ATWT Update Friday 2/8/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/8/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At the Farm, Lily is hugging Faith and Natalie; Luke comes in thrilled to see her home too. Luke wonders what happened? Lily wants to talk to Luke alone; she tells him that Evan Walsh killed Dusty and the lab tech and poisoned Bob. Holden explains that Evan used Lily and Lucinda as hostages to get away, but he was killed. They talk why seemingly Evan did what he did and to whom. Luke is just happy to hear his dad is cleared, but he doesn’t understand why Holden took the blame and wouldn’t defend himself? Lily answers that he was defending her. Lucinda walks in and wonders if she is still welcome? Why wouldn’t she be, Luke asks?

At the hospital, Chris explains to Bob that Evan poisoned him; he is so sorry because he brought Evan into the hospital; he thought the research he was doing was important. Bob knew something was wrong, but he didn’t know Evan was that off. He could have died, Chris laments. He is lucky, but Dusty and Neal weren’t. He is so upset; Evan used him to hurt him. Can he forgive him?

Lucinda explains that she doesn’t want to intrude on a family moment. Luke answers that she is family. Lily tells her that she is always welcome, as the girls come out and hug her. Lucinda leaves quickly claiming she forgot something in the car; Luke chases her out. What is going on?

Jack tells Margo that all the evidence on Evan is solid and they are happy to see Holden is in the clear. Jack sees hockey tickets on his desk. Jack surmises that it must be from Parker’s coach. He knows they have been having trouble with him. Jack explains to Margo what the therapist said about spending time as a family. Margo thinks he should go and Jack thanks her.

Cowboy Jack tells Sam that he hopes Jack took the bait. If not, the ‘kid’ will be over here ruining his last chance with Carly. Carly comes in and Sam tells her that he is going to be out of her hair in a few minutes. Carly tells him that she is sorry and it looks like this is goodbye. It is for the best he moves out and Kit and she decide what to do about Metro. Jack calls interrupting their conversation; he has hockey tickets for tonight’s game, but it is a school night and Parker is grounded. Does she think it is a good idea? She thinks it is great for him to spend time with his dad. Sam listens to this conversation nearby.

Will and Gwen race into the Police Station; Sofie is in NYC; Aaron called and told them, but she is took off again. She has to help them find their baby because too much time is passing.

Aaron is looking for Sofie in NYC, but he can’t find her. He looks up and down the crowded streets to no avail.

Margo explains that NYC Police is putting out an APB for Hallie and Sofie. Will wants to go to NYC with the cops to help find Sofie, but Margo doesn’t think it is a good idea. Will is adamant that he isn’t going to let some ‘crazy girl’ disappear with his daughter.

Sofie is struggling with a crying Hallie on a park bench; what is wrong – she has changed and fed her. She suddenly realizes Hallie is burning up. Sofie sees a Police Officer and she gets up quickly to leave, but he stops her telling her that she has a problem. She is fine; her baby is just upset. He thinks the baby looks sick; she is her mother and she can handle her. He knows what is going on… she doesn’t have insurance. Any ER will have to treat her baby; he will make a call, but Sofie takes off when he turns his back.

Can she hide nothing from him, Lucinda wonders? No, Luke laughs. She feels so responsible for this. Is it because he is her step grand son? They weren’t even close. She should have known what he was capable of; she is supposed to be smart. No one could have anticipated this. She could have.

Meg comes downstairs from putting Ethan down and Holden asks to talk with her? He saw her at the hospital with Paul. Lily was held hostage; she barely escaped and he is upset she was with Paul? What did he want? He thought she would come back to him if he helped get him off the hook. Did it work?

Bob reminds Chris how many people died and were hurt by his mistakes. He knows this and he realizes how much he has to learn. He saw a lot in Darfur, but it is so much different at this hospital. Can he forgive him for his mistakes? Bob pauses but then explains that he does because he is his son and he loves him. Chris thanks him. It means so much to him, but he wonders if he can ever make it up to him, but he will try. Bob explains that just because he can forgive him, does not mean that others can. He should rethink if he should stay in Oakdale.

