ATWT Update Wednesday 1/30/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 1/30/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Lakeview) Katie scratches Brad’s back and he asks her to give him a sponge bath because he thinks he is starting to smell badly. Katie doesn’t want to give Brad a sponge bath because she thinks it’s a trick to get her to have sex with him. Brad makes Katie feel guilty by reminding her that he broke his leg looking for her so she agrees to get the sponge bath ready for him. Katie puts ice-cold water on a washcloth with some soap and starts scrubbing Brad’s back for him but she does it so hard it hurts him. Brad asks Katie to be gentler with him so she starts to gently scrub his chest and then after a few minutes she tells him to do the rest himself and runs out of the room into the hallway for some air.

(Will and Gwen’s place) Alison arrives to visit Will and Gwen notices Casey outside the door and tells him that Will and Gwen are going to be very happy to see him. Alison knocks on the door before Casey has a chance to leave and Will smiles when he sees his best friend is back home. Will wonders why Casey didn’t tell him that he was coming home so they could throw him a party. Casey tells him he wasn’t sure how they were going to react to seeing him but Will invites him inside and introduces him to Hallie. Casey tells Will and Gwen that he is happy that they have a new baby but refuses to hold her saying he has never been too good with babies. Casey apologizes to Gwen for not taking care of her and their baby Billy and thanks Will for taking care of the child they thought was Billy at the time. Gwen tells Casey that she forgives him because they were both young and confused at the time she was pregnant with Bill and they have both made their share of mistakes.

(Carly’s house) Parker’s therapist Dr. Seidman arrives for a home visit with Parker to determine how often Parker needs therapy. Jack and Carly leave Parker alone to talk with the doctor and Carly tells Jack that she has lost Rosanna again and she won’t lose Parker too. Parker tells the doctor she should just certify him crazy so his parents can send him to boot camp and get rid of him because they obviously don’t want him with them anymore unless he keeps quet and follows their rules. Jack tells Carly that they are going to get Parker through this together and they almost kiss but the doctor interrupts them and says that she and Parker have decided its best to work all these problems out in family therapy. The doctor tells Parker she needs to talk to Jack and Carly alone so Jack and Carly tell her briefly what Parker has been going through this past year. The doctor notices that Jack and Carly begin to fight when they tell her about her misdiagnosed brain tumor and how Carly lied about her condition. The doctor tells Jack and Carly that from Jack’s tone when he spoke about Carly’s lies he obviously has some unresolved anger towards Carly and Parker is picking up on his anger and acting out towards his mother. The doctor tells jack and Carly that he wants to see Parker once a week and also see them once a week and when the time is right she will have them in a session together.

(Metro) Sam worries that Jack and Carly will get back together if they spend time together helping Parker with his problems. Cowboy Jack tells Sam that the only way he can spend time with Carly and get closer to her is if he gets rid of Parker.

(Lakeview) Katie pulls Brad out of bed because the doctor said he was supposed to try and get up in twenty-four hours. Katie is flustered by Brad’s closeness to her so she gives him some crutches to try and walk and he asks her to spot him in case he falls which he does and when he falls on the bed Katie lands on top of him. (Hospital) Lisa runs into Barbara and tells him the god news that Bob has awakened. Lisa notices that Barbara is still speaking funny and knows that Barbara has a worse problem then a bad tooth. Barbara finally tells Lisa she has oral cancer because she must tell someone she can’t hold it in any longer. Barbara explains that she hasn’t told her family and Lisa encourages her to tell her family because she is going t o need their support.

(Will and Gwen’s Place) Gwen and Alison go feed the baby and leave Casey and Will alone so they can talk. Casey admits to Will that he feels strange being home because everyone has moved forward with their lives and he is standing still. Will tells Casey that when he first came home from the mental hospital he felt like he had the word crazy tattooed on his forehead. Will advises Casey to give himself some time and before he knows it things will get back to normal for him. Gwen wonders if Casey intends to call Maddie and let her know that he is home. Casey tells her there is no point in letting Maddie know that he has come home. Casey also tells Will and Gwen that he can’t handle school right now but he wants to get a job if anyone will hire an ex convict. Casey refuses to celebrate his homecoming by ordering a pizza and hanging out with Will, Gwen, and Alison for a while and quickly leaves the house. Alison tells Will and Gwen that Casey seemed in a hurry to leave because he seemed awkward around them. Will and Gwen think that Casey just needs the love and support of his friends right now.

