ATWT Update Wednesday 2/13/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 2/13/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At Al’s, Henry jokes with Vienna that he feels ‘frisky.’ She likes the sound of that. Henry is actually talking about going and gambling on some horses. She is not interested. Is she not enough? She worries that he wants more adventure and excitement then he has in his life. He promises that is not true. Henry’s poker pal, Gray, walks in, but Henry doesn’t seem to want him there, as the man eyes Vienna.

Matt shows up at Casey’s house. He doesn’t know why he is there at his house; he gave him his money. Does he not want an ex con in his house? No, he lets him come in. As Casey is getting a soda, Matt looks at picture of Margo and Tom.

Vienna wants to know why his gambling friend is there? Henry doesn’t know, as Vienna asks Gray what he wants to eat? It all looks so good, as he eyes Vienna and Henry looks on.

Matt asks Casey about his brother Adam. He never mentioned him. They were close, but it didn’t end well. Casey and Matt go to play games and Margo comes home and hears Casey talking to someone. She thinks it sounds like Adam.

Lucinda is sitting at the Lakeview bar when she remembers talking to Dusty; he explains to her that the fall out isn’t going to be pretty, and he hopes she is ready. She wasn’t ready for it and she is sorry for that, she mumbles to herself. Paul walks up and hears her talking to herself.

At the ME offices, Craig sees Meg in her office looking at a picture of her and Paul, but then she tosses it in the trash. He walks in commenting that he thinks today might not be a bad day after all. She signed the papers; the Company belongs to Lucinda. He is glad she put Paul in his place though.

Paul thinks Lucinda doesn’t look that good. She thanks him sarcastically. Dusty isn’t ok. He is glad she is ok because she and Lily came close to dying. Evan Walsh used her name and reputation to help further his research. She could have stopped him. What could she have done? She could have been more suspicious. Dusty knew something. Paul reminded her that he paid with his life. The only bright spot is that Bob will recover. There is another bright spot; she got Worldwide back though. She has him to thank for that.

Is he spying on her, Meg asks? No, he didn’t know she was there. What she chose to do with that picture makes him feel like he has a chance. Doesn’t he ever give up? He will never give up on them. There is no us. They had something special. He only cares about himself. That might have been true before she came into his life. She is not a miracle worker. She can still make him into the man she wants. It is too late.

Paul thought she would be celebrating the return of her Company? At what price? Craig is destroyed – that is priceless. She thought that before. If she is a success, then why does she feel like a failure? What if he told her that he has a plan that can solve both of their problems? Lucinda thinks it sounds interesting. Then it is solved, Paul answers. She didn’t say she would get involved. Craig may outsmart them. They can make Craig disappear. Lucinda thinks Craig never goes away – even at the end of the world, he will crawl out of the rubble. The time is now; he has lost everything. He wants to kick him when he is down? Is she now about moral standards? No, if that means getting Craig out of town for good. Then, they should go for it.

Meg snarls that she is not a business venture that he can snap up. She is worth the challenge. He is delusional if he thinks she will come back. He will prove that they can still be together as a family. He is not a family man; his older son is dead and his daughter took his other son; they didn’t trust him, so why should she? He agrees that he has lost everyone who is precious to him, and he is not giving up on getting Lucy or Johnny back… or her for that matter.

Margo calls out to Adam, but Casey comes out with Matt. Matt introduces himself as a past student and friend of Casey’s from Oakdale University. She never heard of him. He was a transfer student that is why he probably didn’t mention him. He is there to try to talk Casey into going back to school. Matt offers to leave to let them have lunch, as Casey thinks he should leave, but Margo asks Matt to stay. She wants to get to know his friend.

Vienna offers to get Gray some food. What does she suggest? Vienna talks about everyone loving her Peppercoker. Gray comments on how she is beautiful and now is a good cook to boot. She smiles, but threatens that she won’t let him come in and corrupt Henry by tempting him by playing poker. He won’t let himself get on her bad side. Why is a beautiful woman working in a diner? They own the place. She offers to go get him the Peppercoker. He will bow to her choice because he knows he is in good hands – he continues to flirt shamelessly.

Matt talks to Margo about Casey and he going back to college and what major he should go with – obviously trying to get on her good side. He had to drop out because his family didn’t have the money; he can’t wait to go back though. She hopes he can talk Casey into going back too. Tom comes home to have lunch. Casey is uncomfortable and suggests they finish their game before lunch. Tom asks who Matt is? He is someone from Oakdale University. Matt walks into the room behind them and listens as they talk. What is wrong, Tom asks? When she walked in, she thought it was Adam. She misses him, as Tom agrees.

