ATWT Update Wednesday 2/6/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 2/6/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

Carly comes home and sees something in the fireplace burning; she runs to it and she sees Cowboy Jack burning inside. She yells for Parker to come downstairs. He races downstairs and sees her pulling Cowboy Jack out of the fireplace. What did he do she screams? He didn’t do it! She is sick of his lies! She can’t take this anymore! She is calling Jack! Fine – he wants her to!

Will and Gwen are in Chicago. They stop and show the woman a picture of Sofie – has she seen her? She thinks she has, but she hasn’t seen her in a while. What did she do? She kidnapped their baby; they are there to get her back.

Sofie comes out of the subway and looks up at the tall buildings around her; she is in NYC. A Policeman stops Sofie and thinks it is a bit cold to have a baby outside. She knows how to take care of her baby. He wasn’t implying otherwise, but he was just wondering if she needed help? They are fine, as she turns away.

Aaron is at the Lakeview talking with a manager about Sofie. The police were there and he showed the Police her employment app. Will he show him the papers? The manager doesn’t want to at first, but then he appeases to Aaron’s pleading.

Will and Gwen continue to walk around parks and playgrounds showing Sofie’s picture, but no one has seen her at all. Will and Gwen are frustrated with finding nothing on Sofie’s whereabouts.

Jack is now over the house and he and Carly are trying to get Parker to admit what he did to Cowboy Jack. He didn’t do it, Parker maintains. He can’t keep lying. He isn’t! Sam calls in the middle of this and tells Carly that Cowboy Jack is missing and he was wondering if Parker took him again? Carly tells Sam that they found him. Sam pretends to be shocked, but Parker grabs the phone and orders Sam to tell them that he set him up!

Holden is on the phone making reservations for Lucinda and Lily to spend a few days at a Spa. However, Lily comes up from behind him and takes the phone. She tells the person on the other end that she has changed her mind and hangs up the phone.

Lucinda is standing in a room at the hospital talking with Evan, whom she now sees is holding a syringe. He did it, she realizes. Why did he do it? He poisoned Bob – for what? Science. Dusty? It couldn’t be avoided since he wouldn’t butt out. His research will save millions and three people’s lives being lost are a small price to pay. Evan closes the blinds and stares at Lucinda.

Lily explains that she is not leaving town until she finds out what happened to Bob. Holden reminds her that Dusty and the lab tech are a part of this now too. This isn’t small anymore. This person may come after her; he has to protect her. What about him, Lily wonders? He can take care of himself, but he couldn’t live with himself if something happened to her; he can’t lose her!

Does he really think he can get away with killing her, Lucinda wonders? Has he lost his mind? He isn’t a suspect, and he is good at covering his tracks. He is a disgrace to his family name, and she will not let him continue to do this! His research will continue. Lucinda tries to leave, but Evan stops her. He isn’t letting her leave. He takes out a syringe and takes off the cover, as he snarls at Lucinda walking towards her. She doesn’t suggest that he do this, but he grabs her; he won’t let her stop him! The police will find out sooner then later and then his precious research will be all for naught. He will just be a mad man running around with a syringe. She is getting in the way! She can help then; she has lots of money! He can start over somewhere new in Switzerland or Mexico...somewhere other then Oakdale and the Police here. He stops and admits that he sees her point. He wants $10 million dollars and a private jet to some place tropical with no extradition. She will have it in the morning, she pretends, as she walks for the door. No, he screeches; he wants it now! She can’t put her card in an ATM and get that kind of cash. He has to be reasonable. He thinks what he is asking for is plenty reasonable for his step grandmother’s life, wouldn’t she agree!?

Holden wants Lily to think about the kids, but Lily thinks the kids need their father too. They can do it together.

Parker yells into the phone that Sam brought him there! Is Cowboy Jack there, Sam pretends? He knows it is, because he set him up! Lying isn’t going to do him any good, Sam calmly and methodically tells Parker, as if he thinks someone is listening in. Jack grabs the phone. They have ‘the dummy’ now and they will take care of Parker as well. Jack hangs up and Carly doesn’t think Parker should quit being rude to Sam because it isn’t his fault. Parker is sure it is his fault – as always. Jack thinks it isn’t.

