ATWT Update Tuesday 1/22/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/22/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

At the station, Jack and Margo talk about what substance is in the syringe, about the motives and alibis of the suspects and the fact they comprise of each other’s families. Craig comes into the station to talk with Margo. Why is he there, Jack wonders? Margo tells him that he is a man with a motive. Jack leaves and Craig walks over to Margo with coffee and donuts. He doesn’t know why Margo called him in, but soon he realizes she wants to question him about Dusty’s murder. Why did he think she called him there? He thought she was concerned over his losing Meg.

Barbara comes to the Farm. Meg opens the door; if she is there to talk about Paul or the baby…. but Barbara cuts her off; she is there because of Dusty. Holden told her, but she didn’t realize they were close. He was family - he was Jennifer’s husband and wonderful to Johnny. When is the service? It is tomorrow at Luther’s Corners. Meg accepts her offer to come. She is also there to offer her condolences. Meg doesn’t want to talk about it. Maybe she should talk to Paul; the baby was Paul’s as well as her grandchild. She isn’t the only one who is grieving.

Jack comes across Parker talking to some older boys, who are talking about going to a party without parents and with beer and girls. One of the boys is smoking, as Jack glares at him; he is too young to smoke, as they boy quickly puts it out and leaves. Why is he hanging out with them? They are his friends from the hockey team. Parker tries to leave quickly, but Jack wants to talk. He is grounded, and they were smoking. Mom is still hanging out with a felon, who is constantly trying to hit on her. What does it matter the company he keeps?

Sam and Carly are at the bar. She asks him how he is sleeping in the back room? It is cramped, but he will be fine. She thanks him again for moving out; it helped a lot with Jack. He hopes it helps with Parker too; he hopes he will come around, as Carly smiles sweetly. He wonders if she wants to get some dinner before they open tonight? She can’t; she is on her way to see her sister. She will see him later – he is good pal. After she leaves, Cowboy Jack razzes Sam about being called ‘Pal.’ He has to make a move now, but he shouldn’t spook her.

Carly goes to see Rosanna at Fairwinds. She doesn’t look good. Paul left her. What happened? She made the same mistakes as she made with Jack. What did she do? Rosanna thinks they need each other’s help in getting the men in their life back.

Parker tells Jack that his mom can handle herself. He doesn’t trust Sam, and he doesn’t think Jack does either. Jack wants Parker to forget about this. If his mom marries Sam and he marries Katie, it affects him, JJ and Sage; it does affect them whom they are with. Jack assures Parker that his mother isn’t marrying Sam and he and Katie are through. They are through because he didn’t fight hard enough to keep Katie away from Brad.

Katie tries to move Brad’s leg; it is broken, Brad yells out. Why was he wandering around in the woods? He was looking for her. Why did she leave? Katie won’t answer him. She still can’t get a cell signal. Brad suggests that she go to the car, but Katie won’t leave him there to freeze to death or get eaten by wolves, as Brad laughs at this notion. She sees a big stick and suggests that she can help Brad walk if he uses it as a walking stick. Brad doesn’t think she is strong enough, but Katie assures him that she is. She helps get him up and they start to walk with Brad hopping on one leg. Brad thanks Katie for helping him; she is beautiful, as he tries to kiss her. He falls backwards along with Katie back down the hill. He immediately asks if she is ok? She is. He laughs, as he tells her that he thinks he broke his other leg.

Jack tells Parker that he is not going to any party because he is grounded. He is worried about him hanging out with those kids and stealing money to frame Sam. Is he going to send him to that camp for bad kids? No, he promised that he wouldn’t and besides he would miss his sparkling personality. Is he going to send him back to that shrink? If they think it would help. He doesn’t understand; they screw up all the time and noone holds them accountable, but he has to be perfect. They are held accountable; it is called guilt – which they pass on to him and then he will pass on to his kids, Jack answers with a smile. What happens if mom starts dating Sam? He needs to give her some credit; she is not going to date a guy whose best friend is a dummy.

Sam is talking to Cowboy Jack; he has to get Carly to get her to see him as other then just an employee. How is he going to do that? The phone rings interrupting him; it is Kit. He seems awkward with her at first. She tells him that her court date is postponed again. He tells her that he is sorry and he misses her. How is the club? He needs to talk with her. Is there something wrong? Is the club making money? No, but he thinks she should stop calling Carly. Did she tell him that? She is her business partner. Next to her, she is insecure. How can she get updates? He will call her everyday. He is going to look after her investment; she just needs to give Carly space. Kit wonders if there is something else going on? What would that be? Is there something going on between he and Carly?

Rosanna tells Carly that she switched the DNA’s results. Carly is stunned. She couldn’t let Paul go back to Meg. He must have found out. Meg had a miscarriage and now Paul won’t talk to her or forgive her. What does she do, Rosanna desperately asks? How could she ask her, Carly is shocked? She lied to Jack, but she got him back. That was before she told the worst lie ever, and Jack will never forgive her for that. Didn’t she learn anything from her mistakes? This is Paul’s child; how does she expect him to get past that? She will do whatever it takes to get him back. Can she help her? She doesn’t know how to or if she can. Rosanna has a dizzy spell and Carly grabs her. What happened? She just realized that she would never be ok without Paul.