Vienna asks Gray what he is doing in Oakdale? He is exploring his options; he is investing. Henry watches close by looking annoyed. Gray is impressed with what a great job she has done with the diner; most women require diamonds and furs to get that sparkle in their eyes. This place is a labor love, Vienna explains. Henry walks over and takes Vienna aside. He is getting frustrated with how he is acting. She thinks it is sweet that he is jealous. She only has eyes for him though. Henry remarks that Gray’s eyes have been undressing her and he won’t get away with it.

Paul and Emily meet at Java. She wonders why he is acting so cloak and dagger? Then she will love this mystery because it is going to have a surprise ending, Paul answers. She is listening. He needs her.

Henry tells Gray that he should leave. He was just getting to know his wife though. They aren’t actually married, but their bond is unbreakable nonetheless. If he had a woman like her, as Henry interrupts; they may be unconventional, but they couldn’t be happier. Gray offers him a seat at his game so he can recoup the losses he felt from Henry before, but Henry tells him that he is not interested. Gray thinks it is funny that he worries so much about not wanting to upset his ‘non-wife’. Gray leaves and a frustrated Henry tells Vienna that he has to go get dog biscuits.

Lucy made a huge mistake when she took Johnny, Craig says. He talks about how his son must be talking now; he is missing out on so much. Does she know what it feels like to not know what the sound of your own child’s voice or his laugh sounds like? There is nothing she can say or pain she could inflict on him, that can compare to him losing his son. His own daughter ran away to protect his son; what does that say? He wants her to get off her high horse. What does she know about love or honesty? She tried. She couldn’t even keep her own vows and she is still in love with Paul, who is more of a control freak and manipulative then he is. He wishes her good luck with Paul, as Craig stomps out and Meg looks at a picture of she and Paul. Craig gets a call from Emily; she wants him to meet her. Why would he want to do that? She thinks he will want to rethink that because he will be very interested in what she has to say.

Margo talks about Casey going back to school. He isn’t planning on that, Casey answers. Tom thinks he should rethink that because people can’t get anywhere without a major. Matt says since he dropped out he misses it; he can’t wait to go back. Tom asks what he will study? He wants to go to Law School. Tom remarks that he went to Oakdale University and it is great program. Tuition, room and board it is expensive though. What is his situation now, Margo wonders? He is crashing on a friend’s couch right now.

Henry comes to Gray’s suite. He got off his leash? He can go anywhere he chooses so he wants to be dealt in. As the night progresses, Henry looses more and Gray makes out. More deals and more loses continue for Henry. Gray jokes about Vienna coming in and dragging him out before he loses again. Henry wants to go double or nothing. Henry wins and wants to leave now; Gray coaxes him into another hand to buy something nice for Vienna. Henry goes for it. The only ones left playing in this hand are Gray and Henry. Gray wants to know if he can cover his bet? Henry assures him that he is good for it. Gray places down his hand – he has a straight flush. Henry doesn’t show any emotion, but he places his hand down, but he only has a full house.

Craig meets Emily at Yo’s, as she jokes about how his job search is going. She has some information for a price. It is very important to him. Why should he believe a word out of her mouth? She thought he would want to find his son.

Paul knocks on Meg’s soon to be ex office door, and Meg thinks it is Craig. It is Paul. If he is there to ask her to come back to him… no, she has made herself clear, and he is going to respect her wishes. That is a switch. What is he there for? He could ask the same thing – because she wants her to congratulate him – he now owns Worldwide. How did that happen? Lucinda fought so hard to get it back. Why would she give it up? Her near death experience, made her rethink things and she decided to spend more time with her family. Lucinda still owns stock and she still sits on the board, and he is glad of that because Craig left this place a mess. If anyone can turn this place around, he can; she is happy for him. She is always welcome there. She is sure he can manage without her. He is just reminding her of that.

She knows where Johnny is, Craig sneers? It is going to cost him. In her line of business, it pays to keep your ears open. How did she come across this information? She overheard Lucinda talking to Lucy. Lucy had to hang up, but she told Lucinda that she would call her back at 3PM today. Where is she? She doesn’t know, but she is sure Lucinda will lead him to Johnny.

She shouldn’t be surprised, Meg says. She should have seen this coming. She is sure that this was Lucinda’s idea. He wants to give her credit. He is there to get her back. She made herself clear. He is suddenly listening to her? If she wants nothing to do with him that is fine, but why is he leaving? She wanted to make a difference. They make a good team. There will never be anything romantic again between them. He understands, but she shouldn’t give up on her vision. They can be strictly business partners.