Will calls from Chicago to check in with Margo. Has she heard anything? No. Where are they? They are in Chicago. Sofie stayed there last fall and this is the only thing they have to go on. Margo thinks they are going about this wrong; she may not even be there.

Sofie is struggling with a crying Hallie. She puts down her bags, searches for and finds her pacifier. They will be fine, she promises as she kisses her. Her mommy is there and they will be ok now. She drops her wallet out of her pocket when she walks off.

Jack doesn’t know what to do with Parker. Therefore, Parker wonders if they are going to send him away to that camp because that is what Sam wants to get close to mom and get him out of the way. Jack promises that they aren’t doing that. They are going to deal with this together. He needs to go upstairs to cool off. Parker promises that he didn’t put Cowboy Jack in the fire; Sam put the dummy in his bed and now in the fireplace; Sam is trying to get him in trouble. Jack thinks Parker is doing a fine enough job of that on his own. After Parker goes upstairs, Carly wonders what they are going to do? They can’t let him get in any more trouble. Jack agrees, but he thinks he knows what to do.

Aaron looks through Sofie’s employment papers and realizes there is no information, contacts or phone numbers at all. The manager apologizes; that is all he has on Sofie.

Sofie is rocking Hallie in the park; she promises Hallie that they won’t be here long. She just needs to get some money for a place to stay. She realizes she doesn’t have the wallet, as she looks panicked.

Margo thinks Will and Gwen are running in circles and may even spook Sofie if she sees them; they are too personally involved and should come home and leave the search to the Police. Will thinks she might be right, but Gwen doesn’t think the Police will search as hard as them. She keeps thinking if she had taken better care of herself and Billy, he might be alive still. She has to do everything she can to help Hallie. She can’t stop looking, as she walks off.

Sofie is talking to Hallie; she doesn’t know what to do. She knows she is cold and tired. She is sitting on a bench holding her close. Hallie keeps crying, so Sofie takes out her phone and calls Aaron. She needs his help! He has to promise he won’t tell Will and Gwen where she is or she will hang up. Aaron finally agrees. What is wrong? Hallie is crying – she is hungry and cold. She knows how to take care of her, but she just lost her wallet. Where is she? He has money that he can bring to her. She is in NYC at Central Park. She asks him to come right away because they are cold.

Will and Gwen wonder why Aaron hasn’t called? He promised he would call when he looked at Sofie’s employment file. Gwen is adamant that she won’t give up. Will doesn’t want her to, but Hallie needs them. What if Sofie goes back to Oakdale? Hallie will need her mom and dad to be there, as Gwen finally agrees, and head toward home.

The psychologist comes over to Carly’s house. They show her a burned Cowboy Jack. The therapist thinks Parker’s acting out is escalating. They need to give more time to therapy and he needs to be spending more time with them together. They are working on that; Jack cuts his hours and Carly asked Parker to help at the club. The therapist clarifies what she means; they need to be spending time with him together as a family; he needs security. The more secure he feels, the less likely he will act out. She is going to talk with Parker while they talk this over. Jack and Carly look at one another nervously.

Holden begs Lily to think this over; he wants her safe at the Spa so he can think things through and not worry about her safety; he needs her to listen to him and do as he asks. He will let her think it over. After he leaves, Lucinda calls Lily pretending to be calling her banker, Gregory. Lily doesn’t understand what she is doing; she thinks she called the wrong number at first. Lucinda talks in code about being tied up and this being a life saving favor. Is she in trouble, Lily asks? Yes. Lucinda asks her to bring $10 million dollars. It is to be brought to the hospital in room 408. It is a matter of life and death! Lily understands.

Carly thinks they should do what the therapist suggests. Jack agrees, but he wonders why she seems a million miles away? If she wants to focus on her family, she is going to do it right; she is going to give up Metro.