Margo tells Craig that Meg left her because he tried to murder her unborn child. He is touched by her sympathy. Where does that leave M.E.? He is hoping to gain her trust back for that. What if the hospital partnership fell through? She thinks that he killed Dusty? If Dusty succeeded in stopping it, like he wanted, that would have cost him money and prestige. That is not enough to kill for. Was he relieved or happy when he found out Dusty was dead? Craig admits that he hated him; he took his daughter and son away and shot him in the chest. Did he want him dead? You bet.

Katie is feeling Brad’s leg. Does it hurt here, as she moves her hand up his leg until he starts to laugh? She realizes what he is doing. He thinks she should get to the car to get help. She doesn’t want to leave him to freeze. Brad assures her that he will be fine. Katie admits that she is the one afraid of the wolves or bears. Can he protect her? Brad gets up and tells her that he will beat them off with his stick. They get to the car and prepare to leave, but the car won’t turn over; the car is dead. How can it not start? They aren’t out of gas. Brad realizes the lights won’t go on so the battery is dead. There aren’t any cars around. They have no cell signals. They don’t have a lot of food and nothing for his pain. His head is starting to hurt now, as Katie notices he is bleeding.

Meg wonders what Barbara wants and then she should go. She needs to work things out with Paul. That is not going to happen. Does she want him to apologize? She wants him to leave her alone. She said she loved him. She did. She wanted to be married to him; she wanted to raise their son together, but all he cared about is getting revenge on Craig. Barbara wonders what she expected him to do after everything that Craig did to him? She expected Paul to love her and their baby enough to leave Craig alone. She can’t be with him now because he couldn’t do that for her. She is done with both Paul and Craig. Can she please go? Barbara goes to leave, but she wants Meg to still come to the service; Dusty would want her there.

Margo doesn’t want the entire station to hear her tell him what she has to tell him. Does she want to torture a confession out of him? She wants him to get a lawyer. Just because he wanted Dusty dead? Why wasn’t he at the ceremony? He couldn’t face anyone; he was too upset without Meg. He stayed home? No, he went to the airport to go to any warm destination on the board, but then he changed his mind. Is there anyone else who could confirm this? No. He needs an alibi? Yes.

At Al’s, Parker talks with Jack about what he is going to do about Sam. He overheard him talking with his dummy about making the moves on his mom. He always talks about protecting his family; that is what he is doing. Carly and he couldn’t take it if something happened to him with all his reckless behavior.

Sam appeases Kit; nothing is going on between he and Carly. She wonders if he is getting lonely? She knows how he gets; he can’t help himself. Carly is his boss. He isn’t even staying at Carly’s anymore. Why? He was making her nervous like he was looking over her shoulder. He will call her everyday to keep her updated. Kit agrees.

She wants him to keep the love letters coming. He promises to do that. After they say their ‘I love you's’ and hang up, Sam takes out Cowboy Jack for a talk again. Cowboy Jack tells Sam that he thinks that was real good sweet-talking. How can he work that on Carly? The same way he works it on Kit, as he starts to write something down.

Carly is worried that Rosanna was ready to pass out. Rosanna promises her that she is fine. She was in a coma for 2 years. The doctors told her to be careful. She will never be ok until she gets Paul back; he is her life. How does she do that? She needs to take the high road. She needs to be the woman that Paul fell in love with. Rosanna wonders if she means be better, then the woman he thinks he is in love with? Carly wants her to rest, as she puts a blanket over her. She just got her sister back and she doesn’t want to lose her again. Rosanna promises that she won’t because she has too much to live for. After Carly leaves, Rosanna whips back the blanket and heads out the door.

Katie tells Brad to stay awake because he has a head injury. Brad thinks someone will drive by. Katie is worried about not seeing any cars; she thinks the road must be closed. Katie wants Brad to stay awake playing the “Know Me Game”. She wants him to name 10 things about her. He starts the list; he names 4 – is that 10 yet, he asks confused? He changes gears; it is a nice car they are in – who is it belong to? It is his car, as Katie realizes he has a fever now when she touches his forehead. He mumbles that she loves his brother – is that 10 yet? He would like one kiss though, as Katie quickly gives him one, as he seems to be in and out of it; Katie looks deeply concerned.

Meg is looking at one of Ethan’s toys when Rosanna walks in the door of the kitchen unannounced. She is there to get her husband. She thinks she has her husband? She wants to say how sorry she is. Why did she make it happen then? Paul would have known from the start that this was his baby, they would have been together and she wouldn’t have had the miscarriage. It still would have happened because they always come to blows. Meg wants her out of her home. This isn’t her home; her home is with her husband. Meg wonders how she thinks she could go back to him after what he did? She and Paul broke their marriage vows – not she or Craig; how can they act holier then thou? If she has such contempt for Paul – why does she want him back? She loves and needs him; she would forgive him anything – would she? She needs to know what her plans are? She doesn’t need to answer her. Yes, she does because her life depends on it. Meg tells her to ‘get out’; that is her answer!

