ATWT Update Thursday 2/7/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/7/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Java ) Luke finds Noah eating some food and wonders why he is so hungry he is also a little hurt that the banana split he made for him wasn’t filling enough for him. Noah explains that the banana split was great but he skipped lunch because he was studying and now he is very hungry. Luke thinks that Noah is trying to satisfy an oral fixation by eating food. Luke and Noah admit that they think about being intimate with each other for the first time a lot but right now they can’t do anything about it because it isn’t the right time. Noah and Luke talk about what the perfect setting for their first time would be and Noah tells Luke he has thought about several moves but there were no classic movies that featured gay couples. Luke and Noah decide that they want to create a different kind of family because they feel its right to live at the farm right now. Luke and Noah also decide that they are going to take their relationship at their own pace and not let peer pressure dictate how fast or slow they should go with their relationship.

(Lakeview) Meg tells Craig that he is no longer CEO of the company and as of tomorrow she intends to return the company to Lucinda. Craig pleads with her not to punish him this way just because he hurt her and made mistakes in their marriage. Meg tells Craig she must do the right thing because she owes it to Meg and Lily to make things right. Meg also accuses Craig of Killing Dusty putting Bob in a coma and killing the lab technician just to get his precious project off the ground. Craig admits he hated Dusty but he would never kill him. Meg reminds him that he tried to kill her child and she wouldn’t be surprised if he killed all those people for the sake of protecting his investment. Craig tells Meg he wanted the research project to be successful because he wanted her to be rich and make money so she could help people around the world. Emily tells Paul that one of the intruder reports just called to tell her that Dusty’s killer Evan Walsh is holding Lily and Lucinda hostage at the hospital. Craig figures out THAT Paul was thee person that made Meg think that he killed Dusty. Craig tells Meg that Paul is just trying to make him look guilty so he can get closer to her. Meg tells Craig that she made her own decision and that she doesn’t want to be with either him or Paul right now she just wants to get her life back. Paul calls Meg and asks her to meet him in the Lakeview lobby because he has something to tell her about Holden’s case. Meg goes downstairs and Paul tells her that Dusty’s killer Evan Walsh is holding Lily and Lucinda hostage. Meg and Paul head to the hospital Craig overhears the conversation and also heads to the hospital.

(Hospital) Holden is about to slip the money under the door of room 408 until Margo arrives. Holden quickly explains to Margo that Lily asked him to bring $10 million dollars to the hospital because Evan Walsh was holding them hostage and he was the one who killed Dusty. Margo yells at Evan that the police don’t negotiate with hostage takers to which Evan responds that if he doesn’t get his money Lily and Lucinda will die. Holden pleads with Margo to let him meet Evan’s demands and wonders how she would act if a member of her family was in that room being held hostage. Lucinda pleads with Evan to let Lily go and keep her as a hostage instead because she is more valuable to him then Lily. Evan tells Lucinda he may consider that if she has her jet fueled and ready to take him to a country where he could do his research in peace. Lucinda agrees and calls her pilot to fuel up the jet and then hands the phone to Evan so he can tell the pilot his destination. Lily lunges for Evan and tries to take the syringe away from him but he grabs her and holds the syringe at her neck. Chris arrives and Margo gives him all the details and asks him to try to persuade Evan to let the ladies go. Chris goes in to talk to Evan and pleads with him not to take any more lives and let Lucinda and Lily goes. Chris also promises to help Evan with the police but Evan insists that he must complete his mission because his groundbreaking research could save many lives. Chris goes back outside and tells Margo that he couldn’t do anything because Evan is too focused on completing his research. Holden calls WOAK and asks them to land the news helicopter on the roof of the hospital. Holden tells Evan that the helicopter is on its way to take him to Lucinda’s jet. Holden once again pleads with Evan to let Lucinda and Lily go. Evan screams no because he needs both of them to make it safely to the plane.

Evan holds a gun on Lucinda and Lily as he forces them to take the elevator to the roof. Margo, Holden and the cops take the stairs to the roof. The helicopter arrives and Lily can’t bear to see her mother be taken away by a crazy man so she decides to try one more time to rescue her Lily lunges at Evan pushes Lucinda out of the way and then she struggles with Evan for the syringe and while Evan is trying to keep Lily from taking the syringe away from him he accidentally sticks himself with the needle and dies instantly. Chris arrives about to minutes after Evan has fallen to the ground and confirms he has died. Lucinda takes Lily aside and thanks her for saving her life. Lily blasts her mother for bringing Evan to Oakdale and indirectly causing the death of two people and putting Bob in a coma all because she wanted her company back. Lucinda tells Lily that she had no idea Evan was going to go crazy and she never intended for anyone to get hurt. Lily tells Lucinda that she will have to learn to live with Dusty’s death for the rest of her life. Holden arrives to take Lily home because he asked Margo if she could give her statement tomorrow. Margo questions Chris and Craig about how Evan came to Oakdale and why he picked Oakdale to do his research. Chris and Craig both say that they thought that the project was groundbreaking and wanted to be part of it but they had no idea Evan was going to go crazy and kill people. Craig is also hurt that Margo could even think for one second he was capable of murder. Chris talks to Emily and says he never wants to see her again even though she apologizes to him for thinking he killed Dusty. Emily also apologizes to Chris for trying to get evidence against him in order to send him to jail for killing Dusty.

Chris goes inside the hospital and tells Paul, Meg, and Craig that Evan accidentally killed himself with his own lethal injection. Meg thanks Paul for trying to free Holden but makes it clear that she can’t be with him ever again because he is bad for her. Craig overhears the conversation and gloats by telling Paul he is happy he also lost Meg. Paul tells Craig he isn’t giving up on Meg and will have her back in his life. (Farm) Holden and Lily arrive home and Lily thanks Holden for protecting her just like he has always done. Holden tells Lily he would do it again because he doesn’t know what he would do if he ever lost her. Lily tells Holden she feels the same way about him Holden tells Lily that he doesn’t know where will happen with their relationship but she will always be an important part of his life. Lily and Holden hold hands and hug each other Holden and Lily are about to kiss when Faith and Natalie burst in and ask if Lily is okay. Lily gives the girls a hug and Holden vows that nothing is going to tear their family apart again.

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