ATWT Update Monday 1/21/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/21/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Dora

Outside in their car, Brad and Katie awaken, as Katie remembers Brad murmuring that he loves her; she hopes to herself, that it was only a dream.

At the station, Jack gives Margo information on the night of Dusty’s murder. They don’t have much. Margo is upset that her witness list is her New Years brunch list. Is it too close to home for her, Jack wonders? She smirks; does he ask that because her brother-in-law, not to mention his cousin are the most obvious suspects and the ones that had vicious arguments with the victim before his death? Someone killed Dusty and even though he was a pain in the butt, she really liked him.

Katie walks outside the car and paces; he can’t love her; he is Jack’s brother and her friend. She can’t handle it so she walks off while Brad sleeps inside.

Holden sits by Lily’s bedside, as he remembers her telling him that Dusty is dead. Jack shows up; he is so worried for them; he heard about the drugs and alcohol OD. He thought she kicked it, as did Holden. What triggered this? Dusty Donovan, Holden answers without hesitation.

At the hospital, Susan rushes over to Chris and wonders frantically if he has heard from Emily? He hasn’t, as he starts to walk away. She is very concerned because her phone is turned off. Chris thinks she doesn’t want to talk with them. Susan is annoyed at his casual unfeeling responses. She found a dead body and now she didn’t come home. She is so glad he isn’t concerning himself with her. Emily can take care of herself, as he walks off.

Paul finds Emily in a church sitting in a pew; what is going on? Dusty is gone; he is dead. Is she sure? She was there when it happened. Paul looks surprised.

Jack asks about Holden and Dusty’s heated exchange. He realized he could have really lost Lily and he had enough of Dusty. He knew what he was going through. Jack understands. Then Dusty acted all concerned and that was more then he could take. Jack wonders if that made him feel as if he had to do something? Holden realizes that Jack is there in an official capacity. He is.

Margo sees Chris in the hospital corridor, and tells him that they have to talk, but Chris tries to blow her off saying that he has to do rounds. That was not a request. What was he doing last night?

Emily tells Paul how Dusty was lying on the floor; she wanted him to open his eyes. They had to talk because he ruined everything. What did he ruin? Emily wonders if Paul wants to know if she killed Dusty? Did she kill him, Paul asks? Does he think that? She could have. She knows how he could think that; she shot him and God knows what she did to Dusty. She is unstable afterall, as she starts to cry. Paul wonders how long she has been there? He thinks she should go home. Why is he being so nice? He feels badly because he never thought Dusty would treat her as badly as he did. She agrees – she never thought that either. She remembers telling Dusty that she would get payback for what he did to her.

Chris tells Margo that he is not going to talk with her without a lawyer. She wonders why he would need one? He is going to play it like his dad – by the book. Then he should call one because they need to talk. They can talk now because his lawyer just showed up, as Tom walks over.

Jack cautions Holden that there is going to be an investigation and they are going to need to know where he and Lily were? He was there with Lily all night.

Brad wakes up to find Katie gone. He gets out of the car and calls out for Katie. Brad is annoyed because now he has to go out walking in the cold in search of Katie.

Katie calls Vienna and swears her to secrecy. Brad told her that he loves her – without knowing he did, because he was asleep. Then it must be true, Vienna thinks. Brad was so uncomplicated and that what was nice about it. Men like Brad tell women they love them to sleep with them, but he already slept with her. He can’t love her.

Emily wonders if Paul followed her there? Why would she think that? She can’t see him deciding he wants to go to church. Paul tells her that is because she isn’t the only one who lost someone.

Barbara is with her doctor at an appointment. The doctor wants to schedule her for radiation for next week. So soon? They have run into a problem. The tumor is large. Will the radiation make it better? Not right now. They hope that the radiation will shrink the tumor with time and then they can do surgery. He reminds her how important her family is. Has she told them? He notices that she still comes to appointments alone. She admits that she has not told them yet.

Margo wants to know what went on with him last night? She knows they fought. Did he know what proof Dusty had to stop him last night? Tom stops Margo’s questioning; is his client a suspect?

