ATWT Update Monday 2/4/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/4/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

Outside their house, Gwen stops Will before he goes in to thank him for letting his mother baby-sit; she knows how much it meant to Barbara. He is happy she babysat as well. He wants family time now though. They walk in to find Barbara sleeping. She must have dozed off. Gwen goes to see Hallie, but a moment later comes running out saying that she is gone.

At the Lakeview, Sofie is with Hallie; she tells her that she is going to take her away so they can be together.

Emily and Paul let themselves into Chris’ room; they have to get Chris to admit to poisoning his father and killing Dusty. Emily smirks, as she reminds Paul that he will be the hero that gets Holden off and Meg will run back to him. Paul wonders what will happen if Chris implicates her? She isn’t amused; she wants him to plant the bug and get out. They hear the elevator beep and know Chris is just outside.

At the Farm, Lily and Holden try to continue on as life as usual, but their conversation soon comes around to talk of Dusty’s murder. Lily is adamant that they figure out how to clear his name. Holden is sure that it will all work out. She wants to make a statement about seeing Emily. He doesn’t want her involved. Lucinda’s lawyers will want to get him off by making him point the finger at her; he won’t put her in harm’s way.

At Java, Luke and Noah hang out. Luke is somewhere else. Noah doesn’t want him to worry about his dad; he knows it will work out. He wishes he could help his parents. They need him to be a kid right now. A friend of Luke’s comes in and Luke introduces him; he is involved in a committee for gays. This friend, Reg, invites them both to his friend’s parent’s house on the lake. They promise to think about it. Noah thinks they should go. Luke is unsure, but Noah thinks sharing time alone in a bedroom sounds good.

Chris is furious to find Emily in his room. She wants to apologize. She misses him. He wants her to leave. She lied and cheated on him. Does he remember how good they were? She sidles up close to him. Can he give her one more chance?

Lily wonders when is he going to stop protecting her? He has been doing it all her life. She is glad he is on her side again though. Lily gets a call from someone she doesn’t know. He tells her that he has a message from Dusty Donovan. Who is he? Neal Perkins – a lab tech; he and Dusty go way back. He has information that Dusty was waiting on when he was killed. He was analyzing residue from a coffee cup. Dusty wanted him to contact her if anything happened to him. Can they meet tonight? They agree to meet at Yo’s. She needs to come alone.

She is no good without him, Emily pretends. She is pathetic and he can’t believe he loved her. She never cared for Dusty like she did with him. It is too late for them. She rubs his arms and shoulders, and then starts to kiss him.

Gwen is frantic; where is Hallie? Barbara is upset; she just fell asleep for a moment; Hallie was just there. How could she do this, Will snaps? She didn’t meant to, but she was tired. Gwen is running around calling out for Hallie. Barbara wants to know where the car seat is? Will is confused as to why she would care? Barbara thinks she knows what happened. Sofie showed up and wanted to see the baby, but she told her she couldn’t see her and told her to leave. Will yells about why she didn’t lock the door behind her? The baby was colicky. Gwen tries to stop them from arguing. She called Bonnie to see if she could helps straighten Sofie’s feelings out. Will is angry that she didn’t call them. She handled it. She didn’t, Will snaps back. Gwen tells them that she will just call Sofie; she won’t hurt Hallie and she will bring her back.

Sofie is on a bus with a swaddled Hallie when Gwen calls, but she doesn’t pick up.

Gwen is upset that Sofie isn’t picking up, but they will just go to the Lakeview and find her because she didn’t take her diaper bag so she couldn’t go far. Barbara wants to help, but Will thinks she has done enough. Barbara reminds them that she won’t hurt Hallie, but Will doesn’t think she knows that. They cut down on her visits because she didn’t respect boundaries. Gwen thinks she is just upset because she has been feeling shut out of Hallie’s life. Barbara offers to stay at the house in case she comes back, as Will and Gwen rush out.

Luke and Noah talk about this trip. Luke wonders if he is tired of sleeping on his grandmother’s couch and that is why he is anxious to go away? Noah reminds him how much his family has been there for him and he loves them, but he admits that it does cut down on their alone time. Luke wants to be with him too, but things are so messed up with his parents. Noah understands; he wants it to feel right for him. Luke tells him that he loves him and wants to be together with him. Noah admits that he feels the same way. Luke seems to want to go, but he just can’t right now.

Lily tells Holden what Neal says. Holden wants to go, but Lily tells him that he can’t. She doesn’t know what he is capable of; Lily relents and Holden and she leave.

Emily tells Chris that she is not upset Dusty is dead; he betrayed her and he also said all these untrue things about what Chris supposedly did. She didn’t mean to lie, but she was afraid he would leave her if he found out the truth. Chris tells her that Dusty is not a problem anymore, as they kiss and he gets off Emily’s clothes, but then Chris stops and wants to know where the bug is? Paul is amazed as he overhears this from the closet. What is he talking about? She came here to find something on him. Does he really think she would do that to him?