Lily comes to the hospital room and it is locked. Evan pushes Lucinda to answer the door. She asks Lily what she is doing there? Is she there with Ethan? She called her asking for money, but Lucinda tries to talk over her. She thinks she heard them paging her at the front desk. Lily isn’t listening; she wants to know what is going on! Lucinda tries to usher her away from the door, but Lily pushes inside and is looking at Evan holding a syringe on Lucinda. She realizes he killed Dusty. Why didn’t she going for help, Lucinda asks? Why doesn’t she ever listen to her, an exasperated Lucinda wonders? Evan turns to watch out of the door, and Lily and Lucinda whisper to one another. Why would he kill Dusty? He didn’t know him. The three men stood in his way of his research, Lucinda explains. Evan overhears; his work will revolutionize medicine. It was all him, Lily wonders? It wasn’t all him – right Lucinda? She had nothing to do with the killings, Lucinda defiantly answers. She is being modest. She doesn’t want Lily to listen to him. She may not have been involved in the killing, but she called him for an assignment and told him to use any means necessary. A distraught Lily looks at Lucinda.

Jack thinks Carly should rethink this. She put so much time and effort into Metro. None of that matters; it has to be all about her son. Carly tells Jack that Parker means more then anything. She will take Cowboy Jack back to Sam and he and Kit will just have to understand, as she leaves.

Aaron runs over to Sofie; is she ok? She ran out of milk. They will get some and after they will head home. He promised that he wouldn’t tell anyone where they were. He didn’t, but she is in a lot of trouble for taking Hallie; the cops are looking for her. That is why she can’t go back! He knows how to fix it!

Back at home, Gwen is looking through Hallie’s stuff. What if they don’t get her back? They will. She doesn’t know how because she is running out of ideas. Will has something for her.

Sofie thanks Aaron for helping, but she tells him that they are going to Canada. What she is doing – it is kidnapping. Hallie is her daughter. They can go home and they can tell the Police that she meant no harm; it is an act of good faith. She can tell them that she changed her mind about the adoption. He has plane tickets. He will help her through this. What does she say?

She brought Evan to Oakdale, Lily asks? Dusty is dead now because of that. She just wanted her Company back. She wanted Craig out and for him to be discredited. The project was to fail. She picked the wrong man, Evan answers. She didn’t know he was a lunatic like the rest of his family. She would have saved herself the trouble. This is more then trouble – Dusty is dead because she brought him there. She didn’t what he was capable of. Lucinda’s phone rings, but Evan tries to stop her from answering it. It is Holden. He will get worried and come looking for Lily if she doesn’t. Evan finally agrees. Lucinda tries to pretend she has not talked Lily when Holden asks if she has seen her. She is hemming and hawing. He thought she got a call from her before Lily left. She thinks he should take Lily out of town… to Dallas perhaps? Evan grabs the phone away, as Holden hears a commotion before he hangs up the phone. He tells Lucinda and Lily that it is time for him to leave and that means they have now served their purpose, as he holds up the syringe. However, he angrily reminds Lucinda that she still owes him $10 million dollars. Lily didn’t deliver the cash; he will get it some other way, as he grabs Lily holding the syringe to her neck. Lucinda begs him to take her and leave Lily. They will go to the bank right now. No, she will go to the Police if he leaves her there. Lucinda tells him that he can stay with her and Lily can go get the money. He thinks she will go to the Police. He can have her as a hostage and a reason for Lily to come back. Her daughter despises her role in the plan and may not come back. One hostage is good, but two is better, Evan smirks. They are going to stay there and figure out a way to get the money to them.

Holden races into the Police station; he thinks Lily is in danger. She has to help him find her.

Lily tells Evan that she has to call Holden. He is the only person who can get the money to them. Evan agrees, but any funny business and her mother gets a shot from his trusty syringe. Lily calls Holden, who is relieved to hear from her. She tells him that she needs $10 million dollars in unmarked bills; she doesn’t want him to tell anyone. He agrees and tells Margo that Lily is ok after all. After Holden leaves the station, Margo doesn’t believe him and has a plainclothes officer follow Holden.