Jack wonders if Holden was there all night? They were alone because she had her stomach pumped; they got the news when Lucinda came to tell them. Why would Lucinda think telling them about Dusty right then was important? He wonders if Jack thinks he is lying? His wife almost killed herself last night; she was sedated and he was by her bedside all night. Lily awakening with a start calling out for Dusty stops their talk. Lily cries out wondering where Dusty is? Lily almost says that Dusty is dead, but Holden ushers Jack out of the room to get a nurse. Holden wants Lily to stay calm, as she wonders if Dusty is really dead?

Margo tells them that Chris is a person of interest. Between when Dusty made the accusation and when he left the party where did he go? He went to get a drink at the Lakeview. The bartender can confirm that? Yes. When he left the party, did he go directly to the Lakeview? She wants specifics so she can clear him.

The doctor offers to meet with Barbara’s family to explain what is going on. She will pass it along instead. The treatment is for 5 weeks and is only 10-15 min at a time. She needs someone to drive her home at the end of these treatments. She asks about the side effects. She will be swollen; her taste buds may be affected; it will be difficult to eat. She will have to meet with a Nutrionist. Will her speech go back to normal? There is no guarantee, but the people who love her won’t care how she sounds. He has another appointment, but he will talk to her soon. When Barbara is alone, she stops herself from breaking down.

Katie is muttering to herself about Brad falling in love with her. How dare her? He is screwing things up. She heads back to the car to find it empty and Brad nowhere to be found. Elsewhere, Brad is looking for Katie worrying about her being alone and unable to fend for herself when he looses his footing and goes tumbling down a hill, hitting a log at the bottom and knocking himself out.

Paul explains how he and Meg lost their baby and how she won’t forgive him. He was supposed to take care of them, but then he went and did what he always does. Emily realizes he came there to say goodbye to his baby. It is like he never even existed. She compares it to their girl – Jennifer. He thinks about her a lot too, as does Emily. He promised himself he wouldn’t turn out like James Stenbeck, but after losing Jennifer and his son now makes him wonder if he is even fit to be a father? Meg said there is something broken in him. She says that no matter what he does, he would never be able to care about anyone at all.

Lily wonders if she can go home? The doctor tells her if she has someone that will look after her. Holden steps up; he will. He will also make sure she gets to her therapy appointments. Holden asks Jack to give them some privacy while she gets ready, but Jack cautions them that he is going to need to talk with them ASAP; he hopes Lily feels better soon. After he leaves, Holden asks Lily when exactly was the last time she saw Dusty, as she gives it some thought. She doesn’t remember. Does she remember anything about last night? She woke up and he was there. Holden wants her to remember that he stayed with her all night. That is important. Did she do something bad? Holden remembers finding her on the stairway. She didn’t do anything wrong.

Jack tells Margo that he will talk with Holden and Lily ASAP. She wonders if they are getting their story together. Jack reminds her that it is Lily; she couldn’t do anything even if she wanted to. Margo is going to head back to the station, and as she walks by Chris and Tom she tells them that the bartender did verify that he was there at the bar, but he also verified the time he got there, as she gives him a knowing look. After she leaves, Tom smirks and Chris wonders why she is doing that to him? He needs to calm down. He knows how desperate he was to get the project through and that Dusty slept with Emily. Does he think that he would kill someone? He needs to get through his head that it doesn’t matter what he thinks; it only matters what Margo can prove.

After they loss Jennifer, she saw what it did to him and what it is doing to him now, and he is nothing like his father. Paul appreciates that. What is it like to have children? It is amazing and terrifying. Daniel thinks she hung the moon; he is in for a rude awakening. She is a great mother. She thanks him. She is going now, but she is glad he stopped by. She is sorry for his loss; he is sorry for hers. Is she going to be ok? She doesn’t remember the last time she was ok or when she will be ok again.

Barbara sees Tom at the hospital; is Bob ok? She doesn’t know? Barbara wonders what he is talking about? Dusty is dead. She pleads with him that it is wrong or that it is a mistake. He is sorry but it isn’t; he was murdered.

