ATWT Update Wednesday 1/23/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 1/23/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At the Lakeview, Will and Gwen come to see Barbara. They got her message about Dusty. She hopes they aren’t thinking she is using Dusty as an excuse to see them. No, he was a part of the family; would she like to go to the church –as a family?

At the front of the church, Lucinda wonders while staring at a picture of Dusty, why it all went wrong? Craig walks in and asks her if she is atoning for her sin?

At the farm, Holden takes out the syringe and remembers Lily with it in her hand. Lily comes downstairs in a robe looking confused, as she goes for her coat. Where is she going? She hurt Dusty; she has to make it right with him, as Holden tells her he is dead. She stops in her tracks.

Emily is in bed at the Lakeview; she has a nightmare about Chris asking her if it is true about her being a hooker? Then she remembers telling Dusty that she will get payback. Alison knocks at the door interrupting her. Emily stumbles out of bed to answer the door. Alison wonders why isn’t she dressed; isn’t she going to the service?

Barbara would love to go with them. Gwen wants her to know that she is not alone. Paul told her they were all alone. That is his way of dealing with losing his son. It means a lot that he is there; she has made a lot of mistakes; she is sorry, as Will cuts her off; none of that matters right now. Barbara needs to do one thing; she will be right back. Gwen tells Will that she is proud of him. Sofie walks over and apologizes for them losing Dusty. She offers to baby-sit for Hallie while they are at the service. They already have a baby-sitter, but they appreciate the offer. Barbara, Will and Gwen all head out.

Lily is confused; Dusty is gone. She starts to cry. She had a lot of drugs in her system; she was out of it, Holden reminds her. She remembers that part, but she feels there are other parts that she blocked out, but Holden thinks it would be better if she forget. Meg walks in; why is she dressed like that, Lily asks? Is today Dusty’s funeral? It is. She wants to go. Meg excuses herself. Holden stops her; she is in no shape. She can’t skip the funeral; he was her best friend. She just got out of the hospital. He is trying to take care of her, and she appreciates that. She did what she did to herself and they will talk about it. Dusty was her best friend since she was a child. She owes him; Holden shouts that she owes him nothing!

Dusty ruined her life. Dusty was in love with her, Alison counters. Dusty told Chris that she was a hooker. Alison is in disbelief. He destroyed her life; it had to have been him because she and their mom were the only ones that knew.

She was furious with Dusty; he was the reason she OD’d. She can’t forget they were friends their whole life just because he dumped her. She would understand if he didn’t get this. If she doesn’t go, it would be like she never cared for him, but she did. She would understand if he didn’t want to go. Holden pauses and then agrees to accompany her.

She was finally ready to move on, but Dusty wouldn’t let her go. Dusty got her out of that life, Alison reminds her. She thinks Dusty feels she owed him. He didn’t want her with someone else or for her to be happy. Alison thinks she isn’t thinking straight. Emily wishes Dusty had just left her alone and he might be alive. Does she think he deserved to die? No, of course not. No matter what Dusty always wanted her to be ok - this isn’t right, Alison says. Alison wants Emily to go to the service. No. If she changes her mind…. she won’t.

Lucinda thinks it is tacky for Craig to be at the funeral since he and Dusty hated each other. He thinks her newfound love for Dusty is funny since she called him on his behavior recently. She knew Dusty since he was a child. She thought he was delusional about what he was ranting on about at the ME party. She was also the one who gave him a chance to show proof. Speaking of the party - why wasn’t he there? He had other commitments, Craig hems and haws. Was he busy making sure that Dusty didn’t get in the way of his investment? Is she implying he murdered Dusty? It would not be the first time he eliminated someone who got between him and something he wanted. They both turn around to see a distraught looking Meg standing there.

At the station, Margo tells Dallas about Dusty’s phone records. Dusty dialed a number repeatedly right before he died. She wants him to track down this private number. Where is she going? She is going to a funeral to see if the guilty party shows up to pay his or her respects.

