ATWT Update Friday 1/25/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 1/25/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Farm) Carly tells Jack Sam thinks that Parker stole cowboy Jack from him but Jack can’t believe that Parker would do that no matter how much he doesn’t like Sam. Jack tells Carly they are going to call Parker downstairs for a talk. Parker comes downstairs and Carly and Jack ask him if he stole Cowboy Jack Parker says no but no matter what he saws they won’t believe him. Parker tells his parents that he went to the dance and came back with his coach in time for his curfew. Carly apologizes to Parker for the third degree and gives him a hug. Parker goes back upstairs and wonders how Cowboy Jack got in his bed.

(Police Station) Margo asks Holden if he was angry enough with Dusty to kill him Holden says yes he was angry enough to kill Dusty but he can’t tell her anything else.

(Old Town) Lily and Lucinda are worried about Holden but Lucinda knows he couldn’t have killed Dusty. Lily remembers that Holden told her he would take care of everything when she woke up at the hospital the night Dusty died. Lucinda tells Lily Holden couldn’t have killed Dusty because the night he died Holden was only worried about her health.

(Police Station) Margo tells Holden he is digging his own grave by refusing to answer her questions but Holden tells her he is only doing what he has to do.

(Old Town) Luke and Noah see Lily and Lucinda talking and tell them he can feel that something is wrong and demands to know what is going on and why Lily and Lucinda are so worried. Lily tells Luke that Holden has been taken to the police station for questioning about Dusty’s murder. Luke and Noah can’t believe Holden had anything to do with the murder Lily tells Noah to take Luke home because she and Lucinda are going down to the police station.

(Police Station) Holden tells Margo he found the syringe but he refuses to say anything else and he also refuses to get a lawyer. Lucinda and Lily arrive at the station and Margo allows Lily to go see Holden to see if she can get him to tell the truth. Lily goes in and Holden only tells her to make sure she goes to the doctor and takes care of the children. Lily pleads for Holden to get a lawyer but he says he doesn’t need one and tells Lucinda to take Lily home.

(Farm) Parker tries to sneak out of the house with Cowboy Jack but Jack catches him before he can get out the door. Jack demands that Parker tell him the truth but Parker tells him no matter what he says he won’t believe him. Parker tells Jack he didn’t take the dummy someone planted it and he found it in his room a few minutes ago.

(Metro) Carly tells Sam that Parker didn’t have Cowboy Jack and that she thinks she has really messed up as a mother because Parker has so many problems. Sam tells her not to think that way and stop putting herself down because she is a good mother who has made some mistakes but she is trying her best to make them right and start a new life. Sam promises Carly he will do his best to make Parker change his mind about him. Carly tells Sam that Parker is a good kid who has a wonderful sixth sense about people and she can’t explain how Parker could be so wrong about him.

(Farm) Parker persuades Jack to ask Sam some questions Parker’s coach arrives and wonders if Parker is feeling better since he didn’t go to the dance he must be sick. Jack tells the coach Parker will be better for the big game so he shouldn’t worry. Parker admits to Jack that he didn’t go to the dance; instead he went to Metro then followed Sam and Carly to Yo’s where he noticed Sam was all over Carly. When he confronted Sam about it, he basically said that nothing was going to stop him and Carly from having a relationship. Jack tells Parker that Carly has a right to have a relationship with anybody she wants, because she is a grown up and can take care of herself. Parker tells Jack that Sam is dangerous; and if her mother continues to be with him, she will regret it.

(Old Town) Luke is worried about both his parents, and Noah assures him that Holden is a good man who isn’t capable of murder and the best thing he can do for him is not to stop believing in his innocence. Noah also advises Luke to go talk to his father.

(Police Station) Lily and Lucinda go home and Margo gets the forensics report on the syringe, which states that the substance inside the syringe is the same substance that killed Dusty. Margo gives Holden the chance to change his story but Holden refuses to do so and he also refuses a lawyer. Dallas is reading Holden his rights when Luke bursts in and says they can’t arrest his father because he is innocent. Holden tells Luke Margo has evidence against him and a lot of people saw him fight with Dusty before he died.

(Police Station) Luke calls Lily to tell her that he has been arrested for Dusty’s murder. Lily arrives and Holden tells Lucinda and Luke to take care of Lily and make sure she is okay. Holden tells Lily to go home but she refuses to saying that her husband’s life is at stake and she will do anything she has to do to protect him.

(Farm) Parker admits to Jack that he took the dummy and put it in the trash but he didn’t bring it home somebody else put the dummy in his bed Jack asks him who that person might be and he says Sam is out to get him.

(Police station) Margo suggests that Lily get a lawyer for Holden in case he changes his mind.

(Al’s Diner) Lily asks Bonnie to try and persuade Holden to let her represent him since he has been arrested for Dusty’s murder but refuses to talk to a lawyer. Bonnie tells Lily that she will try to talk to Holden but she can’t guarantee that he will want her to represent him.

(Farm) Jack tells Parker that his actions won’t go unpunished he and Carly just have to figure out what to do. Parker calls Carly to tell her Parker had the dummy and she and Sam arrive a few minutes later and Carly and jack force Parker to apologize to Sam. Sam goes out on the porch with cowboy Jack so that Jack and Carly can talk. Parker tells Sam that he knows he set him up to make him look bad with his parents but sooner or later they will know the truth. Cowboy Jack tells Parker to stop trying to outsmart him because he won’t be able to do it.

(Farm) Carly and Jack decide to send Parker back to therapy and Parker screams that Sam is out to get him and that Sam set him up but Carly and Jack don’t believe him.

(Old Town) Luke tells Noah that his dad didn’t seem upset about his arrest he just wanted to protect Lily. Luke also remembers that Holden told him Dusty wouldn’t be a problem for Lily anymore.

(Police Station) Dallas thinks that Bonnie only wants to defend Holden so she can get closer to him. Bonnie tells Dallas she will bring him up on charges for that statement and demands to see her potential client. Holden wonders what Bonnie is doing there and Lily tells Holden she called her to represent him. Holden allows Bonnie to come inside and he lies to her telling her that he found the syringe outside Lily’s room when he went out for a few minutes to stretch his legs. Holden also tells Bonnie that he was trying to put the syringe back in the drug cart when Susan saw him. Holden concludes his story by telling Bonnie that Lily had no contact with the syringe. Bonnie tells Holden that if he allows her to represent him she will do her best to clear him of the charges. Lily watches Bonnie take Holden’s hand and looks hurt that Bonnie and Holden have such a close relationship.

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