ATWT Update Thursday 1/31/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/31/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Carly’s house) Kit arrives and interrupts Carly and Sam’s almost kiss and suspects that Sam has been trying to make a move on Carly but Carly explains that Sam has been helping her with metro and being a supportive friend since she has been dealing with problems with Parker. Kit wonders why Metro is closed and Carly explains about the broken boiler that will be fixed soon. Carly also tells Kit that Sam is living at Metro since Parker has chosen to take out all his anger on Sam. Carly tells Kit that Parker stole cowboy Jack and tried to destroy him among other things he has done in an effort to lash out. Kit thinks Jack may have put Parker up to doing these things but Carly tells Kit that Jack is okay with Sam now. (Old Town) J.J sees Parker with Dylan and some other older boys and tells him he shouldn’t be breaking Jack and Carly’s trust in him by not obeying the rules of his punishment. Parker basically tells J.J that what their parents don’t know won’t hurt them .J.J sits in a back booth at Al’s diner waiting for Parker and his friends to leave and then he goes back home to the farm. (Carly’s house) Carly is confused because she thought Kit broke up with Sam so once Kit goes to the kitchen Sam explains that Kit doesn’t like to apologize when she makes up with him after a fight they just ignore it and pick up where they left off in the relationship. Sam asks Carly not to say a word to Kit about the Dear John letter she wrote to him because it will just bring up bad memories.

(Lakeview) Paul asks Emily to help him get Meg back and explains that he wants to find Dusty’s real killer so that the charges will be dropped against Holden. Emily is offended that Paul thinks she killed Dusty and tells him that no matter how angry she was she would never kill Dusty because she loved him. Lucinda and Luke have lunch and Luke tells his grandmother that he thinks Holden got arrested because he was trying to protect Lily because he thinks she killed Dusty. Luke and Lucinda both know that neither Luke nor Lily killed Dusty so Lucinda is determined to find the real killer. Lucinda advises Luke to think good thoughts because his parents are going to get out of this mess. Luke wishes that Lucinda could meet Noah and tells her he has really been wonderful and supportive through this whole crisis. (Farm) Holden and Lily tell Jack everything that she remembered about the night Dusty died and Holden admits to wiping Lily’s fingerprints off the syringe because at the time he thought Lily killed Dusty. Holden explains that he put the syringe in the cupboard because he wanted Margo to think he killed Dusty in order to protect Lily. Jack tells them that he believes them but everything they have done makes them look guilty. (Lakeview) Paul tells Emily that at first he thought Craig killed Dusty but he wasn’t at the hospital the night Dusty died and Craig wasn’t the one found lying on top of Dusty’s body that was she. Emily tells Paul to shut up or she will Paul finishes the sentence for her by saying kill me. Luke tells Lucinda that he hopes at least one good thing will come out of this crisis that Holden and Lily will get close again and realize they belong together.

(Farm) Jack calls Emily to ask her to come down to the station for questioning and Emily who is still at the Lakeview hangs up the phone and assumes that Paul told the police what he suspects about her. Paul tells Emily he didn’t talk to the police about her and wants to go down to the station with her so he can be there when the charges are dropped against Holden. (Carly’s house) Kit decides to live at Metro with Sam so they won’t upset the kids. Sam leaves with Kit but by his facial expression you can tell he isn’t happy that Kit returned to ruin his plans with Carly. (Police Station) Holden and Lily arrive and so does Lucinda who is upset that both Holden and Lily came to the police station without a lawyer. Holden and Lily go inside the interrogation room followed a few minutes later by Emily who is being followed closely by Paul who decides to stay and talk to Lucinda. Paul invites Lucinda for some drinks so they can brainstorm about how to get Holden out of this mess. Lucinda guesses that Paul is only helping Holden to get back in Meg’s god graces but she will except help from anyone even Paul to make sure Holden doesn’t go to jail. Emily tells Jack that she won’t answer any questions and if he wants to ask her anything he can talk to her lawyer. Emily’s lawyer arrives a minute later and tells Jack he was taken off the case and has no right to question Emily since he is also related to two suspects. Jack tries to get Emily to tell him what she was doing the night Dusty died. Emily’s lawyer tells hr not to answer the question and continues to argue with Jack while Emily remembers seeing Dusty’s dead body in the lab. Emily keeps quiet and doesn’t answer any of Jack’s questions and leaves with her lawyer. Emily tells Lily she should think twice before trying to blame her for Dusty’s murder. Jack apologizes to Lily and Holden for not being able to question Emily but he does think she defiantly knows something about the murder. Holden tells Lily that Emily will do something to slip up and they will prove she murdered Dusty.

(Lakeview) Paul Tells Lucinda that at first he thought Chris and Craig had something to do with Dusty’s murder but Craig was not near the hospital that night. Lucinda doesn’t think Chris did it even though he was angry at Dusty about the research project she doesn’t think Bob’s son would murder anyone. Paul says that only leaves Emily as the most logical suspect and he has a plan to make her talk. (Farm) Parker lies to Carly by saying that he had a late hockey practice and just got home. J.J is tired of Parker lying to their parents and since they trust him they believe him and he again tells Parker once again that he shouldn’t hurt their parents this way. Parker tells J.J that he went to Metro to tell Kit that her boyfriend was lying to her and that while she was gone he was putting the moves on Carly. Parker also tells J.J that he told Kit he should make sure Sam leaves town for good. Parker is so sure his plan will work that he tells J.J to go with him to Metro. (Metro) Kit tells Sam what parker told her and he tells her not to believe Parker because he has been seeing a therapist because Parker hates him and has been acting out. Kit calls Carly who arrives a few minutes later and when she hears what Parker told her she tells Kit that Sam has been nothing but a good friend to her. Parker is devastated that his mother said this to Sam and Kit and also that his plan backfired so he takes off leaving J.J alone. J.J tells Carly everything that Parker told him and that he just took off again without saying where he was going.

(Al’s Diner) Holden and Lily sit and try to figure out a strategy to catch Emily when Bonne arrives and yells at Holden for going to the police station without her. Holden tells Bonnie everything he told Jack and makes it clear he is willing to go to jail to protect Lily. Bonnie pleads with Holden to reconsider and tells him unless he tells her the whole truth always she has to resign as his lawyer and he says that she can resign if she feels that is what she needs to do. Bonnie leaves and tells Holden she hopes they can always be friends. Holden and Lily are committed to do whatever it takes to catch Emily. (Farm) jack tells J.J to go to Parker’s room to see if all his things are gone. J.J comes down a few minutes later and tells Jack that Parker has taken all his things and jack and Carly wonder what they should do now. (Lakeview) Lucinda leaves when she sees Emily arrive and Paul tells Emily the best way to keep herself from going to jail for killing Dusty is to make sure Chris is blamed for Dusty’s murder. Paul tells Emily he has a plan to make sure Chris goes to jail and not her so Emily agrees to help Paul with his plan.

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