Craig asks if Meg is ok? Why is he there? She won’t return any of his calls and he isn’t allowed at the Farm, so he had to do something. She can’t believe he would use Dusty’s funeral to make this about them. This is a place to honor Dusty’s memory. She wants him to leave her alone; if he wants anything, he can call her lawyer. Barbara, Will and Gwen come in and tell Craig to leave as well. He is getting sick of this, as he stomps out the door with a parting shot that Dusty wasn’t the saint they are all now making him out to be. Will goes to talk with the minister. Barbara thanks Gwen for being with her. Craig makes her so angry. He reminds her of all she has lost – Jennifer, Johnny, now Dusty, Hal. She misses them all. Gwen reminds her that they are still there for her. It means a lot to her that she got Will there. They decided together. Gwen wanted to ask her about something; she doesn’t want her to feel self-conscious, but her speech sounds off, as it did the other day; is she ok? Barbara takes a breath and then tells her that she had some dental work that needs to be redone. Will comes back over and they all go to look at the photographs of Dusty on display.

Lily walks to the open door of the church and stops in her tracks when she looks inside. She remembers seeing herself in the stairwell at the hospital in her hospital gown the night Dusty was killed. Holden thinks it is time to go. Lily wonders why they have to run off; what is he so afraid that she is going to remember? It isn’t that he doesn’t want her to remember, he just doesn’t want her to push herself too hard and wind up back in the hospital. Things are coming back to her; she has to remember. Maybe there is a reason she blocked it out? Maybe she saw who killed Dusty? What if she is too fragile to handle it? She is not scared; if she can help find Dusty’s murderer then she doesn’t care what she has to go through, as she goes to sit down. Alison and Susan walk over and ask if he is ok; he looks pale? He is fine, as Susan remembers finding him by the drugs at the hospital. She continues by him and goes to sit down.

Gwen calls her babysitter – Grace. She is being overly cautious, as she asks her questions. They are in Old Town getting fresh air. Gwen just wanted her to know that their phones will be off for a short while during the service. Will asks if everything is ok? Yes. She just misses her.

Sofie sees Hallie downtown and approaches them quickly. The babysitter protectively wants to know who she is? She is a family friend. She and Hallie go way back before she is born, as she coos over her.

Will and Gwen talk about how much she misses Hallie. Imagine how much Sofie must miss her, Gwen thinks. She knew that when she signed the adoption papers, Will says. She probably feels as if she is missing a part of her soul. He doesn’t think it is a good idea to let Sofie get too attached to Hallie though.

Lucinda wants to know what Holden was thinking bringing Lily here? She was coming with or without him.

Margo walks into the church just as the minister is beginning to talk. Everyone listens sadly. He asks if anyone wants to talk about Dusty? Gwen offers to go up with Barbara; she isn’t sure she can do this, as Will stands, but Alison stands and heads to the pulpit. There is a noise in the back of the church and everyone turns around. Barbara glares because Emily is standing there. Alison and Emily lock eyes and she finds a seat. Alison talks about her and Dusty’s friendship. He saved her; he dragged her out of a life she had no business being in, and she didn’t make it easy for him. He refused to give up on her; he believed in her. He wasn’t perfect they all know; he was angry, impulsive and could be rude, but in his heart, he was a decent person and a good friend. She would not be standing there without him. Emily seems affected. Will talks next about how he didn’t like Dusty when he first met him. He was really tough so he stayed out of his way. Then he fell in love with Jen and he realized that was a face he showed people he didn’t trust yet. Deep down he was a teddy bear. He goes on to talk about Dusty’s love for Jen and Johnny.

The babysitter gently pulls Hallie away; they need to go so she can nap. She didn’t get a chance to talk with her. What is her background? How much child-care experience does she have? Grace doesn’t mean to be rude, but what business is it of her? When it comes to Hallie, it is very much her business.

Will talks about the worst part of Dusty and Jennifer’s passing, is that they didn’t get a chance to see their child grow up; they finally had a chance to be happy and it was ripped away from them, as Meg rushes out. Will hopes they are together now because they deserve it.