Sofie doesn’t know what to do, as she looks down at a crying Hallie. What can she do, she whispers to her? She takes out a business card and looks at it.

At Al’s, Jack tells Parker that he has tickets to a hockey game for tonight. Didn’t the coach tell him? He gave him tickets to a playoff game. Parker doesn’t believe him.

Carly apologizes for Sam getting caught up in her family dramas. He has been a good friend; she wishes things could have turned out for the better. He thinks things always turn out for the best, as he hugs her tightly and Carly pulls back a little awkward. She is going to balance the books now. After she leaves, Sam talks to Cowboy Jack; he doesn’t feel like he is going to get a goodbye kiss; it is time to make his move, as Carly overhears – what is he talking about? Sam looks nervous.

Parker wonders about the tickets being anonymous. He didn’t see or talk to his coach though? He worries about ticking boxes left on his desk and not hockey tickets, Jack jokes. Parker thinks it is part of Sam’s plan. Jack wants Parker to let go of this for five minutes. Parker thinks that Sam is up to something; he needs him to believe what he is saying.

Chris wonders if Bob thinks he should leave town? He didn’t say that, but there are others that may have trouble getting past the mistakes, which he has cost the hospital. He will step down as Chief of Staff because it is his job, but he thought he might stay on staff. Bob thinks if he starts new somewhere else then he can start fresh. Sofie interrupts when she calls Chris; she needs help because Hallie has a fever. She should bring her in to the hospital then. She can’t because she isn’t in town. Is she with Will and Gwen? Sofie hangs up. Bob wonders what is going on? He doesn’t know, bit he will find out.

Will thinks that no one is going to work as hard as them; NYC is too large. Margo thinks they are too emotionally involved; they could scare her off like Aaron did. What if she comes back to Oakdale? She promises that she will keep them posted. Will and Gwen agree to stick around for the time being.

Chris calls Sofie back; he doesn’t want her to hang up. He wants her to know that he can help her; babies get sick all the time, but he needs to make sure it isn’t more serious. She needs to bring her home. Oakdale is not her home anymore; her home is with her now. The toughest part of being a parent, is putting your child’s needs before your own, Chris reminds her. Sofie hangs up and looks at the plane tickets.

Evan Walsh is a psychotic killer, Luke reminds Lucinda; she can’t be held responsible. She could have stopped him. This is not her fault. She was on the Board; she could have researched his background more. She wasn’t the only person on the Board; no one else saw this coming either. Lucinda kisses him; she thanks him for his support. She wants him to go inside – she will be ok. He doesn’t want her to forget that they were the victims. He is so glad they got out alive. Lucinda thinks Dusty wasn’t lucky though.

Meg explains that she will always be connected to Paul because of their child they shared. Holden hopes that is not how she is going to justify going back to him. She loves Paul whether he likes it or not, but she can’t go back to him because she is done with self-destructive relationships. Luke comes in and tells them that Lucinda is outside upset. Meg offers to go outside; she has something that will make them both better.

A man stops and asks Sofie if she needs help? Her baby is sick and she needs to get to the airport, but she doesn’t have money. The man drives away, but stops and then backs up. He will take her, as she gets in and Aaron rushes up calling out to her too late as she has already gotten into the car and drives away.

Sam explains that Cowboy Jack was telling him that he has to get going; he needs to stop stalling. He doesn’t want to cause her and Parker any more problems. After Sam leaves, Jo, from the band that was booked at Metro – the Redeemers - calls Carly. She is furious; he left her without an act on their busiest nights. She has it wrong because the man she works with - Sam - cancelled them. Carly looks stunned.

Jack wonders why Sam would give him outstanding tickets of the year; how is that a bad thing? Parker thinks Sam’s reasoning is twisted. He is not feeding into his obsession anymore; they are going to the game. Can they stop by Metro before the game? They can stop by – afterwards, Jack answers.

