ATWT Update Monday 2/11/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/11/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At Al’s, Vienna and Henry disagree about Katie and Brad’s relationship and whether or not they should be involved. She sees them being a part of a love connection that shouldn’t be denied; Henry thinks they should butt out because they aren’t meant to be. Henry refers to all the accidents that happen when she puts them together. They belong together, Vienna holds firm. He knows Katie better. She is a woman and that trumps his knowledge. Katie walks in and tells them all that she needs is a cake right now.

At WOAK, Brad is miles away in thought. He looks at a promo picture of he and Katie and quickly puts it away. He is trying to write a note to her with no success.

Henry explains that he was telling Vienna to back off. Vienna reminds Katie that Brad is gorgeous and would treat her like a queen. Why are they fighting over this – they are professionals and are not getting together. She needs her cake and then she is going to Tom and Margo’s. Henry wants to apologize, as Vienna thinks he is being sweet. He meant he was apologizing because he didn’t say he told her so yet. Vienna is infuriated and doesn’t want to talk with him and Henry seconds the feeling and heads out the door.

Carly is staring at Parker holding a gun; he couldn’t let him hurt her, Parker mutters. Is he dead? Carly looks and tells him that it appears that Sam is. Parker leaves and Carly chases after him. She catches up with him in Old Town. He didn’t mean to kill him; he couldn’t let Sam hurt her. What is going to happen? They need to talk privately; they go to a nearby church. What made him go to Metro? He couldn’t sleep; he knew something was off. Where did he get to gun? It was at the Farm locked up, but he knows where Jack keeps the key. They should have listened to him; he warned them. Carly agrees; she will never doubt him again! They need to call Jack, but Parker begs her not to do that. Jack told him never to touch the gun. He will be mad. He will not be. He will turn him in. A man is dead and they can’t get out of this. They can use the money in his trust fund. He is not thinking; running away is not the answer. She ran away with Simon to help him. She learned that running away is not the answer, and she will never do that again. She won’t do it because she just doesn’t want to, Parker snaps back. She gave up everything for Simon; if she loved him as much as Simon, then she would put him first, but she won’t. She never puts him first. He starts to run by her, but she grabs him as they both sob, promising that she will never let go of him again.

The doorbell rings and Casey gets it. Margo has lost her keys. Katie is on her way so they can have a family get together. Margo tells Tom about Will and Gwen, as Casey asks what happened. Sofie kidnapped Will and Gwen’s baby. Casey jumps up; are they ok? Sofie brought her back because she was sick, but it was hard to arrest Sofie considering she is the birth mom. Tom and Margo think Casey should call Will and Gwen, but he doesn’t think he should intrude. Katie shows up. Did she interrupt something? Casey smirks; he was just getting a lecture. She was just hearing about how she needs to get a life too.

Henry goes to Yo’s, and sighs when he sees Brad. Henry doesn’t want to deal with him, but Brad buys him a drink. He has a beautiful woman at home; why is he here? Henry answers that he destroyed his happy home; all Vienna can think about is bringing him and Katie together. Brad tells him not to worry – it is over between them. Henry tells him that Katie said the same thing, as Brad is upset to hear that Katie actually said the same thing.

Katie explains to Margo, Tom and Casey that Henry says she should not date Brad, but Vienna thinks she should go for it. How does she feel though? It is the best decision she made to keep things platonic.

Brad tells Henry that he loves Katie and it is unfair because Jack is always there. Jack won’t let her move on. Katie had a life before the two of them Henry explains. He was married to her and he is her friend. She has run from one bad relationship to another. Jack upended her life and then in a wink of her eye she was with him. If Brad loves her that much, can’t he let her get her life back, Henry asks him?