Will and Gwen see Aaron at the Lakeview; has she seen Sofie? She had an earlier shift. She took Hallie; she came by the house, but Barbara wouldn’t let her see her. She came back and took her. They are going to her room to talk with her. Aaron rushes up with the master key. They let themselves in and see she is packed up and gone. Aaron offers to call her and Sofie answers. He hasn’t seen her in a while and he wanted to see what she was up to. She is fine. Aaron asks her if she has Hallie? She does; she is with her daughter and she isn’t coming back. Where is she? She can’t tell him that, as she hangs up the phone. Aaron tells Will and Gwen that she has Hallie and she isn’t coming back. Will and Gwen look devastated.

Emily wants Chris to stop looking for a bug on her or in the room; she wouldn’t do that to him. She is trying to play him; she was going to sleep with him to get information; he shouldn’t be surprised since she was a prostitute. He finds the bug by the bed and he grabs Emily. She yells for him to get off of her, as Paul jumps out of the closet and wants him to back off.

Luke tells Noah that he called his dad to let him know that he is going away for the weekend. Noah wonders if he is sure? He is looking forward to spending time alone with him while meeting other gay couples. Is he sure, that Holden is ok with this? He said he was, but he seemed distracted. Noah is sure that they will be ok.

Lily and Holden sit and wait at Yo’s. She tells him that she was there the day she overdosed. She was so hurt, and she can’t let him got to jail because of her. Why is he being so good to her? They have been married for a long time. She was hurt and that is why she acted out. Holden assures her that they will get through this. They don’t think the man is going to show up. Right about this time, the bartender comes over and gives Lily a note left by Neal; it reads that he told her to come alone. He could have had the information that exonerated him, Lily worries. Neal calls right after; he will give her one more chance. Who was with her? It was her husband. He will meet her down the street; he will be in the blue car. If she doesn’t come alone, he will take the information and not come back. Lily tells Holden she is going without him; that is the only way.

Luke and Noah meet up with Luke’s friend from earlier, Reg and his boyfriend, Tony. They are happy to hear they are coming. Noah needs to do an errand and after he leaves, Tony talks about how ‘hot’ Noah is. They then talk about everyone having fun in the hot tub with no swimsuits. Tony jokes about drinking and smoking marijuana to loosen up, as Luke is looking more and more unsure.

Chris is furious that they are in his room trying to bug it. He lunges at Paul, but Emily steps in front of them. She wants Chris to stop. They had to get to the bottom of it. No, she just wanted to pin Dusty’s murder on him. Paul recounts how suspicious his behavior has been from arguing with his dad and then getting what he wants after his dad suddenly has a stroke. Chris realizes she told Paul everything. What about their deal? He should call security. He won’t though, Paul says confidently. Chris takes Emily’s clothes and throws them into the hall, as she runs after them. Paul walks out after her and hands her his coat; he thinks that went well, he smirks.

Will, Gwen and Aaron arrive at the Police Station. They rush over to Margo; their daughter has been kidnapped by her birth mother. Aaron tells her that he spoke with Sofie and she admitted it. Would she harm her? They don’t think so, but she doesn’t have a lot of experience with a baby. Margo rushes to put out an Amber Alert. They will also track Aaron’s cell phone and find out when Sofie is.

Emily is humiliated; Chris knows they talked. Paul thinks they should go to the Police, but Emily is adamant that she isn’t going to involve Margo in this. Emily thinks they need to find the lab tech. Paul thinks that she should make a preemptive strike against Chris by going to Margo first and telling her everything before Chris beats her to the punch.

Aaron comes out of the back room at the station and tells Will and Gwen that Margo is tracing his cell. Margo says the Amber Alert is statewide until tomorrow, and then it will be national. Gwen is worried that it is cold; Sofie can barely take care of herself. Aaron assures her that she will tale care of Hallie. Margo wants them to go home and wait. Gwen pleads with Aaron to call them if he can think of anything.

Lily walks down the darkened street to meet Neal and hangs out by a blue car, as she was instructed.

Will and Gwen come home and Barbara asks if they have news? Sofie took her. Barbara thinks she seemed harmless; she is so sorry though. Will is upset that Barbara begged them to baby-sit and then couldn’t stay awake. She apologizes, as Gwen tells Will that is not her fault. Barbara offers her help; she can make a statement. Will thinks it isn’t going to make a difference. Barbara sadly tells them that she will go and let them be alone, as she leaves she offers them money or anything if Sofie needs it. Gwen sadly tells her that she doesn’t want money; she wants to be with Hallie. Gwen tells Barbara that they will call her when they hear something though. After Barbara leaves, Will and Gwen hug.