Sam comes downstairs and Carly tells him that she just found out that he cancelled the band, the Redeemers, and not the other way around. Sam says nothing. Shouldn’t he be busy trying to explain? He doesn’t have an explanation; it is true. Why? Sam hesitates and then admits that he is in love with her. In the past few months, he saw how strong, amazing and caring she is. He couldn’t help but fall for her. She had no idea, as she turns around from him. They had some moments. He is with Kit! He thought if Kit was out of town, then something would happen. He didn’t tell Kit that she was leading him on? No, because he knows she wouldn’t move in on someone else’s guy. He thought if Kit was out of the way though, then something might happen. She wants him to understand that nothing ever will happen between them – ever!

Meg comes outside to talk with Lucinda; she knows the day was traumatic for her; she has something that will make her feel better, as she holds out the papers – it is her Company. Lucinda wants her to keep those away form her.

Holden is thrilled that everyone is safe and he is no longer wanted for murder. What do they do now, Lily asks? They can start over. Does he want to start over alone or with her? They have been through so much; can they start over? She would like to… does he… with a clean slate. The only way it will work is they have no more secrets – ever. Lucinda walks in with Meg interrupting that thought. Meg doesn’t understand Lucinda; she has been scheming for months; why won’t she take her Company back now that it is being handed to her on a silver platter? She has her reasons.

Back at home, Gwen wants to get online for missing children sites when Aaron calls. He saw Sofie, but before he could get to her, she got in a dark car, and he didn’t get the license plate. He will keep looking. He is not going to lie because she could be anywhere now. After they hang up, they see they have a message on their machine. It is from Chris; he talked to Sofie, but she wouldn’t tell him where she is, but she did say Hallie was sick. Will and Gwen rush out the door.

Lucinda wants to leave, but Meg tells them that she is not leaving until she signs the papers. Lily wonders what papers? Nothing for them to concern themselves with. Meg explains that it is Worldwide. Holden wonders if that isn’t what she wanted all along? Why wouldn’t she want it now? She did, but things are different now. Meg wonders if it is because she isn’t going to ruin Craig? Holden

wonders if there is no thrill in the fight, no blood lost now. That is not funny even in jest. It is blood money and she can’t accept it. Lily thinks Lucinda believes that Evan’s research may have tainted the Company. Lucinda nods. Lily thinks it is time for them all to start fresh. Meg is giving her another chance and she should take it.

Sam explains that he knew it was a mistake, but he realized it too late. He canceled the band and then realized he couldn’t tell her why – it was too embarrassing. Carly realizes that she didn’t see what she didn’t want to see, but there was some truth to what Parker says after all. He doesn’t want her to tell Kit. She won’t, but she knows now more then ever that he needs to go. He will, but can he finish his beer? Carly looks very nervous, as she walks away from Sam.

Lily and Lucinda are alone and Lily tells her that Meg wants her to have the Company and she knows she wants it too. Her quest to get it back, stopped when Dusty died – she doesn’t want it back now. She should go to jail instead of being rewarded for getting her way. What good would that do? She doesn’t want her to jeopardize her relationship with Holden because of what she did; she doesn’t want it on her conscience. Lily tells her that she will keep her secret on one condition. Lily calls Meg back in and tells her that Lucinda is going to sing the papers.

Will and Gwen stop by the hospital to see Chris. How is Hallie, they worry? He doesn’t know where she is because Sofie hung up before he could find out. Will and Gwen decide he should go to NYC while she waits there, but Sofie shows up holding Hallie; they don’t have to go anywhere because she is back.

Lily puts the papers in front of Lucinda; she doesn’t know if she can do this. There has been so much loss in the family – she should just sign them. When someone gives someone a second chance, they should take it, as she looks at Holden. Lucinda signs them and Meg congratulates her, as she leaves. Holden follows Meg out. How does it feel no longer being CEO? She is happy because it is time to move on, but she doesn’t know what she is going to do now. She needs to figure out what she is going to do – alone. Holden reminds her that she is not alone; she has her family to help her. She is counting on that, as she hugs him.