He shot Sam to protect her and Jack will believe this, Carly reminds Parker. They need his help because he will know what to do. Is she sure? Yes, Carly calls Jack. She is with Parker. Jack us upset because he thought Parker was upstairs. Something terrible has happened and they need him, Carly tells him. He is on his way! She promises Parker everything will be ok, as they hug, but Carly looks very concerned. Carly tells him that they are lucky with Jack on their side. Soon after, Jack shows up; why did he leave? He knew Carly was in danger. Carly explains that Parker stopped Sam from raping her. Jack is shocked; is she ok? He will take her to the hospital. She is ok, but she thinks that Sam is dead. How? Parker shot him. No, Jack responds incredulously. Where did he get a gun? Carly answers that it came from the farm. What are they doing here? Parker ran off and they ended up here. Did they call someone? No. Jack is upset. He will call it in right now. Does he have to, as Jack looks at a silent Parker?

Katie asks Casey if it is good to be back? It is ok. His parents are pushing him to call his friends. Margo asks if he is going back to school? Casey doesn’t want to talk about it, so Margo agrees for the time being that it is for the best that she just be happy Casey is back. Casey’s friend, Matt, from prison calls - he is out of jail and wants to see him. He is tied up, Casey answers but Matt tells him that it is business. Casey asks him where he wants to meet?

Brad is getting intoxicated. He is rambling on about Katie and how beautiful she is when she eats or drinks. Henry tries not to pay attention to him. He is going to throw up; he can’t take this anymore. He is heading over to a poker game; he asks Brad to go with him. Brad agrees to join him.

Casey tells them that he needs to go out. At first, they don’t want him to go, but when he says it is an old friend they let him go thinking he is going to reconnect with someone.

Carly wonders if they have to tell the police? Why didn’t call him first? Parker was scared. Can’t he be a dad first and not a cop. He wishes he could pretend this didn’t happen. The longer they wait, the worse it will be for Parker. She doesn’t know if Sam is dead, so can they go check it out together. Jack hopes Carly is right and Sam is alive.

At the Lakeview, Brad is drunk, as he tries to play poker. The other men egg him on since they think he will lose the shirt off his back. Henry wins against the other man, but they ask Brad how he did. He has nothing. Vienna walks into the room announcing that she is there to take Henry home. One of the men is taken with her, as Henry explains she is with him. Henry explains that he is winning and it is not polite to leave when that is happening. She will wait then.

Jack, Carly and Parker show back up at Metro. Jack goes to look at Sam. He checks for a pulse and can’t find one. He silently picks up the phone and calls for a forensics team; there has been a shooting and the victim is deceased. Carly wants to take Parker home since Jack didn’t mention Parker being involved. She can’t do that because he is taking him to the station. He is just a boy. She needs to trust him; he can’t run away. He acted to protect her. Parker tells Carly to give it up because Jack won’t protect him. He never said that. He is not punishing him; he believes every word out of his mouth. He wishes he had believed him all along. He admits that he would have done the same thing if he had been at Metro instead of him. Can he believe and trust him, Jack wonders? He can.

Margo thinks that it is obvious that Brad is in love with Katie, as Tom agrees. Katie doesn’t want to talk about it. Jack interrupts to call about Parker. He needs her help. Sam has been killed. He is bringing the shooter in. He can’t handle the case though. Why? Parker is the shooter; he was acting to protect Carly because Sam was trying to rape Carly. Margo is so sorry. Can she bring Tom too? Yes, they will be right down.

Henry doesn’t want to leave, as the man tells him that he wouldn’t be gambling if she were waiting at home for him. Henry wants Brad to leave with him, but the men say they will look after Brad. She thanks them all for being understanding. The man tells Henry he is a lucky man, and he should leave. Vienna tells the man that she is in his debt for that. After they leave, the man mumbles to himself that when she is in his debt, she will know it.

Casey meets up with his prison friend, Matt, downtown. He is glad to be out of jail. Casey agrees and he never should have messed with that guard. It pays to have friend’s in high places though, Matt says. The guard that changed his story wants the rest of his money, he explains. Casey answers that he doesn’t have the money yet. The friend understands, but he is worried what the guard may do if he doesn’t get his money. Casey promises that he will get the money.

