ATWT Update Tuesday 2/12/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/12/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Lakeview) Vienna tosses in bed as Henry dreams about gambling Vienna is suddenly started awake when she realizes he is dreaming about gambling and not her. Vienna tells Henry that he will be the one to lose because she won’t make love to him again unless he can stop thinking and dreaming about gambling. Henry tells Vienna how much he loves her and that he dreams about her all the time because he can’t believe he is lucky enough to be with a woman like her. Henry’s words almost work to persuade Vienna to forgive him until she decides to teach him a lesson so he will stop gambling.

(Hospital) Chris tells Will and Gwen that Hallie can go home tomorrow because she is responding well to the antibiotics he gave her to fight the infection. Chris tells Will and Gwen that he thinks Sofie is suffering from post psartum depression and that could be the reason that she kidnapped Hallie. Will refuses to have any mercy because Sofie kidnapped Hallie and if she hadn’t gotten sick she never would have brought her back home.

(Police Station) Aaron arrives and tells Sofie he is going to borrow money from his dad in order to hire a lawyer for her so she can get out of jail. Sofie tells Aaron to get out of her life because she doesn’t need or want his help since he told Will and Gwen that she and Hallie were in New York. Chris arrives and Aaron asks him to talk some sense into Sofie. Chris tells Sofie that he will testify in court that she had post partum depression and that caused her to kidnap the baby. Sofie tells Chris that she wasn’t depressed and that she knew exactly what she was doing when she took Hallie to New York with her. Sofie tells Chris she appreciates that he is worried about her but she doesn’t need his help she can get herself out of this on her own.

(Old Town) Casey gets a call from Matt who asks him if they can meet at Yo’s so that Casey can give him the money to pay the last installment to the guard who testified to get him out of jail early. Casey tells Matt not to worry because he has the money and will meet him at Yo’s in a few minutes. Alison arrives and tells Casey that she is on her way to see Hallie at the hospital and wonders if he wants to go to the hospital with her. Casey tells Alison he has important plans but asks Alison to tell Will and Gwen he will see them later. Alison knows that Casey doesn’t have to work because he doesn’t have his uniform on so she wonders what could possibly be more important then going to see his two best friends at the hospital. Casey doesn’t want to answer the question and he can’t take anymore of Alison’s mother like nagging so he agrees to go with her to the hospital.

(Carly’s place) Carly and Jack arrive home with Parker and Carly and jack try to remain positive since Parker is scared to go to jail. Carly insists that once Margo understands why he shot Sam the charges will be dropped and he can go back to a normal life. Parker knows better then that and thinks his life is never going to be normal again. An angry Kit arrives and wonders why Carly didn’t call her to tell her Sam was dead. Carly explains that it was a complicated situation and she just forgot to call her. Carly tells Kit parker shot Sam because Sam attacked her and if Parker hadn’t shot him Sam would have raped her. Kit refuses to believe that Sam could be a rapist and yells at Parker that she will make sure they lock him up and throw away the key. Jack throws Kit out off the house and physically pushes her out the door since her words are upsetting Parker.

(Hospital) Chris tells Will and Gwen that he went to see Sofie and he thinks she is indeed suffering from post partum depression and could benefit from psychiatric help. Chris asks Will and Gwen to give Sofie a break so that she can get the medical help that she needs. Will thinks Sofie needs to go to jail for what she did and doesn’t want to consider giving Sofie a break. Gwen wonders how Will is going to explain to Hallie that he put her biological mother in jail. Casey arrives at the hospital with Alison and calls Matt to tell him that he is at the hospital visiting a friend and is going to meet him at Yo’s in a few minutes. Casey then catches up with Alison and is just in time to hear that Will and Gwen have decided to drop the charges against Sofie on the condition that Sofie never see Hallie again. Casey gives Will thee number to the DA's office and Will makes the call. Gwen then wants to go to the police station and inform Sofie of their decision.

(Police Station)) Margo gets the forensics report back and sees that they were two bullets in Sam’s body. Tom arrives and Margo tells him that the D.A. is thinking about charging Parker as an adult and if that happens and parker is convicted he could get 20 years to life in prison. Tom tries to persuade Margo to talk to the D.A. and explain the situation to him and help parker. Margo tells Tom she feels awful for Parker, Jack and Carly but she has to do this by the book.

(Carly’s house) Tom arrives and tells Carly and jack that the D.A. wants to charge Parker as an adult and if that happens he could get 20 years to life. Jack wonders if Margo could talk to the D.A. but Tom says Margo wants to do this by the book. Margo arrives and wants to take Parker to Metro so that he can tell her exactly what happened the night Sam died. Tom advises them to let Parker do it because the more he cooperates with the police the better it will be for the case.

(Metro) parker shows Margo where he was standing and tells her Carly was on the couch with Sam and he was trying to tear her clothes and she was screaming for help. Parker tells Margo that Sam got off his mother for just a second and that was when he shot him. Margo asks Parker how many times he fired the gun and Parker says he can’t remember. Carly assures Margo that Parker only fired one shot. Margo tells Carly she will take her statement later and then she and Tom go outside. Tom is angry at Margo because of the way she handled parker’s interrogation and wonders why she didn’t tell him about the second bullet found in Sam’s body. Tom encourages Margo to take Carly’s statement and not send Parker to jail for protecting his mother. Tom reminds Margo that she better then anyone knows how jail can ruin a teenager’s life. Margo is determined to handle this investigation by the book. Tom is determined to fight her to save Parker from going to jail.

(Hospital) Matt arrives to collect the money Casey owes him but Casey is with Alison so he can’t give him anything now. Matt thinks Alison is beautiful but Alison is unimpressed by Matt and leaves Casey alone to talk with him. Casey tells Matt he will meet him at Yo’s later he just has to drop off Alison. Alison and Casey talk about how glad they are that everything worked out well for Will and Gwen. Casey tells Alison he is still having a tough time adjusting to being out of prison but it felt good to help Will and Gwen today in some small way. Alison and Casey arrive at the Lakeview where Lisa tells them that she had to fire a bartender because there was money missing from the cash register.

(Yo’s) Casey arrives to give Matt the money he owes him and says there business is done.

(Police Station) A lawyer arrives to tell Sofie he read about her case and is sure he can get her baby back for her. Will and Gwen arrive to tell Sofie that they have arranged to let her plead guilty to a lesser charge so that she can get out of jail. Sofie tells Will and Gwen that she has a new lawyer and intends to get Hallie back.

(Carly’s house) Carly and Jack both blame them selves for not listening to Parker about Sam. Carly and Jack also feel that they have let Parker down in a big way but Jack promises not to let his son down again.

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