Craig thinks he being in town helps make Margo’s life easier. Whenever there is a crime which happens, she could blame him. He is always guilty until proven innocent. That is not true; she wants him innocent always. She checked around for any evidence to prove his innocence, but there was no such luck. He thanks her for checking. Margo calls out to Craig; he knows what she is going to say – don’t leave the state.

Carly comes back to the bar; she sees Sam upset. What is wrong? Kit just sent him a ‘Dear John’ letter. She is crazy about him; it has got to be wrong. She is probably scared not knowing what will happen legally. He knows she didn’t forge the checks, but she won’t let him be there for her. Carly tells Sam that she will call her. No, he snaps, but then reins it in. He thinks it will make it worse; the letter proves she is way over him. He needs to move on; that is the only way to make it better.

Jack and Parker leave Al’s. He tells Parker to go straight home. He is going to call Meg and check up on him. He wants him to promise that he won’t worry about Sam anymore. Parker doesn’t answer, but he walks away.

Sam is putting away Cowboy Jack. Carly tells him that she wants to go out like he asked her before. She doesn’t have to baby-sit him. She wants to. He wants her to go get dressed up. If that keeps a smile on his face, then she will do it.

Katie yells Brad’s name again when he start to fall asleep. He is ready to make a baby, he says. No, they are lost. She sounds scared? He doesn’t want her to be scared. She just remembered a place where she got a signal before. She wants him to promise her that he won’t fall asleep. He swears that he won’t. She will be back in a few minutes. The minute Katie walks away from the car to get a signal, Brad falls asleep. Katie races around to find a signal, but can’t get one. She climbs up hills and gets down low to the ground. Her low battery signal beeps, which makes her more panicked. Katie finally gets a signal and frantically calls 911. She tells them what happened. Where is she, the dispatcher calls? Katie looks around and admits that she has no idea.

Brad wakes up calling out for Katie. He is in a lot of pain. He tries to get out of the car and falls to the ground outside the car.

Carly and Sam are at the Lakeview for dinner dressed to the nines. They share beers and talk about Kit and Jack. They decide to stop talking about the past and instead decide to toast to happiness in their future. Carly hears a song; she loves this song. Sam asks her to dance. Dancing always cheers him up. Carly is reluctant but then agrees.

Margo gets the warrant for Dusty’s affects at the Lakeview. Jack will head over there now. Jack asks about Craig? She loves her brother, but she doesn’t know if he had something to do with Dusty’s death. Even when he is innocent, he acts guilty.

Craig is downtown trying to reach Meg by phone. He just wants 5 minutes of her time. He hangs up and Barbara approaches him. He doesn’t deserve 5 seconds. What is her problem today? She just came from ordering flowers for Dusty’s funeral. He wishes he could give his condolences, but as his voice tapers off. She wants him to save it. He ruined the last months of Dusty’s life. He would have had his son with him. Dusty was the one to blame – he kept his son from him and then his daughter. Her daughter didn’t want him anywhere near their son, and now his daughter will make sure Johnny is never near him again. He will see about that. He better not show up at Dusty’s funeral – noone wants him there…. least of all – Meg, as she walks away. Craig looks like he has an idea.

Parker sees Rosanna at the farm. Why is she there? She is there to see Meg, but has he seen Paul there visiting? Meg comes out and ushers Parker inside so he can call Jack to say he got home safe. Meg tells Rosanna that she and Paul are no longer together, but she is surprised that she had to ask her nephew that. If she had been more forthcoming then she wouldn’t have had to do that. Is she still in love with Paul? Meg says nothing. Rosanna threatens to go ask Parker. She does still love him, but she can’t be with him. Then she hopes she won’t stand in the way then when she and Paul get back together. If she wants Paul back, then she should go for it, but she doesn’t think it will matter because he will never forgive the woman who kept his child from him. She thinks she underestimates Paul and her. Rosanna stalks off, as Meg watches her go looking concerned.

Katie finds Brad outside the car on the ground. She got s signal and called 911. They tracked her phone and are sending help. Why did she leave him? She went to get help. No before…. She needed to stretch her legs; she will make it up to him, as she remembers his sleepy confession. Will she make out with him instead, as she smiles? Rescue arrives and Katie races over.

Meg goes downtown to buy a dress. The store employee wonders what it is for? It is for a funeral.

Craig is on the phone rescheduling his appointments – he won’t be around at all tomorrow. He is going to a funeral.

Jack is at the Lakeview picking up Dusty’s affects; he heads out and sees Sam and Carly slow dancing.

Rosanna calls Paul; it is nice to hear his voice – even if it is voice mail – she needs to see him in person – it is urgent!

Jack interrupts Sam and Carly’s dance, as Carly is shocked. She pulls back; Sam was just having a bad day. Jack tells her that she doesn’t owe him an explanation, as he leaves quickly. Carly looks upset as she watches after him.

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