Lily awakens with a start. She saw Dusty in her dream. Holden changes the subject; she can go home. He doesn’t have t take care of her. He doesn’t want her to worry; it is a done deal. When Jack comes back in, Holden doesn’t want Lily to tell him that she remembers anything. If she does, he wants her to tell him first. Jack comes in; he needs to know what she remembers from last night? She doesn’t remember a lot. She OD’d. Dusty said he didn’t want to be with her anymore so she drank and took some pills. She was so angry, as Holden tries to stop him, as Lily starts to cry. Why is she crying? She is so ashamed for what she has done. Holden looks nervous.

Emily comes home to find Chris’ stuff gone. Chris walks in behind her; did he forget something? They have to talk about last night.

Katie is calling out for Brad and getting no answer. She tries to get a signal on her phone but can’t.

Brad awakens at the bottom of the hill and tries to sit up, but grabs his leg and falls back.

Katie is walking around and finds Brad’s glove at the top of the hill. She looks over and sees Brad at the bottom unconscious. She rushes to his side calling out for him. He doesn’t respond.

Holden is wheeling Lily out of the hospital with Jack. She does remember one thing; she woke up and Holden was there. Jack sees Susan; can she answer any questions? Susan doesn’t seem to want to and when Jack calls her on that, she tells him that she is just out of it with all that happened. When she was doing rounds last night, did she see anything out of the ordinary? She remembers Holden being around the drugs, but she tells Jack that she didn’t see anything. She will call him if she does, as she head off. Jack looks after her wondering if she was giving an honest answer.

Emily is glad Chris is there. She wanted to talk to him about last night. They always said they didn’t want anything serious ever since Paris. That is what they were. Why is he there then? He is there about Dusty – isn’t it obvious – and who killed him.

Katie pleads with Brad to wake up; it isn’t funny. He finally mumbles; he had her scared. She does care. What is he doing down there? He was looking for her. Why would she take off without telling him? Katie wants him to get up so they can get back to civilization so she can have a cup of coffee and a toothbrush. There is one problem, as Katie holds out her hand. He doesn’t think he can move. Katie looks concerned and nervous.

Holden and Lily arrive at the farm. She is sorry she scared him last night. He doesn’t want her to think about it. She wishes she could remember what happened. He wants her to forget about last night. He wants them to leave it behind in the past. Can he do that? They have to. He will take care of her, but if she doesn’t want to get better for herself or for him, then she needs to do it for the kids. She will. She let herself get to a place last night that she didn’t think was possible. Holden promises to take care of her from now on, as he hugs her.

Emily recognizes that Chris didn’t come back to work things out. Does she want to know how he spent the morning? His sister-in-law was treating him like a suspect. Thanks to her, Dusty was out to get him. He was acting like he tried to poison his own father. Does Margo know? No, and she won’t because she won’t say a word. If he didn’t kill Dusty then why should she keep quiet about anything, Emily snarls back at him?

Katie thinks Brad is kidding. Then she sees he really can’t. He thinks his leg is broken.

Paul sees Barbara at the church. What is she doing there? She just heard about Dusty. She recalls that he didn’t smile much unless he was looking at Johnny. She sits down and Paul sits with her. Is she ok? She and Dusty talked about the fact that they could not wait to see Johnny again – that is what bonded them. It is weird that they are both there to pray. She not there to pray; she is there to plan his funeral. Paul is surprised. He was a part of their family; he was married to Jennifer and wonderful to her. He was Johnny’s father. She can’t get over how alone Dusty always seemed even if people surrounded him. Paul remarks that they are all alone.

Holden suggests Lily go sleep; he will make her tea. She thanks him for everything. He promises that he will take care of everything, as she heads upstairs. There is a knock and it is Bonnie. Dallas told her about Dusty. She wanted to see how he was doing? They are ok. She notices he said they. He brought Lily home. He starts to explain, but she excuses herself quickly. She should have called first; he should take care of Lily; she will see him around.

Chris tells Emily that he is not in the mood for games. Is it one? She is going to do what he asks and in turn, he will keep his mouth shut too. They both know that her motives for wanting Dusty dead were as strong as his, as they glare at each other.

Holden takes the syringe out of his pocket and looks at it. He remembers finding it in Lily’s hand. He goes to hide it, but Natalie surprises him. He was just making Lily some tea. She offers to help. He goes over to the cupboard and hides the syringe inside. Natalie wonders if her mom is home to stay? Holden tells her that she is home to stay.

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