Lily goes to stand, but Holden and Lucinda stop her. She will talk in lieu of Lily, Lucinda declares. She knew him longest, as a boy and then as a man – he worked at both times of his life for her. He was fun, loyal and persevering. His time ran out too soon; it is an abomination and someone should pay for it, as she steps down. This concludes the services the minister says, as people shuffle out.

Alison and Susan approach a distraught looking Emily; they are glad she came. It was the right thing to do. They are going to Al’s. She will join them in a little bit. Emily walks up to a picture of Dusty; it never should have ended this way. Lily walks up behind her; it shouldn’t have, but it did, thanks to her. Emily looks at her stunned and confused. Is she accusing her of murdering Dusty? She led him on, convincing him that they still had a chance. Emily corrects her; she told him every way she could, that they were over. They wouldn’t be here if she didn’t keep Dusty on a string. He made enemies because of her; he got on people’s bad sides protecting her honor. That is a joke because hookers don’t have honor. Emily is shocked; Dusty told her that? Did she know Dusty at all? He was always trying to keep her dirty little secret. No, she came across that from one of Cheri’s friends. Holden tries to usher her out, as Lily starts to cry. Dusty deserved so much more then she. Emily starts to sob, as she looks back at a picture of Dusty.

Margo tells Dallas that everyone was professing their love for Dusty whom they all hated yesterday. Margo wonders whom Dusty was calling? He was calling Neil Perkins, a lab tech who works for a private Company across town. He worked with Dusty on Johnny’s paternity from before. It looks like he was doing freelancing for Dusty again. Does she want him to bring Neil in? Yes, then maybe he will give them the evidence that Dusty was waiting on the night he was killed.

Sofie tells Grace that she is one of Will and Gwen’s closet friends and Hallie’s first babysitter. Alison overhears this and walks over. She approaches the babysitter, introduces herself, and tells her that she is Hallie’s Godmother. She coos over Hallie. Sofie walks over happily to join in. Alison asks if the babysitter has seen Sofie a lot? Sofie chimed in that Will and Gwen are fine with it. Why wouldn’t they be, the babysitter wonders? Alison thinks she should ask them. Sofie thinks they should ask.

Barbara thanks Will and Gwen for letting her go with them as they arrive back at the Lakeview. They wonder if she wants to get something to eat; they are craving a burger? They are transparent; they need to get home to their baby. He will call her. She hopes so. Gwen tells her to get to the dentist. She needs to get her mouth taken care of.

Will and Gwen want her to be a part of Hallie’s life. Alison knows it is an open adoption now, but… Sofie thinks if they are ok with her seeing Hallie, then she should be fine with it. Alison agrees finally; she is not trying to keep her from Will and Gwen’s baby. She was just saying hi; that is not a big deal. Alison smiles unsure. Alison leaves and the babysitter wants to leave as well; Sofie offers to walk with her. The babysitter agrees.

Meg is sitting nearby watching sadly, as they walk away with the Hallie. Craig shows up there with a handkerchief. Meg tries to stomp away. He knows she doesn’t want him around, but they have unfinished business… the last word being emphasized. Is this about Montgomery Enterprises? Their marriage is over, but she never told him about what she wanted to do about the Company. She is shocked; Dusty just died – she has known him since they were kids, she only thinks about her baby and he wants to talk about business. It has to be talked about. She cares about Montgomery Enterprises as much as she cares about him – not at all, as she walks away. Craig grabs her arm; she never cared about the Company, but he does. She may not have the patience or skill set to run a multi national, but he does - in spades. She realizes he wants her to give him Montgomery Enterprises.

Will and Gwen are walking up to their front door when Sofie and Grace arrive home; Sofie is offering to get the door for her, as Will and Gwen turn around to see this. They look a bit bothered by this.

Emily looks at Dusty’s pictures; what has she done, Emily cries? How could she be so wrong? Susan wonders what is wrong? She thought it was Dusty who told Chris about her past; he never would have done that to her, but she was insistent that it was him. It is her fault that Dusty is gone!