Carly arrives at Metro and tells Sam that she will pay for the repairs to Cowboy Jack. She knows he is tried of hearing this, but she is sorry. There is no harm done, Sam answers. She has to talk with him. It is going to have to be just him and Kit from now on; she has to give up Metro -- for Parker’s sake. He won’t let her do this, as Carly looks surprised by his strong statement!

Jack tells Parker that Carly is giving up the club. He is unsure because she claimed to be firing Sam before. Jack explains that she was going to fire Sam, but Kit threatened to go with him and she didn’t have the money to cover that. She is giving up her interests in the club all together instead. Therefore, she won’t see Sam. She is giving up something she worked very hard on to prove he comes first. Parker doesn’t have much to say, as he heads upstairs.

Carly explains that the therapist told her that they need to spend more time together as a family. How is she going to give up the club? She needs to find someone who will buy her out or she loses her money; either way, her son comes first.

Sofie is upset; he said she didn’t have to go home. Will and Gwen are worried about Hallie. Hallie is with her mother. Sofie begs for one more night with Hallie for her to pretend that everything is ok. Aaron looks conflicted, as Sofie pleads with him. She will do anything.

Will gives Gwen a swim suit for Hallie in size 6-9 months. He bought it a few weeks ago. Why is he giving it to her now? He wants her to see how confident he is that this summer Hallie is going to be in it splashing around on the beach with them. She loves him for having faith, as they hug.

Aaron tells Sofie that he can’t go on letting Will and Gwen think Hallie could be hurt; it is time for her to go back. Sofie relents. She doesn’t know what she was thinking. She will have Hallie back in her crib by tonight, and Will and Gwen won’t worry anymore. She is just going to change her in the bathroom and then they can go back; she promises. Sofie walks away and Aaron calls Will and Gwen to explain. He has good news; he is with Sofie in NYC, and she has agreed to come back. They will be right there, a thrilled Gwen answers. Aaron tells them that they are booked on the next flight home so they will come to them. Will and Gwen are ecstatic and hug tightly; Hallie is coming home! Aaron waits for another moment and then goes to the bathroom to tell Sofie that he told Will and Gwen that they are coming home. He knocks, but there is no answer. He races into the bathroom and realizes that Sofie has taken off, as he races back out and scans the park quickly and sees no one.

Carly comes home, as Jack asks how Sam took the news? He pretended to be ok with it, but he was upset. He realizes this was hard on her. Parker needs this, so she will do this. They are getting through this together, Jack says. She doesn’t want him to worry that she thinks he means they are together; she knows why he is doing this. It is not like she is going to get her hopes up. Jack tells her that they are still a family. She appreciates him saying that; she will never jeopardize it again, as he smiles warmly at her. Jack emphasizes the word together again. Jack calls Parker downstairs and tells him that he loves him, as he hugs him. Carly hugs Parker tightly as well.

A burned Cowboy Jack tells Sam that this situation burns him up. Sam thinks he is a comic now. He can’t let Carly quit. He needs to get that ‘bratty kid’ away from her for once and for all.

Evan is pacing; where is Holden? He will be there, Lily promises. Does she want to bet her life on that? Yes. They are running out of time.

Aaron calls Will with the bad news. Sofie got away; she is gone, as Will hangs up in a fog. Gwen wants to know what happened? What is wrong? Will doesn’t answer.

Holden comes to the room with the cash in a bag and knocks. Evan grabs it out of his hand and slams the door shut. Holden sees Margo and some cops show up, as he pleads with them not to go into the room because he has Lily in there. It is time for Lucinda to get the jet going, but he then looks through the blinds and sees the cops with Holden. That is bad news for them, as he menacingly walks towards Lily and Lucinda. He grabs Lily and holds the syringe to her neck.

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