ATWT Update Tuesday 2/5/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/5/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Metro) Sam invites Carly to go to Chicago with him to look for bands to book in the club. Carly gently tells Sam that she would love to go to Chicago but she can’t go with him because Parker has too many problems right now and if he found out she was going on a trip with him that would make things worse. Carly suggests that Sam go to Chicago with Kit and make the trip a combination business trip and romantic get away. Sam says that would be a great idea but she doesn’t want to leave Carly to run the club alone. Carly tells Sam he needs a break and could use some time alone with Kit. Carly goes into the back room to tell Kit and Kit gets so excited she starts making reservations. Sam calls the band they booked for the week and tells them that they don’t need a band for the club anymore. Carly leaves to pick up Parker from his tutoring session and Kit comes out of the back room and Sam lies and tells her that the band they booked for the week cancelled on them. Kit advises that she go to Chicago and look for bands and Sam stay at the club to play for the week. (Java ) Carly picks up Parker and tells him that Sam and Kit are going out of town and she wants to hire him to help her at the club. Parker is excited about the job and smiles for the first time in a long time. (Metro) Carly and Parker arrive and Sam tells her the band cancelled and kit is going to Chicago alone. Parker gets angry says he doesn’t want the job anymore if Sam is going to stay and not leave town.

(Outside Metro) Parker tells Carly that Sam is using any excuse to get close to her. Carly tells Parker that Sam was really excited about the trip and the band canceling wasn’t intentional it happens all the time. Parker refuses to go for hot chocolate with Carly so Carly goes to Java alone to drink hot chocolate and once Parker sees his mom go inside Java he walks back to Metro and catches Sam paying the singer of the band he cancelled and telling him to come back anymore. Parker calls Sam a liar and tells him that now he has proof that all he wanted to do was get closer to Carly. Sam tells Parker to stop telling stories or his parents will have to send him away. Sam tells Parker that nobody will believe him anyway because he is crazy that is why he is seeing a therapist. Parker tells Sam that he is going to tell his parents anyway and just see which one of them his parents will believe. Parker leaves and Cowboy Jack tells Sam that they have to get rid of that stupid Brat and Sam says he has an idea but Cowboy jack won’t like it at all.

(Java) Kit arrives to talk to Carly and tells her how much she loves Sam even though he has a roving eye. Kit says Sam is just a big flirt and doesn’t mean anything by what he does with other women. Kit tells Carly that she would be heartbroken if she ever found out Sam was serious about another woman. Kit wonders if Carly can be trusted around Sam and Carly once again assures Kit she can trust her with Sam. Kit goes back to Metro and ants to spend some alone time with Sam before she leaves for Chicago so she and Sam kiss for a few minutes and then Kit tells Sam she is in such a good mood that she wouldn’t mind if he took cowboy Jack on their ride to the airport so he can tell her some jokes. Sam tells Kit that Cowboy Jack is busy doing his own thing so they get to be all-alone for a little while. (Carly ‘s house) Carly arrives home to find Cowboy Jack inside the fireplace with a roaring fire going inside the fireplace.

(Lakeview) Chris tells Craig that Emily is trying to prove that he (Chris) murdered Dusty so as to take suspicion off her so she won’t go to jail. Chris also tells Craig that Emily has Paul helping her do the dirty work. Chris asks Craig to help him stop Emily because he won’t have her ruin the important research project. Craig is worried that since Emily works for the intruder the bad publicity about the project could cost them both everything so in order to protect his investment Craig promises Chris he will stop Emily and Paul. Emily tells Paul that Margo didn’t believe her story and she may have made things worse for herself. Paul tells her that it has become even more important that they find the killer so that both she and Holden can be cleared of suspicion. Craig warns Emily and Paul stop trying to make Chris a suspect in order to get suspicion away from Emily. Craig tells Emily and Paul they will pay if they insist on spreading nasty rumors about Chris. Paul and Emily assume that Craig is just trying to protect his investment in the research project by making sure that Chris isn’t a suspect in Dusty’s murder. Paul tells Emily to go talk to Craig and see if she can push his buttons and find out any information. Paul tells Emily he has an idea about how to end Craig’s reign of terror by hitting him where it hurts the most.

(Lakeview) Emily tells Craig that he is supporting a murderer because Dusty was about to get proof that Chris poisoned his own father and caused his stroke because Bob thought the research project was too risky. Emily also tells Craig that the lab technician who was helping Dusty was found dead inside of his car trunk and who knows who will be next on the list. Craig doesn’t believe anything Emily says because he knows she had a motive to kill Dusty herself and doesn’t want to go to jail. (Farm) Lily is scared and knows that if she had been there a few minutes sooner the killer would have also killed her. Holden tells Lily he doesn’t want her to be next so he wants her to go out of town with Lucinda until the killer is caught. Holden and Lily also decide to go to the police and tell them everything about how they found Neil Perkins dead. (Police Station) Holden and Lily tell Margo that Neil Perkins was working for Dusty testing residue inside Bob’s coffee cup which Dusty believed caused Bob’s stroke. Holden explains to Margo that Dusty left instructions that the test results are given to Lily if anything were to happen to him. Margo holds Holden and Lily for a few hours but doesn’t believe they are the suspects in either of the two murders. Dallas tells Margo that they are searching Neil Perkins computer to see what he was working on for Dusty. Margo questions Chris who is hurt that she believes that he could kill anyone and tells Margo not to believe Emily. (Farm) Meg and Luke talk about love and how much he loves Noah and that he is very happy. Meg wishes she could be happy with someone but right now she has to take a break and think about the next step is in her life. Paul arrives to encourage Meg not to give the company back to Craig because if she gives it to Lucinda the research project will fall apart and Craig could be the one to lead them to the person who killed Dusty.

(Al’s Diner) Holden and Lily tell Lucinda that the lab technician who was working for Dusty was killed because he had proof that Bob’s stroke was provoked to stop the research project. Lucinda regrets that she didn’t believe Dusty. Lucinda agrees to take Lily out of town for a while until the killer is caught. Meg calls Lucinda and asks to see her so when Lucinda arrives Meg tells her that she is giving the company back to her. Lucinda is touched by the gesture and is happy to have her company back. (Hospital) Lucinda goes to the hospital and calls someone on the phone and tells the person on the other end of the phone she must see him or her right away. Lucinda walks inside the lab looks at the spot where Dusty died and tells herself she will stop the research project.

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