ATWT Update Thursday 1/24/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/24/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Hospital) Katie is glad that she and Brad made it home okay because for a while there she thought they wouldn’t make it back to Oakdale. Brad thanks Katie for helping him and tells her she was a real hero The doctor arrives and looks at Brad’s X-ray and says that if he promises to keep his leg immobilized he won’t need a cast just a brace. Brad wonders how he will get to the bathroom and the refrigerator and the doctor says he can go to the bathroom but only if it is a few steps away. Brad worries because the bathroom is upstairs at the farm but Katie assures the doctor that Brad has a lot of family that can take care of him.

(Metro) The boiler pipe bursts and Sam gets soaked so Carly hands him a towel and also has a towel to help dry him off. Jack arrives and wonders why he always catches them at a bad time. Sam goes to the back room to change out of his wet clothes while Carly nervously explains to Jack that the boiler pipe burst and Sam got all wet. Jack tells Carly that he is beginning to think Parker is right and Sam is trying to put the moves on her. Carly asks Jack to give Sam a break and insists that she can take care of herself. Carly also tells Jack that her personal life is none of his business since they aren’t married anymore. Jack tells Carly that Parker wants to go to his first school dance but he is grounded and he was going to say no but he wanted to know her opinion. Carly thinks Parker should go to the dance because he is angry and needs to blow off some steam and it is a school event so it will be supervised. Jack agrees to allow Parker to go to his first dance. Jack gets a call from Katie telling him that Brad broke his leg and he should come and pick him up from the hospital because she can’t get him in the house by herself. Jack tells Katie he has to drop Parker at school for the dance and then he will go pick up Brad at the hospital.

(Fairwinds) Paul arrives to talk to Rosanna about the divorce. Rosanna asks Paul for one more chance to save their marriage because she knows he loves her and always will love her no matter how angry he may be at her right now. Paul tells Rosanna that he doesn’t love her anymore and nothing that she can do can change his mind. Rosanna tells Paul they can fly to the Caribbean tonight on the Cabot jet and be divorced by tomorrow. Paul is surprised Rosanna gave in so quickly and tells her he will met her at the airport. Once Paul leaves Rosanna calls someone and tells them they are going ahead with the plan.

(Metro) Carly asks Sam if he can fix the boiler he says he can but he won’t be able to get the parts until tomorrow. Carly is sad that they won’t be able to open the club tonight so Sam suggests they go to Yo’s and get some beers because he is still depressed that Kit broke up with him.

(Farm) Parker asks Jack if Sam was at Metro when he went to talk to Carly. Jack says yes but tells Parker to let go of this grudge against Sam because his mom can take care of herself. Jack tells Parker he can go to the dance because his mom thinks it will be god for him to go to a school activity. Jack makes it clear to Parker that he will drop him off at school and be there waiting to pick him up at 9:45 and he shouldn’t think of making him come inside to look for him. Parker tells Jack that his coach offered to pick up and drop off any one who didn’t have a ride to the dance so Jack agrees to allow Parker to ride with his coach to the dance. Jack heads to the hospital to pick up Brad and a few minutes later Parker’s friend Dylan arrives to pick him up so they can go to Yo’s and try to get some beers. Parker tells Dylan he has to stop off somewhere after they go to Yo’s.

(Hospital) The doctor tells Katie to leave for a few minutes while he sets Brad’s leg so Katie tells Brad she will stop by the farm later to check on him. Katie meets Vienna in old town and she wants to hear all the details of Katie’s romantic trip with Brad. Vienna tells Katie that the TV station wanted to send a search party but she told them they should leave the two lovebirds alone. Katie is very mad at Vienna for not sending a search party to find her and Brad. Katie tells Vienna she is very confused ever since Brad said the three words she doesn’t want to repeat to her while he was sleeping. Katie and Vienna arrive at Al’s and sit down with Henry who agrees with Katie that having a relationship with Jack’s brother could be very complicated for her. Vienna thinks that Brad is good for Katie and her and Henry begin to argue the point so much that Katie gets up and heads back to the hospital.