Noah comes back from his errand, as Luke wonders what Noah thinks about Tony? He is alright. Luke thinks he was into him. He also tells him that there sounds like that there would be drugs at the party too. Noah thinks it sounds as if it is a deal breaker? Luke tells him that they just say no. They both agree that they are just going to keep to themselves so they can spend time together.

Holden shows up and surprises Lily. She told him that she needed to do this alone, but Holden is sure that the man who asked to meet her is not going to show up; she has been waiting here too long. He thinks they are being set up.

Emily walks into the Police station and tells Margo that she thinks there is a connection between Bob’s stroke and Dusty’s murder. Margo tells Emily that they can talk in private. Once in the Interrogation room, Emily admits that Dusty suspected Chris of poisoning Bob and causing his stroke. Margo is shocked. What is the motive? He would take over the hospital and push through a major research project Bob was completely against. Where is the proof? It is in Bob’s coffee mug and Dusty was awaiting the results when he was killed. Margo does know there were calls from Dusty to a lab tech. Emily wants her to find the tech and he can prove what she is saying. They did try to contact him, but he hasn’t returned their calls. Margo wonders why Emily is just coming forward with this crucial information now; what is in this for her?

Paul is waiting at the bar in the Lakeview when he sees Evan walk by. Therefore, he hides out by Evan’s table. He sees Chris come in. Chris tells Evan that Emily is trying to set him up; she is claiming he tried to kill his dad and was the one who killed Dusty. Evan thinks this is bad news; she owns a newspaper. She could ruin their project with her bad press. How can they stop her, Chris wonders? Evan thinks there must be some way they can shut her up, as Paul listens close by.

Emily doesn’t know why it matters to Margo how long she has known this? Margo thinks that timing is everything. Is she trying to make Chris look guilty to cover her own tracks? They had a deal. She agreed to keep quiet about what Dusty thought Chris did to his dad. What is she hiding then, Margo wonders? She is wondering if there conversation could be confidential? She can’t promise that. She is thinking she could keep it from Tom at least. She can’t. She needs her to consider that. Emily stutters, as she relays how hard her life had been; she hit bottom and for a short while, she worked for a Madame. Noone knew except for a very small amount of people, but Chris found out. Margo is stunned; she worked as a prostitute and now she is pretty much accusing her brother-in-law of murder?

Lily and Holden are still waiting around for Neal to show up, but finally Holden thinks that they have waited long enough; he is sure that he isn’t showing up. Lily thinks Holden spooked him and he took off. Why would he leave his car with his keys? Lily looks nervous.

Gwen is walking around with Hallie’s blanket. She is sick about this. Will promises they would get her back. She did the same thing when she took Johnny; she didn’t think of the consequences. She kept pushing Sofie to see Hallie; she just knew how she felt. Will promises it wasn’t her fault. She failed to keep their daughter safe, but he knew Sofie would be a problem. Will is mad; Sofie is being selfish and putting their daughter in danger. Aaron knocks; they answer the door quickly; has he heard from Sofie? No, but he thinks he can help.

Back at the Farm, Luke and Noah both agree at the same time that they really don’t want to go to the party; it is not their scene. They both want to be together, but they will be together when the time is right. They decide to go for a walk around the pond instead.

Lily thinks the man just forgot his keys; Holden wonders where he went then?

Aaron explains that Sofie ran to Chicago before when she and Cole broke up. He has the address and he gives it to them. Why didn’t he tell them before? He just thought of it now. He gives them the address. He wants them to call him if they hear anything. Will and Gwen take off to find her.

Chris tells Evan that he warned Emily, but he isn’t sure she will keep her mouth shut. Evan wonders about Craig – will he help? He is powerful and knows lots of people. They both agree that he would probably be willing to do anything to protect an investment, as Paul continues to listen.

Emily wonders if Margo has any idea what it took for her to come in to talk with her? She never would have come in if she didn’t think the charges about Chris were true. Right now, it will be her word against his – until they have proof, Margo reminds her. She just admitted to a very serious crime. Does she know what kind of bearing this will have on her relationship with her son? Emily begs Margo not to say anything to Tom; Daniel can’t find out. When will she put her son first, Margo demands? She never meant to hurt anyone. If Chris hurt Bob or Dusty, she didn’t want that on her head though. Margo thinks they need to find the tech because everyone knows how volatile her and Dusty’s relationship; everyone knows what she is capable of. Emily wants her to find the tech and she will find the evidence on Chris. She better hope so, for her sake.

Holden thinks they should check out the car; maybe the tech left something for them to find. Lily doubts that, but Holden wants to check it out; he opens the trunk and both of them jump back in shock when they see the dead tech in his own trunk.

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