ATWT Update Tuesday 1/29/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/29/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Police Station) Dallas wonders how Jack will react when he discovers Holden has been arrested and is out on bail. Margo tells Dallas she will handle Jack because she doesn’t want him interrogating his own family since she knows first hand how hard that can be since she has had to do it herself several times. Tom arrives and persuades Margo to come home with him and take a day off from work.

(Tom and Margo’s house) Margo arrives home and is surprised that Tom didn’t have rose petals or candles waiting for her since she was expecting a little afternoon delight. Margo gives Tom a kiss and he tells her romantic time with her would be wonderful but they are not alone. Margo turns around and is overjoyed to see Casey has come home because he got released from jail on good behavior. Margo hugs Casey and gives him a kiss because she is glad that her baby is home. Margo then gives Casey a playful slap on the cheek for fighting with the prison guard.

(Old town) Sofie smiles as she talks to Aaron about how beautiful Hallie is and how happy she is that Will have allowed her to be a part of Hallie’s life.

(Will & Gwen’s house) Will and Gwen think that Sofie is getting too attached to Hallie and Will wants to call Sofie so that she can come over and they can have a talk. Gwen doesn’t want to talk to Sofie yet because she feels that she is being unfair to the woman who gave them a child. Will persuades Gwen this is what is best for Hallie. Gwen calls Sofie who says she will be there right away when she hangs up she tells Aaron that maybe she will get to baby-sit Hallie today.

(Hospital) Kim tells Chris he has done a wonderful job running the hospital just the way Bob would have and she is proud of him for doing such a great job. Kim also tells Chris that when Bob wakes up she is going to tell him what a great job he has done running the hospital. Evan pressures Chris to sign the contract for his research project.

Chris tells Evan he doesn’t have time to talk right now but Evan thinks Chris is scared and tells him that if he doesn’t sign the papers Dusty has the last laugh and reminds him that Dusty is gone and there is nothing stooping the project now. Chris signs the papers and inside Bob’s room Kim talks to Bob and encourages him to wake up because there are many people who love and Need him.

Bob wakes up and says hello beautiful and Kim cries tears of joy while she rushes to the hallway to get Chris to examine Bob.

On the hospital stairwell Lily gets Holden to admit that he found her on the stairs with the syringe in her hand and he wanted to protect her because Dusty made him realize that he pushed her into Dusty’s arms because he treated her in such a horrible way. Holden tells Lily he doesn’t want the kids to lose their mother and Lily tells Holden the kids shouldn’t lose their father either. Lily insists that she can’t allow Holden to take the blame for something she has done.

(Hospital) Emily goes back to the lab and remembers how Dusty’s dead body looked on the floor and then she cries and says I’m sorry Dusty. Lily tells Holden she could never forgive herself if something happened to him because of something she had done. Holden tells Lily he will get out of this but Lily thinks its best that she remember what happened the night Dusty died so they decide to retrace her steps the first thing Lily remembers is walking into the lab and seeing Dusty’s dead body and seeing a syringe not too far away from where Dusty’s body was and she thinks she must have been in shock because something made her pick up the syringe and then leave the room quickly.

(Tom and Margo’s house) Tom, Margo and Casey are eating take out from Al’s diner and Margo wonders what Casey intends to do with the rest of his life. Margo wonders if he intends to go back to Oakdale University or get a job. Casey tells his mom that he just wants to enjoy being home for a while and sleeping in his own bed. Tom gets a call from Kim telling him the good news about Bob and Tom and Margo head for the door Tom is surprised when Casey says that maybe seeing him is the last thing his grandpa needs right now. Tom smiles and says he is sure that his grandpa would love to see him so Casey decides to go with them to the hospital.

(Hospital) Chris tells his father that he scared everyone to which Bob responds you can’t get rid of me that easily. Bob also asks where Dusty is and Chris tells him Dusty is gone and changes the subject to ask how Bob is feeling. Bob tells Chris he is hungry and Chris orders Bob to be taken for a cat scan and several more tests.

(Will & Gwen’s house) Sofie arrives with Aaron and Will tells Sofie they need to set some new rules about Hallie. Hallie cries and Aaron goes to check on her. While Will and Gwen gently explain that they think she is getting too attached to the baby and they think they need some more family time with Halllie alone before she can see her again. Sofie cries and says Hallie is her daughter then she immediately apologizes and says she won’t be pushy but Will and Gwen tell her that she agreed to whatever rules they thought were best for Hallie Will and Gwen allow Sofie to hold the baby and say a tearful goodbye to her Sodie tells the baby she won’t be seeing her for a while but she knows she will be happy with her mommy and Daddy. Sofie gives the baby to Aaron before she leaves the house still crying.

(Hospital) Lily walks with Holden towards the lab and sees Emily walking out of the lab. Lily wonders what Emily was doing in there and Emily tells her that is none of her business. Lily yells at Emily that Holden is innocent and she is going to prove it. Emily smiles a little because now Lily wants to find the real killer. Emily apologizes to Holden because she feels badly that he was hurt in this whole mess. Once Lily is gone Lily remembers walking in the hallway and seeing Emily running out of the lab just before she entered. Holden wonders why Emily would kill Dusty because she loved him very much.

(Hospital) Casey asks Tom not to tell Nancy or Lisa he is home yet because he wants to surprise them. Margo suggests to Casey that he go visit Will & Gwen and meet Hallie. Casey arrives at Will and Gwen’s house but never knocks on the door just watches them through the window because he is nervous about how they are going to act with him.

(Old Town) Aaron catches up with Sofie who is still crying and tells him she never thought it would be this hard to give up her baby. Aaron offers to get Sofie some coffee and talk but she tells him she needs to be alone and he should go because his family needs him.

(Hospital) Lily tells Holden she drove Emily to kill Dusty because she found out that Emily had been a prostitute and sent Chris an anonymous note telling him so because she was angry and hurt since Dusty broke up with her because he was still in love with Emily. Lily insists that she must make things right and do the right thing so Lily decides to go tell Jack the whole story.

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