(Hospital) Brad explains to Jack how he broke his leg but since he is on painkillers the details of the story get a little confusing but since Jack is a cop he eventually figures things out. Brad also tells Jack that the doctor says he shouldn’t move his leg for a few weeks in order for it to heal. Jack thinks Brad’s accident couldn’t happen at a worse time because Dusty was murdered, Lily overdosed and is recovering, both Holden and Lily are suspects, Emma is out of town and Meg is still grieving the loss of her baby. Brad wonders how long he and Katie have been gone because he can’t understand how all this can happen in such a short time. (Plane) Rosanna wants to toast Paul’s freedom from her and after they each drink champagne she informs him they are going to a private Island for as long as it takes for them to fall in love again. Paul once again tells Rosanna that he will never love her again and she has left him no other choice but to do something he doesn’t want to do. Paul goes into the cockpit calls Margo and tells her Rosanna switched the test results on his baby. Paul also t tells the pilot to turn the plane around and head back to Oakdale. Paul goes back to sit down without saying a word to Rosanna the rest of the trip.

(Yo’s) Sam tells Carly that he is cold so its time for a little body heat so he touches Carly’s cheek and strokes her hair just as Parker arrives to see them together. Carly tells Sam that she knows he is lonely but she doesn’t have romantic feelings towards him at all and they should just stick to business. Sam tells Carly he can’t just be her business partner. Carly tells Sam they can be friends just not touchy feeling friends.

(Outside Yo’s) Parker goes outside and waits for Sam to come out and tells him to stay away from his mother or he will regret it. Dylan comes out and tells Parker that Yo’s is lame because they didn’t even want to serve them drinks. Sam tells Parker that he better be careful or he just might tell Carly some things he doesn’t want her to know about him.

(Hospital) Katie arrives just as Jack gets a call from the station and has to leave but tells Brad he will come back later to pick him up. Brad asks Katie to let him stay at her place because Jack is a little too busy to take care of him. Katie doesn’t want to do it at first but then Brad reminds her that he broke his leg searching for her. Jack arrives to pick up Brad and is informed that he went home with the pretty little blonde that brought him in and he has never seen a man with a broken leg so happy.

(Lakeview) Jack arrives to pick up Brad and Brad tells him Katie insisted he stay with her so she can take care of him. Jack tells Katie this is none of his business and if she wants to take care of Brad she can have him. Katie wonders why Brad lied to Jack so he explains that it was the only way that Jack wouldn’t feel responsible for him so he can take care of all the other things he has to do. Brad asks Katie to get him a soda and turn on the TV.

(Metro) Parker and his friends go into Metro through a broken window so his friends can steal booze and Parker can steal cowboy Jack and destroy it.

(Airport) Rosanna is surprised to be back in Oakdale and then she is informed by Paul that he called Margo from the plane and told her about the paternity test switch and she told him it was a felony. The policeman tells Rosanna that Margo wants her to come to the station for questioning.

(Farm) Parker arrives and tells Jack he had a good time at the dance and Jack is proud of him for keeping his word and coming home by his curfew.

(Metro) Sam arrives and finds that Cowboy Jack is missing and calls Carly to tell her she thinks Parker took the dummy. Carly can’t believe that but she promises to go talk to Parker.

(Farm) Parker takes out cowboy jack and puts him on the bed while Carly is downstairs telling Jack that Parker’s problems might be more serious then they thought.

(Lakeview) Henry and Vienna arrive with food for Brad and Katie and Henry takes Katie in the hallway to talk. Henry worries that Katie is falling into the same pattern with Brad that she has done with Mike and others by nursing them back to health and then falling in love with them. Vienna congratulates Brad because he has Katie right where he wants her. Brad calls Katie and says his leg is throbbing and he needs another pain pill. Brad tells Katie that she can sleep in bed with him because he doesn’t want her to sleep on the floor. Katie says she won’t sleep on the floor she has booked another room across the hall and if he needs her he can call her on his cell phone.

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