Margo is amazed that Matt has no place to live. Casey assures her that Matt has many friends, and she shouldn’t worry. Margo asks him to move in with them; they have plenty of rooms. Matt doesn’t want to impose, but Tom and Margo assure him that it would be nice to have a full house again. Casey looks strangely at Matt.

Gray tells Henry that his luck has run out. He doesn’t have all his money now, Henry explains. It is tied up in stocks. What else does he have? He has the diner; he won it in a poker game and it seems he will lose it a poker game. Gray thinks Vienna would be upset if that happened; she will be devastated. She will be, but it isn’t for him to care what goes on between he and Vienna. He hates to upset Vienna. He did lose and he will collect, but he is a fair man. If he will give him one night with Vienna then his debt will be forgiven. Henry stares in disbelief at Gray; he can forget that thought; he doesn’t want him anywhere near her.

Vienna is sitting with her dog, Pepper; she is worried that Henry is in trouble. What is he up to now?

Henry tells him to forget it; he doesn’t want him near her or to lay a hand on Vienna. Gray tells him that she loves the diner, but she also loves him, so she will probably forgive him. Henry hopes so, as he stomps out the door.

Lucinda is in her limo, as she looks behind to see Craig. She gets out outside of her car in the middle of a rural road on her cell phone. She supposedly tells Lucy that she couldn’t hear her in the car. Meanwhile, Craig has stopped his car nearby and struggles to hear her talking. She wanted to talk to her about Dusty; she misses him terribly. Craig is Johnny’s surviving parent now; she needs to stay where Craig can’t find her. Lucy apparently tells Lucinda about a new man in her life. Does Johnny like his new dad? Craig wonders out loud where she is? Lucinda answers this question when she says that Barbados is tempting this time of year. Craig smirks upon hearing this. Lucinda ends her conversation by telling Lucy supposedly that she will see her next month. She gets back in her car, as Craig calls the airport immediately to get him on the next flight to Barbados.

Meg laughs; he is transparent. He respects her and thinks she could be an asset. Meg laughs sarcastically again; is it because of her business experience or her years of experience? She is a passionate woman and she knows this place inside out and out. He likes her plans on the playground for kids with special needs; it would be great to have someone thinking about that instead of the bottom line. He and Craig have more in common then they both know, Meg answers. When he offered her a job there, he offered her the same pitch. He is nothing like Craig, Paul snarls. He isn’t, but she is still turning him down. She finally got Craig out of her life and she won’t make the same mistake with him, as she leaves. Paul sees the picture of her and Meg in the trash.

Margo offers to go get pie at Al’s while Casey shows Matt the spare room. After Margo and Tom leave the room, Casey is upset; is he crazy? His mom is a cop; if she finds out they were in prison, they are dead. She won’t find out and besides, he likes it there. If it weren’t for him then he would still be in jail, Matt reminds him. He will be gone before his parents find out.

Vienna sits with her dog worrying about Henry. Finally, Henry walks in; Vienna is upset and rushes to him. What is going on? Has he been gambling again and is he in trouble? Henry looks upset, but claims there is no trouble. Did he go behind her back and play poker? Of course not. She was worried. Henry claims that he was looking for the Swedish dog biscuits. Where are they? Henry hems and haws and Vienna thinks he is lying; he has been playing poker, so he pulls out the dog biscuits. Can he forgive her? He is the most generous kind man she ever knows; she will never doubt him again, as she hugs him and Henry looks guilt ridden.

This is cool – from cellmates to housemates, Matt smiles. Does he want his parents to find out – he should shut up? Casey is annoyed; he is smooth. He needs to watch and learn. What he meant is that he is full of it. Matt was wondering since he got the money to him real fast before... is there more money where that came from?

Lucinda meets with Paul and Emily at the Lakeview – she was convincing. Craig is off on a wild goose chase. How long will he be gone? If all goes well, she hopes it will be for the foreseeable future.

Craig is at the airport boarding a plane for Barbados. He is on his way Johnny, he mumbles to himself.

Lucinda explains that she can keep Craig running around in circles for a long time because she has contacts all over; that is why her Company is called Worldwide. Paul wonders if she can keep them posted. Lucinda leaves and Paul thanks Emily; he couldn’t have done it without her, but he is sure that she didn’t do it out of the kindness of her heart. They make a good team. What does she want? She will think about it, as she excuses herself. Paul takes out the picture of Meg and he from his coat pocket and recalls a time when they were in bed.

At the farm, Meg takes out the contents of her box and looks at them; she holds some letters and has the same memory Paul just had of she and Paul in bed. She quickly puts the letters away.

Emily comes back into the bar to see Paul looking at the picture of Meg and him. It is never going to happen; Meg will never forgive him. He answers – never say never!

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