story takes place like a classic Spencer Tracey Katherine Hepburn movie with Ellen Dolan (Margo) and Scott Holmes (Tom) doing wonderful impressions of the classic movie duo. The story also takes place in black and white to add to the classic movie feel of the story. Margo is defending Emily because she shot Paul because he canceled their wedding. Paul calls Emily nuts and certifiable and asks the judge to lock her up and throw away the key. Margo tells the judge that any woman would react the same way if the man she loved cancelled their wedding. Tom tells the judge that Emily planned the attempted murder because she bought the gun the same day she shot Paul. Margo points out that Tom has a conflict of interest because he wants to see the mother of his son in jail because he doesn’t think she is a good mother. The judge dismisses the case because of the conflict of interest and Tom gets upset at Margo because he was humiliated in court. Tom wants to leave Margo but she stops him and then he tries to shoot her because he is mad but in the end it is only a water gun Tom and Margo kiss to end their classic love story.

Will and Gwen’s story is next in which Will imagines what things would have been like if he would have met Gwen before she slept with Casey. In the story Will sees Gwen struggling to keep a drunk Casey off of her and then he takes Casey out of the car punches him and tells him to leave because Gwen doesn’t want to be with him. Gwen leaves because she has to sing at Yo’s so Will arrives later to hear her sing. Will later invites Gwen to Yo’s for coffee and they spend all night talking and walking around Oakdale and when they sit on a bench to try and keep warm as they hold each other they proclaim that that is their bench and they kiss.

The last story includes Jack, Carly, Brad and Katie and for classic movie fans it has parts that remind fans a little of the Philadelphia Story. Carly is about to marry a rich man named Mr. Potter who she wants to marry because the man has money and she must make sure he children have all the things they want in life. Sage tells her that she doesn’t want things she just wants to have her daddy back so they can be a family. Brad arrives because he is a reporter covering the wedding for the newspaper he works for and Katie is his gal Friday. Brad sees Carly in her wedding dress and realizes that she really doesn’t love her husband to be so he kisses her so that her husband to be can catch them and she can cancel the wedding. Jack catches her instead of her husband to be and punches out Brad. Jack blasts Carly for cheating on her future husband before she is even married. Katie awakens Brad and he realizes he loves Katie and wants to marry her so he asks the Reverend to perform the ceremony. Jack finds Carly at a bar drinking water and sad because she knows she made a mistake and doesn’t know what she should do now. Jack tells Carly she made a mistake because she was marrying thee wrong man and asks her to marry him. Jack and Carly return home married and Sage is happy that her daddy is back home where he belongs. Jack and Carly wish each other a happy Valentines Day before they end their story with a kiss.

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