ATWT Update Friday 2/1/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/1/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Old Town) Carly and Jack look for a missing Parker and Carly finds him with the older boys she and Jack told him not to hang out with Jack comes out of a store sees Parker with Carly and tells him he is busted. (Farm) Jack and Carly bring Parker home and Jack tells him he has to stop disobeying them and breaking the rules. Carly gives Parker a hug and tells him she loves him very much and would do anything to help him. Parker wonders if Carly really means that and she swears to Parker she will do anything to help him. Parker asks Carly to fire Sam and make him leave town for good. Jack sends Parker to his room to study while she and Jack discuss what they should do. Jack and Carly don’t think that they should allow Parker to think that by disobeying them they will do what he wants them to do. Carly tells Jack that she doesn’t want to fire Sam but if she doesn’t fire Sam things with her and parker are just going to get worse. Carly decides that Parker must come first and she goes to Metro to fire Sam.

(Metro) Kit is kissing Sam and she wants to make love but he says they have work to do so they can open the club as soon as possible. Carly arrives and apologizes for interrupting them but Sam tells her they were brainstorming ideas for the club. Carly apologizes to Sam but she tells him he can’t work at the club anymore because the only way Parker will stop being angry at her is if she fires him and he leaves Oakdale. Carly suggests that Sam take the opportunity to take one f the jobs he was offered before but turned down because he wanted to stay at the club. Kit tells Carly that she just got home and she doesn’t want to split up from Sam again. Kit tells Carly that if Sam goes so does she and she takes her money with her.

(Farm) Jack talks to Parker and tells him that his mom is doing what he asked of her and is sacrificing a lot because she loves him. Jack asks Parker to give them something in return for the fact that he won this round he must do well in school, go to the therapist, and stop being so mean to his mom. Parker promises things will get better once Sam leaves town and he agrees to all of Jack’s new rules. Parker thanks jack for believing him and goes upstairs to bed. Carly arrives a few minutes later and tells jack that Kit also wants to leave and she doesn’t have the money to buy her out. Carly considers asking Brad to be her new partner at Metro but Jack doesn’t think that is a good idea. Carly and jack explain the situation to Parker but he gets angry and won’t be reasonable he calls Carly a liar and says that when Sam does something bad she will be sorry she didn’t listen to him. (Metro) Sam gets a call from Carly telling him that he can continue to work at the club. Sam hangs up the phone and tells Kit the good news and she goes to get settled into the back room while Sam talks to Cowboy Jack who advises him that if he can’t be alone with Carly in Oakdale he has to take her away somewhere private to be alone with her.

(Al’s Diner) Henry arrives and is upset the diner is closed but Brad explains he needed a place to have a special night with Katie to tell her that he loves her. Henry tells Brad Katie will reject him because she isn’t ready for another serious relationship. (Lakeview) Vienna tells Katie she and Henry had a big fight and she needs her help to make up with him. (Al’s Diner) Katie arrives and is ready to leave again since there are candles everywhere and the table are set for two people. Vienna tells Katie that Henry is really mad at her and he is a beast when he is angry. Vienna sends Kate to the kitchen while she and Henry sneak out of the diner. Katie returns from the kitchen and when she sees Brad there alone she figures out that she has been set up and Vienna and Henry didn’t have a fight. Katie wants to leave but Brad persuades her to stay because Vienna helped him with all her favorite food. Bad tells Katie that he wants to be more then her friend and Katie hears pepper whining because Brad tied him up so she goes to the kitchen to untie the dog. Katie is also looking for any excuse not to hear the words she knows are coming I love you. Katie returns from the kitchen with the dog and every time Brad tries to tell her something she plays with the dog and talks about the dog. Pepper jumps out of Katie’s arms and goes into the kitchen with Kate chasing him. Brad calls Henry to come get the dog because he is making the special night with Katie very difficult for him. Henry and Vienna arrive to pick up the dog and Vienna locks them both in the diner before she and Henry leave Brad and Katie alone. Katie wants to leave since pepper the dog at all the food Katie tries both the front and back doors and discovers that both doors are locked. Brad asks Katie to sit and have her favorite strawberry cheesecake with chocolate dipped strawberries on top. Brad asks Katie to close her eyes and he hides an engagement ring inside the cheesecake. Brad serves the cheesecake to Katie and when she eats the second bite she almost chokes and the ring Brad saves her and then asks her to spend the rest of his life with him because she has changed him for the better and he wants to have a future with her. (Lakeview) Vienna tells Henry she locked Brad and Katie inside the diner and he rushes to get Katie out. Katie listens to Brad’s words and tells him no it’s not going to happen and then she leaves when Henry and Vienna arrive to unlock the door. Henry unlocks the door Katie runs out and a heartbroken Brad tells Vienna that Katie isn’t ready for marriage because she is still hurting because of what Jack did to her. Brad throws the ring in the garbage and at the Lakeview Katie cries as she takes off her makeup and tells herself her life is a mess.

(Will and Gwen’s place) Gwen is craving some hot chocolate from Java and she persuades Will to take her to Java and allow Barbara to baby- sit the baby. Barbara is thrilled that her son changed his mind and promises to take good care of the baby. (Java) Will is worried because he senses that something is bothering Barbara. Gwen thinks she is just sad because she was the last person from their family and friends to meet Hallie. Gwen persuades Will to give his mother a second chance because she will be a good grandmother to Hallie.

(Will and Gwen’s place) Sofie arrives to see the baby and Barbara asks her to leaver and schedule visitation with Gwen and Will. Barbara then calls Bonnie who reminds Sofie she can’t visit Hallie unless she schedules a visit with Will and Gwen’s permission. (Outside Java) Will is anxious to get home to see the baby. (Will and Gwen’s place) Barbara puts Hallie to sleep and tells her she has cancer but now that she has her family back in her life she is determined to fight it. Sofie arrives and looks through the window and seeing that Barbara is asleep she tries the door and since it isn’t locked she sneaks in and kidnaps Hallie.

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