Holden and Lily go to Al’s. She apologizes for losing it with Emily. She is amazed Emily would come to pay homage to a man she treated like dirt. She thanks him for bringing her there. She didn’t want to go to the house by herself. She can stay at the Farm for as long as she wants. Why is he being so good to her? She has done horrible things. No one would blame him for washing his hands of her after everything. He has done horrible things that he wishes he could take back, but he can’t.

Lily is right; it is her fault that Dusty is gone, as Emily starts to get more upset. What did she do, Emily cries? She didn’t do a thing, Susan says strongly. She doesn’t know that, Emily replies sadly. Susan excuses herself to make a call; she needs to do something. She calls Margo. She needs to talk to her about Dusty’s murder.

Lily tells Holden that whatever he did is nothing compared to what she did. She doesn’t know that; he blames himself for what happened the other night; if he hadn’t driven her into Dusty’s arms… Lily interrupts; he saved her like he always does; he is her hero. She takes his hand. He has nothing to be guilty about.

At the station, Susan tells Margo that she didn’t feel comfortable talking with Jack the other day because he and Holden are cousins. She saw Holden standing near an unattended drug station. She isn’t saying he killed Dusty, she is just saying he was acting bizarre. Did she see him with any drugs? No, she would have come forward sooner if she had. She just knows that Holden was very angry at Dusty and that he blamed him in part because of the dissolution of his marriage. Margo thanks her, and after she leaves, she tells Dallas that they need to get a search warrant for the Farm.

Lily asks Holden if she can stay at the Farm? It is more then ok. Do the children know what she did? Luke knows. He has been through so much already. They all have, but they will get through this like they have gotten through everything else. She thanks him for everything. He thinks they should head home.

Margo and Dallas are at the Farm with a warrant; no one is around. Margo feels horrible, as she looks at a family picture on the counter. Dallas starts to search.

Montgomery Enterprises is the only thing he has left, Craig tells Meg. Now with the lab up and running, they are on the verge of doing good for people. He set up this project for her. He did all the work for her, and now he just wants to see it through. It is a win-win for her. She can be successful, rich and altruistic, and he can make her so much money she can change the world. Fine, he can have it, Meg relents. It is her Corporation, Craig answers. She doesn’t want the Company, but there is only one condition - for him to never call, email or contact her in anyway again. Is that clear enough for him? He hesitates before he extends his hand and says it is a deal, but she won’t take his hand and stomps off.

Sofie tells Will and Gwen about how she ran into the babysitter and Hallie downtown. Grace tells her that she hopes it is ok that they all hung out. It is fine. After the babysitter leaves, Gwen tells Sofie that they are all tired so they are going to put Hallie down. Sofie offers to help, but Will is quick to tell her that they are fine; they need family time. Sofie says good-bye to Hallie, Will and Gwen and leaves. Will thinks it is definitely time to set ground rules.

Craig is ordering a bottle of champagne at the Lakeview. It is just like him to order a bottle of champagne after a funeral, Lucinda says as she sidles over. Dusty would do the same. If Dusty were there, she would join him. Does she have to begrudge him some triumphs since he has so few these days? He is not drinking to Dusty’s demise? Meg has agreed to let him continue to run Montgomery Enterprises. Lucinda looks surprised. He knows she hates it when he wins. She wants him to enjoy it while he can because his winning streak will break at some point and she will there waiting with the champagne.

Margo is thrilled not to find anything at the Farm; they are ready to leave when Dallas remembers that he didn’t check on the other side of the kitchen so Margo goes over there to do it for him.

Emily remembers yelling at Dusty; is he deliberately trying to ruin her life? Dusty tells her that he didn’t tell Chris. Emily is devastated as she touches the photograph of Dusty. She mumbles repeatedly that she is so sorry, as Susan watches from the door.

Holden walks into the Farm; what are they doing, he asks Dallas and Margo? They have a warrant. What are they looking for, Lily asks? Do they have any idea how this syringe got in their pantry? Holden admits that he put it there. Margo quietly tells him that he has to come down to the station now. Lily wonders what is going on? Holden doesn’t want her to worry about it; it will be fine; he wants her to trust him and to stay there and take care of their kids, as he kisses her on the forehead. They leave and Lily stands there stunned watching after them.

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