Sam takes his time finishing his beer – or two or three beers. She thought he was leaving earlier? Not without saying goodbye – does she want to join him? He looks like he has had enough for them both, Carly snarls. Carly takes his bags and walks them to the door. He can’t have her take those. She is stronger then she looks. Jack is going to worry where she is, but Sam tells her that he knows no one is waiting for her.

Jack and Parker come home talking about the game; they find Carly not there so they call Metro. Carly answer and Parker asks if everything ok? She is glad he called. Is Sam bugging her, Parker wonders? She is fine and will be home soon; she doesn’t want him to worry. She hangs up; it is Jack and he is waiting for her. One kiss and he will leave Sam barters. It is not a good idea. One kiss and she will never see him again. She goes for the phone and Sam grabs it – she doesn’t want to do that!

Parker thinks something is wrong, but Jack thinks he is more upset about things in the past year then he is letting on. He is fine, but he has a gut feeling about Sam. Jack will stay until Carly gets home. He promises, as Jack sits on the couch looking a bit concerned.

Carly tries to get out the door, but Sam grabs her. He needs to let her leave; he doesn’t want to do this! He wishes he could, but he can’t. He has Kit. He wants her to shut up; he doesn’t want Kit. She keeps turning him on and never following through. He has to stop this. She is so sorry if he felt led on. She didn’t want him to get the wrong idea. This is the right idea; she is just playing hard to get. He can’t stop now or Cowboy Jack will be very disappointed in him. He throws her to the floor and gets on top of her.

Gwen races over; what did she do to Hallie? She is burning up. How could she take her out of their home, Will demands? Sofie wants them to take care of Hallie, as Chris takes her from her arms.

Lucinda signs the form and thinks it feels good. She knew she could bounce back, Lily says. She will make her proud, Lucinda promises. She will keep her secret and she would love to be proud of her again one day; she went too far this time and she will have to live with it.

Chris goes to look at Hallie, as Sofie offers to go with him, but an angry Gwen wants to, but Chris tells them that he will look at her alone. She knows what it is like to give a baby up; they had an agreement and she broke it. They promised she could be a part of Hallie’s life and then Barbara slammed the door in her face. If she wants to blame anyone then she should blame herself, Sofie angrily says.

Holden comes downstairs to find Lily is alone. They are alone at last. Is she ok? She has been thinking about what he said about no more secrets – she wants to start over. He is glad to hear that. She has something to tell him though. He was hoping she would say that. She has a secret, but it is one that she can’t share with him.

Gwen does blame herself. She thought they could have an open adoption, but she didn’t set firm enough boundaries and worse she didn’t realize how hard it would be. What she did was wrong; she stole their baby. She is her baby. Will yells that she is their baby now. Margo walks over and places Sofie under arrest. Sofie starts to cry; they can’t do this; they promised she could be in Hallie’s life, as she is being led away. Will and Gwen hug.

He thought she wanted to start over? It isn’t her secret to tell. She wished she could tell. Whose is it? It is her mother’s. He understands what has been going on between them. She wants them back together; it is what she always wanted. The idea of this ripping them apart is more then she can bear. It would not only hurt her mother, but he could get in trouble from a legal standpoint. He wants her to stop; he is going to trust her enough to not ask for details. Lily is stunned. Is she willing to try if he is? A thrilled Lily hugs him.

Carly and Sam struggle and Sam throws her down on the couch, as he pushes himself on her. Carly is screaming for Sam to get off of her and for someone to help her. As she struggles, Carly seems to suddenly see someone standing behind Sam. Suddenly, a shot rings out from behind them and Sam falls to the ground, as a shocked Carly lies there staring at Sam on the floor.

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