(Carly’s house) Jack admits to the doctor that he has been angry at Carly and maybe he hasn’t handled his anger correctly around the children. The doctor tells Jack and Carly that they must present a united front with Parker so that he understands that they are not leaving him. The doctor tells Jack and Carly to examine their anger towards each other and be careful they don’t express that anger in front of the children. The doctor eaves and Carly thanks Jack for being willing to do some therapy to help Parker. (Lakeview) Katie tells Brad that he better get well very quickly and when she gets back he had better be walking on those crutches. Katie storms out of the room and almost knocks over Vienna who brought strudel for the lovebirds. Vienna tells Brad that he told Katie he loves her in his sleep while they were lost and that is why she is scared. Vienna tells Brad that if he tells Katie he loves her he should be serious about a commitment to her and not just waste her time when Brad tells Vienna he is serious after a few minutes of thinking about it Vienna helps him with a romantic setting for Katie before he tells her his true feelings for her. (Metro) Carly is sad that Rosanna is back in a coma and was sent back to the clinic in Switzerland before she got a chance to say good-bye to her. Sam tells Carly that everything is going to be okay and holds her for a few minutes.

(Old Town) Katie comes out of a store and sees Jack talking to parker so she goes back inside so she won’t interrupt their conversation. Parker asks Jack if he thinks a therapist can help them straighten out their problems or if therapy is stupid. Jack tells Parker he thinks it will be good for the family to talk about their problems. Parker asks if he can go to the store to buy something Jack says yes and sits down to wait on him. Katie tries to walk past Jack and avoid him but Jack stops her and tells her he needs to talk to a friend right now. Jack tells Katie that he and Carly are doing family therapy with Parker. Katie tells him family therapy is going to be hard but she thinks it will be good for them. Jack tells Katie that he realized today that he has been too hard on Carly and he apologizes to Katie because his actions have hurt her as well. Katie gets a call from Brad telling her that he has fallen and he can’t get up so Jack and Katie go to the Lakeview to help Brad.

(Metro) Carly feels like she let her children and her sister down and Sam tells her she is a good mother and sister and Carly thanks Sam for being a good friend. Sam tells Carly he still hasn’t gotten the part for the boiler yet so Carly tells Sam he can stay at her house until tomorrow since the kids are with Jack.

(Outside Al’s Diner) Casey thinks about going inside and asking for a job but then he remembers that Gwen told him that Henry and Vienna own the diner now so he leaves without going inside and runs into grandma Lisa who is happy he is home and when he tells her he needs a job she gives him a job as a waiter at the Lakeview. (Lakeview) Lisa explains to Casey that the tips are split among the wait staff at the end of each shift. and the cash tips he gets are to be put in a jar at the end of the bar. (Will and Gwen’s house) Barbara arrives to tell Will and Gwen about her cancer but Will tells her he is happy because Casey is home. Barbara is angry because Casey stole from Will but Will says that he and Gwen have forgiven Casey because he deserves a second chance. Barbara thinks everyone deserves a second chance and Will wonders if Barbara is okay she says she isn’t and struggles to tell Will the news. Hallie cries and Will introduces the baby to Barbara and allows her to hold the baby. Barbara cries a little and says she is glad she got the chance to see the baby. Barbara decides her news can wait until later because she doesn’t want to spoil this perfect moment.

(Carly’s place) Sam tells Carly that she has been the one who has helped him get through his break up with Kit. (Brad is surprised to see Jack arrive with Katie to help her pick him up off the floor. Jack sees the romantic setting and decides to leave so they cad do whatever they were planning to do. Katie walks him to the door and tells him Brad is just being Brad. Jack says he knows that and thanks her for the talk she had with him. Katie tells Jack she is happy they can be friends again because she missed his friendship. Brad pours a glass of champagne and tells Katie he has something serious to tell her about how he feels about her. Katie runs out of the room because she knows what is coming and doesn’t want to hear it. Vienna stops her outside in the hallway and wonders if Brad told her his true feelings Katie says she doesn’t want to hear it or talk about it and leaves before Vienna can say another word. Brad tells Vienna he knew Katie would react this way and he should not have tried to talk to her. Vienna tells Brad that Katie is in denial about her feelings for him and it won’t be long before she can’t deny her feelings anymore. (Metro) Carly thanks Sam for always being there to listen to her and being such a good friend. Sam leans in and he and Carly are about to kiss each other.

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