At the station, Tom and Margo ask how Carly, Parker and Jack are? Margo wants to talk with Parker. Carly and Jack go with him, as does Tom, who is acting as Parker’s attorney. Margo asks Parker about why he is at the station? He killed Sam. Was it an accident? No. Carly and Jack look at one another very concerned. What happened then? Tom thinks they should consult before Parker finishes this. Parker wants to just get it over with. He starts to tell the story of how he and his dad and got hockey tickets and he thought Sam was trying to get him away from Carly. They went to the game, but he was still worried. When they got home, Carly wasn’t there. They called her. He asked if she was ok? She said she was ok, but he didn’t like her being alone with Sam. Jack fell asleep and he snuck out to go to Metro. Sam was all over his mom attacking her so he shot him. Where did he get the gun? Was it under the bar? It was at the farm. He went to the Farm first? Why would he go there? He knew something bad was going to happen? How did he know that? He just knew. He brought the gun to Metro before he knew Sam was going to try to hurt Carly? Tom doesn’t want Parker to say another word.

Katie is at Java. She sees what looks like a naked Brad outside. She grabs a tablecloth, brings it out to him and wraps him in it. Where are his clothes? Brad is drunk. He is naked, as he looks down? No wonder he felt a chill, as he caresses her face.

Casey goes to the bar at the Lakeview and offers to help out the waiter who is having a bad night. The waiter promises he just needs five minutes. Casey eyes the cash register.

Tom wants to consult with Jack and Carly alone. Tom asks Jack if he knows where Margo is going with this? He does. Parker admitted to getting the gun before Sam; it shows premeditation. He has always gotten these visions, Carly explains. Jack agrees. The prosecutor will say he is an unstable boy who went there for revenge against his mother’s new boyfriend whom he has been having trouble with. Jack reminds Tom that Parker saw Carly getting attacked. Tom is just explaining how it looks. Tom thinks that Parker is in big trouble.

Where are his pants, Katie asks? He was playing poker with Henry, but he left with Vienna. Was she following him? No, he is the last person she wants to see. She is the only person he wants to see. He wants to tell her something. Katie doesn’t want him to talk, so Brad kisses her, and in the process, he loses his tablecloth and is standing there naked. A police officer approaches and wants to know if Katie is ok? She explains that Brad is not some crazy person accosting her. The police officer wants to know if she wants to press charges? A night in jail may teach him a lesson. Brad explains that he hasn’t done anything wrong. Brad tells the police officer that Katie will take him home, but Katie disagrees. The police officer has to arrest him for indecent exposure.

Margo explains that she has to hold Parker for the night. Tom thinks she should cut Parker a break. She is just doing her job. Jack asks to talk with Parker.

Casey helps a customer and then takes his tip and wipes out the cash register of all its money. He takes it all right before the waiter shows back up. The waiter thanks him and Casey tells him that he is heading home.

Brad tells the police officer that he is a star of Oakdale Now. Katie tells him to keep a low profile because someone from the Intruder is probably going to be waiting to take a picture of him in this unexplainable position. He needs her, Brad coos. He needs professional assistance, Katie snarls back. She is going home. Bonnie shows up, as the officer is about to take Brad in; can she help him? Katie watches, as Bonnie tells the officer that it is Jack’s cousin and that her cousin is Dallas. Brad is just having a rough night. She is sure that Katie doesn’t want this to turn into a big deal. The officer wonders if she really wants to press charges? Katie agrees to let the charges drop. Bonnie takes Brad to get a hot drink and warm up, as Brad babbles about Bonnie being his ‘hot’ savior, as Katie watches not amused.

Jack and Carly tell Parker that he has to stay the night in jail. They will get him out in the morning. Does he have to stay? They are afraid so. He is scared. They know he is. Everyone there knows who he is, and they will look after him, and Tom is an excellent lawyer who will get him out of this. They will not let anyone hurt him; they will protect him always. Margo interrupts to take Parker down to the holding cell, as a distraught Carly and Jack watch and then hug tightly.

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